Thursday, May 26, 2005

Episode III : Revenge of the Seats

So thus it ends...the Star Wars experience. The hype was overwhelming. It should be. It's the last one! The big one! The end, and what an end it was! Since I am a self-confessed Star Wars aficionado, I, of course, have "Force-sensitive" friends. Back in 2002..opening day of Attack of the Clones..we were there!! made a pact after the movie that when Episode III comes 4 would be the first ones to view it!! 3 years later..the pact was honored..even tho' i spent hundreds of pesos SMSing and calling these creeps..(kelangan pa magpapilit eh..oy style co un!!).they didnt disappoint me!! we did get to see Episode III together!! complete!! i know everyone's busy..but i really appreciate them for taking time from their lying around the house and coming to Greenbelt 3 last May 20!! once again..Thanks..

Altough..our get-together was not spared by jinxes and stupidity by yours truly..i misread our viewing time from our tickets..since i was the one who reserved it..the day time was 5:30 and all along i thought t'was 5:55..missed 30 mins of starwars history..damn!!! my bad!! anyway i dun wana critique Episode III yet..since i haven't watched it completely..but based from what i saw..a big standing O to mr.Lucas!! again..the fans were not disappointed..great battle scenes and awesome FXs..160 bucks worth it!!

After the movie..we went to dinner at Krocodile's Grille in minsan-lang-magpakita-at-magparamdam-at-kelangan-pa-umuwi-ng-maaga-friend already left..right after the movie..but that didnt stop us from makin the most out of the night..stories were told..(actually stories were one wanted to open up! secretive bastards!!) and food were served..afterwards we decided to stroll along the strip to help us decide on what to do!! one of the least persons i expect to see..we saw..aaahh!! for friendly reasons..i cant divulge..anyway!! one word to describe.."ENCHANTING!!" hehe..the night went on..with newsmaker-friend wasnt jaded at all..and even tried to get his picture taken with Maverick..tough-luck..he failed!! and there was commercial models, tv models, ad models everyone who's everyone was there that night..if only my FFO said yes..went wid us..the night wudve been complete!! (next tym wag na mahihiya ha..harmless kme..HS friends yan..kung college di kita isasama!!)

HIGHLIGHTS of the day:
1. Reunion of my High School kada..we never were complete at gimmiks for more than 2 years!!
2. Viewin’ of STARWARS Episode III:Revenge of the Sith
3. Met an old enchanted friend

No more guys..please dont wait another 2 years for us to gather again!!
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