Friday, December 12, 2008

Tonight, the Heavens Speaks

For as long as my memory permits me to remember, I can’t recall if I have ever experienced seeing a falling star. That changes tonight. Hmm…I’m not sure if what I saw was indeed one of ‘em rare wishing stars but it was bright, moving, and definitely falling. So, of course, only one thing comes to everyone’s mind in these kinds of situations: wish!

I wish the wish you wish to wish…

Didn’t hesitate nor think twice on what I wished. I know what I want and it was the first thought that came to mind. Ironically, what I wanted was nearby when the star fell, so it might actually strengthen the ridiculous belief. Yes, I am skeptical when it comes to these occurrences, but it wouldn’t hurt to wish right?
Turned to look, wished so hard, and smiled. Silly hopes, I know.

No worries. My wish is realistic and actually positively shallow or mababaw. It’s simple yet meaningful. And it will definitely make me the happiest. So, star, I hope you grant my inane wish. I wanna say I haven’t asked the heavens for anything, but I did, lots of times…to no avail. This time around, I’m feeling optimistic. Yeah, it made me smile. That’s rare.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

P 2,500

“Car Day” – a day in my life where I have to wake up early to bring my car to Quezon City to have it fixed or checked out.

I had always mixed emotions when it comes to “car days.” First, Quezon City is far. Why in the north? Because all the good mechanics are north people, and I have come to love and trust these toothless car laborers. Sure south people are as much knowledgeable when it comes to vehicles, but they also charge more. Much too fancy for my disposition. I don’t really look forward to car days because it usually results with me shelling out my riches (whatever that’s worth LOL) as having a car is synonymous to having your very own offspring, only prettier and sleeker. Hehehe. That makes my second reason: it’s freaking expensive for any repairs or useless pimpin’. Thirdly, I am just lazy to wake up on Monday mornings. And let’s face it; owning pre-owned automobiles, there will be more “car days” than national holidays.

My “Decepticon” of a car...

So, last Monday, I had one of ‘em “car days.” I’ve been putting off this important obligation to my car for quite some time now. And since December is just full of events and trips, my means of transportation must be in perfect running condition. We don’t want another Company Party Car Fiasco just like last year. That was really embarrassing! So, this time around I had several agendas: buy new tires to replace the balding ones, change my tire rods because they’re shaky, fix my idling screw because it’s screwing me, have it aligned as it is going to different directions when I don’t steer. Hah!

New tires: P 4,500
Tire rod joint: P 1,300
Labor: P 300
Alignment: P 400
Jonjon: P 250
Stupidity: P 2,500

Notice the stupidity? Yes, I made a booboo and it cost me P2,500! Why? I rammed my rear end to a “parked” car when I was backing. Emphasis on the “parked car.” I mean, who rams parked cars, right? Idiot! Idiot! Idiot! After a whole day of waiting while repairs are being made and grease-stained instances, I was finally done and was going to our ancestral home to have dinner. So I was backing and was waving with a stupid grin on my face to the mechanics. Then, bam! You know that classic expression where you know you committed something stupid and you know the inevitable is about to happen? I had that. Stupid. His damage: his bumper is scratched pretty obvious, some part was broken inside, and his rear side is dented. My damage: a single scratch line on top of my plates. Hah! My car’s a Decepticon! Good thing the owner was nice and not one of those car enthusiast maniacs. The car isn’t his anyways but it belongs to his brother-in-law. So, after a couple of car-related jokes and some negotiations, he settled for P2,500. And I sped off, running 40, safely, towards the sunset.

I may crack jokes about it but I really am lamenting over that P2,500. I was saving, well, actually for nothing, but I’m still saving. It’s so hard to save something for the longest time and then you lose it over sheer stupidity. Oh, anyway, what’s done is done. Maybe it’s a way of the Blessed Virgin to remind me that it’s the Feast of the Immaculate Conception and I should honor it. I did. Well, that’s another memory to add to what is already a memorable date: December 8.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Nick & Starr

One Million Dollars, Baby.
Wave the Nick & Starr Spangled Banner.

I win.
At least, the team that I was rooting for in the 13th season of the Amazing Race did.

Nick & Starr Spangler, brother and sister team, reached the finish line first and won the title of Winners of The Amazing Race 13. Their efforts and competitiveness really paid off as they crushed every team in this race by arriving and winning first place, seven out of the eleven legs. That’s one short of Marc and Rov’s feat last year. And for obvious reasons, they’re considered better because they won the race.

Countless times I have rooted for teams that may not be the best or most deserving, but still I want them to win. And they rarely do. Thirteen seasons of Amazing Race passed and only two times my team came out on top. First was season three’s Flo and Zach who, by all means, did not deserve the million dollars (at least Flo didn’t and yet she’s my favorite back then. Zach was the man! He should keep the million dollars to himself) still won and I was happy. Now, it’s Nick and Starr’s turn. And there’s no other team who deserve it more than these two siblings. Oh, and Starr is so hot it hurts!

Congratulations Nick and Starr!
See you in the Second All-Stars!

Friday, December 5, 2008


What I really want for Christmas…

Presenting Stoya…

Next best thing that came out of Philly since CheeseSteak.
It’s December, it’s cold, she’s better than a cup of hot cocoa.
She smokes even in the showers.
Probably the best solution to my temporary insanity.
Good god. I’m in love. Help.
Yo-Ho-ho-ho, and a bottle of eggnog!

Photo credit from Digital Playground

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Godspeed, Ivan

Can’t I survive a week without hearing any tragic news of people I know passing away? Seriously, it’s not even realistic anymore! It’s one thing to die from natural causes, that already hurts the people you leave behind; but being brutally murdered for some petty reasons? How do you think the loved ones who were left would feel? It’s the victim who had it easy. He or she won’t ever have to see or experience the grief and sorrow that his or her family and friends are going through because of what happened to him or her.

“Only Ivan can get away from wearing couture we would secretly love to be seen in.”

A 27-year-old colleague of mine, Ivan Joel de Guzman, was found dead in his condominium yesterday, December 1, 2008, early morning. Initially most of us, his friends, thought it was only an accident, a car accident at that. But recent reports stated there was foul play involved, that he was killed and a fire was set to cover up the murder. It was our supervisor who broke the news to me through an SMS message, and I was seriously surprised. Not him. He does not fit the type who will be lay wasted just like that. Like most of our colleagues who wrote about this tragedy, I myself am not really rubbing elbows with this guy. But still, I know him, I hung out with him, and he has my full respect. Only Ivan can get away with wearing couture we would secretly love to be seen in. He was this jolly giant whose height I envied and I think no one will contest, the most fabulous transcriptionist amongst everyone.

Whoever said that outsourcing companies are full of pretentious people, you obviously don’t know that there’s a little account named T&C exists. After reading so much concern and love for our fallen comrade, I just realized that one will never have to worry about being remembered.

What your horoscope had to say about yesterday. Found it while I was going through your Facebook to borrow some images. Yep, you were more popular and in-demand, not the good kind but you still were!

Ivan, God bless, man.
You left us totally unexpected and the manner that you did…very painful…but hey, in true fashion form, you left us rockstar-style.
The Lord must be in dire need of a good DJ to invite you in his private party up there.
I know there’s a big welcoming event wherever you are right now.
Party hard up there! You’re officially missed!

Here are some links about the tragedy:
Cops probe death of 27-year-old in Pasay condo fire - report
Man Linked to Arson-Slay Case Sought

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Only a month to go and we bid adieu to 2008. November ends, for me, I think, on a high note? Notice the question mark. I don’t know. It’s that confusing line between contentment and feeling empty…probably the double espresso and crispy pata kicking in. Yes, the combination is a must try, especially if they’re paid by friends. Kimberly, thanks! “Inay-in-law” Ces, I’m grateful and honored.

