Monday, June 30, 2008

The Good Life

Took me a while before I realized that I had one of those awesome weekends. Well, technically, an awesome Saturday night, but for the sake of making that moment seem endless, I’ll be referring to it as the weekend. Last Saturday night was Paulooza 2008.

Paulooza (I coined the term) is “the” annual event that celebrates the birthday of our former OJT manager, Paul. Ever since we became friends with him, we were exposed to the finer things in life--corporate style. Yep, he’s our main man when it comes to swanky gimiks. Each year he gathers all his friends and colleagues and treats us to a hearty dinner. This time around, it was Myron’s Place in Greenbelt 5 that hosted our feast. And since, his friends and colleagues are kinda all married, dinner is the highlight of their evening. Not for us, kids. After dinner party is a must for him, and who are we to disagree. Destination: the hottest clubs and bars. This year’s no exception. He wanted to experience Alchemy and I am not about to say no to a Saturday night in that hot-patron-filled establishment.

Alchemy, as expected on a Saturday night, is jampacked with party people. Hot patrons, like I said, are everywhere. Aside from the occasional butch and trying hard socialite, every patron is indispensable. Whew. Good music (still have hangover from club music), beautiful people, overflowing booze, ViP status, what more can we ask for? How about one of those hot chics on the dance floor shakin their thang on us. Which, some of my buddies, were blessed with the opportunity. Good for them. I was in my “A” game that night but went home empty-handed (like that’s a surprise). I can think of “one reason” why. Heehee.

One more thing, Ron was present in this awesome night of mine. Awkward? Not one bit. I did get a 10-year supply of “ehems” and taunt coughs but I couldn’t care less. Yeah sure she’s my ex, but she’s also a good friend. Is there really a social norm where you can’t be friends with exes? If there is, screw it. I was never really fond of rules. I even broke the Bro Code on my first encounter with Cupid. *Evil Laugh*

Yes, yes, yes. Awesome indeed. After reading comments from friends from the pictures and resto review that I posted, it dawned on me that I had an “Upper East Side-like weekend.” To the point that V said I qualify for that expired Hampton’s thing. Hahaha. Yeah, come to think of it, for that span of the event, I was no different than those that you read from Cosmo or Lifestyle mags. Definitely, livin’ the good life!

Friday, June 27, 2008

When I Turn 25...

On my 25th birthday, what will really make it special would be a Birthday portrait. This portrait will showcase 10 people: 9 of which are those closest to my heart and the last spot being me. Six of those slots are already filled. I still have two years anyways and lots can happen over that span. So to those of my friends (you know who you are) who are in the States and those who are planning to go there, you better be here on my 25th birthday, I swear!

Haven’t really thought of a theme yet but it will definitely involve suits and dresses; something swanky of course. I can’t wait!

Clean Living

What I’m about to write may semi-raise some eyebrows.
For some reason, I am feeling seriously lethargic the whole day. I am really bored. I’d buy new DVDs if I had the means, but no. So, upon reaching home, I just lay in my bed for at least an hour doing absolutely nothing. And then, I accomplished something that I have been meaning to do since the same time last year: I have decided to clean out my phone inbox, as in total message purge.

Here it goes. You see, I still had messages dating back to 2002. I am that sentimental. Some are heart-warming and thought-provoking quotes; others, just plain messages that are special to me. Thus, I still had messages from the ex. There, I’ve said it. Now here’s my defense. I have admitted over and over that I am a lazy person. It takes a great deal of motivation (or boredom) for me to work on things. I’ve been meaning to delete old messages but indolence always prevails all over me. It is that simple.

Mock me all you want. “You’re still not over her.” “You’re still holding on.” Yeah, sure. Whatever gets you through the night. Get your kicks from teasing. The thing is, I’m pretty sure I got over her before we even parted ways. Long story. Might tell you someday! If there’s one thing to learn from all of these, it’s that I was kinda “baduy” then based on them messages. Euggghh! Good thing they are but a memory and they are all deleted. Mushyness, spare me! (Bear with me; t’was my first!) Pretty hard to believe that laziness is the sole reason, I know! But if you really know me, then you wouldn’t doubt me one bit.

