Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Top Ten 2008 Summer Moments

After a fun-filled, classic, worth-mentioning, interesting, possibly the best ever, summer season, I present to you my Top Ten Summer Moments of 2008:

X. Kulasa Kada’s Graduation (March 15-16)
- My sisters from another mother finally steps into the real world by graduating from college and school. I wasn’t able to attend their respective Commencement Exercises due to conflict in my schedule but I know they’re okay with that. Bes, Ter, and Kaec, congratulations! Welcome to the real world! It sucks, you’ll love it! (Pic from Bes)

IX. Mother’s Day at Bataan (May 10-11)
- The annual family summer outing takes the number nine spot. The last two years I wasn’t able to go with them and this year I made sure that I do. I missed going out with blood relatives and catching up with my cuzs and family per se. We never did plan this trip; we just kinda went on a road trip and chanced upon a cool and new resort in the borders of Bataan and Subic. Always fun to be with family.

VIII. Chuck, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, Lost, Sarah Connor Chronicles and David Cook becomes an American Idol
- The wonders of online streaming and bootleg DVDs. Countless sleepless nights just to finish seasons of these magnificent superb shows. Brings me to the edge of my seat, couch, or wherever it is I’m viewing them shows. Their season finales did deliver and I was ecstatic even after the end credits rolled.

VII. Ascend Night (May 9)
- Going clubbing at Ascend one Friday night with my wingman, Kads, takes a spot at my best summer moments. Been a while since I went clubbing (last time, I think, was the summer of ‘07) so I was really excited with this one. Well, nothing changed that much. Still went home empty-handed (LOL) but our eyes were full and our ego, off the roof. Also, this instance jumpstarted another excellent collective summer moment.

VI. Swing Out Sister: Breakout Live in Manila (April 7)
- Finally seeing and watching my greatest musical influence live and in person will definitely go down in my history books as one of the best ever. Learned that they were coming to Manila around February and initially planned on taking my Ninong to this event. Due to some unavoidable circumstances, it was Carl and me who went to see the British group responsible for the hit, “Breakout.” Seeing them perform their songs was definitely worth the ticket price.

V. Boston Celtics 17th Championship Title (June 18)
- I was contemplating this last night if I should write this down as the NBA season is about to close in three days time anyways. But then again, I don’t wanna jinx it. My all-time fave NBA team (influenced by my Uncle of course), the Boston Celtics wins their 17th title against the worth Los Angeles Lakers. It was a series that was reminiscent of the glory days of the NBA as old rivalries are renewed when the Celtics squared off against the Lakers. Year of the Celts, I’ve been saying since the season started. They did not disappoint! Let’s go, Celtics!

IV. Doña Jovita Getaway (February 16-17)
- This one kicked off Timee’s 2008 summer and what a way to start this year’s sun season. Took place in February but this one definitely counts. I was with colleagues who, back then, just recently experienced some work-related transfer scares. How do they cope with it? Through swimming, karaoke, and some memorable conversations. Without a doubt, one of the best getaway, ever. Funnest moment: the Condensada and Kembang conversations.

III. The Friday Club Season One
- How can I not include this one? No one beats The Friday Club. Those were the greatest six Friday nights all-time. It all started in Ascend, and it was collectively decided that it shall be a tradition, of binge drinking, sing-our-hearts-out from karaoke, and just “tambay” moments whenever, wherever. Titles of professional drinkers were handed out to the members, which really made it each moment spent together worthwhile. Zelle, Joyce, Shai, Gem, and me completes the cast of The Friday Club. Wait till season two, more guests and twists.

II. Ultimate Offline Getaway (March 8-9)
- This one will go down in history as one, if not, the best team getaway of our careers. Two years in the making, 95% of the Offline team was present, even those who moved and were already in greener pastures, which made it even sweeter. The overnight trip at Laguna was filled with food, booze, laughter, singing, dancing, jokes, and the thing that defines us all, photo-ops. Talk about evidence, total count of images were around 900. Amidst all the hardships and issues that we face daily from our office, this night compensated for it all and surpassed our expectations. It was certainly an Offline Night to Remember.

I. Mean Boys Getaway (April 18-20)
- After two years of being released into the wild from The Den, my college buddies and I, finally, made it happen: an out-of-town trip. See, most of them are busy with their careers and their “love ones” that we hardly have time for reunions and gimiks. But after Wrestlemania XI (Van’s birthday) and some ridiculous planning, it became a reality. Well, weren’t really complete but it never mattered. Three days of beaches, food, drinks, reminiscing, and “surviving” made it extra-memorable. We decided that we’re going to do this annually, hopefully.


There you go, my Top Ten Summer Moments of 2008. This year is at par with 2005 but still, not quite. Hehe. It almost took the cake though. Whew! Best season of the year, so far, and methinks nothing will beat some of them in the coming months. Unless, like I said in 2005, Santa gives me a better present this Christmas. (--,)


keem said...

Good times. :)

timeenutlatte said...

Well said. Hehehe. (--,)

Anonymous said...

Summer moments indeed. B-)

Hope your year-end equals or even surpassess what the first two quarters of 2008 turned out for you.


timeenutlatte said...

But of course. Then again, I dunno. Hopefully the second half of 2008 won't disappoint, not just me, but all of us. Like I said, I'm hoping Santa "provides" what I ask for this year. Hehehe (--,)