Sunday, July 26, 2009

Record Breaker

A couple of days ago, whilst preparing for my return to the office, I was scanning the radio and came across a catchy party tune. Cool! Must be a new Lady GaGa single. Very fitting too as she’s going to be performing here two Saturdays from now. Or maybe even Britney getting her magic back and actually coming up with a proper dance song. It was that appealing and engaging that it’s definitely going into my playlist. Imagine my surprise when the radio voiceover said it was the latest jingle of this local brand of shampoo and it was sung by a local but very popular artist.

The song Record Breaker is the latest single by Sarah Geronimo. Weird, huh? Well, like I said, I was surprised that it was OPM but not really with the one who came out with it. I may find her a little corny at times but one cannot deny the pipes of this girl. I’m impressed, really. Now, if only she keeps making this type of music and staying true to the pop persona, she might even gain the same success in the international scene.

The problem with our society is that we get too comfortable with subtleness and are easily satisfied with what works. Perfect example would be singer Kyla, dubbed as the Philippines’ R&B Princess. And yet, she keeps coming out with ballads and mediocre revivals. When she released MJ’s Human Nature as a single, I had it on continuous play for a long time. Sure, it wasn’t original but the song still falls into the R&B genre. And she was totally awesome in that song. Recently, she released another song, Back in Time, a duet with colleague Jay-R. It had what I was looking for…that R&B flavor. She really needs to keep doing this kind of songs and hopefully, not losing her R&B swagger. Methinks she’s the only one who can really pull it off.

Going back to Record Breaker, I seriously wish Sarah considers doing this kind of music from now on. Of course, she cannot drop her hosting duties in that Sunday afternoon variety show at it helps in her success but she may want to stay away from those group performances where singers are made to sing contemporaries. She’s much better than that. She needs to be true to her moniker of being the Popstar Princess. Dedicate your talents to pop, nothing wrong with it.

Watch her “Record Breaker” birthday performance in ASAP ‘09
from her official website...

...and Kyla and Jay-R’s Back in Time performance
in the 2009 MYX Music Awards:

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Do not mistake my confidence with courage. I’m not some little sissy girl but if I can avoid physical conflicts or any conflict for that matter, I shall! I can probably talk my way out of most things, again, not involving courage; definitely attributed to confidence. So, it’s just normal that I have phobias. Never really gave it much thought and just try to get by it if need be. But for the past 50 days or so, this being terrified of sharp objects reached gigantic scales.

A visit from GREAPER2

Annual Physical Exam, what else? Some things I dread annually: that random two weeks I will be seriously sick, my birthday (reason being I age but I love the festivities), and the worst: company physical exam. I hate sharp objects, okay. It’s not the pain nor the blood; it’s the whole thought of being poked by a needle and your precious blood extracted. Gory and uncomfortable, I tell you. But, as the law applies to all or none at all, I have to comply. Every year, I get by fine. Good, right? You’d think I’d be jaded by it after all these years. Well, I thought so too. It’s different as the deadline approaches.

It was announced early last month, June, that we have to undergo the damn thing. What can I do? Simple: prolong my agony by procrastination, which is actually stupid because it prolongs my agony. So, for almost or beyond 50 days, I was terrified mentally, exhausted physically, and seriously ill-tempered. I would say that it was worse this year than the last two as I felt like it really affected me personally. It’s over though. I had accomplished it this morning. Like last year, a few seconds and my dilemma is effing over.

What do you know, two of my most dreaded annual moments happened within the month as I also had that “very sick state.” Wow. I must have really pissed off those people in-charge or someone who dictates my fate. I may be skeptic about you, destiny, but nevertheless, I’m sorry. Please do not stick sharp metal objects into me again.

P.S.: and someone important got hitched this afternoon.
Well, that’s that. Congratulations!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Second blog in less than a week, something must be really wrong with me. Oh, yes. I am stuck home yet again. This time around, I am sick. Gots to give meself credit. I have dodged viruses and disease-stricken teammates for a month or so. Thing is, once I come down something, I’m useless, well, more than usual.

Sore effing throat matched with dry cough is never fun. I usually dismiss these petty ill feelings by thinking that it’s nothing and I’d be well in no time. It will need much more than some minor sickness to make me miss work day. (No, not loyalty. Please! More concerned with the repercussions I will suffer after as companies such as ours does not really care that much about the health and welfare of their employees, well, at least if they don’t follow SOP). Not today.