Anyway, to cut this pointless story short, my phone may finally breathe regularly. Lots of spaces for “new” messages and texts. After all, only two weeks to go before I celebrate my first anniversary of freedom. It’s been a year since I was vacant, any takers?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


With The Friday Club on its season break, I have decided to check out other “series” before production for our next season begins. And by that I mean, DVD marathons. DVD is a way of life nowadays. All, if not most, of the people I know are hooked into DVD viewing. Ever since bootleg copies of our favorite movies and series became available in the streets, people are piling up to the nearest “bilihan” for whatever is the latest. I can attest to that as I am one of those who have “suki” when buying them bootleg stuff.

Quiapo, being the DVD Mecca of Manila, is the place to be if you want to score the latest and cheapest copies of your favorite shows or movies. Lists containing the shows’ name and the number of episodes for that particular season are handed out to those who are going to Quiapo. I, growing up in Manila and my school being a stone’s throw away from the center of the DVD trade, am very used to going there and purchasing several copies. One thing I was never good at, though, was haggling. So, it defeats the purpose of going to Quiapo just to buy these good stuff.

I am guilty of sleepless nights due to marathons. Recently, I just finished “Supernatural” and was very satisfied with the show. Can’t wait for September as fresh seasons for my favorite shows will be available. In the meantime, while my shows are on a break, I’ll just acquaint myself to some less popular shows that I haven’t checked out yet.

On my list are: “House,” “Dexter,” “Ghost Whisperer,” “Entourage” and “What About Brian?” (currently watching)

Oh, and did I mention that classic shows are also available on bootleg copies? “Beverly Hills 90210,” “Melrose Place,” even “Savannah” are being distributed by “pirates.” When I have the luxury of time, I shall check them all out. BUT, of course, I am not encouraging piracy. It’s illegal and we should all be aware. There, I did my part of being a good citizen. Now, bring out the cream cheese, salsa, unflavored tortilla chips, and my six-pack Super Dry-s and I’m all set. This is the life! (--,)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday Scribbles: Cellphones

What models of cellphones had you had and what led you in purchasing the next one?
June 22, 2008

Nokia 909
Back in 1998, when cellphones are but a luxury, Mum gave me this one as means of communication. Her only kid in high school, cellphones are the most convenient way for her to track my location or contact whenever I’m MIA. I so loved this phone. I mean, sure it doesn’t offer SMS service (analog) but one peso per one minute of call. So cool. Even if it was called by people back then as a “fax machine” because of its size and style, to date, it is still one of my all-time favorite cellphones ever.

Nokia 3210
I don’t think I know anyone who didn’t own one of this model. Nokia 3210 was seriously selling like hotcakes back in ‘99. It was the “in” phone and it’s on everyone’s “must-have” list. It wasn’t the first phone that came out without the antenna but its sleek design and better features from its predecessors made it a hit for the Gen-X people in the turn of the century.

Nokia 6210 Silver Edition
I can’t remember the reason why I bought this one, probably because I loved its look and its font sizes are huge that they’re really user-friendly. I never did had this phone that long as Mum decided that she wants it so it’s hers. Harhar.

Nokia 6510
Ah, my smallest cellphone unit. This one I got for its radio. I still use this on occasions and this little guy gave me lots of memories. Hehehe. I fell in love with its compact feature and blue backlight and of course, its radio capabilities. Ironic thing is, after buying this unit, a month after, colored cellphone units and camphones were introduced in the market.

Nokia 6230
My favorite. Nothing shall ever replace this 6230 unit in my heart. I love it. It was given to me by my Lola Tits before she passed away along with Charley that’s why it’s that important to me. Aside from its sentimental value, methinks it’s the one Nokia unit that has the most complete features ever: radio, mp3, video, camera, Bluetooth, infrared…and so on. And how I love using this when sending SMS because I am so used with its keypads. Its like a part of me actually. One thing’s for sure, I ain’t letting go of this one.

