Monday, March 31, 2008

I Dream of Ellen

Have you ever had a dream that seemed so real and so perfect that you were utterly disappointed and frustrated when you’ve awaken from it? Well, I’m sure most of people out there did have these types of dreams, and lots would say “nightmares.” But mine was far from nightmares. It was sweet and “sigh-inducing.”

I dreamt of spending day, week, can’t really remember, but I spent time with Ellen Page. Well, for those of you who don’t know her, she was just nominated for an Oscar on her role as Juno, a movie with the same title as the lead. You see, I never really paid attention to this actress. Sure I noticed her and yeah, she’s pretty, but she’s no Natalie Portman, (then again, maybe she’s the next Natalie). That’s why I woke up really, really curious as to why she was in my subconscious mind.

In my dream, I already knew her and we were sort of getting along. I then accompanied her to different locations and just spent endearing moments with each other. I took her back to her place and since we’re really tired, we pressed on to her bedroom and…conversed, just conversed. Like I said before, it’s my perfect fantasy: meet some interesting chic, talk about stuff that people find boring, and hit it off. I really can’t remember our topics but it ended blissfully with this scene: me somewhat falling beside her, staring at each other eyes, and yes--mushy, mushy--a kiss. Like of those in the movies, passionate and dreamy. Then, just like some annoying motion, the channel changed and my dream shifted to a bad counseling session from some unknown character. And then, I woke up.

I had various episodes of dreams last night but when I regain consciousness, it was Ellen’s sequence which is the clearest of them all. I’m pretty sure I had that lovestruck smile in my face upon waking up. And after a few seconds, I realized the inevitable: it’s just a dream. Damn! That perfect moment with a perfect someone and it all happened while I was sleeping. What does it mean? And why her? *Sigh*

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Scribbles XII

FOOD: Your weird food combinations
March 30, 2008

Fried food goes with Catsup
I was brought up by my Ninong and he was like a father to me while I was growing up. So, naturally, I inherited his weird traits and food combinations. His number one rule: any fried dish goes well with catsup. So there, as long as it’s fried and will kill you when you grow up, dip it into catsup. My fave: Chicharon with catsup and Bangus with catsup.

Tim’s Instant Heart Attack Rice Bowl
We were given this industrial size canister of grated Parmesan cheese and bottle of Ranch-style dressing. One evening, I was served ground beef and rice. I decided to use the cheese and dressing. Don’t want them to go to waste so I mixed the rice with margarine, added the ground beef, poured dressing, added catsup, and topped it with bacon bits and lots of Parmesan cheese: all into a bowl. It’s my favorite instant dinner nowadays. I recommend two bowls if you really wanna feel lightheaded.

Absolut Vodka with Biko as pulutan
What do you do when you’re having session with friends and you guys ran out of pulutan? Raid the kitchen! We found this fresh bilao of biko and decided it will do. We’re too lazy and too cheap to buy roasted chicken outside anyways. It adds flavor to the vodka and you get to sleep really early after a couple of shots. Hehehe.

French Fries and Ice Cream
Pizza with Chocolate syrup
I hate soggy fries. But there’s something about fries and ice cream that I enjoy. Basic flavors will do and the fries should be extra crispy. And the second part would be pizza drizzled with chocolate syrup. It just gets weirder and weirder, doesn’t it?

Well, the topic is food again. Contrary to popular belief, I love food and food makes me happy. It’s probably the only thing that sustains my happiness nowadays. So I’m sharing with you some of the weird food combinations that I constantly enjoy and still can’t figure out why I do. Buon Appetito.

Yummy, right? Click the logo!

Saturday, March 29, 2008


“What’s wrong?” For the past few days, weeks, even, I’ve been asked this question by almost every friend, colleague and acquaintance that I got. I have the answer to that and I will save that for the latter part of this entry. Let’s begin with my facial expression. Ever since I can remember, I’ve inherited my mom’s “irritated and annoyed” look. That grunt-like expression that makes people wonder if I’m angry or in a bad mood. Frankly, I am somewhat always irritated, and I guess the expression became permanent. But little things such as people blocking my way, loud nonsense chit-chats, rowdy pesky little kids: they’re the ones that tick me off. I have never carried a grudge for somebody because I believe it’s just not worth my oh-so precious time. So even at the start of the day, when you see me in my usual face, do not hesitate to greet or approach me. Chances are, I ain’t in a bad mood. I’m just stuck with that look.