I followed SOP. It’s just that I missed the “call-two-hours-before-shift” rule by nine measly minutes. And with that, it’s my second insubordination in less than a week. I feel honored. But what can I do? Our work force people were born to annoy and make matters worse for us. So do not give me that “just-doing-their-job” thing. In Jamie’s words, “I do not give a flying fuck.”

I miss my past superiors. I feel they care more and handle the team properly. One of us gets sick and you actually believe they genuinely care and will do everything in their power to make sure this sickness of yours is not used against you. That’s a leader right there. Nowadays you get sick and it’s your fault that you did not anticipate you being not well and you should’ve followed SOP and you should do this and you should do that and you should follow this…again, not giving a flying fuck!!! Hate being sick so much, it sickens me!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Stranded in Merville

Wow. Actual free time write to something. And wouldn’t you know it, I have nothing interesting to share. So I’m stuck home, on a work day. Here’s why. All ParaƱaque service road exit points: Nichols, Bicutan, Moonwalk…flooded! And I mean ridiculously flooded. I was already in the comfort of a Besta van shuttle along West Service Road, for an hour and a half, to no avail. Even trucks are not risking it. Chickens! So I just went home. Why is it that every time I wear my light brown socks, they always get wet from water pools and flood?

I think I saw a bald monk running towards the bell tower...

Lots of people are envious of my situation as I get to rest or watch DVD the whole day. Damn straight I can. But then again, I can already feel the memo and reprimanding of the T&C council members tomorrow. We all know how sucky BPO policies on emergency leaves are. You’re already bleeding to death or your legs decapitated and you still ain’t excused, unless you call! “It is not our fault that you did not anticipate what you experienced!” I wonder. Let’s say you work in the outsourcing business, same rules and policies apply. For some reason you’re a suspect and is detained. You only get one phone call. Do you call your attorney or your company’s workforce? Obviously, your lawyer. But admit it, for a split second you were considering calling your office, right? Bah!

So I just wasted a perfectly normal working day doing nothing. Ah, yes. Exactly how absentness should be spent.

I just realized. Heaven forbid, there is a zombie attack on where I live, and there’s a massive storm like now, I’d die! We’re trapped. Like I said, all points! I’d be eaten. Tsk!

EDIT: It’s already 5:00 pm and only an hour left before my supposed shift ends and our work force is still busy! Impressive, most impressive!

Sunday, July 5, 2009


June may be the first disappointment of 2009. Yes, harsh, but it’s the truth! This month even includes one of the worst days I have ever experienced in my 23 years of existence. I spent most days complaining and moping than actually enjoying. Weekends were especially terrible as I was a prisoner of my own rest days.

Maybe it’s them Gregorians telling me I had too much fun last May and I need to cut back on all the fortunes and blessings I have been receiving. But of course, I am not taking away everything from good ol’ June. It had its moments. Inconsequential but still noteworthy.

June 1, 2009 | The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien Pilot
Starting one’s month highlights with a TV show is a sign of doucheness. Regardless, it’s Conan and I am a devoted fan! Conan O’Brien finally moves to the West Coast and took over The Tonight Show. Will Ferrell and Pearl Jam were his first-ever guests.

June 2, 2009 | Uncle Alex & Tita Gee’s
19th Wedding Anniversary

Their family was supposed to go to Palawan this year for their annual out-of-town celebration but for reason I do not know, they did not push through. They opted instead for a hearty and heavenly dinner at their house complete with grilled foods and cold treats. 20 years next year, interesting!

June 5, 2009 | One of the Worst Days Ever
June marks the beginning of the rainy season. Morning of this day, Mom was suffering from her usual chest pains and fatigue, so she went to Makati Med to have herself checked up. The shuttle driver going there did not help as he was really, effingly slow! Counting his money over and over again. It did not stop there. Chocolate souvenirs are to be picked up by these customers that are family friends so it should be okay, right? Wrong. They are not familiar with Makati and we simply cannot agree on the time and place. That’s two boxes of fragile treats! The least they could do is make it easier for both parties by being able to compromise! And as if the day could not get any worse, by nighttime, I was stranded in the office because the stupid and useless rain flooded ParaƱaque service roads which made it hard for shuttle services to return to Ayala terminal for second and third trips. I got home around midnight too drained, felt like going through the seven circles of hell. But...I did get to fulfill one goal of mine: I was able to leisurely walk in the city amidst the pouring rain. Just like one of ‘em music videos or coffee commercials. LOL!