Motorola RAZR V3X
Got this last year and I’m kinda still contemplating if it was the right purchase. See, I ain’t the techie guy, as long as I have a phone that works fine, has a music feature, and a good camera, then it’s all gravy to me. But I’ve always liked flip phones because they look oh-so-stylish, so I opted to get a Moto. Last year was Moto year in the Philippines, so the hype for their phones was that apparent. Sure, it has great features, good camera, and an awesome storage space, but Motos are known for being user-unfriendly. Try texting in Moto phones. Tsk tsk.

Like I said, I’m not a techie guy. I even have trouble remembering my phone model numbers. If it works, then there’s no reason to replace it. Sure, there are moments where I find myself admiring the latest models and occasionally wanting to upgrade to those high-end series, but then again, why bother? I’ll just invest those thousands of pesos to clothes, food, and travel. And I’m not really the “phone” guy. Try texting me and you’ll know what I mean. I’d rather speak to you in person or through voice calls. What I do like though, is an iTouch or iPhone. Sponsors, anyone?

Dream phone: Nokia 8110 (Matrix phone) and I’m currently planning to score a Nokia 2650 just because I love how it looks.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Top Ten 2008 Summer Moments

After a fun-filled, classic, worth-mentioning, interesting, possibly the best ever, summer season, I present to you my Top Ten Summer Moments of 2008:

X. Kulasa Kada’s Graduation (March 15-16)
- My sisters from another mother finally steps into the real world by graduating from college and school. I wasn’t able to attend their respective Commencement Exercises due to conflict in my schedule but I know they’re okay with that. Bes, Ter, and Kaec, congratulations! Welcome to the real world! It sucks, you’ll love it! (Pic from Bes)

IX. Mother’s Day at Bataan (May 10-11)
- The annual family summer outing takes the number nine spot. The last two years I wasn’t able to go with them and this year I made sure that I do. I missed going out with blood relatives and catching up with my cuzs and family per se. We never did plan this trip; we just kinda went on a road trip and chanced upon a cool and new resort in the borders of Bataan and Subic. Always fun to be with family.

VIII. Chuck, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, Lost, Sarah Connor Chronicles and David Cook becomes an American Idol
- The wonders of online streaming and bootleg DVDs. Countless sleepless nights just to finish seasons of these magnificent superb shows. Brings me to the edge of my seat, couch, or wherever it is I’m viewing them shows. Their season finales did deliver and I was ecstatic even after the end credits rolled.

VII. Ascend Night (May 9)
- Going clubbing at Ascend one Friday night with my wingman, Kads, takes a spot at my best summer moments. Been a while since I went clubbing (last time, I think, was the summer of ‘07) so I was really excited with this one. Well, nothing changed that much. Still went home empty-handed (LOL) but our eyes were full and our ego, off the roof. Also, this instance jumpstarted another excellent collective summer moment.

VI. Swing Out Sister: Breakout Live in Manila (April 7)
- Finally seeing and watching my greatest musical influence live and in person will definitely go down in my history books as one of the best ever. Learned that they were coming to Manila around February and initially planned on taking my Ninong to this event. Due to some unavoidable circumstances, it was Carl and me who went to see the British group responsible for the hit, “Breakout.” Seeing them perform their songs was definitely worth the ticket price.

V. Boston Celtics 17th Championship Title (June 18)
- I was contemplating this last night if I should write this down as the NBA season is about to close in three days time anyways. But then again, I don’t wanna jinx it. My all-time fave NBA team (influenced by my Uncle of course), the Boston Celtics wins their 17th title against the worth Los Angeles Lakers. It was a series that was reminiscent of the glory days of the NBA as old rivalries are renewed when the Celtics squared off against the Lakers. Year of the Celts, I’ve been saying since the season started. They did not disappoint! Let’s go, Celtics!