Through college, I learned to smile and take things lightly. I’ve met people who taught me how to loosen up and not be uptight. So my “expression,” didn’t exactly left my face, but it was kinda lessened. That is, until now. Ever since I’ve left the halls of my beloved alma mater and embarked on this “real world” thing, I was faced with challenges that I just laughed about while growing up. “Hah! You will never see wearing long sleeved corporate attires and answer to anyone besides myself.” But that only happens to people who, upon birth, were just waiting for their childhood to be over so that they could succeed their fathers as the CEO of their family-owned corporations. Which brings me back to my point.

As I’ve said, that “smile” never really left me, but the “expression” came back knocking a couple of weeks ago. I learned to enjoy what I do for a living to the point that I will make this statement, “typing subtitles and captioning programs’ probably one of the coolest jobs in the world.” It’s a known fact that I get to be updated with the entertainment industry and I get to learn new and different things with every program that I work on. And, my teammates, well, they’re the cherry on the top of this dessert that I call “work.” But what happens when that dessert ain’t sweet anymore?

So here’s what causing the return of the discouraged me. I’m sure I’m missing Old School Offline. Most of my friends-slash-colleagues have moved on to better careers. Even the so-called “foundations of Offline” are already but a memory of my once promising account. Two of those pioneers said goodbye this month and another two pillars are going to go bye-bye next in April. As of writing, there’s only 15 of us left, minus the two that are leaving next month.

Another reason would be, and this is connected with the last one, we’re getting this “being screwed” feeling. We’re being given new responsibilities and tasks that are beyond what we signed up for. Really, it’s like a reality show where everything is monitored, but we’re not free to do anything we’d like to do. Every damn thing is directed and people are just getting screwed from left to right. I won’t elaborate anymore. The feeling just sucks. People are asking me what’s up with me because I’m not in my usual self. “Wag ka magdrama ng ganyan. It’s so not you!

Lastly, my on and off infatuation with someone is, well, on and off. Just last week I was head over heels with just a glimpse of her, and now, I’m kinda wanting out. Her, being one of the almighty-ish, is not helping. One can’t help feel hostile with these new directives, but then again, it’s not her fault. She doesn’t even want to be in that position anyways. I guess, my best course of action would be, professionalism.

The summer season is taking its toll on me. I really want to take a really long vacation but I cannot quit my day job. How I wish that summer vacation’s applicable in the corporate world. Take a break for two months and be back to your work by June. So the planned getaways will just have to do, at least, something to get excited about.

I need motivation! I need something to look forward to. I’m drained!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


IMDB Keyword Meme from Jai

- Go to IMDb
- Pick out 10 movies you like
- Pick out 4 plots keywords for each
- Post them and have your friends guess

1. Avante Garde Art, Wager, Prom, Pygmalion
2. Gloves, Coincidence, Skating Rink, Fate -
3. Metal Bikini, Fat, Rebellion, Christ Allegory
4. Obituary, Instant Messaging, Pedestrian Crossing, Wig
5. Disneyland, Dentist, Nameless Character, Nostalgic
6. Social Climber, Hypocrisy, Narcissism, Defloration -
Cruel Intentions
7. Giant Snake, Desert, Impersonation, Happy Ending
8. Failure, Cellphone, Tap Dance, Self-Referential -
9. Beach Volleyball, Singing, Cult Favorite, Based on Article -
Top Gun
10. Opposites Attract, Misanthrope, Deception, Based on a Novel

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Monday, March 24, 2008


Mental note: if you are trying to move on from some feelings toward a person that you don’t want to pursue, do not check their social networking sites. You just get to see them in a different way from what you are already used to. And chances are, you’ll find reason to continue your foolishness and get back in the hunt. Grrr.

Sunday Scribbles XI

March 23, 2008

The Godfather (1972)
I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse.
- Don Vito Corleone (Marlon Brando)

Top Gun (1986)
You can be my wingman any time.”
- Tom Kazansky (Val Kilmer)

Before Sunrise (1995)
I used to think that if none of your family or friends knew you were dead, it was like not really being dead. People can invent the best and the worst for you.”
Well, who says relationships have to last forever?”
- Celine (Julie Delpy)
Everybody's parents fucked them up. Rich kids parents gave them too much. Poor kids, not enough. You know, too much attention, not enough attention. They either left them or they stuck around and taught them the wrong things.”
- Jesse (Ethan Hawke)

Fight Club (1996)
If you woke up at a different time, in a different place, could you wake up as a different person?”
How much can you possibly know about yourself if you've never been in a fight?”
It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything.”
- Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt)