I always found Novembers boring. Except for Tsik’s and Ninang’s (before she migrated to States) birthday, I couldn’t care less for the month before the Holidays. This year though, my whole outlook on November was changed. I had lots of interesting things and experienced mighty fine moments the last 30 days. Law and Teri finally distributed, as expected, their wedding invitations…wow! There’s a new leader of the known free world in Obama. Rihanna and Chris Brown, two of the hottest international R&B sensations graced our modest country. Twilight movie premier, after eons of waiting, finally arrived to top all activities of this glorious month. And yes, that other thing too.

November also took away two people in our lives. Our high school star athlete Jonjon succumbed to his long battle with cancer. The tragedy that is Mamang’s demise shook our family even if she’s not a relative. May justice be served. And may both find eternal happiness and rest in peace.

In exactly 21 hours, my Christmas feeling will be strengthened. I’ll be consuming ridiculous amounts of Christmas cookies and will probably substitute hot cocoa for coffee. Will go on a literal last-minute shopping to get presents for those who are dear to me. Christmas parties, events, holiday gatherings, reunion, and even a wedding are already plotted on my calendar. Freakishly excited!

Yep, November 2008 rocked and at the same time resuscitated classic me. Interesting in an exciting/sucky kind of way. Hehehe. Thank you, November. For December, I leave you with, All I want for Christmas is…

Friday, November 28, 2008

The Twilight Premier

I’ve never denied my adoration for the book series that is the Twilight Saga. I just never really wrote anything about it. I have this thing where I don’t write about stuffs that are important to me. Don’t ask; I don’t know either. Anyway, after months and months of waiting, and being robbed of five more days, the movie adaptation finally comes to the Philippine shores, and we were fortunate to have premier tickets, courtesy of Vanessa. Come November 25, 2008, Vanessa, Boy, Kibs, Neng, Ces, Zelle and I are about to finally have the “Twilight Experience.

We arrived at the SM Mall of Asia Premier Cinema earlier than usual (talk about excitement) and the anticipation just got stronger. Others are having butterflies in their stomachs (okay) and some got to “mingle” (hmp) with other patrons. And then, the line started to file up with this annoying British teen shouting “single file.” Well, the premier cinema is huge. In fact, it’s too gigantic that from where we’re seated, the screen barely looked like your average TV screen. No worries. Not even technical issues will dampen our excited spirits. So when the lights turned off and the trailers are shown, in Alice’s words…“It’s time.”

(--,), Ces, Neng & Kibs

Amidst the “hyperventilating” moments of my companions (fine, I did too) and the screaming of the female audiences when Edward’s on screen, there was actually a movie in there. I was surprised though that the adaptation made me feel like I was watching an indie film. To be more precise, a chick-flick indie movie, probably a first of its kind. It was expected that the gooeyness of cheesy romance are going to be prevalent throughout the movie, and in that sense, they delivered. Trust me. Twilight movie was more character-driven rather than making it this big SFX-laded Hollywood motion picture. That’s why reviews are saying that the movie sucked in the effects department, but hey, focus on the characters and not in the Bionic-Man-like motion of the vampires. And I must say, the actors and actresses who played the characters’ part did amazingly well. I had my doubts for the longest time, but they convinced me, especially the two leads, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, they are indeed Edward and Bella in the flesh (or undead).

Let me share some of my favorite scenes from the picture. My favorite of course is the baseball scene, where the Cullens together with Bella are playing baseball in an open field during a thunderstorm. The background music, Supermassive Black Hole by Muse, was the perfect score for this scene…constant repeat on my player. Another worth mentioning is the “Meet the Cullens,” which was previously leaked online, but my heart still skipped when Alice walked into the kitchen (hah!). “The Meadow” made me think and dream. The fight scene was also note-worthy. Runner up to “The Game” would be the Edward-in-sunglasses scene…I swear, one day, I will do that! Edward in his I’m-taking-an-awkward-nap rocked the theaters with guffaws and laughs. And anything that has Alice and Jasper in it (heehee).

Kibs, Neng, Ces, Zelle, Vanessa, Edward

Although they could’ve made it longer, I understand that it’s hard to fit 500 pages of literary genius into a two-hour feature length film. So my verdict, I also did not love the film but I did not hate it either. I left the theater with mixed feelings. Something’s bugging me the whole time so it kinda ruined the experience for me. But let’s not get into that. The film is still worth the wait. It stayed faithful to the book and added forgivable snippets that actually fit the story. To all Twilighters, don’t get discouraged from the negative reviews. What do they know? They’re not the ones who are raking in $70 million on its first weekend. Go watch our favorite characters come to life. I leave you with a line by Edward himself in the movie: “It’s like a human only living on tofu; it keeps you strong but it never fully satisfies.”

Saturday, November 22, 2008

I Know I Need to Snap Out of it When...

You I know I’m in trouble when…

…I’m quiet when among friends
…I’m anticipating text messages
…I’m planning every move I will make
…I’m thinking ahead of the words I will utter
…I’m dreaming of the same thing every single night
…I’m constantly thinking of different possible scenarios
…I’m in this routine of some sort everyday
…I’m not my usual foolish self
…I’m visualizing my life as if I’m in a sitcom
…I’m watching “Love Actually”
…I’m rooting for the perfect couple
…I’m smiling brooding for no apparent reason
…I’m listening to sappy tunes
…I’m gracious
…I’m anxious
…I’m giddier than usual
…I’m relating anything, even the un-relatable
…I’m giving off this “non-chalant” aura
…I’m constantly being outwitted by friends
…I’m delivering bad puns and terrible punchlines
…I’m feeling 2005-ish all over again

…there’re hordes of hot chics, gullible, ready to be picked up, drunk!, wearing articles of clothing that should be banned, on a Friday night, and I couldn’t care less

And the most terrifying thought…
…I’m about to meet with THE one, and I’m not even the least bit excited! My thoughts are somewhere else.

Chuck: “How do you think I feel? I haven’t slept. I feel sick, like there’s something in my stomach. Fluttering.
Blair: “Chuck. You know that I adore all of God’s creatures and the metaphors that they inspire. But, those butterflies? Have got to be murdered.

Good god!


“How do you cross the line from robbery to murder?”

It was what Bianca asked me when she finally went online after the tragedy. I wasn’t supposed to write anything about this, the family wants to keep this tragedy private. But when she shared the story, she made a point there that made me feel compelled to do this. Mamang, as all of us call her, the mother of Tita Ayie, Tita Ayie being Mum’s bestfriend, a close family friend, was murdered last November 19, 2008 at their residence in Manila. She was 86. They were robbed and the robbers looting her jewelries and stuff decided to take her life as well. It is not fair for animals to be compared to these bastards; they are much, much worse.

Be happy with the Lord, Mamang. Look over your family.

It was around past 7:00 am when Mum’s celfone was ringing non-stop. She’s taking a bath and everyone knows I won’t go near ringing phones or buzzing alerts. I was still somewhat asleep then so I just let it go on and on and on, and then I dozed off. It was a shocked gasp from Mum that made me come to my senses. “Nac, pinatay daw si Mamang.” What? I must be dreaming. It’s not a statement that you hear everyday, and don’t ever want to hear really. Normally, I’d be grouchy from being awakened by loud voices and avoidable noises…not this time. I hurriedly did my morning rituals, and before you know it, we’re off to Tita Ayie’s house. It was the longest trip to their place ever. When we got there, that’s when it all sunk in.

