Sunday, August 31, 2008

E is for Envy over Eraserheads

People might say that I have no right to write about last night as I wasn’t even there. As if my being color green isn’t enough…but everywhere, everybody’s talking about, what it seems to be, the event of this year, possibly, this century: the Eraserheads Reunion concert. Okay, so I won’t look like an idiot, I won’t go into details. As always, just my two-cents worth.

The reunion rumors started ever since they disbanded but was strengthened last year. As early as the last week of last month, different means of acquiring passes, tickets, inclusion in guestlists are circulating around the web…all with one common denominator: they’re free. After a tobacco company decided to sponsor the whole event, things are looking good for every fan out there. Until the moralists decides to rain on our parade and forces the company to pull out of the event as they are not being good role models. Please! With just a few weeks remaining, news reports are inconsistent. Some said it’s canceled, some said it will definitely push through. Well, I didn’t exactly lose my interest, but I just didn’t make the effort. Big effing mistake!!!

August 30, 2008, The Fort open grounds, 8:00 p.m. What many thought to be impossible and will be but a dream…became a reality. The Philippines’ Fab Four: Ely Buendia, Buddy Zabala, Marcus Adoro, and Raimund Marasigan, graced the stage once again, together, and performed as The Eraserheads. In true rock fashion, the E-heads prepared a two-set session with 15 songs from each set and a 20-min interval between. Sure the concert was cut in half as Ely Buendia was rushed to the hospital for stress and fatigue (the guy underwent heart surgery last year and his Mom passed away last Thursday and he played for two hours or so, straight), nevertheless, “surreal” was the word people used describe that night.

Lots of my friends were able to score VIP passes, so I can imagine their experience. And I didn’t have to. They were more than willing to rub it in my face last night as I settled for a session with them after the concert. Amidst their long faces and disappointment, I can see that witnessing half of this glorious event was more than enough. The trio of Gemm, Eunice, and Odette (yeah, they clicked…haha) related to me every detail of the concert from the magnificent countdown to the celebrities beside them to what bitin feels like. And then we learned that the rest of the E-heads decided to hit Saguijo to continue their reunion by playing some songs from their second set, with Aia De Leon of Imago and the Dancel Brothers taking over vocal duties. We could’, we should’ve been there. Double sigh! Yes, I’ll shoot myself now. Now, I’m settling for clips from YouTube and blogs from people who were lucky enough to be there. Stupid, stupid indolent me.

To the rock gods, if there is going to be a Part 2 of this One-Night only event (hah) rest assured that I will be there, whatever it takes. Please let there be a part two. Trust me, I will not miss it. \m/

Pics from Odette and Eunice

Thursday, August 28, 2008


At the risk of seeming emo, one’s mortality is now being questioned in my circle. So much death this year--one, a friend a few months back; another, a colleague’s mother; and just yesterday, a close friend’s father. Except for the mother, it all happened so fast, without warning, they’re just lifeless. So sad, really. My friend and the dad just slept and didn’t wake up anymore. Are bangungots the in-thing cause of death right now? Sure, it’s easier to die without knowing that you’re about to: no pain, no pity, no live goodbyes…you’re just gone. But the hardest thing about leaving the human world is leaving your loved ones. I feel for their families who are now in the state of grieving.

I’ve always handled deaths well. Morbidity is not in my dictionary but I believe in being prepared if God decides to summon you back home. Besides, if I go, I would wanna see who would attend my internment--what everyone’s wearing, telling, sharing, gossiping…the good stuff. Who really cares and who’s there for the free coffee and industrial-sized cookies. Good times, right?

To Karen’s Mom and Zelle’s Dad, it’s cliché to say that you guys are now in a better place, but I believe you are…looking over your daughters from up above.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mosaic Meme

Here are the instructions:

1. Type your answer to each of the questions below into Flickr Search.
2. Use only the first page of results, and pick one image.
3. Copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into Big Huge Lab’s Mosaic Maker to create a mosaic of the picture answers.