June 12, 2009 | Sir Olidan’s Homecoming Dinner
with Classic ABE

Olidan was our junior year adviser and tax professor back in college. He tried his luck in Dubai and just recently went home to fix some things. Good thing he had time to meet up with his former students and share stories and reminisce. Mind you, these are Classic ABE, not the usual Mean Boys. Nevertheless, it was great catching up with these guys! Oh, and the food, awesome and epic! Best of all: they’re free!

June 14, 2009 | Vince’s Life: The Next Chapter and Shopping
So I finally got my much anticipated adjustment, one of the better things to share this month. Mom said that I need to buy something to remember this “momentous” time. Bah! I hate shopping for pants but I need pants so I bought pants! What? You think I’m wasting my earnings with a new gadget that I will hardly use nor need? Best purchase of this day: Vince’s Life: The Next Chapter. I had waited for four long years to the sequel for my favorite book of all-time: Vince’s Life. And yes, it delivered because it affected me and made me think. Just like what the first book did way back in 2004! LOL!

June 17, 2009 | aVeneto Dinner with Diana and Mamee
Simple dinner. We were supposed to go Chinese but Z wasn’t with us as usual so we scrapped the Asian cuisine plan!

June 26, 2009 | Goodbye Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett
Okay. The month may have sucked for me but it was nothing compared to what the world felt and experienced with the surprising demise of the world’s greatest entertainer, the King of Pop: Michael Jackson. Yes, I am a fan so the news was hard to accept. As of this writing, speculations surrounding the death of MJ are still being discussed. Also, four hours before the world learned about the tragic news, another pop icon, Farrah Fawcett, succumbed to her battle with cancer. Two icons in one day is just too much for mankind to handle.

June 27, 2009 | NCAA Season 85 Opening Ceremonies
The Red Lions’ bid for Four-Peat begins on this day. As reigning and defending champions of the league, we are still tagged as the team to beat and the Lions solidified that title by massacring the Mapua Cardinals by 33 points in the opening game. Making sure the collegiate world knows that even with the Big Three: Ekwe, Menor and Escobal’s departure, the Red Lions will not miss their services as their replacements are more than capable to bring home another championship trophy to Mendiola. Photo credit: RedLens

June 29, 2009 | Transformers II: Revenge of the Fallen
I have said before that Transformers II: Revenge of the Fallen may be the only movie that stood a chance against Star Trek for 2009! Regardless of the harsh criticism the movie is getting, I stand by my decision that I was, as expected, correct. They said the flick was the highest grossing B-film ever made and people should check their brains at the entrance of the theaters. Okay, critics! You’ve made your point. Now, do you have $400 million for profits? Will you ever have a chance of scoring with Megan Fox? I pray that these people realize that this film was made for entertainment, not to go against Benjamin Buttons and Slumdog Millionaires, or they meet Devastators. By the way, I still say this film should be titled: Megan Fox and Transformers II: Revenge of the Fallen.

June did not sound that bad after all. I just did not enjoy it that much. I missed one of the concert events of 2009: Pussycat Dolls Live in Manila, and the annual and most social event party event was postponed!

Shoutout of Happy Birthdays to: Kads, Ma-Anne, Kimberly, Vince, Uncle Man, Nina, Neng, Ronn, Ta-Ta, Tito Paul, Bobby

The H1N1 virus reached the Philippine shores and spread very rapidly, making our country having the highest victim count in the Southeast Asia. Another thing, several wedding announcements were made this month, which led me to the conclusion that there are two “in” things right now: get sick or get married. I think six people from the office are getting married this year. Isn’t there a law that makes these ceremonies not okay? Sukob, anyone?

Hey, June. You made it bad. Took a sad song and made it worser.
Remember to let her into your heart. Then can you start to make it better.

Good riddance! I only hope that July delivers better. I have several plans and maybe even resurrecting my urban wanderings. Family birthdays celebrations are guaranteed so that’s something to look forward to. And I’m resisting the urge to have a haircut! Peace! (--,)