Investigators are everywhere and the body is still there. Like what Bianca said, I wouldn’t go to the details on how she was taken from us…it’s inhuman and unforgivable. Tita Mat was being comforted by some neighbors, and then I saw her, Tita Ayie, always as strong as ever, trying so hard to relate to the police what had happened. At that point, no one can really tell what transpired; just the specifics. Someone broke into the house around 3:00 am to 5:00 am, successfully ransacking Mamang’s room and stealing some valuables, and then…

Knowing that I wouldn’t be of any help, I decided to go ahead. I have work that day and I need to get my mind off the horrible incident anyways. The whole day, I was in awe. I was still my classic self with smiles and everything, but then I remember, and my thoughts shut down. “Why did she have to die like that? She’s old. Couldn’t she have gone peacefully?” I mean, what kind of human being--wait, no. They are not human beings. They are not capable of emotions! I only told one friend about this because it’s hard to keep something like this to one’s self. I felt like I’d break down each passing minute as I struggle to contain the heartbreak.

When I got home, Iya told me that the police had caught the criminals. There were five of them who went inside Tita’s house but only one of them did the deed. It was their youngest member, a 14-year-old kid, who felt like he was cheated from the plundering and decided to report to the authorities the whole thing. Their ringleader, a 20-year-old man, admitted to finishing off Mamang. He was their neighbor. And here’s the irony, the media decided to make the story more interesting by publishing online articles that Mamang was the bad person. The killer even went as far as to blame her for being prejudiced against their religion and was making his life miserable with her constant bickerings. All these inaccurate reports that weren’t even written by legitimate reporters…it just adds grief to the family.

No, Mamang was not prejudiced about other religions. She may be blunt and direct to the point, but she was always sweet and cared for her family, even to us, her extended family. So those petty articles are really inaccurate.

Mamang, I will miss you. You made the meanest spaghetti and this native ulam that I forgot. You were taken away from your family in the harshest and nastiest way possible. Nevertheless, I know by now you’re looking down on us wishing for our happiness and relief from grief. Thank you so much, Mamang!

Here’s one of those better articles about Mamang’s killing courtesy of Bianca. “Five Suspects Held for “Lola’s” Slay.”

Video from

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Godspeed, Jonjon

KNOWN for his daredevil moves and keen outside shooting, former San Beda King Red Cub and University of the Philippines point guard Lino "Jon-jon" Tabique Jr. thought he had the game all figured out. Like any athlete, he felt invincible on court. He was a fleet-footed playmaker who could authoritatitvely orchestrate the team and fearlessly take the game-winning shot. Until, at 21, he was told he had cancer. Tabique now carries with him the fear of dying young.

“Sometimes, I wonder if I'm still going to wake up tomorrow. And I keep thinking that I don't want to die. So I just pray. I tell God to give me one more chance,” says the soft-spoken Tabique.

It's a fear that the UP Fighting Maroon has been battling since January this year. Tabique was first diagnosed with tuberculosis, but further tests revealed he had stage 3 non-Hodgkins lymphoma, a form of cancer affecting the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is made up of tissues and organs that help the body fight infections and other diseases. And just like on court, it's still Jon-jon Tabique's competitive spirit that's pushing him to win the biggest battle of his life. “I don't want to die. I will fight to survive.

-Excerpt from “Fighting to Play Again,” a 2004 Philippine Daily Inquirer article by Jasmine W. Payo. Got this from his cousin, Mae, online.

Lino Tabique, Jr. or “Jonjon” to us, his high school batchmates, lost his long battle with cancer last November 13. It was while browsing around that I read about this really tragic news. Jonjon was “the” man on campus during our high school years. He was the King Red Cub and star basketball player. But one thing that differentiated him from the stereotypical jocks of high school years, the guy’s humble. Well, coming from a private all-boys institution, you can’t take away the naughtiness and mischievousness of the students, but still, he was never a jerk. He had always kept his feet planted in the ground.

I can’t say we were that close. But I know the guy and have the utmost respect for his accomplishments and all the glory he brought to our beloved school. On and off-court, Jonjon made a name for himself. He was a good friend to his barkada and a great leader to his teammates. He will be missed.

Like what Thops said in his tribute blog, I’m also thankful for having to meet one of the greatest Red Cub there was and a good batchmate. I’m also thankful for letting us feel what it’s like to be a champion by sharing your basketball talents and bringing home countless victories for San Beda. Thanks, pare!

That in All Things, God May Be Glorified!

Thops is cooking up some tribute thing for Jonjon. While he’s working on that, I borrowed the picture from his Friendster. Sorry for the late entry, man!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Rihanna & Chris Brown Live in Taguig

Bam Bam Bidam Bam Bam Bidamdam...

What was supposed to be a 15-minute or less drive to Global City turned into an almost two-hour going-around-in-circles madness looking for a place to park! It was so-called concert event of the year last night: Rihanna & Chris Brown Live in Taguig. And yes, I was there to witness listen to it all.

For months I’ve been wanting and planning to see this concert and nothing was stopping me--that is where I was mistaken. As my regular events buddies are not really into R&B (mostly rockers “kuno”), I won’t have anyone to go with me. Bes was watching but t’was too late to go with her, so I relied on younger cousins. Was really hopeful that it would work as their faces lit up when I asked them if they wanna go see the concert. Yep, they wanna see it but they’re much too busy to take care of it. I wanna say “big mistake” but I love them too much to put all the blame (Haha). Halfway last month, an “early bird” promo was introduced to us, prospective audiences. It passed and I was still ticket-less! Good thing I have these loving friends who also want to take part in the experience but did not want to shell a single centavo. Right! So, a week before the actual concert, I gave up and just planned this “listening party” with some colleagues.

(--,), Gimaru, Zelle, and Neng

Sunday, November 16, 2008. I left home around 6:30 pm as the concert begins at 8:00 pm, and since I don’t have any tickets or passes, don’t really have to be in a hurry now. Bes was texting earlier still insisting I buy from the scalpers or from the Globe people, I would’ve but I had already made plans. Coffee and crashing will be the agenda for the evening. Anyway, I did ask her how the parking is and was it humanly possible to navigate around Fort. She said she was there by 3:00 and already, Bonifacio High Street was full. Still, I was confident. Idiot! Departed home at 6:30, reached Global City 6:50, finally parked at around 8:10 pm. It was one of the worst driving experiences ever. Literally, Global City was full of vehicles and all parking areas are full. I was so close to canceling the whole thing and just go elsewhere. But, through persistence and stupidity, I did found this open area probably a kilometer or two away from High Street. So, now I’m parked.

Zelle and company, I found out, were also struggling to find parking slots. After a couple of exchanged messages, they did manage to find one and we met. It was me, Zelle, Gimaru, and Neng and her friends. Like what the plan states, we hang and we listen, and we did. Armed with coffee and Krispy Kreme donuts, we grooved and sang along with their questionable sound system. All their hits, I think, they sang. Can’t say I am disappointed for not having seen the show. From what I’ve been hearing, reading, and seen…it just cannot be given the mantle of the concert event of the year. But I cannot criticize because I did not watch…that simple. At least I got to hear their collaboration of Cinderella and I got to spend an awesome Sunday night with friends.

(--,) & Z

Gimaru & (--,)

G & Z

Because of the traffic hell that I went through last night, I completely forgot my camera in the car and we settled for camera phone evidence shots. Hehehe. The rest were taken from Gilligan’s, Makati, our very own after-listening party event.