IV. Doña Jovita Getaway (February 16-17)
- This one kicked off Timee’s 2008 summer and what a way to start this year’s sun season. Took place in February but this one definitely counts. I was with colleagues who, back then, just recently experienced some work-related transfer scares. How do they cope with it? Through swimming, karaoke, and some memorable conversations. Without a doubt, one of the best getaway, ever. Funnest moment: the Condensada and Kembang conversations.

III. The Friday Club Season One
- How can I not include this one? No one beats The Friday Club. Those were the greatest six Friday nights all-time. It all started in Ascend, and it was collectively decided that it shall be a tradition, of binge drinking, sing-our-hearts-out from karaoke, and just “tambay” moments whenever, wherever. Titles of professional drinkers were handed out to the members, which really made it each moment spent together worthwhile. Zelle, Joyce, Shai, Gem, and me completes the cast of The Friday Club. Wait till season two, more guests and twists.

II. Ultimate Offline Getaway (March 8-9)
- This one will go down in history as one, if not, the best team getaway of our careers. Two years in the making, 95% of the Offline team was present, even those who moved and were already in greener pastures, which made it even sweeter. The overnight trip at Laguna was filled with food, booze, laughter, singing, dancing, jokes, and the thing that defines us all, photo-ops. Talk about evidence, total count of images were around 900. Amidst all the hardships and issues that we face daily from our office, this night compensated for it all and surpassed our expectations. It was certainly an Offline Night to Remember.

I. Mean Boys Getaway (April 18-20)
- After two years of being released into the wild from The Den, my college buddies and I, finally, made it happen: an out-of-town trip. See, most of them are busy with their careers and their “love ones” that we hardly have time for reunions and gimiks. But after Wrestlemania XI (Van’s birthday) and some ridiculous planning, it became a reality. Well, weren’t really complete but it never mattered. Three days of beaches, food, drinks, reminiscing, and “surviving” made it extra-memorable. We decided that we’re going to do this annually, hopefully.


There you go, my Top Ten Summer Moments of 2008. This year is at par with 2005 but still, not quite. Hehe. It almost took the cake though. Whew! Best season of the year, so far, and methinks nothing will beat some of them in the coming months. Unless, like I said in 2005, Santa gives me a better present this Christmas. (--,)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


And now this entry goes out to that other person responsible for bringing me into this world: Dad. My father is probably the kindest person I know. He may be misunderstood sometimes but he certainly has a good heart. He sacrificed a lot by being away most of the time during my childhood years in order to provide for us, which made me look up to the guy more.

Dad is a good father. He cares and he provides and for some reason, I think he really knows how to handle his fatherhood duties. I cannot recall one single instance that he scolded me or was really, really infuriated with me. We have our share of petty fights and “tampuhans” but we’re usually okay before the day ends.

Like I said before, I have reason to believe that I may have been switched in the nursery when I was born. See, Mum and Dad are both scientifically inclined. Mum’s a chemist and Dad’s a chemical engineer, while I, don’t really care much for science. In school, I was always better in my English and Arts classes. Isn’t that proof enough that I was mistakenly taken home by my parents? Haha!

He’s very likeable amidst his weird fondness of anything Tagalog (showbiz, movies, FPJ), the whole nine yards. And like a typical father, he knows his sports well. That’s what I miss nowadays: the two of us watching the games on TV, oftentimes cheering for opposing teams; stupid conversations about anything under the sun; being drinking buddies while watching lingerie fashion shows. He is a much better parent when it comes to allowing me on certain situations. He would fight for my right to party but Mum, being the law, will just overrule his case. LOL. Really makes you miss the guy.

Nowadays, I’m lucky if I get to see him twice a month. Five to six hours, already a luxury for us. He’s quite unsuccessful and is going through a hard time now and all I can do is to make him feel the best way possible during that short time we spend together; through dinners, movies, shopping, and just father-son conversations.

