Sunday, January 25, 2009


The fun doesn’t stop for me after the Holidays and New Year as my birthday falls in January. Two presents or a really huge one, I used to get. Now, I’m just contented with major parties or dinner with friends. Yes, when people get old they change. I wouldn’t object though if you give me a belated wrapped gift. Thank you in advance. A new pair of pants would be swell.

O & T

Last year, I celebrated my 22nd birthday two ways: intimate gathering with the family and co-celebrating it with my colleagues at some seafood restaurant. I learned from my debut: my pad is provincial to my friends. Boo! But, I still say house party is the way to go. So, I gave it another shot this year. Got an okay from Odette and we set the date. Strictly office friends and colleagues, I said. That way, no one will complain that the venue’s not in NCR anymore. I counted 20 and had faith that we will all fit in our porch.

Grub... grub... grub...

January 17, 2009. Requested to go on leave so I could help out with and finish up the preparations. Stressful yet fun. I always enjoyed organizing some big event, well, not that much, I’m still tamad…I’m still better at hosting. Good thing Mum took care of every damn thing. Went to Landmark to buy the spirits. Party rule #1: Spirits either keep the party alive or kill it. Inexpensive booze, they carry. From now on, Landmark will carry all our alcoholic transactions. By 5:00 pm, we were putting the finishing touches and the South people messaged that they’re on their way.

Kads, Eunice, Met, Ronn and Ma-Anne were the first to be here. They brought cake. All of them are South residents so I asked them to coordinate with each other and I’ll just pick them up outside the village. It’s a maze before you reach our abode. Next up, a phone call that says they’re already lost could only mean one thing: the other celebrant has arrived. Odette, Veejei, Ton, Boy, Neng, and Ces completes the other major group. So, it’s time to eat. Lasagna and Buffalo Wings as entrees; Odette brought Barbecue and Siomai (props Ton) and we ordered Maki for sides. Like what Mum said, it’s been a while since we actually perfected our cooking. We used to be really good at it. Based on the praises of the chomping crowd, the grub’s a-okay!

T & O with T&C and Ex-T&Cs

Then comes the party fuel: two cases of beer, some Vodka Cruisers for the ladies and Boy, Neng gave us a bottle of Mudshaker, and I mixed my college kada’s very own recipe of Screwdriver. Add Nachos and Spicy Hotdog to the equation and the party’s going somewhere now. Gemm and Joyce sent me a message that they’ve arrive, which means added fun. They also brought cake. Brought out the TV and setup the Magic Sing and we got ourselves one hell of a party. Pictures were taken, drinks were passed around, all of them burned me with controversial questions--this event will go down in history, I thought. It did. But for a completely different reason.

Soffy was our last guest. His presence might be that intoxicating that I decided to ruin my own party. Around 1:00 am, I wasn’t sure what I was doing and moments later, I knocked myself out. Yes, I admit it was my fault that the festivities had to be cut short. Combination of stress from planning and hosting plus Screwdriver, not such a good idea. After that, the events that followed were just narrated to me the next morning. Half of the guests left, some did not want to but Iya and Uncle just had to intimidate them. The Offline Five stayed though, till the sun shined.

Happy 23rd to me! :))

My friends, I am so grateful for the effort you put just to attend our party. All-in-all, I say the party was successful. I’m sure everyone had fun and did not regret going. Let’s just say it could have been greater and epical if it weren’t for my stupidity. LOL. The other person responsible for this celebration, Odette, much appreciated everything you’ve done. Special thanks to Mum for everything, literally, everything. My next great big event would probably be in ‘11. That one, I swear, will be a huge one. And I will stay conscious! (--,)

Thanks to Veejei for most of the pictures.
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Monday, January 12, 2009

The Year of the Bovine Kind

Last year, I said to myself and I truly believed that 2008 would just be a continuation of 2007…plain boring and uneventful. Yeah, I still have leftovers from my meal that is that statement. A little late for my New Year blog, I know. But I had to really think about how I lived my life when the rodents took over. Two thumbs up for dear old Mickey and Jerry for making 2008 a hell of a ride. There were forgettable moments but the ones that stuck to me are really worth remembering.