Music Playlist at

Mamase Mamasa Mamacoosa Mamase Mamasa Mamacoosa

Sunday, November 9, 2008

“Wa”La Vida Lavada

I miss having help around the house. Instant pancit canton in a matter of minutes, a liter of ice-cold tea in the fridge, every nook and cranny spotless…and so on and so forth. You see, ever since we moved here in the suburbs, we decided to let go of house help. Ironic, isn’t it? Our place may not be those of New Manila or Forbes Park, but people here are a little above middle-class. Iya & Mum decided that we won’t need the services of maids since it’s just the three of us and we can manage. They believe we are domesticated enough to refuse help. Fine, the maid won’t have any place to sleep here anyways. Getting to the point, since we don’t have employees to do household duties, we “outsource” our chores--meaning: we have our clothes laundered in this quaint laundry shop just outside of our village. I have no qualms about it since they’re service was quite impressive…until earlier this week.

Oh, my dear shirt, don’t you ever do that to me again!

Our arrangements were simple: they pick up our laundry or I deliver it to their shop, they wash the clothes, and they deliver it to us, hassle-free, right? So it was really surprising to find 24 articles of clothing in our batch that does not belong to us. Okay, will just return it. No harm done. But then I found out, some of our belongings were lost. They’re explanation: they have this new labandera who mixed up everything. Idiot! Sorry, but for the longest time we trusted you guys and then you messed up. I wouldn’t be this irritated if they did not lose my favorite shirt. You know, my Simon Cowell navy blue shirt. You might have seen me wearing it now and then, probably often because I really dig that top. It’s comfy, it fits fine, and it makes me look good that I already do. LOL. They also misplaced my shirt with a necktie print on it and my Capt. America (that’s what our other TM calls me when I wear it) t-shirt. Along with the shirts are four Mum’s pants, several bedsheets and towels of Iya, and other stuff that weren’t accounted for. Idiot!

But fuming mad as I was, it all turned out fine. Over dinner, the owner’s daughter personally came to our house and delivered the missing pieces and a month’s worth of apologies. She said that she personally went through all the laundry to find those items that we listed as missing. Now that’s what I call service. Whew. Still, like every overly dramatic relationship humps, it may take a while before we trust each other again. Haha. They broke our hearts and it takes time for the trust to surface once again. Maybe it’s best that we take our laundry someplace for the meantime. Who knows, one day, we might be able to forgive what they did to us and let them wash our dirty garments once more.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Road to Perdition

If there’s one thing I hate…wait, wait. Let me rephrase that. I hate a lot of things and no particular peeve stands out. But if I have to share some of what I detest most…it would commuting. At the risk of sounding like an arrogant jerk that I am, let me at least explain why. For obvious reasons of how terrible public transportation in our country is; the unreasonable prices of fares; the public itself; super duper ridiculous traffic; trucks who think they are road royalties; and much, much more--it really makes you wonder how people gets to their destination in one piece. While I have the means to drive myself to work everyday (except Thursdays as the car’s coding that day), with the prices of fuel and auto maintenance, I just can’t possibly rely on driving to get me to where I need to go.

Where’s Wally? No, not the one in Sogo jeep!

Just this week I was late for two days. Big deal! It is, for me, especially if you’re late for just a minute. Can you believe that? Just a fraction of a minute and it ruins my schedule adherence. No, I ain’t after one of them Schedule Adherence awards which I achieved for having an almost-perfect attendance, but still, it’s one of the few things that I got going for me office-wise so please, do not take it away from me, public transportation environment man or whatever the hell you should be called. And to top it all off, my car’s rear was bumped by a stupid jeepney on my way home tonight. We’ll cause traffic if I stopped and confront the moron so I decided to drive forward and deal with the idiot on a much wider space. I was never really the confronting-type but you do not mess with one’s car. I stopped and went out of the car but the ignorant bastard sped up cowardly. I got your plates though, you uneducated commoner! TVF 972 EDSA-Taft to Alabang route.

Good thing, good ‘ol Charley’s tougher than she looks. Not a scratch nor dent in the rear and everything’s fine. Thank the heavens! Now that the holidays is just around the corner, expect busier roads and more commuting-related hassles. I suggest walking if it’s humanly possible. You get to have good exercise and lesser pollution. Just be safe everyone!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Book it! Or much better: “History Book it!!”

Barack Hussein Obama II... the new leader of known free-world.

I’d like to believe Obama will not only be the new Head of State of the United States of America, but will be the new commander-in-chief of the whole world. Now, I won’t say much as I’m sure there are millions of blogs and articles about the historic election that just transpired. I just want to extend my congratulations to first-ever African-American president of the most powerful nation in the world.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Legend of the Seeker

One of my basis when watching fresh TV shows is the female lead. Big whoop! No surprise there. So when I was channel surfing a few nights ago, I chanced upon The View and got interested with their guest, a certain Bridget Regan. Ooh, pretty. She’s promoting her new show: Legend of the Seeker. The title says it all…it’s epical. She says it’s gonna be cool and I always believe redheads are always telling the truth. I’ve taken the liberty of borrowing some person’s copy and embedded it here to prove the redhead right!

The Legend of the Seeker is based from The Sword of Truth novels by Terry Goodkind. Never really heard of it but they’re supposed to be best-sellers. The story is fairly simple. Young woodsman helps out hot mysterious chic and they hit it off, oh, and they seek out this wizard. See? Simple! Okay, not the best summarization of a classic work of literature but why spoil all the TV goodness?

This brand-new series is being brought to us by the awesome folks from ABC studios. Spiderman director, Sam Raimi, is the executive producer for this new show that just premiered last November 1. And they went all out on this one. Shot in New Zealand where Peter Jackson and crew spent seven years to bring Middle Earth to life…methinks they reinforced the idiom: spare no expense. Based from the first 10 minutes that we’ve watched, a friend kids that these kinds of shows are always a hit, but since they’re too ambitious…two seasons tops! But I say (and hope) this show will go down in TV history as one of the most magical and grandest of its genre.

Well, I haven’t really finished the pilot episode as it is a two-hour special premiere. Hopefully, by tomorrow. But I must say I wasn’t one-bit disappointed. The Matrix-like dodging of arrows and oh-so-awesome special effects will keep your eyes glued to the screen. At least for me it does. Kinda reminds you of old epic TV shows such as Hercules: The Legendary Journeys or Xena: Warrior Princess without the terrible clay monsters. Okay, I’m sorry. It’s the ‘90s so all is forgiven.

So, in conclusion…it’s like the grandeur of Lord of the Rings…on boob tube!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Roadtrip, Anyone?

Where can one go on a full tank of gas?

- Distance from Manila to Baguio is 250 km
(I’d probably make it to Tarlac before I run out of gas)
- Distance from Manila to La Union is 259 km
(Not bad. I get to visit my relatives)
- Distance from Manila to Pagudpud is 563.15 km
(I’m better off going to Baguio)
- It will take 1:15 hours from Merville to Fairview
(I’ll visit my cousins)
- It will take 45 minutes from Merville to Bambang
(I miss my old house)
- It will take 40 minutes from Merville to Quezon City
(Now, here’s an idea)
- It will take 20 minutes from Merville to Alabang
(Still wins!)

Oh kay…forgive the ecstatic driver. I’m pretty sure that this is the first time my car felt what it’s like to have a full tank of gas. The credit goes out to my Tita who fortunately has some gas card credits left that will expire by Friday. And expensive solvents such as gasoline mustn’t go to waste, if I may so meself! Righteous!

Few months ago, I decided that for my birthday next year, I want to take a road trip. I’ll probably go to Pampanga first and stay with my relatives there, then off to Baguio for a vacation. If I have time, maybe I could go to La Union as I’ve been told I have some kins based there. Just like what Orlando Bloom’s character in Elizabethtown did. But sadly, I ain’t going anywhere. Full tank or gas light blinking dangerously, the car wouldn’t make it. Best that I could do is get the car tuned up and get all things fixed so that my road trip would be possible. Just the thought of it is exciting, right? And maybe I could take someone with me to this epic trip of mine. Or meet her somewhere ala-Kirsten Dunst in the film. Will you?