I had a hard time composing this entry for some reason, and I’m pretty sure you can all notice that it’s all over the place. My apologies. I love my Dad. Always have and always will.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday the 13th

10:00 pm. Friday the 13th. I’m home.

Sad, sad, sad. I’m supposed to be with The Friday Club painting the town red, consuming ridiculous amounts of booze, singing our hearts out in karaokes, and having deep intimate conversations. Except, I’m home, waiting for hunger to kick in, and go on a date with my DVD player. Good thing I still got the sophomore season of “Supernatural.” Will just be contented with having a “frightful night.” Did I mention its Friday the 13th today? I’m supposed to be really lucky on these days. [Sigh]

A Reason to Stay

Sound the alarm, ring the bells, bring out our finest Chinaware…I just won something! Hah! And they said I wasn’t lucky. Now, I have an answer when someone asks me why I’m still putting up with my job…that, my dears, is because I won my dream parking slot. Yeah!

Not bad after two tries. Actually, the results went out last week and I wasn’t included in the roster, so surprise surprise this morning when I opened my mailbox and found this email from admin asking me to claim my parking badge. Err…right! Well, I got excited. I mean, I have been wanting this privilege ever since I started working in our company, and now I finally got it. That’s three months of free parking--very, very grateful.

The ironic thing is there are two loopholes on this happiness that I’m feeling. First, gasoline prices are killing everyone literally--be it vehicle owners or commuters, no one’s really exempted. The other, is because of my so-called “lifestyle.” Like I said, the family is out to get me and their leader, Mum, being the shifty parent that she is, decided to impound my car and prohibited me from using it until all repairs and fixtures are done. (Hence, the creepy note on the mirror thing) Right! Like that will stop me. Oh, anyway, I’m just really glad with this blessing. Tomorrow’s Friday the 13th, and let me just say, my luck’s extra good-y when it’s Friday the 13th. Oh yeah, I don’t believe in luck, but that’s another story. (--,)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

School's Back

June reminds me of lots of things, but only three of them stands out: Independence Day (which was foolishly moved three days before), hump month (meaning it’s the middle of the year and the Holidays’ just around the corner), and school’s back.

Back-to-school = traffic. Being the lucky guy I am, my route going to the office passes by this known technical school in Makati. My shift starts around noontime and we all know the monstrosities of traffic come lunch hour. Dismissal time of those in the primary level falls around that time and what commuters go through upon passing by that school is hell, literally. Your institution is quite well-known and one of the best (and your Italian ristorante is heaven), is it too much trouble to organize your parking schemes? The heaps of school services I can stomach, but do you really need three cars to pick up just one silly bastard? (Yeah, known fact, I hate kids!) I’ve been meaning to write about this a couple of months back but since it was summer, I’ve decided to take it easy.

One good thing about back-to-school = froshies! Fresh, fresh, fresh, if you catch my drift! [Evil Laugh] Creepy as it may sound, but it brings back memories. [Sigh] How I miss school. Catching up with your idiot barkada after two months of no school, all fun. Planning for the hell that you will go through for the coming school year. Bragging about things that you supposedly did during the summer, when in fact you were just home with your supply of bootleg DVDs and going online 24/7. I wish life could be that simple. Then again, being in the real world definitely has its perks!

Monday, June 9, 2008


Super Saiyans, turning green, Yoda muttering “Fear leads to anger; anger leads to hate…” and one of the Seven Cardinal Sins: Wrath! Ask my college buddies about their first impressions of me and they will give you two answers. One is I’m somewhat auti because I never speak to anyone unless they speak to me first and usually stay quiet if I’m in a new environment; and the other, that my temper is really, really messed up.

No, I don’t pick fights nor start one; I’m much too smart for that. You really think I could win fistfights and physical brawls? It’s just that the smallest things can tick me off. Traffic is given, making plans and changing them in the last minute, idiot people standing in my way and blocking my path when I’m in a hurry (this one I hate the most) are just some of the things that ignite the rage in me.