Cruel Intentions (1999)
Everybody loves me, and I intend to keep it that way.”
My advice is to sleep with as many people as possible.”
You were very much in love with her. And you're still in love with her. But it amused me to make you ashamed of it. You gave up on the first person you ever loved because I threatened your reputation. Don't you get it? You're just a toy, Sebastian. A little toy I like to play with. And now you've completely blown it with her. I think it's the saddest thing I've ever heard.”
- Kathryn Merteuil (Sarah Michelle Gellar)

10 Things I Hate About You (1999)
Yup, see, there’s a difference between “like” and “love.” Because I like my Skechers, but I love my Prada backpack.”
- Bianca Stratford (Larisa Oleynik)

High Fidelity (2000)
What really matters is what you like and not what you are like! Books, records, films...these things matter! Call me shallow! It’s the f*cking truth! And by this measure, I was having the best date of my life!!
- Rob Gordon (John Cusack)

How to Deal (2003)
The quickest way to end a relationship with someone is to try to start one!
- Halley Marie Martin (Mandy Moore)

Love Actually (2003)
But you know the thing about romance is people only get together right at the very end.”
- Sam (Thomas Sangster)

Before Sunset (2004)
Memory's a wonderful thing if you don't have to deal with the past.”
There are so many things I want to do, but I end up doing not much.
- Celine (Julie Delpy)

A Lot Like Love (2005)
There’s nothing better than a great romance…to ruin a perfectly good friendship.”
- Movie tagline

Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005)
Happy endings are just stories that haven't finished yet.”
- Jane Smith (Angelina Jolie)

Elizabethtown (2005)
I'm hard to remember, but I'm impossible to forget.”
You know, you're always trying to break up with me, and we're not even together.”
Just tell me you love me and get it over with!
I've been the substitute person my whole life. I like being alone too much. I like it that way. It's a lot less pressure.”
- Claire Colburn (Kirsten Dunst)

Star Wars: A New Hope (1977)
May the Force be with you…
- Ben Kenobi (Alec Guiness)

For movies, “Before Sunrise” and “Before Sunset”, almost every dialogue is quote-worthy and so I’ma just place the links here for them words.

Kim, you were right. I did like and enjoyed this week’s edition. And frankly, my dear, the list ain’t complete. I certainly have lots of favorite movie quotes and I can’t simply just list them all here. These are just a few of what I remembered and the ones that stuck to me the most.

“You want the truth? Click the logo”

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Black Saturday

It’s about 7:00 PM and it’s Black Saturday. Oh, and I’m in the office. And lastly, I’m all alone. Literally, all alone in the fifth floor. I’ve just finished watching the latest season of Lost and I currently don’t have anything else to do since I’ve watched most shows with new episodes the whole week. Nothing to do also as I think our foreign bosses are celebrating Holy Week. I thought they weren’t Catholics?

Yeah, I’m left alone to look after voice messages. Bit stupid, really. Just convert voice messages left by people to text documents, so that the recipients will receive it in their mobiles or emails. Hey, that’s technology for you. Okay, it’s not stupid. It pays the bills. But still, everyone’s out of town and happily having dinner or starting up bonfires at the beach and I’m stuck here in my seat.

Well, that’s it really. Our maintenance engineers constantly passing by my location and giving me that “what time do you get off so we could turn off the lights” look. Yeah, the company’s into this whole cost-cutting thing for some weeks now. And me being alone and consuming electricity’s not really helping them. Mwehehe. So, there. Just wanted to make a point that I am alone. Nothing more.

Edit: Its 11:00 PM. I just got home. I had to stay of an additional hour because those people who should relieve me came in not on time. Can’t blame them, who would wanna report to work on the eve of Easter? Still, I’m known as that guy who never renders overtime. Tsk!

Friday, March 21, 2008

A Minor Epiphany

Yesterday’s ex’s birthday. Last Saturday, she had this party and I was invited. I initially planned on going for two things: she’s my friend and her cousin’s a well-known chef. Steaks and buffet…oh gawd. Then again, I asked for my friends’ takes if should go or shouldn’t. No one said yes. It won’t look good, they said. Yes, I will make a big entrance and probably be the most popular guest that will arrive there. (I guarantee that I would’ve been) But still, there’s a reason why she’s called an “ex.” Done for, over, the end. So, I didn’t go.

Last night, I was gleeful. For three weeks, tension and coldness describes my everyday experience in the workplace; for reasons that I have no idea. Last night, finally, I got to clear things out. I thought I did something wrong or unintentionally made offense. I really believed that it was my doing. But no. T’was more personal and I left it at that. I don’t want to pry. I don’t have the right to anyway. I’m just hoping that things work out and happiness prevails. No one deserves it better.