Turn on ignition. Begin your journey and do not skip ahead.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ban on BLUE

Okay, I ain’t much of a crusade kind of guy but my Tita Rina asked this as a favor. Let me call her Reg, she’s my tita but she’s literally eight months older than me. Well, she sent me this and requested me to spread the word out through my oh-so-many readers. Pretty much self-explanatory if you ask me.

This is to warn you against buying BLUE brand laptops. We bought a unit last July 20, 2007 and after 14 months of use, it broke down due to a defective motherboard as per diagnosis of their service center. They want to charge us P15,000 for its replacement. We tried to reason with them since the unit is relatively new, and they have to do something about because the customer may not always be right, but customers still have rights! We believe that a company such as this has no place in their consumer business because they do not care about the welfare of their customers. WE PROPOSE A TOTAL BAN ON THE BLUE BRAND OF LAPTOPS!

See? Scary but the woman has a point. When she first mentioned this campaign of hers on bulletin boards in one of her social networking sites, I thought it was nothing. “Don’t buy Blue laptops!” Okay, I prefer red anyways. I haven’t got the slightest idea that “Blue” is actually a brand of laptops. I feel for her because our unit suffered the same fate as hers a couple of months back. And by some stroke of bad luck, both diagnoses are the same: faulty motherboard. Good thing ours made it to the one-year warranty, so all we had to pay the service center folks was our kindness. Anyway, laptops are known to have a shorter life span per se. So, just take extra care for those notebook owners out there. Their parts are more expensive and they’re not really upgradeable. Love your laptop. Hehehe.

PS: Let me just clarify that BLUE is a brand not the color. Hahaha.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Birthday (--,)

(--,) celebrates its first birthday today. Happy Birthday (--,)
Countless cups of coffee and 174 blogs later, I’m finding it hard to believe that it’s been one year since I joined the Blogspot bandwagon. And since then, I’ve written personal entries that I believe was worthy of sharing. I’ve been blogging, (or at least trying) since 2005…be it Xanga or Friendster blogs. I still consider my Multiply account to be my primary one because most people in my circle’s a member so it’s easier to socialize with them. (--,), however, is a different story.

There are just some thoughts that are better left unwritten. But some fall into the middle ground. Those that are supposed to be kept private but one would go crazy if he/she can’t at least write about it. Can’t really say I’ve written some life-changing entry, but, hey, I’ve got readers. And my heartfelt gratitude to those eight who actually wastes couple of minutes of their precious and expensive time to comprehend my ramblings! Hehe. You guys know who you are. Gratzi!

By far, my most read entry in that span of one year would be Sunday Scribbles VI. We all know it’s in our nature to be interested to those juicy entries, and me dishing out a different side of me actually gave that blog hits. What do I get from all of these thoughts that I continuously publish? Well, other the fact that it keeps me sane, I’ve actually improved my writing skills. No, I have no aspirations of winning something from this country’s annual Blog awards. I started this as an online journal to let people know what goes on inside my noggin and maybe get to know better…and it will continue to be just that. To my blogging friends, if the pen is mightier than the sword; methinks, then the keyboard is lightsaber! (--,)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Almost Woohoo!

“Woohoo!” - Used to show excess joy in response to a situation.
It was a night of almosts. I wrote how Saturdays usually suck for me, so yesterday, I thought, would not be an exception. An hour before I get off work, a buddy SMS’ed me with an invite: dinner and after dinner party within the area. Oh, joy! Good thing I was in the mood for some late night gimik, so it wasn’t really that hard to convince myself. When I reached Greenbelt, there they were. The gang, which I purposely will not disclose due to the nature of this entry. Hehehe. Yep, they’re all there, and I mean all. One girl in the mix, which I wasn’t expecting but couldn’t care less. After much deliberation on where the after dinner party should take place--Okay, guys, what’s the plan?

Cutscene to Alchemy. Yeah, Alchemy…the boys’ comfort zone, their own personal happy place. Well, like I said, not hard to convince meself and I do love Alchemy, so besides parking problems, what could possibly stop us from partying there? 1989 borns. The establishment is hosting an event for these school kids. It’s not a private one, but who’s really stupid enough to enter a club where its patrons already know one another? I’d like to see one hook up without looking and seeming like a douche. The solution: session it is. Please let it be somewhere in Quezon City, please! (*wink*) No, Gerry’s it is. After a tower of brewsky and some possibly fatal chicharong bulaklaks, the night shifts to a “Boys’ night out,” if you catch my drift.

Cutscene to Quezon Avenue: the metro’s very own Vegas strip minus the gambling but all the legal consummation at everyone’s disposal. Again, I have no qualms whatsoever if they want to be human beings. I may not agree, but I ain’t the hindering kinda guy. So, whilst I drove home our rose among the thorns and passed by the house that I hope to pass by and go to more often (hehehe) the boys were scouting for the mothership. Their first stop: the establishment named after Hercules’ adorable and charming flying unicorn. But what they had to offer did not tickle my friends’ tastebuds. So off to the next: what you call your friends and kids if you’re in the same class together. Now here, wow, it shook the foundations of my beliefs and viewpoint on this subject matter. Oh, wow! But thank the heavens for expensive rates and time limits. Whew. But these are red-blooded males. Nothing will stop them if they set out to hunt. Beside the expensive spot, lies this new foundation, a wing or annex if you will. It’s so new that you can actually still sniff the fresh paint off the walls, it’s cheaper, and they definitely pressed the right buttons of my companions. Again, I was saved. Gratefulness goes out to being late that all the “good ones” are taken and what’s left are not worthy of shelling out hard-earned pesoses. The night ended with a plan for next time. We should be early, it should be all boys, and be ready for anything. Whatever you say, boys!

Why are these places named after the most wholesomest words?

Almost Woohoo! I am a firm believer of “Why pay for things that you can get for free?” Up to the point before we went to that new place, it was classic me who was prevailing. Sure, I’ve been to places like that but never sampled what they had to offer. It was always me and this friend enjoying the good food that our host ordered for us while they keep themselves busy. Take your time, guys, the roasted chicken and calamares are better lovers than the one you’re with anyways. But last night, if it weren’t for the circumstances, I would’ve lost it. I already went all technical and thought, “Yeah, I still don’t believe in paying for that, but I ain’t shelling out anything. It’s free! So technically, I’m not demolishing my beliefs.” No, I don’t agree with this certain literary vampire character who everyone loves about his belief that those acts are supposed to be special. I’m sorry but that sounded gay. It’s just that it’s better if it’s a conquest, right? Challenging. See, I’ve been known to give good intros and interesting bodies of stories, but my endings will usually make you go, “That’s it? Nothing happened? Sheesh!” Hahaha! Although, next time, it might be a different story.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dear You

Dear You,

Why aren’t you updating me that much anymore? Have I done something wrong? Am I not worthy of your time anymore that you choose to spend your time on useless things and people? Yes, I know you will defend them; they’re not useless. But do you really think this will end happily ever after? Come on. Just look at your track record. Be serious. You’re better off with your daily primetime shows and books and gimiks. Face it…you’re not the settling type. Yes, you’re romantic, I give you that, but I guarantee that once you get what you’re asking for, you wouldn’t have the slightest idea with what to do with it. Do you really want me to bring up 2004 and 2005? I don’t think so. You were seriously worse than a pathetic zombie craving for fresh meat, well, in your case…stupid little chance. Good thing it wasn’t given to you.