I’ve learned to control that emotion as I progressed through college and it was all rainbows and lollipops, I think, going into my first year of working. Blame the stress or frantic system of my industry and the hysteria it caused to the people I’m working with--it’s back. Just last week, I’ve been really pissed off at some people and colleagues for the smallest reasons. The ironic thing was, I was having one of those better weeks that most of us consider rare nowadays. Probably just to balance the whole order of things (anger/ happiness, hatred/ calmness). Yeah, yeah.

Hypertension runs in both sides of my family and I wouldn’t be surprised if I hear sirens wailing and I’m in that van being rushed to the nearest care center. I mean, with my lifestyle and all, (this one goes out to the family), you really think I don’t know what I’m doing? “Makinig ka!” Of course I am. You’re telling me straight in my face and we’re just two feet apart, I can hear you! It’s not like I believe in hedonism, but you gotta cut me some slack. I know my limits and boundaries and I will accept whatever the consequences of my lifestyle brings.

What is left for me is a grueling duel of red and blue lightsabers, someone getting his armed chopped off, the other being burned alive, the latter being rescued and gets to have a cool suit that has cool breathing sounds, and cue the Imperial March.

The stronger, darker emotions.
Anger, hatred, fear… these passions empower us.”

Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Friday Club

Remember, “T.G.I.S.” that teen-oriented show about this group of friends and their escapades together? Well, I am not included in any show whatsoever (yet) but we have this sort of “barkada” thing going on. The Friday Club or TGIF is what we call ourselves. It all started with this clubbing invite that Kads got online. It basically goes like this: the girl sends out invites on this particular day, we reply with our names, and we’re in the guest list. How cool is that? No long lines and free passes, just like in the movies. So we decided to go…one Friday night.

Little did I know that it will be the start of something great. Won’t go into anymore details as Kads pretty much covered that night here. We did asked some friends of us to go with us but it seems that we two are the only ones up for those kinds of gimiks, they all said “next time.” It was a great pilot episode and one of my more memorable moments this summer.

Thus comes “next time.” The next Friday, Gimaru and Lorraine, a professional drinker, decided they wanna go binge drinking. I had to cross mountains to convince my good ol’ wingman to oblige with the binging. The makings of what would be, The Friday Club. The next night, Saturday, Gimaru and Lorraine are excited. They’ve been planning this “night out” the whole week. It turned out to be just the three of us, braving the storm, and having session on Pier One, The Fort. (It is in this event that I introduced San Mig Super Dry to them) Kads went all classic on us, so it really was a threesome event. No matter, as expected, Good times!

Third Friday, and we have officially established The Friday Club. This time, we were joined by another professional drinker (no doubt, a regular cast member), Zelle. Gimaru suggested that we try this bar that she’s frequenting, Cable Car. The place is sweet. It’s a genuine tavern-type bar and you can really feel its authenticity from its decors and furnishings. We really had a great time. We even had breakfast (party till the break of dawn, literally).

All these parties, you’d think we’re from Upper East Side or something. Fourth Friday. We’re broke. Totally bankrupt. But being the party animals that we are, we just couldn’t miss this Friday night. Next best thing, buy alcohol from the convenience store and hang outside. Lorraine aptly called us Muchos Grasas on this one. See, here in our country, people drink booze so much that they don’t really care where and when they do it. So, what better way to show nationalism than to drink in the streets and document everything. Hah! Novice Drinker, Shaila, joins as a regular cast on this episode.