This morning, I had a minor epiphany. I don’t think I should go through with this “new plan.” (I can almost hear Hannah’s cheers and shouts of joy) Remembering what went wrong with the past, history will most likely repeat itself if I continue with it. No, there’s no comparison. But the situation’s kinda similar. Work, work, work--why? And for what? Yes, it’ll pay off, and I’m sure it makes one happy to be productive--but me, I don’t wanna spend my young years being old. I will work but I will not push myself to the point of breaking down. And when health’s already in the equation, I say rest and relax. The world won’t end if you don’t work, well, at least, if it did end, you ain’t the reason for it. I hope.

I don’t know. I’m not saying that’s final. Hey, I still dig the plan. And that plan’s worth it. But do I risk another “irreconcilable differences” if things don’t work out? Abangan ang mga susunod na kabanata…

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Of Luxuries and Accessories

I only have one luxury and that is getting my haircut.

I used to sport this really long do and people actually called me F4 in the early 2000’s, being chinito and quite fair. Tsk tsk. Everywhere I go back then, people would actually bring down their side windows and shout, “Daw Ming Shu!” My gad, if people would actually concentrate on their driving rather than noticing useless stuff on the road, then there would be lesser accidents and fewer Lindsey Lohans.

But back to my hair. As I’ve said, it’s the only luxury that I have and I don’t have any plans of letting it go. I go to Bench Fix Hair Salon in Glorietta. I have a stylist there, Mike. He is probably the only straight male stylist there. Yes, he’s a guy, probably a former barber. He’s been cutting my hair for five years now. And honestly, we haven’t really exchanged more than 100 words tops over that five-year span. It’s like, he just asks, “What style this time?” I reply, “Just the usual.” And the next words would be “Thank you,” after I pay for my haircut. But all the same, he’s the only one I trust my crowning glory with. He’s the expert in messing up my hair to make it in place, gets?

I consider it a luxury because it’s kinda expensive. I know, I know. Why not just go to ordinary barbers? But as I’ve said, I don’t trust my hair to other people. My hair’s really important to me and I gots to take care of it well. And it has a certain style that only those kinds of salons offers. Besides, I always enjoy going to salons. Like yesterday, I went there for my haircut, and surprise, surprise--at the back from where I was sitting, sits Anne Curtis. Yeah, that pretty actress with the accent. Goddess, man. She’s really, really fair. Almost like bond paper. Haha. We had a moment, I think. When I was about to be shampooed, we gazed into each other’s eyes and that’s it. Haha. No background music there.

There was also these two German really hot girls. They’re probably models. The kind of chics that you take with you as dates on parties and get-togethers. They’re the perfect accessories. Cutscene: birthday dinner of a friend, you arrive kinda late, you bring the girl. You enter the scene saying, “Uhh, guys, girlfriend ko.” LOL!! And you repeat that line to all of the people there just to show off what a lucky bastard you are. Wishful thinking, I know. They’re too tall for me anyways. Haha!

So my point? As always, none, really. Just making the most out of my Mondays and making it interesting even if it’s not. Yeah! I should’ve probably told Anne to ditch that Sam Milby guy and hook up with me. Nyahahaha!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Music Meme: Swing Out Sister

Music Meme from Marie

Choose one band/artist and use the titles of their songs
to answer your question.

Are you a boy or a girl?
- Coney Island Man (Kaleidoscope World)

How old are you?
- Suspended in Time (Somewhere Deep in the Night)

Describe yourself:
- Forever Blue (it’s better to travel)
- Blue Mood (it’s better to travel)

How's life?
- Wake Me When It’s Over (it’s better to travel)
- Notgonnachange (Get In Touch With Yourself)
- Alone (Get In Touch With Yourself)

Where do you live?
- Twilight World (it’s better to travel)

What's your favourite song?
- You On My Mind (Kaleidoscope World)

Describe your love life
- Waiting Game (Kaleidoscope World)
- Surrender (it’s better to travel)
- Heart For Hire (Kaleidoscope World)
- Heaven Only Knows (The Best of Swing Out Sister)
- I Can Hear You But I Can’t See You (Kaleidoscope World)

What are you?
- Incomplete Without You (Get In Touch With Yourself)
- Alone (Get In Touch With Yourself)
- Notgonnachange (Get In Touch With Yourself)
- You Already Know (Shapes and Patterns)
- Filth and Dreams (Filth and Dreams)
- Invisible (Filth and Dreams)
- Beautiful Mess (Beautiful Mess)