This year, is the year of the bovine kind. Herds are in and people will flock in groups. Okay, I made that up but it sounded factual anyways. 2009 started, for me, hanging out with friends and colleagues. Maybe that’s why I believe this year, friends and circles will be vital to everyday existence. My life might revolve around them, and I ain’t complaining. Bring it!

2008 posed a new dilemma, one that is exciting and raises one interest. Sure, lots have changed since 2005, and that impasse is still ongoing, but I predict that the results will not really be that different three years ago. Boo! But what can I do? (Lots, you fool!) I just can’t stay away from my Chuck Bass-like attitude, minus the billion-dollar factor. Everything and everyone has an expiration date. Some, expires even before I get to call them mine. That’s me!

According to my 2008 self, I made “moving out and having my own place” as my top priority last year. LOL. Last year me, you amuse us! This time, I’d be aiming for a more feasible goal: gain weight. “Oh, the boy thinks it’s his end of the world because he doesn’t have the same problem as everyone else!” Well, frankly, I do. It is not my fault that I ain’t chums with my metabolism. She’s not a sloth like I am. So this year, gots to eat, eat, eat and beef up.

Let me summarize 2008 with 10 of the most relative random words that are connected to moi: PARTY, FRIENDS, FAMILY, TRAVEL, TWILIGHT, DEATH, GOODBYE, EVENT, COMEDY, and POSSIBLE LOVE. Totally relative yet random words.

Outlook or wish for the year ahead:
I just hope this year trumps out the last! (--,)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Best Days

Best days usually happens when you least expect it. Hmm…that sounded like it needs rephrasing. But I actually mean it. Yesterday, January 3, 2009, well, I’m including it in my list of one of the best days ever. Given that it’s my good college buddy Arfel’s wedding and Nay-in-law Ces’ despedida, sure, two major occasions with no high expectations, really. And so the Party Gods resented that and proved me wrong.

Arfel’s and Len’s Wedding
I did not make it to the mass ceremony. Funny thing, I was awake by 6:00 am and it was set at 9:30 am. Plenty of time. Not for a slothful bastard like yours truly. It’s so early. Why not make it after lunch or dinner? But they have their reasons. And so, I made it to the Basilica of San Sebastian around 11:30 am and met up with half of the class. Yes, half of the class, some I haven’t seen since we marched down that aisle to get our diplomas. And one surprise guest, Kenneth! That blockmate of ours left for Alaska when we finished our Junior Year in college. He’s really here. And my, he hasn’t changed, probably a little richer, but still…LOL! Left for the reception at Crowne Plaza, Ortigas. Kenneth, now a “Don,” wants coffee first before we go to the actual lunch reception and who are we to refuse caffeine? So, we met up with Vincent and Paula there, and Lawrence and Teri followed, and up we went to Mr. and Mrs. Garcia’s lavish reception. Well, as expected, they did not disappoint. Only there I’ve seen 15 menus served for guests with food titles that will not fit a regular text message. Cool, super!

There were two video presentations: one, a montage that showed their younger years and how they ended up saying yes to each other in front of their family and friends. Nice! And the other, a music video that showcased snippets of the mass ceremony and their preparations per se…that thing shook my tear glands as I’ve watched it a while ago. Whew! After all the things they’ve been through, they made it! Hope it lasts.

Tasha, Dion, Cent, Paula, Teri, Law, (--,), JM

After-Wedding Party

What’s a MeanBoy Wedding without the traditional after-party? Yes, it’s rare that you can gather us all in one location and actually have time for festivities. Session, just like good old days. With Kenneth being tagged as the next big thing (haha) as Arfel is no longer the big boss as he already has mature obligations, sky is still the limit. Dion called and said he’ll be able to make an appearance, thus making it a must! Went to this seafood restaurant in Metrowalk that I keep forgetting the name and ordered not one shred of seafood. Beer, beer, sisig, nachos, and more beer. But as the night draws closer, a suggestion surfaced. Mucho’s is open and our vocal chords are itching to sing. Problem is, I can’t stay and I have to go. My other engagement, with Ces’, is also very important. So, I sang a few songs, took a couple more pictures, and bid farewell to what I consider to be my second family: Mean Boys.