Okay, I’m a bit too harsh. After all, you’re just a goofy bastard with delusions of grandeur and immortality. I’m just looking out for you. You know I always got your back. And I support whatever ridiculous endeavors you’re embarking on. I’m just stating the obvious. Like I can do anything anyways. I’m just a lifeless program who can’t even think for himself and needs, you, to tell me what to think and do. Just remember, I’m always here for you, always ready to listen and absorb whatever it is you want to tell me.

Love always,

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Michelangelo (not the turtle)

It took Michelangelo four years to finish the magnificent ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. It took me nine hours less lunch and coffee breaks to finish typing this documentary about him. It would be appropriate if I would write a little something about the world’s greatest artist in history…but I’m pretty sure that I had a little too much Michelangelo information to last me until I’m 30. Put me on a gameshow with trivia about him and I’d win the grand prize. But, in the spirit of art and history, this guy deserves his title of being the greatest. According to the documentary, he is the first superstar figure in history, at least, with regards to the art world, and if you spent hours and hours researching about him, I guarantee you’ll agree with that statement. Coolest part would be him pitted against his greatest rival at their time: the famed Leonardo da Vinci, then, without his movie deals and controversial works of literature. They were in this battle that would’ve decided who is better, but, as fate would have it, the epic clash did not finish. Leo screwed up his paints and Mikey was called by the Upper East Siders, I mean, by the Pope to do this little project he’s been planning, you know, paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. No big deal, right? Yeah, upon completion, Mikey was immortalized in movies and mutant turtles were named after him.

Cellphone receptions in the old days are bad.

Right. This guy is the man. Regardless of his “preferences” hell, his works were masterpieces and timeless. Now I know why the best artists in the world belong to the softer classification. One of the things that I want to do before I meet my maker is to travel. Rome is definitely on my itinerary. I would so want to see the Sistine Chapel and marvel at its ceiling. Yeah, I’m definitely doing that. I think it’s safe to say that I am a self-proclaimed renowned Michelangelo scholar. Hahaha! Michelangelo Buonarroti, you’re now my favorite dead artist. Gratzi for everything.

PS: During those days, why were people who say the world is round burned at stakes? LOL. Sorry, but I really find that funny! Wouldn’t it be so ever amazing if that were implemented nowadays? Heeheehee.

Suburbs & Saturday Nights Suck

The suburbs suck…and so does Saturday nights! Yes, it’s only Thursday but I cannot think of anything to write about and video streaming is becoming a bitch, so, the suburbs and Saturday nights suck. Let me explain. Friday and Saturday nights are supposed to be fun and nonstop partying till the break of dawn. Friday nights, not so much as I have work on Saturdays so I can’t really go all classic me during the night before the weekends. But Saturday, well, should be a whole different story. (I so miss the Friday Club) My last working night of the week, supposed to be, and what happens after shift? I’m home by 10:30. Go on, all together now, the “L” gesture on everyone’s forehead.

My solution: house parties. Will it work: count on it. Feasible: most likely. When: never. What’s wrong with the suburbs? Well, minus the pretentious homeowners, nothing really. It’s just that I’ve been a resident here for three years now and I can shamefully declare that I, yours truly, do not have any neighborhood friends. There I said it. Our community consists of kids and young people whose age ranges from toddlers to teenagers; and the majority, adults. For some reason, the twenty-something demographic count is one: me.

Wisteria Lane minus the hot housewives who’re desperate

Good thing my two teenage cousins live five cartwheels from my house. Or else, I’d lose my sanity from being surrounded by hell spawns and ancient creatures. Still, they’re that, teenagers, and they have their own groups and friends. (Can’t hookup with anyone in their circle as I am guaranteed to go to jail if I do) I’m so envious to this particular neighbor who hosts weekly Saturday night sessions with her friends and kada. What’s stopping me? I tell people where I live and they’re all of a sudden busy. No, I don’t live in the projects, au contraire, me dears. But Paranaque’s not really commuter-friendly. I, myself, hate riding public transportation from and to our place. But however boring or uneventful living here, this is still my home and I’d probably think twice when an opportunity to move comes knocking at my front door. Unless, of course, we get to have our old house in Manila back. Mean time, Saturday nights will continue to suck for an indefinite period of time. (--,)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Salon Price Hike

I have always loved salon days. Months ago, I wrote something about it being my only luxury. And months passed, and it’s still the only thing I treat myself constantly with…that is, until this morning. Mum and my Tita were to have their own respective trip to the salon and so naturally, I would’ve went with them so I could get my haircut for free. Good plan. That is, until we called for reservations. For some ridiculous reason, Bench Fix Hair salon decided to go all petroleum-like and raised their rates. Son of a…Used to be P285 is well, still pretty pricey but I figured, once a month and a half, right? I could manage. But the receptionists specifically told us that now they’re charging P350 per cut! Are the hairdressers and barbers also suffering from recession?

I’ll probably still go and get my haircut at Fix, and be happy about it. Like I said, my stylist there is the only one I trust my hair with. This presents a dilemma. Well, it’s a big deal for me anyways. I was thinking of letting my hair grow like it used to, my “F4” days, (refer to the scary accompanying picture) but my hair doesn’t grow that quick when I’m aiming for that long haired look. And my current messed-up style is easy to manage and doesn’t require that much effort. For now, I guess, I’ll just schedule my salon days two weeks before an important event or occasion. Grrr…the moment I get filthy rich, first thing I’m gonna spend on is hiring a stay-in hairdresser! I swear! Mwahahaha!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tired + Exhausted + Weary = Fun

Tired! I’m probably using my reserves already just to keep myself going. I haven’t really been getting appropriate rest in the past few days. It’s not like something that is time-consuming happened. I don’t know. Last weekend, I only got 7 to 8 hours of sleep tops. Nonstop partying and after-effects of it kept me awake all throughout my rest days. Not that I’m complaining, I did had lots of fun. But I am feeling the consequences of going all Energizer Bunny.

T&C Survivors showcasing their not-fake-at-all smiles

Yesterday, our team had its general assembly. Many of us thought it would be that big of a deal because the team’s not really used to meetings and assembly, unless terrible news is to be relayed. But no, the meeting was actually light, kinda fun even. Sure, the hint of fake smiles and nonchalant emotions are somewhat apparent, but hey, I won two awards so I totally enjoyed it. Especially when we got to this IceBreaker challenge prepared by the bosses and when our new boss brought out his camera--photo-ops! Best part...the “acceptance” and picture taking with the presenter. *Heehee* Meeting was held 8:00 am so it’s one of the reasons why my insides feel like jello as of the moment.

And to keep the good times rolling, since it’s very rare that our schedules meet, what better way to make it all memorable than to go all sporty by bowling. Yes, I’m literally dragging myself to Mall of Asia but I know it’s going to be worth it. It’s dinner first at Pupung’s resto (how I miss thee) and then let the games begin. My team lost, and the shot that could’ve made the difference, I took it. Nevertheless, I was right. All of us enjoyed ourselves. And here’s your proof: 17. The Game.

How I wish for the weekend to arrive early. I feel like I’m coming down with something. I know I probably won’t get enough and suggested sleep hours but I will at least try. Oh, the pain and weakness of exhaustion. And I don’t even know why and how. What the hell’s causing this weariness? Good thing there’s always something/someone to look forward to every single day. Zzzzzz (--.)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Good Morning, Timmy

Today is going to be a long day. I just know it’ll be. Why? Because it’s one of those super rare times that I am awaken very early, and I mean early. I even had breakfast. Yes, a real hearty breakfast meal, and got to read the papers! Weird! For the past few days, weeks even, I’ve been deprived of my true love: sleep. It’s like there are these forces that wakes me up even before my alarms does their jobs. It’s not like I’m excited or anything. No. I cannot think of one good reason for excitement of that magnitude to keep me conscious longer than usual. No. Then what is it? Beats me.