1. What is your first name?
Timmy (Old School High School)

2. What is your favorite food?
Cheeseburger (Krispy Kreme Cheeseburgers)

3. What high school did you go to?
San Beda College-Manila (Red Lions)

4. What is your favorite color?
Orange (Rome Coliseum)

5. Who is your celebrity crush?
Natalie Portman (Natalie Portman)

6. What is your favorite drink?
Coffee (Woman holding cup of coffee)

7. What/Where is your dream vacation?
Ireland (Irish Landscape)

8. What is your favorite dessert?
Brazo de Mercedes (Brazo de Mercedes minis)

9. What did you want to be when you grow up?
Archaeologist (Archaeological cocktail)

10. What do you love most in life?
Myself (refer to first question)

11. What is one word that describes you?
Classic (Vintage Car)

12. What is your flickr name?
I dunno (picked a pic that relates most to what I’m feeling at the moment)
This one’s from Jai. See, I even copied his number five answer.

I love Memes. ♥

Monday, August 25, 2008

Song Bie Beijing; Good'ay London

As China tries to solve their problem on what they’re going to do with all that Olympic-related buildings and memories from the last outing, here’s my two-cents worth on the first Olympics that I really paid attention to.

I love sports but sports never felt the same way towards me. So, the next best thing would have to be watching it from the sidelines, and that, I did, for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The Greek gods are smiling side-by-side with Buddha after witnessing what may be one of the most successful Olympics in history. I wouldn’t know, but for me, score one for China! From the magnificent and left-our-mouths-hanging-open opening ceremonies, to the games and events themselves, to the turning over of the torch to the once ruler of the world, England--pretty damn memorable to me. Yes, London plays host to the 2012 Olympics.

The Philippines, as expected, went home proud. Empty-handed, but proud. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Our campaign sucked more this time around than the previous one as not one athlete got pass their respective first rounds. But hey, the Filipino people are still very proud of your accomplishments. Olympics is still Olympics. It’s not a lost cause, our journey for that Olympic gold that is. If Mikey Phelps achieved that “Great Haul of China” and set new world records while he’s at it, then nothing is impossible. Another thing worth mentioning is that the “Redeem Team” stayed true to their moniker by defeating World Champions Spain for that much-coveted Olympic gold. Their women’s team also won and took home their fourth consecutive gold medal. Shades to Lisa Leslie who I’m sure will be retiring from the Olympics. She had a good run--4 golds in 4 Olympics! More importantly, USA are yet again, basketball gods.

All in all it was a good 26-day run for Beijing. In the end, whatever the outcome of the games may be, the important thing is that world kept the Olympic spirit alive. Nations didn’t forget what they came to China for: camaraderie and sportsmanship. Now that the Olympiad has just begun, us Filipinos need to prepare for what London holds for the world.

Photo | IBNLive

Sunday, August 24, 2008

That’s What I Get

I just grabbed a spoon--Meaning? Think “FRIENDS” Pilot episode--and it was smacked hard back to my face. This is why I don’t like making moves. For some reason, it always backfires and fails. Sheesh. I said I won’t be part of that heartbreak club last Friday as most of my teammates were experiencing some serious matters of their hearts. Aww, right? Not really. Hah! I’m much too arctic than that. Yeah, I’ll be the jerk who doesn’t help at all by continuously singing “Someday We’ll Know” enjoying every moment until it becomes awkward. But no.

Do something! Ask her! Nothing will happen if you don’t do anything.” Yeah, I know! Something did happen. I feel like a douche. Apparently, requesting a mere merienda is translated as me coming on too strong. Wow. This poses as a challenge, no doubt. But, I’m not in the mood for challenges. I feel kinda insulted and dejected. It’s very rare that I offer generosity and be actually “nice” and the whole act thrown back to my face. I would’ve probably absorbed it better if I got the two most comforting words there are: “Fuck Off!!!” Cool. Didn’t know it was possible, but apparently (since I wrote about it), I ain’t that cold as I perceive myself to be.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Dobol Trobol

This is not a movie review. Well, not in its entirety. Today is a holiday so Mum asked me to spend the day with her. Sure. Only I had already planned this movie date with Dad today. Here’s an idea: why not make it a family day, right? Only I can find amusement in my parents’ separation. Anyway, so both parties agreed and I initially planned to take them to TriNoma so it’d be something new for all of us. Yeah, we ended up in Glorietta as usual.

