Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My MaxiCare and a Hot Nurse!

I now have the go signal to dance out in the streets while raining, hug people with colds and flu, eat all the unhealthy food known to man…worry-free! Reason: my company “finally” released my MaxiCare Platinum Health Card. I have been with my current job for a year and quarter now and just imagine my surprise when I got an e-mail from our company nurse that my card is ready for claiming.

To: Timothy Relucio
Cc: PS Nurses


Please be informed that the result of your Pre-Employment Medical Examination shows NORMAL FINDINGS.

Kindly claim your Maxicare Card here in PSC clinic G/F.

Mondays to Fridays: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (c/o Maxicare Representative)
Saturdays & Sundays: - anytime - (c/o Nurse on Duty)

Thank You!

Jaja P. Pejero, R.N. Company Nurse

Now I can reap my medical and dental benefits finally! Can’t say that enough, “Finally!” An added bonus, our company nurse is really, really hot! Hehehe. You’ll probably choose to be sick so just she could take care of you. “Hi Nurse, my heart’s feeling funny, kind of beating too fast. I think it’s because of you!” Exactly what we wanted to do and say when I claimed my card. I was, like, “Uhhhh…I’m here to claim my card. Duhhhhh!” Anyway, I’m happy that I finally got my card. Just in time too, because the way our work is going, chances are, I won’t be having benefits for long. That’s fine. I’m just happy to have been given my MaxiCare card.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Granny Goose's Brew Bud

Introducing the new “Granny Goose Brew Bud Wheat-based Snacks.” The answer to those “What’s for pulutan?” questions. If I’m not mistaken, this is the first attempt of Granny Goose to target the drinking market. And may I say, they’ve succeeded on their initial stab. Though they’re primarily for “pulutan” purposes, it’s sufficient to say that the whole family will enjoy this treat and is a great addition to everyday snack time and pica-pica. It comes in four different flavors: Pork Sisig, Grilled Pork, Grilled Hungarian Sausage, and Salt & Vinegar Chicharon (Pork Rinds). Just from the flavors of this snack, it is obvious that they will be the perfect partner for drinking sessions. By far, I say that Pork Sisig is the best of them. Gots to give props to the packaging of this new treat as Mom helped in conceptualizing and designing their finished product. A bit confusing though on whether the contents are actually Chicharon or chips because of this uber large pictures of flavors. But it’s all good. Yesterday, Granny Goose organized a soft launch for Brew Bud in leading convenience stores nationwide. Chances are, they’re already available to the public. So, what are you waiting for? Grab them bottles and cases, bring out the glasses and lots of ice, take out leftovers from your ref, and grab all the flavors of Brew Bud…Nom-i na!!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving, VTO, Gulaman, Long Weekend

Gulamans, freeing people, Carl Mobile, Chicken Bacolod, passing by JAKA, eating at Dampa, iced latte…some of the highlights of this magnificent day. One of those great days, especially in our industry, as this is the first time that they let us go home on work days. Thanks to Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. of A., we don’t have anything to work on nor any work coming in for the whole span of their beloved holiday. Yay! Day started off great, I wasn’t late and was really early, only to find out that we don’t have anything to do for the whole day as there aren’t any people in our Burbank office. Whoop! The management decided made its best decision by far ever since forever: Send us home! We were given two options. One, file for half day paid time off so we’ll still be earning even if we ain’t workin’, or, render half day VTO (which I really don’t know what “V” stands for) simply the opposite of the first one, unpaid time off. Since I only have three leave credits left, the latter is the obvious choice. So TM called a meeting for the team and personally apologized for making us come to work knowing that there wouldn’t be any production for the day. He was thankful though for our commitment to go to work even if there’s this Mina super storm expected to arrive tonight anytime. He sounded sincere, I guess. But hey, a Sausage McMuffin and Toffee Nut Latte would’ve made me a true believer (and maybe reimbursement of my travel expenses incurred this morning). I do agree with him on his statement: “Look at it this way, minsan lang mangyari to sa ganitong industry. Sana matuwa kayo.” Right? Right? He’s so right on that one! In the outsourcing business, not having to report to work for more than two days is a luxury. This is the reason I’m so psyched with this day.