What kind of music do you like?
- Breakout (it’s better to travel)

How are you feeling?
- Forever Blue (it’s better to travel)
- Waiting Game (Kaleidoscope World)
- Notgonnachange (Get In Touch With Yourself)
- Icy Cold as Winter (Shapes and Patterns)
- Suspended in Time (Somewhere Deep In The Night)

A few words of wisdom:
- It’s Not Enough (it’s better to travel)
- Get In Touch With Yourself (Get In Touch With Yourself)
- Don’t Let Yourself Down (The Living Return)
- Don’t Give Up on a Good Thing (The Living Return)
- All In Your Mind (The Living Return)
- Where the Hell Did I Go Wrong? (Somewhere Deep In The Night)

I'm a Substitute

Just tell me you love me and get it over with.” Claire from Elizabethtown. Yes, I love that movie. I just happened to watch it again last night as it was showing in HBO. It was on after watching Step Up. And that movie sucked! (Lying) Boo! (Sarcasm) Those things never happens in real life. I mean, come on. Well, maybe if you’re that good looking, so easy to live in this world. Anyway, I got an overdose of romantic comedy movies yesterday. I even got to watch this Sam Milby and Toni Gonzaga flick where they are both cops and yeah, it’s surprisingly cute and compelling. So lower your eyebrows. I enjoyed it.

My cousin was watching with me for the first two movies, the Tagalog and Step Up. She was laughing because I was eating ice cream while I was watching the first one. It’s the classic scene: watching romantic movies while drowning yourself in sweets. Hehehe. I ain’t depressed. It just happens that it’s my Tita’s birthday yesterday and there were lots of ice cream. I ain’t depressed. I’m lonely though.

San Mig Super Dry accompanied me with Elizabethtown. Most people find it boring. It’s about Drew whose father died and decided traveled to his dad’s hometown to pay respects to his family and all. On the way there, he met this very interesting and quick-witted flight attendant, Claire. Claire is instantly attracted to Drew, and the feeling is mutual. Long story. You’re better off watching it anyway. Why do they find it boring? Because the movie’s progression was kinda monotonous, if you let it. All they did was talk to each other about past experiences and anything under the sun. Yes, you capitalists will find it boring, but if you listen carefully and really absorb everything, you’ll probably relate. I did. Oh, and my major crush on Kirsten Dunst were rekindled. I’m in love with you Kiki. Will you marry me?

Then I remembered, the first time I watched this movie, I realized my fantasy love story. I wanna meet some foreign chick while traveling. She’s hot, she’s articulate, she’s funny, she’s intelligent, we have absolutely nothing in common, and we’re attracted to each other. If only that happens in real life. But nowadays, chances are you’re gonna meet a psycho who will chop your head off and displays it on her garden. Enough morbidness. Sorry for that. Just keeping it real.

The point of all these? I don’t know. I was just really overwhelmed with romantic stories in the span of eight hours. And I loved it. I was kinda lonely since Saturday. It’s still cold in the office. No signs of warmness whatsoever. Now that destiny played its trick on us, I’m in her team. This is your doing, Cupid, you son of a bitch! Fix it, please. This is serious. I even forgot about Bes’ graduation. And you do not forget graduations!!! Not your bestfriend’s. Tsk tsk. But she doesn’ t need to know that. Hehehe.

Like what Hannah said to me, “This is what happens if you make other plans. This is what happens when you lose your way and derail yourself. That’s strike two! Quit your foolishness and stick to the original plan.” I don’t think so. For now, this new plan seems to be more promising than the original one. Not that I’m dismissing the initial one, just keeping my options open. After all, I’m a substitute. Watch Elizabethtown to find out what a “substitute” means.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Congratulations to my Sisters

To all my sisters-in-law from St. Scholastica’s College,

You girls did it!

After years of hardwork and fun from the halls of your alma mater,
the time has come to say goodbye.

Now, its official, you girls are now part of one of the government’s main problems: unemployment! Hehehe…

Shè: my bestfriend, see you in the beaches

Ter: my legal friend, take time to enjoy your vacation

Kaecee: well, I hope you can bring your sports in the real world

“Welcome to the real world. It sucks; you’ll love it.”
- Monica from F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday Scribbles X

March 16, 2008

Secret Society of Super Villains

They’re the ultimate group of antagonists and probably the biggest threat to Justice League of America. What’s not to like? Headed by master villains, most common is Lex Luthor and Gorilla Grodd, its members having special powers that could match up with the League's...they made the lives of our superheroes hell as they worked together and cooperated to spread chaos and evil. Ironic, as villains always work alone and never trust anyone but themselves. Oh, and The Joker’s a member too.