Like I said in my tribute blog for Dad, he likes Tagalog stuff and no contest really on what we’re going to watch--the “epic” movie of Dolphy and Vic Sotto, the two most prominent comedy giants of our country’s entertainment industry: “Dobol Trobol: Get Redi 2 Rambol.” Yeah, it sounds cheesy and it is…but you cannot take away the fact that it stars two institutions that made names for themselves by making everyone laugh. I liked it, really.

The story revolves around rich businessman Mac (Dolphy) who left his wife because she’s a bitch and decided to work at his best friend’s resort as an all-around guy. Arthur (Vic Sotto) really just came out as this jobless nice guy who saved Mac’s BFF from holdapers, and in return, the guy gives him a job in his resort as Mac’s assistant. The two quickly hated each other to the point of sabotaging and playing tricks on each other--why? They never did say. I guess Dolphy didn’t want to share the comedy throne to his so-called protégé. In comes the beautiful and future ex-girlfriend of mine, Boni (short for Bonifacia played by Riza Santos), unica hija of Mac who wants nothing more but to see her parents get back together and hopes that things return to the way they were before, oh, and she thinks Arthur is “kinda cute.” Okay. Slapstick, toilet-humor, some use of CGI--not really the finer points but Dolphy’s quick use of witty adlibs and seeing Vic Sotto being slapped a couple of times made it work for me. It’s not that “epic” and “grand” comedy movie of the century as it was supposed to be…but hey, I grew up laughing with these fellows. I respect their efforts nevertheless.

Wrong choice of movie when you’re out with your Mum and Dad who are not together. Key line: “unica hija who wants nothing more but to see her parents get back together…” Did the writers of this movie knew my family’s situation? Cruel bastards! While I may not wish for that to happen and certainly laughs at the concept, watching it with both of them sure was awkward. The idea certainly played tricks on our minds. “Is he thinking the same thing?” “Was it really my fault?” “Am I really worthless?” Dramatization. Sheesh. I’ve already made my peace that I have a mom and a dad, but not parents. Both of them looking out and wanting what’s best for me are more than enough anyways. Should’ve just waited for “For The First Time.” Hahaha! Only I can find amusement in my parents’ separation.

Now, if only I could take Riza Santos to introduce to them and ask for their blessing…(--,)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fall 2008

It’s that time of the year once again where you wish you’re a bum and free of responsibilities--Fall Season! For everyone’s (and my own) benefit, I present the 2008 Fall Primetime TV show schedules. At least, schedules of those that I watch. It’s gonna be an awesome September, I guarantee you. I so cannot wait. With Gossip Girl welcoming the fall season most definitely with a bang and Ghost Whisperer being the last, certainly not the least, to premiere its latest season. Also, two new shows to look forward to: 90210 and Privileged, both from The CW network. Click the pictures to watch their individual promos and trailers.

Gossip Girl
Season II (The CW) – September 1, 2008

One Tree Hill
Season VI (The CW) – September 1, 2008

Prison Break
Season IV (FOX) – September 1, 2008

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Season II (FOX) – September 8, 2008

House, M.D.
Season V (FOX) - September 16, 2008

Season IV (The CW) - September 18, 2008

Heroes: Villains
Season III (NBC) – September 22, 2008

How I Met Your Mother
Season IV (CBS) – September 22, 2008

Season III (Showtime) - September 28, 2008

Desperate Housewives
Season V (ABC) – September 28, 2008

Season II (NBC) – September 29, 2008

Dirty Sexy Money
Season II (ABC) – October 1, 2008

Ghost Whisperer
Season IV (CBS) – October 3, 2008

(The CW) – September 2, 2008

(The CW) – September 9, 2008

Well, there you have it. Lost is not included in the mix as its latest season is scheduled for January/February of 2009. The CW Network ruled primetime this season with its overwhelming roster of shows. We’re in the Philippines, how exactly are these going to be of use to us? Online streaming is god! How can you not be excited?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Not Winning!