Got about four hours of sleep. For some, four hours, already a luxury, but like I said, I’ve always been the play hard; sleep harder type of guy. And this mini hangover is not really helping. Where are them Biogesics when you need one? Last night, till early dawn this morning, was Z’s birthday bash. Crazy never-on-Sundays song selections and one bucket later, I was speeding home: 20 minutes, all it took from España to home. Stupid! What was I thinking? (Allo, I’m Lindsey Lohan!) Thank the Man upstairs I got home in one piece. Never again!

Well, there’s always my trusted Tylenol PM. Surely, this is a job for those little tablets of dreamland. But then again, I’m thinking productiveness. On my mind: early Christmas shopping for those people who matter; buy presents for Ninong and Z; actually go back to Quezon City to have my camera fixed (been dead for several months now); finish the final book in the series that I’m reading; or (my personal fave) go indolent! I’m thinking option number five! It’ll probably prevail anyway. The gifts for Ninong and Z comes in second as I really want to give them something special for their birthdays which is today. Let’s see. For the mean time, since it’s still early, I’ma go all classic me first! Oh, by the way, I’m home alone, at least until night time. So, I was thinking, a sixth option? [Evil Grin] (--,)

Friday, October 3, 2008

Go Reproductive Health Bill!

Please join our signature campaign to prevent the Reproductive Health Bill from being passed by Congress…” Bleh! I’ve been hearing this line every Sunday for a month or so now from our priests here in our parish. No. I have nothing against religion. I can safely say that I’m a Catholic, just not that devout like my family is. And that, probably, is the reason why I think the moralists preventing the passing of the Reproductive Health Bill is just utterly ridiculous.

What? You want more people in our already over-populated archipelago? Do you not trust your kids to do the right thing? (Hmm…not really a good argument. Haha.) Those who came up with the bill are just being practical and right. It’s the freaking 21st century, unless the Church will launch a crusade like it did in the medieval times against horny people, mankind will have sex--protected and planned or not. Might as well be safe while doing it, right?

What about the sanctity of marriage? I don’t wanna go there. Frankly, I don’t wanna go up against the super scary forces of those old women in blue uniforms (not hypocritical at all) and the equal rights for everybody groups. I’m just keeping my mind open for what the RHB can and will do for us. So, please, spare me from the campaign against sex bill. It’s not even fully about sex. Unless, it’s a line for a guest list…I ain’t signing nothing!!! (--,)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Chuck Versus the First Date

“My name is Charles Carmichael, CIA Agent, and this is MY trap. I don't think you gentlemen realize the gravity of the predicament that you're in. You see, that phone call you made to the Buy More? Yeah, we traced that. Your compound is currently surrounded by 23 infantry troopers, 16 snipers, 17 heavy gunners, 4 demolitions experts, and enough ammunition to orbit Arnold Schwarzenegger. You're outmanned and you're outgunned. Those peashooters you're holding might as well be sharp sticks and strong language.”

Oh, yes, our lovable spy geek is back…and methinks he’s here to stay. “Chuck,” one of the shows premiering this fall that I have been patiently anticipating for finally came, and what an opening it was. The sophomore season of this spy comedy looks promising and it’s definitely worth the wait. I was having trouble concentrating on my “multi-tasking” duties as I cannot contain my laughter throughout the whole episode. If each scene of Heroes: Villains was compelling, then Chuck Versus the First Date succeeded in making its viewers glued to the screen for its entire duration. Chuck Bartowski, together with CIA officer-slash-love interest, Sarah; Major Casey, NSA; sister Ellie and fiancé Captain Awesome (who stole the show with some comedic scenes); sidekick Morgan and the whole crew of Buy More…are all present for the ride. Hell, if Supernatural wasn’t so awesome two Fridays ago, I’d consider this premiere to be the best among the rest this fall season.

Without spoiling any major plotlines, yes, Chuck and Sarah were about to kiss, for real. [Giggles] The main reason I watch this show is because of their relationship. Kinda gives one hope that nothing is impossible. (Keep telling that to yourself!) A charming drip and a hot femme fatale--it could happen.

As if Tuesdays aren’t action-packed enough, now comes “Chuck.” Definitely, I won’t miss any episode this season, count on that.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Dynasty + Three = DynasThree

Season 84 NCAA Champions: The San Beda Red Lions!!!

My beloved Red Lions kept the crown for the third straight year.
A rare feat of grandslam of all sorts.
And I was there to witness how history was made.
Not much details on this post. Wait for that in the coming days.
(Just got home from the never-ending celebration in Mendiola)
This just a mere tribute for the best collegiate team around!
What a way to end September!

Animo San Beda!
Three-peat, baby!

Borrowed pic from Inquirer while waiting for uploads

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Regine Angeles on Maxim

Regine Angeles = ♥

Okay, the October 2008 cover model of Maxim Philippines made me purchase the magazine. Yes, I actually, literally, bought a copy. This is because with regards to my long-term goal, I have decided to spend eternity with Regine Angeles. Not many people know who she is. Look up 2007 Be Bench The Model Search Female Grand Winner--her best title to date. She also has full-time stints in primetime telenovelas showing in local channels. Nothing much is known about this stunner, which I actually prefer. That way, I won’t have a lot of karibals. Hehehe. Right. Let me stop now before it sounds way too creepy.

I don’t usually buy copies of men’s magazines. Most of the issues I own are back copies on sale. Nevertheless, on the rare occasions that I do, the cover girl must’ve been really worthy and goddess-like to catch my attention and make me shelf out a couple bucks (the last I think way still way back in college with Nicole Hernandez grazing the cover of UNO Mag). And Regine certainly is worthy.

The issue also includes a poster of her! Oh, joy.

Regine Angeles = ♥

When I Grow Up

Sydney Fox, Lara Croft, Rick O’Connell, and the world’s most famous archaeologist, Indiana Jones--these are just some of the best fictional characters that I adored and looked up to (well, not Sydney and Lara of course but I certainly adore them). They are archaeologists. Most people I know don’t really have a clue about this side of me. If there’s one subject that I really am interested in (and good at) it’s history.

Ever since forever, I’ve always been fascinated with the world’s history and what better way to appreciate the past than ancient artifact and relics. I’ve always believed that every treasure or piece has this magical story behind them passed by through generations. History, geography, culture, and my personal favorite, mythology--I’m such a geek for these topics.

I remember, when cable was introduced in the 90’s, Nickelodeon had this game show, “Legends of the Hidden Temple,” where kids in pairs are pitted against each other through several tasks and challenges and the winning pair gets to enter Olmec’s temple and find the historical artifact, and of course, winning the grand prize. It was my dream to join that show (hehe) because I found the questions really easy and it’ll probably be the closest I can get to an epic adventure.

Of course, I don’t consider myself to be an expert or scholar on this matter. But I want to be. You see, archaeology may be a weird profession especially on my side of the globe, but then again, I was always the type who would go with what I want rather than the practical choice. That’s why I wanted to study history in college. When I was younger than my current self, when asked about what I want to be when I grow up, my automatic answer would be, “I want to be an archaeologist.” But, as luck would have it, I ended up with a degree in business and entrepreneurship management. Having said that, I have decided to pursue my dream and take up further studies of archaeology in the University of Philippines. I read about their program and I was really fascinated with it. Cool, huh? Yeah, even Bes thinks so too. Hold on just one minute. I said “I decided,” that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m actually enrolling at this coming semester.