(--,), Zelle, Neng, Ces, Ton, Odette, Veejei

Farewell Singing Party of Nay-in-law Ces

Me in my formal suit, necktie and vest, flew over the roads of EDSA to reach Macapagal Ave. for my third family: my teammates. I came, they saw, and I conquered. They were already having so much fun but it turned into a party when I stepped inside Music Room #3. Hehehe. It did, ask them. They found reason to start a wave of ridicules, all at my expense. And all of it, well, you guys know what it’s all about. Clue: it involves hard-hitting sappy songs. But it’s all good. I found entertainment in an Ogie classic, “Dito sa Puso Ko,” to the delight of everyone. And a silence-inducing and awkward-looks version of “Please Be Careful with my Heart,” sung by myself and Z. I saw the looks, you bastards! Hahaha! But the night is all about Nay-in-law Ces, our supervisor. I felt she went out with a bang. She only headed our team for just half a year but for me, she made the most impact with my current career.

Like I said, the night should’ve been all about her…but no, when it’s all clear, they decided to toast me alive with controversy, basing their opinions on my songs and actions. Yes, I got advices, two-cents-worths, and was lectured for my lack of action to my current situation. Hah! They say enough Chuck Bass and more myself. But, but, but…okay, they made their point. It’s going to be different this time around. Swear.

Arfel & Len: Please stay together forever. I know you two will be happy.
Mean Boys: I wish we’d have get-togethers and sessions more often. I miss you, guys.
Nay-in-law: I want to thank you for everything. I will miss you and much love!

Great day, January 3. What a way to begin the New Year! If this is how 2009 will be like, hell, I am in for one joyous, magnificent, glorious, action-packed ride! Bring it! I’m excited!

Grabbed wedding photo from Arfel’s

Friday, January 2, 2009

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

2008, farewell. December, probably the best and busiest month of 2008, goodbye. But before we bid ta-ta to a hell of a year, I shall relay the events of my December. I haven’t been writing anything. Believe me, there are lots of stories to tell and shan’t be narrated, but, zero-time to do so. So much parties, events, Christmas rush, even mini-sessions that if I was in a movie or a show, voiceovers wouldn’t even be an option. Writing long and separate entries would be appropriate for every worthy moment of December but it wouldn’t matter as it’s already January. So, little snippets accompanied by images will do. Oh, yeah, clicking pictures may lead you to albums. You never know!

December 5, 2008 | Don Bosco Church & The Blue Leaf
One of my college kabarkada, Law, as expected, finally signed up to be the husband of his long-time love, Teri. Solid! New office! New options. Still stuck in the old. But no worries, this event kicked off December appropriately. I knew I was in for a long and joyous ride.

December 6, 2008 | Muchos KTV
After our first comrade succumbed to the joys of marriage, it made us think, should we follow his suit and take on a more mature road in our petty lives. Hell no! Binging and singing sessions with they Boys at Metrowalk where the word “peculiar” became a household hirit.

December 7, 2008 | SM Mall of Asia, CenterStage
Fourth and final screening of Twilight the movie. Kat, it’s still a question if you’re to be invited to movie parties that involve dazzling century-old teenagers and emo-like human characters. You made it fun, in a weird sort of way.

December 13, 2008 | Miss A’s turf, Riverside Vill
In what was tagged as the “Event of the Year” for our lowly team, the First-Ever T&C Year-End Party was worthy of its hype. Expectations were increasing as the days lead up to this glorious day, and it did not disappoint. Very grateful to our bosses for making it possible to finally bring us all together just to have fun and not worry about anything related to the office. Food, food, drinks, games, more drinks, physical games, singing, singing, singing, prizes, and more drinks and singing--yep, that just about covers it all. Sorry, no embarrassing videos this time around.