The moment we found out that they’re gonna set us free, we planned here and planned there on what we’re gonna do after work. Our consensus: SM Mall of Asia since Manong have never been there (tsk tsk!). Excited and all, at 12:00 AM, we logged out ourselves and got ready for an afternoon of malling and possibly, food tripping. A Spark conversation shattered Manong’s dream of Mall of Asia. “Anong ‘bye?’ Walang uuwing supervisors!” Poor Manong. So we decided to take our lunch at Glorietta instead so the poor supervisor could go back to the office. Hitchin’ a ride at the “Carl Mobile” we set off to Glorietta and chose Chicken Bacolod Inasal as our resto. I finally bought Monette her long due "Gulaman." Hahaha. Pictures below were taken while we’re eating. As always, props for Carl for his camera! Yay! Anyway Manong (still glum and blue) left after eating and we strolled around to kill time with no destination whatsoever. Carl went to get his haircut and O, Archee, Monette, and moi just hanged more and went our separate ways as O found out that there’s a new Krispy Kreme store in MOA and Archee suspiciously went to surprise his wife. Hehehe. Claude and I decided to go back the office for Manong but I passed by JAKA first to claim some things I left there two months ago. Gawd, I missed that place, still does! Surprisingly, Archee left our locker key there in our keyboard tray and two months passed by and it’s still where we left it. So got our things and headed to comfort the depressed Manong. From there, the usual going home rituals and bidding goodbyes.

Met up with Mom and we ate at Seafood! Seafood! Market!, a “dampa”-styled restaurant beside Oakwood. Team, it’s open again and for sure, we’ll be having our next TRIP there. I’m excited. Food: great! Ambience: Christmas-sy! Price: TRIP worthy!

Truly and awesome day and worth telling about. And, Manong just SMS’ed, “No classes, I mean, no work tomorrow…Happy Weekend!!” It’s like early Christmas for my team. Only drawback to this whole experience: this could’ve been the bestest ever if the whole team were present today. We could’ve went anywhere, or better yet, we could be, right now, on our way to some out-of-town location! Waaaahhh…Oh, well! Hopefully, there’ll be another opportunity like this one! Happy Weekend!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

"Rock and Rowl"

Really, really, really cool video of that Red Horse Beer commercial. It was a sort of tribute for Pinoy Rock so the "cast" of this ad are supposed to be Pinoy Rock "Legends" (obviously). The main man, who coined the infamous Pinoy "Rock and Rowl," Pepe Smith heads the rockers. Ely Buendia, Karl Roy, Basti Artadi, Reg Rubio, and Marc Abaya completes the cast. Some say though that some of the "Legends" are not Legend enough and not really worthy of being given the title of "Pinoy Rock God." Let's not reiterate who those characters are. Let's not ruin the awesomeness of this ad..."Rock and Rowl" kids! Yeah! \m/,

Red Horse "Legends" TVC

Monday, November 19, 2007

Where Are My TV Shows?

War in Iraq, global warming, wildfires, bombing of local Congress, a new improvement plan, surf control on most websites…these are just few problems that we are dealing with nowadays. And the one that I am most affected and disturbed by: cancellation of fall shows and episodes due to the 2007 Writers Guild of America strike.

Last night, as I was browsing for information about upcoming episodes of shows that I follow and watch, I was exasperated to find out that “Prison Break” will return next year, January 14th, and the episode last week was its “mid-season finale,” at least until the season continues next year. “Heroes” were also affected as its current season, “Volume II,” will have its season finale on December 3, 2007, and will feature only 11 episodes against the usual 22-episode format per season, due to the fact of the Writer’s strike and drop down in ratings for its first five episodes. Last on my list is “Gossip Girl” where its next two episodes will be shown November 27, 2007 as a 2-hour special and might serve as its season finale for this year. Latest season shows such as “One Tree Hill” supposed to premiere its fifth season on January 8, 2008 will only have 12 out of its 22 episodes completed for their latest season. “Lost” seems to be unaffected as its scripts have been completed before the strike and will premiere its fourth season by February next year. Anyway, for complete lists and information about the effect of the strike to our favorite television shows, click here. All of these semi-cancellations and automatic reruns are caused by the Writers Guild of America strike against Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, an organization of Hollywood TV producers.