Season Finale. Our show has come to an end on its fifth and final Friday night out, which was last night. Initially, our plan was to go clubbing but Gimaru ain’t up for dressing up and mingling with the high society so I suggested we go tailgating. From Wiki, tailgating is an event which is held on and around the open tailgate of a vehicle. Was thinking that we kick it old school style. Our parents used to tell us that their sessions back in the old days consist of coolers, drafts, vehicle trunk, and parks. So I did bring our cooler and was particularly excited for this one. We ended up instead at Music Match at Macapagal Boulevard. It’s a karaoke establishment where you pay for rooms and you sing your hearts out. Aside from booze, TGIF also loves to sing. And we’re (except me) pretty good at singing. At 3am, the establishment decided to rain on our parade and made us go home. Sheesh. No coffee shops are open within the area and Novice is yet again unconscious. We decided to go back to our office area to meet up with a special guest star, Soffy, as his shift ends around that time. Had another round at Chiggy’s before calling it, the season. Next week, Lorraine, Gimaru, and Shaila’s shift will change and it will be quite impossible for Friday night outs.

Sounds like a sitcom, right? It’s like “F.R.I.E.N.D.S” or probably “Cheers” as it involves drinking and having a good time. But seriously, I consider May the best month of this year so far. I went back to my gimekero roots and spent time with some very awesome people. I’m sure The Friday Club will be picked up for a sophomore season. When and how is the question.

To Kads (Wingman), Zelle (Professional Drinker/Smoker/Parent), Lorraine (Professional Drinker/ Photographer), Gimaru (Drinker/ Organizer), and Shaila (Novice Drinker), I wanna thank you for all the good times that we had. It was fun till it lasted. Good run, guys. Until the next Friday…this is your Professional Pilot/Drinker/Parent saying “Good times!”

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Of Clicks and Chows

I have some interesting thoughts in my mind. Well, they’re not ideas, just experiences and plain thoughts. First off, photography. Everyone’s who’s everyone is joining the photography bandwagon. I mean, everyone. My colleagues/friends are all uploading their own versions of images. From swanky SLR (I don’t even know what it stands for) shots to seemingly ordinary but magnificent camera phone images, no scene will go unnoticed. It’s all good. I’ve been volunteering to model for my “more serious photographer” friends, but I just can’t seem to find time to make it happen. One of these days, Carl and Tatz, I swear.

It’s a known fact that I’d rather be the subject than the one behind the camera. I can say that I’m not a pretty bad photographer. It’s just I ain’t that enthusiastic and patient to capture art through lenses. I have my own camera (which is currently dead from overexposure) and its sole purpose is to capture fun moments as remembrances from gimiks, reunions, and sessions. I’ll leave the high-end photography to the pros, sort of.

Next: food reviews. Just this morning, I found out that one of my food reviews was viewed and commented by this person. Big deal! It is, for me. Having someone appreciating your article and thanking me for the review really made my day. And icing on the cake, I found out that that particular review is in the first page of Google when you search for the restaurant’s name. Wow. I’m important! Harhar. Check two of them here: Café Mediterranean & Grams Diner

Reviewing restaurants and food shops is an interesting career or hobby that I should really pay more attention to. I have lots of pending reviews and ideas that I cannot put into writing because of one thing and one thing only: procrastination. Probably when I graduate from the hell that is my job, I’d have all the time to write them reviews. And yes, I don’t look the part, but then again, it’s also a known fact that I…have great taste. (--,)

Monday, June 2, 2008

Something Orange

Orange. My favorite color ever since. Probably because of its brightness, it’s the first color that attracted my baby mind. And it’s also the color of my security blanket/pillow back then so there. Relevance? Nothing really. I ain’t even answering some slumbook. Just that last Saturday night, Offline friends went bowling at Mall of Asia and I decided to follow after office because it’s been a while since I went out with them (shades of the Friday Club).

Carl is present which means guaranteed photo-ops. And I was right. Surrounding this entry are some pictures taken with his new baby, Canon EOS 450D, whatever that means. Like what he said I ain’t enthusiastic much behind the camera; I’d rather be the subject.

Orange! Nice, huh? Props to main man, Carlo. He’s getting better and better. And of course, his models are helping big time. Hehehe.

For more of our pics, visit his site: Carlography of Offline Peeps