Dick Dastardly

The scoundrel of the Wacky Races, his name says it all. His sidekick, Muttley, a dog only mumbles and snickers in this asthmatic laugh, which really cracks me everytime. Dastardly would do anything to win the race: cheat, deception, and he even installed wily contraptions to his “Mean Machine” vehicle to use against other racers. He never won the race though.

Benjamin Linus

Is the leader of the Others and is the main antagonist of the Emmy Award winning TV series, “Lost.” Ben wins my “creepiest creep award.” Is he a friend or a foe? No one really knows and probably no one’s got an idea. He has the answer to everything about the mysterious island and knows each Oceanic 815 survivors. As the series gets more confusing every week, so is Ben’s true nature.


The only supervillain in the hit NBC series, “Heroes.” How can you not love this guy? He cuts open his victims’ head and brain and takes their power for himself. Yeah, kinda disgusting but still, limitless superpower you’ll acquire. His main power, though, is intuitive aptitude. It means that he knows how things work just by looking at them, at least, that’s how it was explained in what I’ve read. More Sylar next season! Yeah!

Darth Vader

Yes, I know, he’s from the big screen. But Darth Vader is villain of all villains. Vader’s my favorite badass and evil person ever. He used to be Anakin Skywalker, the chosen one to bring balance to the Force. But thirst for power corrupted young Anakin’s mind and he joined the Dark Side and ruled the galaxy until his death. He is also the father of Luke and Leia Skywalker and the right-hand guy of the Emperor. You’re not getting it, are you? As I’ve said before, I love Star Wars and one of the reasons why I do is because of Darth Vader, the coolest antagonist ever created. “If you only knew the power of the Dark Side of the Force.”

Well, very interesting topic, Frances. But it took me a while before coming up with a list. I’m not even sure with this list but basically, they are the characters that I admire and look up to. **evil laugh** It’s hard because the scribble states that I come up with my favorite television villains. For some reason, I can’t remember villains of the shows that I watch so I just listed the ones that came to mind.

If I was to play a part in a story, I would fit the role of the villain. Yeah, I know, most of you will agree. Hehehe. It’s because I find the antagonists interesting and at the same time stupid. That’s all for now, homies!

Join the Dark Side, click the logo

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New Love

I have this new love. Yes, I’m in love. We just met yesterday and didn’t hit it off until nighttime, after dinner. She reminded me of someone I used to know who I thought will be a keeper but turned out to be such a drag and a mistake. This new one, she really reminded me of that mistake, but I have this feeling when I saw her that she’s gonna be different. How right I am.

How different? Well, she has these remarkable characteristics. Let’s start with the best thing that I like about her: she’s sweet just right, not those much engaging types who ruins the flavor because they’re too sugary. She also has these little fluffy traits that definitely adds to her value and a delightful core that makes one go **sigh**. I think this one’s is the ONE!

But she will only be available for a while. After a month or so, I might never see or experience her again. It will suck and I will miss her, probably, sleepless and restless nights. But that’s life. All good things must come to an end. So, before she becomes history, I will enjoy every moment with her and I know that she will make me happy.

This type of goodness, well, they are meant to be shared. I don’t want my friends and family to be left out. So I’m going to introduce her to them. You wanna meet her right? Trust me on this one. I hope she brings you joy as much as she does for me. She’s Mercedes.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Ultimate Offline Experience

They said it was impossible, but that was until I intervened. Hah! Finally, after two long years, Offline team went out of town in an outing. After so many colleagues went ahead to greener pastures, after teammates were hastily transferred to other accounts, and after so many factors and obstacles that Offline were faced with but not once flinched nor panicked from those situations, we guys are still tight!
Planning for a trip of such magnitude is no walk in the park. I wanted everyone who knows how to chop and timestamp, or at least have an idea who Huell Howser is to be present in the outing. Hence, “Offline by Heart” getaway. For three weeks, I was planning everything: venue, food, people, the whole nine yards. Kinda took its toll on me but hey, it pushed through anyways.

The said event were supposed to happen last March 1 & 2 to give way to the Incubus concert that many of my teammates purchased tickets to. But seeing that more people wouldn’t make it on those days was another headache of mine. So, we decided to move it on the 8th and 9th, and the Incubus people compromised to it. They can always go home early, which they did. Date is set; next: venue.

This is the most important thing and is the hardest to come up with. Several factors need to be considered: price, accessibility, private or public, and the likes. Bless an old colleague, Carmi, for she has this private resort for rent. And that pretty much takes care of our venue: Villa Carmencita at Pansol, Laguna.