I won’t explain the whole thing as I myself don’t understand it. Just click the 2007 Writers Guild of America Strike for full information about what the hell is going on in the Western entertainment world. So, why we are suffering from deprivation of our weekly dose of Hollywood TV shows? Simple, writers know that they’re not getting what they truly deserve from their show producers. A lot of the shows’ stars and cast members supported this strike to the extent that some of them marched with writers and refusing to cross picket lines. The last strike with this kind of magnitude dated back in 1988 where it lasted for 22 weeks and Hollywood suffered losses amounting to 500 million dollars.
Now, since I don’t have any idea as to which side I should support, as I am on the other side of the world, just waiting for my shows, I cannot really make out any conclusion on their dilemma. I don’t know. Give the writers the credit they deserve? Cut some slack for the producers? I don’t care. I just want my shows back! In the end, the losing side is the viewers and audiences. After all, all we wanted to see is if Scofield escapes yet again, the Heroes meet up again to save the world from another Armageddon, Dan and Serena will last, Blair ends up with Chuck, what happens to the Tree Hill Ravens after four years, will the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 know exactly where they are, the lives of newly established doctors of Seattle Grace Hospital, and so much more. Now, is that too much to ask for?

Images from

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hanging Out With Married People

Suburban houses, white picket fences, a Volvo or wagon, a retriever, Sunday brunches with homeowners association are just few of the things that I’m not afraid of but don’t want to have and experience just yet, maybe never. Well, at least that’s my point of view at the moment. Lately, I’ve been having these realizations that I’m slowly growing old. The people I hang out with are married and have kids. And when I’m with my college buddies, all they talk about is work and career plans! The last time I was with them, we celebrated the first birthday of our friend's daughter, which is also our "inaanak." That spells as being old and an adult, right? I’ve been hanging out with married people for some time now; they’re colleagues-slash-friends. Most of them have not yet reached that typical marrying age of 28-30 (at least that’s what the movies say). Hanging out with married people spells awkwardness for most single kids and young adults, but not for me. They just married young, so what? We don’t have the right to judge their decision, whether they’re happy with it or not. Mom raised me most of the time by herself and we never really have and problems with that situation. But during lunches, when they talk about family, bills, and marital problems, I can’t help but wonder, “Is this good for a kid like me?” Yes, kid. Duh, I’m 21 and single. Hearing all these rants and problems about the being-attached life is kinda scary for me. Their kids have just started going to school and the cost of education nowadays are rather ridiculous, yet it’s a necessity. Then again, when you see the look on their faces when their kids achieve something or topped the class or receive perfect marks and awards...are truly priceless (not to the point of envy…oh, please no!).

Being a parent must be really rewarding especially when your kids love you back the way you love them. Well, that’s what I hear and learn anyways. We’re five in our lunch group and I’m the only one unattached. Surely, I’ll be hearing my fair share of the married life. Sometimes they’re envious of me. I have my earnings for myself. I control my own time and go to wherever I want to. Date and reap benefits (which I ain’t doing at the moment). But as always, there’s balance in our situation. I may be able to do anything I want, but they do things with someone, a loved one. Envious?

Again, hell no!At this very moment, I’m not the marrying type (for reasons that I will not disclose as they may affect my future in dating...Hehehe). Keywords: “At this moment.” It might change. And I guarantee it will. I even started thinking on who I will choose as my entourage and sponsors, what that day will look like, color motifs I will use, music to be played…only the character of the bride’s hazy and blurry. But I have an idea on who will be next to me in front of the altar. For now, in my dreams, Georgina Wilson will play the part of the bride. When the day comes that I tie the knot with someone, that someone is the ONE. I don’t think I will make that mistake of marrying someone for all the wrong reasons. Someday I’ll be settling down with that girl who made me realize that being-attached is not such a bad deal after all. But for now, I love being able to do things my way and not hurting anyone in the process. Probably when I turn 28, and my “Great Masterplan” goes according to, well, as planned…

Friday, November 16, 2007

Interestingly Awesome Afternoon

“Interestingly” yet fun afternoon. Singleness sometimes gets the best of me and I’m sure it’s normal to feel attraction to several individuals. Here’s what I got so far.
“Interesting” because this afternoon, well, it was really one of those surreal moments. Four different characters but all lovely just the same. People who know me may get what these images mean. Hehehe. They're so obvious...