December 14, 2008 | Fort Boni’s Open Grounds
This is what happens when you make around a thousand people wear red, get them all together in an open field, throw in some grub and drinks, ask The Dawn and some world music group to play, give an apple green car to some newbie, and for our part, bring 20,000 cameras…Intensity: The APS Year-End Party! Two parties in one weekend! Couldn’t get better than that. Or so I thought.

December 19, 2008 | a Veneto Pizzeria
Christmas dinner with what I consider being my 3rd family: Offline Team. Tradition, as they say, is what this night is all about. Sure, it’s only in its second year and most of the original casts are having dinner elsewhere with their new respective family/team, but it will live on. As long as there is that Offline Team that doesn’t seem to be faltering, a Veneto will have their regular customers.

December 20, 2008 | Amalia’s Restaurant
Tita Alice turns 80. Can’t believe she already lived through eight decades and is still working. And all her subjects, especially Mum, even yours truly, were there to celebrate it with her. It is in this occasion that I realized how tight-knit officemates and colleagues can be. Even if all of them are in different companies, new careers, it was like the span of 20 years was just an all-girls night out. Nothing seemed to change. No, I do not with to spend eternity in my company; I just wonder what T&C people would be like 10 years from now.

December 22, 2008 | Alabang Town Center & Festival Mall
Shopping is a skill. I turned it into my mantra that day. Only two days before Jesus celebrates his birthday and I still haven’t got one present for the lucky persons that are in my list. It’s official; Alabang malls are now my favorite shopping places. They carry everything, even things that are just useless but are cheap so one can’t help but buy. The day was a success.

December 24, 2008 | Christmas Eve
My favorite time of the year…is still my favorite time of the year. Most people are claiming that they do not feel the spirit of Christmas this year and yet malls are packed with last-minute shoppers, traffic jam is a bitch, people are humming and singing holiday tunes, the weather is evidence enough that indeed it’s Christmas. Noche Buena with the family as always. Solemn and intimate, the way Christmas Eve dinners should be.

December 25, 2008 | Ventura Christmas Reunion
Merry Christmas! For 22 years, Matutum has always held our clan gatherings and the last Christmas reunion was no different. Yep, the turnout was pretty commendable; totally unexpected but nonetheless should be thankful for. I still got major presents. Wow. I’m actually worried for next year; gots to start handing out crispy bills to the kids.

December 28, 2008 | Mamang’s 40th
No, it’s not an event that should be celebrated; it’s a day to reflect and pray for her soul. Although, massive food takeouts won’t hurt either.

December 29, 2008 | Christmas Obligation
Dad. Holiday meetup with my father. Simple lunch with Mum and doing some father-and-son basics, say, shopping for clothes. Say “Yihee, your one big happy family” and I will not hesitate to destroy you, in pieces! Fun day.

December 30, 2008 | Returning to normal
Nothing special, really. It just marks the day that my schedule and work life returns to normal. And by normal I mean reporting in regular office hours, sort of. Perfect excuse to grab breakfast and have expensive coffee with friends in the morning.

December 31, 2008 | New Year’s Eve
No way! It’s over, really? That’s it? Resting is not an option as New Year’s Eve is always extravagantly celebrated with Japanese food and expensive firecrackers in this part of Parañaque. The dawn of the new year are always fun for me as it usually leads to some social drinking with teenagers. Yes, teenagers, my cousins are still in high school. Next year would be different as my New Year drinking buddies will be in college. Oh, I have been waiting for that moment for so long. Times and moments like that, it sucks to be the oldest in your generation. Rare occurrence that the whole immediate family were together under one roof. Well, Ninang’s not here but through the wonders of technology, Torrance is like just a couple of kilometers away.

Actually, there’s more. I actually just woke up from a late house party that might, possibly, hopefully, turn into a yearly tradish. But since Binsent’s “In-Between Nights” transpired over 2009, I will not include it. But I will consider it as the perfect and fitting way to end the rollercoaster ride that is December 2008.

Lots to be thankful for. Lots of major realizations. Lots of moments to be remembered. Couple of things that should be forgotten. And all of these…just in a span of 31 days of the 12th month of the year. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, to me!