Next would be charging the team. Not really that much of trouble as they were more than willing to shed half a thousand for this outing. Food was more of a challenge for everyone as there are lots of considerations and really can’t set the budget for it because not everyone gave their share yet.

And so, the week leading to the outing, everyone was anxious and excited. I mean, who wouldn’t be? This is history in the making. No one achieved such feat before. That’s why I said in my initial invite that the venue doesn’t matter as long as everyone’s there--which is what happened. Yay!

March 8, 2008. The big day. I reported to office early for the outing. Three sets of people will be going there. Us, shift ending at 5pm, will be the last one. One important thing: this day also marks the last day of Carl. So the event also serves as despidida for them and Anna, whose last day is on Wednesday, March 12. Anyways, come 5:01pm, everyone’s giddy and ready, except for me as I need to finish up reports. Fine, we’re still waiting for Kads anyways. Our manager did a surprising thing, before he left, he approached me and said, “Tim, magiingat kayo dun ah. Kaw na bahala sa kanila.” Err…so they know? No surprise there. As I’ve been saying, something this big is impossible to keep from everyone. Besides, who cares, right? We planned this one, we paid for it, we’re the ones who initiated this, so we’re free to take whoever we want to. Anyway, it’s go time.

We didn’t experience traffic in the expressway so we made up for lost time and arrived at Laguna around 8:30. Almost everyone was already there. The sight was surreal for me. Seeing everyone there, everyone happy and laughing, excited about the whole thing, nice! They didn’t eat until we got there…aww! So after some picture taking that ran for 30 minutes non-stop and group hugs from people who just got out of the pool (bastards!)--it’s chow time! Not bad with the grub. We had barbecue, hotdogs, roasted chicken inasals, adobo, and cerelac rice. Everyone’s full, I’m sure.

March 8 also is the birthday of our long-time mentor, Ru, who wasn’t able to join us because her friends decided to set up a surprise party for her. Well, we hoped she was surprised because she missed one helluva event. We did call her before we ate and passed the phone around so we could pay respects and greet.

Dandan started the “party” with his “You Make Me Feel Brand New” rendition; the first of many laughable moments to his credit. Time to bring out the booze. I mixed up a friend’s concoction, Screwdriver, for everyone. Well, since we didn’t have pitchers, my measurements a little off, but it was good nonetheless. But no one replaces Happy Horse so that’s the primary drink for the night.

It ain’t a party if there no singing and dancing. Unfortunately, I never planned to include myself in the dancing part. Let’s just say that it includes a Roderick Paulate song and lots of Pussycat Dolls hits. Really lost respect to lots of individuals that night. Hahaha. Here’s Emman if he was a Pussycatt doll: “Bro-Cha!” After more festivities and singing, I was surprised to see that most people retired to their quarters around 3:00 am. Only Mackoie, Claire (who just arrived), and I were the ones left with the karaoke machine. Weird, because they told me when I was planning that it’s okay even if there’re no rooms or beds for outings such as this one because hardly anyone sleeps; just party till the sun comes up. Cutscene: 3:00 am and everyone’s so peaceful. **Sigh**

I slept around 7:00 am and never really what happened from then on. I woke up to find that half of the people already left and those who are left are bugging me to go already. It’s only 11:00 am. This was probably the one who downed my spirits but the fun and experience the night before compensated more than enough to make it one of the most memorable experiences ever.

Truly, this indeed is one for the history books. It was the day that Offline Transcription & Captioning team got together, left their worries in the city, and spent time together like one big happy family.

To: Anna, Boy, Carl, Claire, Dandan, Emman, Fredz, Honee, Jacq and Ovie, Jen, Kads, Kibi, Mackoie, Mark, Met, Mico, Nyce, Odette, Patty, Roi, Ronn, Ton, Veejei

Thanks you very much, guys. Until next time.

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Will Blueberry do the Trick?

One time she told me she loved blueberries. So I’m thinking, if I bring her baked treats with blueberries, will she once again be warm towards me?

Just when you thought you were making progress, classic yet again. Last week was quite okay except for one sucky thing. A certain someone was giving me the cold shoulder all throughout the week until the very last day. Occasional “hi’s” and acknowledgements were present but I’m not stupid not to notice that they were all somewhat forced.