Monday, November 12, 2007

Grams Diner

Cheeseburgers and bacon, and French fries with toppings, omelet and pancakes, and roast beef with gravy…these are a few of my favorite things! Tim went over to the Western side of life and found himself in a great American dining experience…at Grams Diner. You may not find waitresses in roller skates serving food in Grams Diner, but what you’ll get is good American food that is worth your hard-earned bread. This is actually my second time in Grams’ but since I was too lazy last year, it is only now that I have the motivation and means for reviewing it.

Grams Diner serves American-style food in an American-themed diner. Inside, you will find memorabilia such as classic movie posters of the Golden Age of Cinema. Gable and Leigh, the Rat Pack, Dean and Jerry, Brando in his famous white shirt shot, James in his ever popular motorcycle, the King in his signature strut, Marilyn’s appeal seductive as ever…and the likes. It’s a diner so expect a throwback to the 20’s to 60’s era. Even the interior is vintage-y with its red sparkly round stools at the bar and the utensils are kinda authentic. Truly, you’ll get a sense of nostalgia from just sitting there and having coffee.

The menu consists mostly of breakfast items with regular favorites such as pancakes, omelets, steak and eggs, breakfast sampler, and more. Mom opted to try out the Patriotic Bowls (P163.00), their own version of our “silogs,” with beef tapa, eggs, and fried rice served in a bowl. We wanted to try out the Never Empty Home Brew (P51.00), basically their brewed coffee but refillable. Yes, it’s refillable. It’s like music to my ears. But since we were having brunch and mom can’t take coffee unless its decaf, she decided to go for their hot chocolate (P40.00) instead. I chose their Fish Fritter set menu (P230.00). It includes fish fillet as main dish, sidings may be rice or fries or mashed potatoes, salad or soup, iced tea for drinks, and an added special, an after meal choice of hot coffee or hot tea. Now, that’s literally Breakfast of Champions. Mental note: eat at Grams when you are positively hungry. P230 may seem costly to many but the servings are probably good for two (except for Bedans, though).

Gots to give props to the service as they really know how to take care of their diners. Our waiter explained every detail I wanted to hear and yet too lethargic to ask. He even offered to take our picture when we were about to pay. Probably because he noticed me taking pictures of everything inside and outside of the diner. Kinda embarrassing, but hey, all worth it.

What Timee loved: The diner itself, its sense of nostalgia, the food was awesome and worth it, I feel like Jughead.

What Timee resents: Diners are not supposed to be located beside seashores.

Papers with dead presidents to spare: Around P100 to P300. You’ll be wanting to let your friends take you home because the food is really filling.

Grams Diner, yet again, is included in “Timee-recommends” list. I have always wished and wondered what its like to live in the 50’s era. I always enjoyed stories from my Iya when she talks about their life in those years. Can’t really say that Grams made it come true, but at least, I got that feeling of classicness, and I went home happy and filled.

Grams Diner is located at North Wing, Entertainment Mall, Seaside Boulevard, SM Mall of Asia

A “Happy Endings…” original review

Seattle's Best Holiday Giveaway

"Because you deserve more than just a planner..." - written on the shirt of a Seattle's Best Coffee barista. Coffee wars, as it should be. Again, just like in my previous blog, Father Christmas is tweaking and checking his naughty or nice list. (I was nicely naughty this year…Hehehe) The café industry was not spared from competing with each other through sure-fire gimmicks and promos for coffee-lovers out there. Seattle’s Best Coffee comes out with its own version of Holiday giveaway upon completing stickers through purchase of their coffee. SBC also launched limited holiday-inspired flavored beverages. Theirs are Hazelnut based, though. Just two drinks to choose from: Hazel Crème Mocha and Hazel Javakula.