What a totally sucky day on the sports side of this country. Yes, honestly, no foreigner, in his or her right mind, will bet on our country’s delegates to bring home the gold; but we Filipinos think otherwise. Our lone boxing contender for the Olympics, Harry Tañamor, fought for, what could be, his last chance in the Olympics to make our country proud. Outlook: good chances, probably cream that Ghanian guy in two to three rounds. Result: frustration.

Manyo Plange, that Ghanian guy, supposed to be a warm-up match for our golden boy, broke every Filipinos’ hearts by upsetting Harry 6:3 in 16 rounds. Heart break is an understatement. I’ve always hated boxing (or maybe I just didn’t get it). Two people punching each other with goals to knock out their opponent. What’s the point, really? But if it will provide glory to our country, then that’s a whole different story. I’ve been watching this TV special about our 15 Olympians and in Harry’s segment, they’ve shown what a champion is. He is a champion! World-class, family-man, humble and modest, not like that other guy who lots of people consider a “Philippine Hero” just because he wins multi-million corporate matches and looks ridiculous. Yeah, I’m talking about our flag-bearer, Pacman (in disgust). Sigh.

It doesn’t end there. Mark Javier single-handedly tried to represent Philippine Archery in the Olympics but he succumbed to the Chinese-Taipei archer in the first round. Our swimmers didn’t fare well either. All five of them, including SeaGames 2007 Male Athlete of the Year, Miguel Molina; who, by the way, didn’t finished the day with disappointment as he and fellow swimmer, Christel Simms, broke personal and national records. One of our three best bets, Harry, is out; Tshomlee and Toni, it’s all up to you two.

And finally, to conclude my depressing entry…more losing. My beloved Red Lions yielded to the textbook basketball strategy of the Mapua Cardinals: 53-48. Was working so I relied on online updates so I really can’t give full details, and I really didn’t wanna raze my spirits further by watching the replay. The Bedan community’s take: bad coaching, over confidence, bad luck. Sheesh. The Red Lions are now 6-3 and is currently 3rd in the standings. Still, I know the Grandslam dream is not just a “dream.”

Wow. My sports spirit is really crushed today and I didn’t even broke a sweat. May the coming days be excellent for our remaining Olympians and my Red Lions.

P.S.: Michael Phelps, U.S.A.’s true-to-life Aquaman, smashed several records and brought home two more gold medals (which makes five) for his country today, just like that. He already broke the Olympic record for most number of gold medal wins...and he’s not even done. The succeeding days after tomorrow, he’ll be competing in three more events and he aims to bring home to bacon on those too. Talk about under-achiever. I salute you, Mikey. And if you ever want to consider, our country’s offering you your own Philippine passport and you don’t even have to suffer through long lines for citizenship. Hehehe.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Amanda Griffin-“Jacobs”?!?!

Just found out that Amanda Griffin got married last July 21 to Hong Kong-based businessman, David Jacobs, on an island in Bali, Indonesia!

From this…

…to this?!?!

Walang hustisya! Why, God? Why? Didn’t we have an understanding?!
Bianca Araneta was already taken away from us and now Amanda?
Who’s next? Georgina? Nicole? What is happening to the world?!
Wag ganun! I think I hear my heart suddenly breaking!!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

2008 Beijing Olympics Opening

Opening ceremonies of 2008 Beijing Olympics probably set the bar for future Olympic openers. Besides the fact that I considered yesterday as a special day for numerical reasons, I also said that 08-08-08 marks the start of the 2008 Summer Olympics. And what a start it was.

I missed the first part of the ceremonies but from what I’ve read so far, I didn’t miss much (except for the box thing which I haven’t seen yet). They kicked off the party at 8:08 p.m. most likely because of China being superstitious, as a couple of 8’s in pairs are supposed to be really lucky. Cool! Anyway, what I got when I tuned in were these kids in the middle of the stadium painting in a huge scroll-like canvas. They were surrounded of hundreds, literally, of tai-chi guys performing what they’re good at, in synch. Oh wow. The aerial view was to die for. Next up, Sarah Brightman and Chinese native Liu Huan performed the 2008 Beijing Olympics official theme, You and Me, on top of a colossal globe, together with suspended around them. It gave me that Cirque de Soleil feeling. Then of course, the parade of the athletes.