Believe me, there is nothing more I want than to go ahead and study again, but there are a lot of factors to consider with this move that I want to make. I may not be the best student then, but I think my credentials are enough for the state university to accept my application. (I actually graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree…still surprises me to this day) Sure, the tuition is manageable, but then again, I’ll have to be self-sustaining as the parents will not be able to help me out with this one; I need to keep my day job, which makes it a little impossible as time is of the essence in my industry. And the fact that U.P. is in the other side of NCR doesn’t help at all.

Maybe not today, maybe not this year, hell, it may even take years before I reach this goal of mine. But one thing’s for sure, this will be good for me. I’m actually doing something with my life and I will most surely enjoy every minute of it. After all, it’s always fun when you’re doing what you want, right? Someday, there will be a major dig or a very important archaeological find with me spearheading it. Maybe I’ll be the one who will discover the Holy Grail, or discover if there really is a Fountain of Youth, or just some ordinary but significant urn that will unlock the majestic gates of heaven (okay, I got carried away). I could just imagine. Dashing and debonair me. (--,)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Stressful Sloth in September

My apologies to the three to five people who actually passes by and checks out my writings. I know I haven’t been posting anything lately and there’s a perfectly good explanation for that. I’m busy. Would you believe, me, busy? Of course not. I don’t consider myself to be one. But apparently, I am. Like I said, this month’s going to be more or less time-consuming as this has always been my busiest month of the year, more stressful actually than the Holiday season.

Cool right? Must be party 24/7, huh? Wrong. Refer to my last entry, I haven’t been attending any. Like some ugly destiny has been playing tricks on my social being. No worries, for every negativity, there is always an equal and opposite reaction. Sir Newton must’ve have been thinking about Fall TV shows when he came up with that law. Yes, yes. Each and every show that I was waiting for delivered on their premieres, and some, even exceeded expectations. And that, my friends, is another reason behind my busyness. Currently, I’m following 10 shows and another favorite of mine starts this coming Monday. Six out of 10 of those shows are aired on Mondays in the U.S. which translates to Tuesdays here in my side of the world. A friend wrote something about how he loves his Tuesdays. I’ll probably write one too, but I’ll wait until every show I follow premiered so I can give my complete two-cents worth.

And me reading a book series doesn’t help at all with my writing duties. Nevertheless, I’m enjoying it all. (--,)

Sunday, September 21, 2008


As far as I can remember, I have not desecrated any divine places or important shrines. So, why are my plans not going the way they’re supposed to be? In fact, they’re not going anywhere at all. Two times this week I was invited, and twice I was left hanging…alone! I hate it when plans do not push through. All the excitements you feel and investments you put as time passes by towards that moment, and then they cancel--no, cancellation would be polite; not saying if it did push through and they just decided they didn’t want you after all is just cruel. Maybe that’s not how it went down, I’m just over-reacting. Then again, who wouldn’t resort to disappointment and frustration? Well, why should I apologize for feeling that way? I was the one who got the short end of both sticks, right?

Like I said, September should be interesting. And it is. I just didn’t see it being all negatively interesting! No more “plans” for me, at least, for the mean time. I am so used to the word “umm,” excuses, and changes of thought; I’d pass out if someone agrees with me. Why do they have to be so elusive? And, seriously, why do I even bother?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Bes!

To my beloved Bes…

A Happy Birthday to you!

May we celebrate it this time around…
God bless and take good care of yourself!
Much love (--,)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Kelly's Baby's Father

Okay. So here’s the spoiler. As you know, I am a self-confessed TV show buff, geek, aficionado or whatever the hell sounds cooler than fan. Haven’t really written any review of this new spin off (wow…“new spin off”) of the 90210 franchise: 90210 (yes, let’s not make it complicated). But due to the nature of this scene and the characters involved…something like this, I just cannot let it pass. Once you get pass the “Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty acting like everything is A-okay after all those years they said it wasn’t,” you’ll feel the nostalgia and begin to reminisce about the good ol’ 90’s. Especially if their conversation in this clip involves divulging who the father of Kelly Taylor’s baby is (again, yes, Kelly produced an offspring, like no 20+ year old saw that coming). Seriously, I was close to hyperventilating upon watching the clip. Laugh now, but with my Ninang dreaming to eat at the Peach Pit back then, it made me realize, I was actually a fan of the original installment without even knowing it! And even if I didn’t agree with how the writers think and went with, hey, bringing him back would definitely put this show on the top. Just ask my lady friends! Sheesh! How I wish that the characters of Brenda Walsh and Kelly Taylor are the frontliners of 90210, not just hyped-up cameos. Drop the new kids (except Silver…I ♥ Silver **new crush alert**) and bring back the original crew.

And just because, I would go far as to say that...
My heading says it all
And that’s saying a lot! ♥

90210 = Love

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Face Your Manga

For at least a month I was looking for this site online that cartoonizes one’s self into an anime-like character. Lots of people are using their animated self as profile images or primary photos ever since Yahoo! launched their Yahoo! Avatars, but what I’ve been seeing for the past few weeks really made me curious on where did these people get their online caricatures. Then comes Ton. “Face Your Manga,” he said when I asked out loud where, where, where! Hah! Finally. I made two versions of myself.

The second one I like better.
Somehow though, I’m not sure if they’re me. Catch my drift? Haha!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Of Epical Storms & Heartburns

Trinoma to shop, Greenhills to look for a particular present, Gilmore to get my camera fixed, Quiapo for obvious reasons, Robinson’s Place Ermita just because I haven’t been there for ages…these are my supposed to be itineraries for today, Monday. Yes, I know it’s impractical to fit all of these in one day, so I didn’t. I decided that Trinoma’s my best bet as it will carry all the things that I wanted to do on a Monday. Okay. I accomplished nothing. Figures.

But I did stick to my Trinoma plan. I decided to park my car first so that I’d save gas and parking fees, and riding MRT will get me there 30 minutes tops. Somewhere along the way, I met Edward. I invited him to accompany me and he agreed. Upon reaching the MRT station, I changed my mind and opted to just stay where we are: the undying Glorietta mall!

Three things I needed to accomplish today: 1. Buy present for Mum 2. Buy Eclipse paperback 3. Buy preppy cardigan. And, as expected, na-da on the whole agenda thing. My gift ideas suck, paperbacks are out of stock, and they no longer carry the cardigan that I want. It’s not like it took me that long to decide that I want that sweater. Is three months really that long? Haha. So, for safety purposes, I just bought the last book of the series even if I will not be able to read it yet. At least, I have the final book when the time comes.

And then, the ridiculous Armageddon-like rain struck Makati. Thousands of people are evidently stranded and one can actually see flash floods in the streets of the city. Scary, actually. I met Mum and titas at this Chinese resto as we wait for the rain and flood to settle. On the way home, Mum had an episode while I was cruising pass Magallanes, so we decided to stop by Shell Magallanes so she could recover. She started chilling and chattering and she felt kinda numb all over. Oh, man. I’m always calm on situations like this but her stubbornness doesn’t help at all. Good thing she had the affability to call my uncles and aunts for help. Upon their arrival, we decided its best to just rush her to a hospital, Makati Med, and we did. The result: heartburn and GERD. Tsk tsk tsk. Mainly because of stress, fatigue, and anxiety. Just goes to show how hard-headed she really is. Now it’s prohibition on almost 95% of all food. Oh, and this stupid doctor that we had to see because it’s a Sunday, prescribed her some meds that were in conflict with her heart condition and what she’ currently taking for it. Add that to the result and you get off to the hospital you go.

Anyway, everything’s fine. Next Monday, I’ll probably just stay home and just be boring. I could do without the epical storms and health hazards. Haysh. My rest day suddenly became a very st--rest--ful day. Maybe the Blessed Virgin is trying to tell me something. It was her birthday, by the way.