After weighing things over, in my opinion, Seattle’s might probably win this year. Imagine, upon completion of 20 stickers (yes, just 20 against Starbucks’ 24) you get a gift bag worth P1,500. That’s 14 stickers for regular drinks and just 6 for their Holiday themed beverages. The gift bag includes a personal planner (no surprise there), a metal case pen, a personal SBC mug (cool), a canvas tote bag (holds them all), and dig this, a year-round perk coupons. Now, that sounds way cooler than just one single giveaway. And the coupons are definitely the icing on the cake. In 2006, when Starbucks’ started this whole planner mania, they included year-round coupons for 2007 use with their planner. I, being the sentimental fool that I am, never used any of them. For reasons that I was waiting for the “right” time to avail my discounts and freebies and they all went to waste as they expired come December of last year. But now, I have learned that valuable lesson: coupons are to be used and enjoyed. So I say that that is SBC’s best bet against that hype that we know of as Starbucks’ Christmas Blends.

Hmm…I have decided to join the coffee promo craziness and probably fill my cards with stickers. Half a year has passed anyways since the doctor told me to lessen my caffeine intakes. This afternoon, I tried out that Hazel Javakula. It’s good, but nothing compares to Toffee Nut Latte. And I distinctly don’t like choco chips and bits in my drink. Feels like I’m chewing gravel. But hey, it’s all good. So where does my loyalties lie? For the coffee: no one replaces Starbucks’ Christmas Blends in my heart. For the giveaway: Seattle’s Best Coffee hits it big this year.

You couldn’t call this coffee war, actually. Bit weird, really, as Seattle’s Best Coffee is owned none other by Starbucks Corporation.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Christmas Blends

Holidays is just around the corner and it only means one thing in Tim’s world: Starbucks Christmas Blends is yet again up for grabs for coffee lovers out there. I’ve noticed people carrying these new fancy Starbucks red paper cups all over the metro. This year, Starbucks introduces a new flavor from its roster of Christmas Blends: Praline Mocha (sounds nutty) and old favorites, Peppermint Mocha and Toffee Nut Latte (my personal favorite…hence the theme of my blog) was retained from last year’s blends.

Starbucks Christmas Blends can only mean one thing too = Starbucks Planner 2008. People will once again turn into this manic hordes of coffee monsters and flock into the nearest Starbucks coffee shops and collect stickers to redeem the much-awaited planner that they hardly ever need nor use. If I sounded ranting, I wasn’t. See, chances are, you’ll spot yours truly in one of those shops purchasing coffee. The only difference is…I ain’t after the planner. It’s the coffee that I’m interested in. Just so happens that I get them planners from the number of cups I consume the whole season. What should I do with those stickers and stubs? Every coffee-lover I know collects and aims for the prize, and they take pride in achieving their goals with their own blood and money. So might as well, right? This year the stub needs 24 stickers: half regular drinks, half Christmas Blends. Promo starts November 6, 2007 until January 15, 2008.

Last year, there was a shortage (oh please not this time) of Toffee Nut Latte by mid-December and planners were out of stock even before Christmas time came. This year, it’ll probably be the same. I just hope that like last year, those wonderful people who gave me P2,000-worth of Starbucks Gift Certificates remembers that I was “good” the whole year. Hehehe…(--,)

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I'm a Pure-Blooded Bedan

* Bedista ka ba?
- Pureblood Bedan (GS,HS,College)

* Anong year and course mo?

- College of Arts & Sciences Degree Holder ata ako..wahahaha

* San ka madalas tumambay?

- Sa covered court during my younger years before they replaced it with a gym

* Snack bar o Dom?
- We simply call it "Cafeteria" back then

* Alam mo ba kung bakit pogi lane ang tawag sa pogi lane?
- To entice passerbys.."Pogi, burger ka dyan!!"

* Close ba kayo ni Mang Roger?
- Sino ba hindi ka-close ni Mang Roge =)

* Nanonood ka ba palagi ng NCAA kahit hindi required?
- Ever since HS..sweet di ba? Back to back!