Now, this is what it’s all about; unity, togetherness, all vying for one goal. And that was evident in the faces of those who were marching to make their country proud. Times like these, makes one wishes to be an athlete and march along the worlds finest. It is also in this segment where we SHOULD’VE gotten a glimpse of our Filipino Olympians. But what does C/S do? They opted to show commercial breaks that run five minutes long and left the Olympic telecast to probably just a minute and a half. As expected, we almost missed the march of our athletes. When it went back on-air, our country was already called and our constituents were already halfway through their march. Sheesh! Shame on you media bastards! And our country even had the nerve to let Manny Pacquiao be our flag bearer? Please! He’s not even an Olympian. The Olympics using the Mandarin alphabet for order of the countries didn’t help also. Yeah, and we were wearing blue barongs! Cool, right?

The Olympics won’t officially open without the much awaited torch lighting. China opted to fuse old and new traditions and showcased what I think is the best torch-lighting ceremony in the history of modern Olympics. Flame was handed off to several Chinese sporting figures and ended up in the hands of Li Ning, the final torch bearer. He was then hoisted up in the air and made a running gesture all around the stadium, all this time, again, suspended in air. Videos of all the cities of China opening like a scroll followed him while he was going around. And then, he reached this dark spot unbeknownst to the audience and TV viewers to be the Olympic cauldron. With the Olympic torch burning, the scene ended with spectacular massive view of fireworks that really must’ve left the viewers in awe. What a way to end the opening!

I have a good feeling with our country’s campaign for this Olympics. I really wish our athletes take home our first Olympic gold medal that we so rightfully deserve. At this point I would like to say, Mary Antoinette Rivero, I love you. Hehehe. Let the games begin…

Friday, August 8, 2008


Today is a super special day…and I didn’t even realize it till this afternoon when O publicly announced that one should do something special today (knowing O, let’s not ask what). August 8, 2008, or if you wanna be more dramatic: 08-08-08. What happens on this day that people are saying will happen only once-in-a-lifetime? Truthfully, nothing…at least nothing special for me. It’s just that ever since, my favorite number is the number 8.

Lots of speculations and beliefs surrounded the days leading to today. They say this year is supposed to be a lucky year as we’re going to experience a trifecta in numbers in one date. I was just watching the news and they featured a lot of mass weddings and newborn babies. People are so gullible, I mean, superstitious. But it wouldn’t hurt to have some special moment or experience to remember this momentous day, right? Like, say, getting together with that special someone. Hehehe.

08-08-08 also marks the opening of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, which, as of writing, is still being shown live on TV. Watched the first part and I was really touched and left in awe. China kicked Atlanta and Athens’ behind when it comes to celebrating the sporting event. But I’m saving my two-cents worth about the opening for tomorrow. It’s all about the eight, baby! After all, eight is said to be the infinite number! Cool, huh! (--,)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Edge of Seventeen

Today marks my sophomore year in this crazyness that is my job. Batch 17 celebrates its second year anniversary in the transcription business. Funny that I still call it Batch 17 as there are only two remaining individuals from that group of promising people: me and Uncle Roi. And the fact of the matter is, with Roi shipped to another vertical, I am the only remaining “Disi-Siete” in our account.

Disi-Siete’s Final Two

Like those before me who celebrated their two-year annivs from the past months, I get the same reactions and statements from people: “Andyan ka pa din?” And with head up high, my normal reply would be, “Yep, why?” Loyalty, one might say. Please! Truth is, I’m just waiting for our account’s dissolution so that I can get my well-deserved separation pay. Happy? Sure, why not? Contented? Of course not. Today also marks the last “batch” who will celebrate their anniversary as members of those two batches after ours are already living the good life in other companies or already happy taking calls in other accounts.