What happened? One day we’re all friendly and responsive, and then all of a sudden, I’m not worthy anymore. Now, I get that a lot, but usually not that sudden. And I usually feel if something’s up and take off at the first hint of “go away.” I’m thinking because certain individuals have nothing better to do than to constantly tease us, which, for me, is good stuff! Obviously, not for her. It kinda got awkward. And not the “awkwardness” that one hopes for.

So, faced with this dilemma of seeing her for at least five hours every day, I need to fix this. I tried the weekend apology through messaging and I got zilch. Grrr…I don’t wanna lose a good friend over my stupidity and foolishness. If it means that I need to stop jeering her with my “paramdam” comments, then I will stop. And probably bring her blueberry cheesecake, hoping it will do the trick.

Monday, March 3, 2008

First Book Meme

I got tagged by Kimberly.


1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the 5th sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people.

First Love
By Adrienne Sharp

“Adam turned and made the march across the loft to his room, his ridiculous room, the nursery, and into his bathroom where he tore of his clothes and got into the shower. He stood in there for a long time, examining and looking at his toenails, which were as mangled and discolored as any girl’s who danced on pointe, relishing the sensation of the showerhead massage, letting it drive away his mother’s question, her answer to his question. His mother would never have another baby, this he knew, but his father wouldn’t need her, he could find anyone, any one of the girls he screwed if he wanted it enough.”

I got this as a present for my 21st birthday from Easter. For some reason, she found it amusing to give me a girly book, which is okay as I enjoy reading chic lit but this one’s too sissy for me. I haven’t even finished it yet. She says that I will relate to the story. The story goes like this:

Sandra is a dancer in the corps of the New York City Ballet who has just been chosen for stardom by the great ballet master George Balanchine. Adam is an explosively gifted new star who has defected to the rival company, the American Ballet Theatre. They're an ambitious young pair on the thrilling precipice of fame, ill-prepared to handle the demands, seductions, expectations, and choices that are visited on them as they finally come within reach of their dreams.

Tell me, how the hell will I relate with ballet dancers? The “demands, seductions, expectations, and choices,” maybe, but not the story. Tsk tsk. Oh, well. It’s the nearest so that’s it…

This tag goes out to Hannah, Vanessa, Odette, and Jamie.

Summary from Fantastic Fiction.

Sunday Scribbles VIII


March 2, 2008

Win an Oscar or Grammy

I seriously would like to take home an Oscar or a Grammy. I’m hoping it’s for a ground-breaking performance in a role. Hahaha. But winning for it technical functions will do. I can already picture me in the Red Carpet and I have already prepared my acceptance speech for it. Hollywood! Hollywood! Hollywood!

Host my own Talk Show

Ever since they started broadcasting Conan O’ Brien here in our country, I admired and idolized not just the guy, but also his show and sense of humor. I’m not sure though that I could deliver good monologues but I guarantee that I can come up with fresh segments and witty comedy bits that everyone will enjoy. It’s also the best way to meet interesting people and make fun of them at the same time.

Learn New Languages

This is probably the most relevant and most significant thing that I want to do before I perish. Hehehe. Well, not necessarily be a linguist but at least learn how to speak fluently and efficiently in foreign languages. It’ll be a big help if I get to do my number five.

Own a Night Club and Restaurants

I want to practice what I studied for college and I want to achieve it not in the serious, coat-wearing, corporate way, but accomplishing it the best way I know how: having fun and not being all boring-y. Setting up my own restaurant has always been a dream of mine and as an entrepreneur, I’ma need to come up with new ideas to make my resto hip and current. Not placing ideas here for patent reasons. And hoping that I get to establish a hot night club for those gimikeros and gimikeras out there. You get up in the morning, think of new fun ways of services, and party in the evening--what’s not to like about that?

Join the Amazing Race

All of the entries I’ve read this week includes “to travel” in their list. Of course, I would want the same thing. But there’s only so much one can do with a plane ticket and luggage. Why not race through time, travel the whole world, explore different cultures, endure challenges, meet new people then compete with them--all of these at the expense of some big corporate moguls. Wouldn’t that be more exciting? And I get to do it with someone of my liking and if we win, we bring home this huge prize money. Indeed, “Amazing” is the appropriate word for it.

Hmm…there’re lots more that I want to do before I meet my maker, but for now, this will do. Of course, there’s still that issue of personal stuff such as: relationships, starting a family, retirement--I call them factors-that-speed-up-your-meeting-with-the-Grim Reaper--and that’s just too morbid for me. Hahaha. Yes, maybe, just maybe, I would consider my own family but not now, nor in the next decade. Let’s put it this way. After I accomplish at least three out of the five listed above, then I will settle down and finally commit. Nice, good thing I thought of that!

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