Am I destined to grow old in this god-forsaken account? No, I know won’t be. Just today I received a lengthy phone call from an old friend offering me to transfer to their company with some ridiculously (in a good way) compensation and benefits package. I’m considering it, but then again with it comes adjustments and some definite changes. It’s really hard to turn your back on your comfort zone.

Enough negativity. Even if we’re working in a make-shift hell that is our account, you cannot take away the fact that I met some lifelong friends here: my batchmates. From the last updates I had gotten, here’s what these Disi-Siete people are up to:

Talla – is doing some admin work in a reputable office in Pioneer.
Arnee – email/chat support in Sutherland.
Elgin – photo editor for UNO Magazine.
Rosie – Senior Associate for Headstrong Philippines Inc.
Mau – according to her Friendster, racket-racket…hehe
Arlene – migrated with her husband in Australia.
Mira – I’m sure is happily married and a new mom.
Genn – I think is working in a law firm in Global City.
Shei - I ain’t sure if she’s still in Dubai.
Ria Fe – is still a mom but haven’t heard from her since she resigned.
Ginno and Denise – I don’t know what the hell these two are up to.
And of course, to our beloved Lia who passed away last month, this one’s for you. We miss you most of all.

With Talla and Arnee

Given the fact that our batch weren’t that close with each other, we’re definitely friends, and of course, family. We were filled with hope and excitement that 7th of August of 2006, little did we know…LOL! Seriously though, I know a get-together is a long shot, but I’m hopeful.

For what it’s worth, Happy Anniversary Batch 17.

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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Havaianas Metallics

Fifteen months later, last Monday, I got me meself another pair of Havaianas. Well, I have no explanations nor justifications why I bought new flip flops when our country’s obviously winter bound anyways. I don’t know. I’ve just been meaning to purchase an alternative, or spare, if I may.

Havaianas’ hottest designs as of date are its customized slippers. People are given the option to choose colors and they can put designs, accessories or whatever it is they want to do with their pair. I just wanted to keep it simple, something light. So I chose Top Havaianas Metallics. I know they’re kinda “so last year” but then again, I’m a firm believer that you need to wear the couture; not let couture wear you. Love the design, love the look, love how it feels, love that I won’t have to pay for it till next month. (--,)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

She’s Alive

She’s alive!!! Got our laptop back, finally. Waited for like three weeks or less methinks. But it’s okay. They had to replace her motherboard which is probably the worst case scenario for all us laptop owners. No worries, it’s Mum’s, so it’s her problem. Hehehe. Actually, she was more excited than me when she found out that it was all ready for pick up. Now, she’s hogging all the online time with her games and applications. Fine! It’s hers anyways. I’m just really happy that everything worked out well.

I missed lots of those “online good times” in that span of three weeks. Sure, I got to borrow my Tita’s laptop but I can only do so much with that. I can’t even write properly there probably because I ain’t used to it. Needs getting used to. No more complains. Like I said, I’m happy the laptop turned out fine. Mum can use it anytime and I won’t whine. At least, until I run out of my daily fix of Melinda Gordon. Hehe. Yes, that’s what I have been doing to entertain myself while I was living the life of a caveman. Still have lots of season two episodes to keep me company. Yeah!

Friday, August 1, 2008

A Vain Attempt

Well, I tried (did, actually) but apparently, I ain’t that ready to play the part of a soundtrack director. For the past month, July, I experimented on my entries. It’s so obvious…I went all Grey’s Anatomy episode titles and attempted to use songs as titles to my blogs. Simple, right? Yeah, tell that to my measly seven posts. I had lots of ideas that I wanted to write about but for some reason, I cannot find the appropriate song to accompany those thoughts. Yes, that sucks!

I’ve always thought it would be easy. I mean, there are millions and millions of song compositions. It’s as easy as one, two, three. How wrong I was! But, I still love my idea. July was my guinea pig for that idea. While I wanted the whole month to go through as planned, it didn’t. So, I ain’t completely abandoning the concept. I’ll still use songs for titles of my entries, but not to each and every article.

Oh, and I have another excuse for the pitiful amount of my posts: our laptop is in a coma for almost a month now so really, no means of writing! Hehe! That’s about it. It’s already August. How time sails.