* Gwapo ba si Pong Escobal?
- Hihihi. .di hamak naman..

* Eh si Sam Ekwe?
- Ang galing magbasketball ni Sam Ekwe!

* Sa tingin mo, “skwater” ba talaga ang Letran?
- Of course not..they gave a good fight last finals..itigil na natin yung asaran..sino mas "squatter" kapag pumapatol?

* Ano dapat “Beda” o “San Beda”?
- Don't even get me started on this's "SAN BEDA" not Beda! X-(

* Kung bibigyan ka ng 1.0 sa major mo pero gagayahin mo ang hairstyle ni menor, payag ka?
- Ilang majors? bat hindi? it'll grow back, right?

* May kaaway ka ba sa San Beda?
- Petty fights and teasing..nothing serious!

* All boys o Co-Ed?
- Not like we can do nythn about it..but I miss traditional San Beda

* Tingin mo bakla si Matitu? Bakla ba?
- Hahahaha! Itim ba uwak?

* Bakit lahat ng may laptop nasa St. Maurs?
- Ngaun na lang nauso yan..nuong araw Magic cards lang okay na ang St. Maurs

* Kaya mo ba i-translate ang Indian yell sa Tagalog / English?
- Hindi..basta unique yun and I'm proud of it..

* Kung hindi ka Bedista, ano ka?
- Errr..honestly..euggghh..LSGH!

* Ano ang sigaw ng Bedista?
- For San Beda, our country, and God!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Café Mediterranean

I went all Greek last night and found myself dining in this small café aptly named “Café Mediterranean.” As the name of the resto states, its menu consists of Mediterranean food that is for us, of course, considered exotic. It’s not actually all Greek because I don’t think the Olympians were served kebabs during their time. Their dishes are fusion, I guess, from Middle Eastern cuisine.

I’ve been meaning to eat in this café for a long time now; I just haven’t had the chance or the opportunity to do so. Last night, after hearing mass with Monette at Greenbelt Chapel, I met up with mom and tita for dinner. They wanted something light for dinner and opt to go for sandwiches instead rice meals. Since, we’re already in Greenbelt and Glorietta’s a little unstable at the moment, I suggested that we go with Café Mediterranean as they serve sandwiches and other light delicacies.

It’s the perfect size for a café. Not too small yet may, and will, accommodate café-goers out there. I felt like wearing togas and reciting excerpts from Homer while I was choosing from their extensive Mediterranean menu. I decided to go with Hummus. Hummus is a spread with ingredients such as chickpeas, sesame, lemon juice, garlic, and a whole lot of olive oil. I just heard about Hummus just this week from a file I was working on in the office and I decided to try it out. It comes with pita bread for pure dipping enjoyment. I also ordered Pizza Margherita or pizza that’s simply made up of cheese, basil, and fresh tomatoes. It was served in thin crust form, which I prefer over them thick crusts that’s too filling. Mom and Tita opted to order chicken and tuna Gyros, or Greek sandwiches. It’s like Greek tacos and pita breads. Together with the chosen meat, its fillings include tomatoes, onions, veggies, and, believe it, French fries.

They don’t just serve sandwiches and pizzas; they also have rice meals and entrees such as lamb steaks and kebab dishes. They would certainly go great with those two special sauces that every table has in the café. One, I think may be guacamole, and the other, a spicy one that must sample with caution. And it’s not that costly, in my opinion. What’s a couple of additional pesos for something new and exotic experience?

What Timee loved: Food and ambience, made me feel like I was dining in some Grecian café with all the authentic decoration and furnishings.

What Timee resents: Oil. I know Olive oil is good for you and it’s the healthiest one, but too much of it made me all whoooooo!

Papers with dead presidents to spare: Between P150 to P300. You'll get a decent meal and a drink for two. Remember, it's a cafe, not a smorgasbord.

All in all, I have enjoyed my dining experience last night. Monette, next time, you come with us. Hehehe. This café will surely be included in “Timee-recommends” list. So, look for your Megaera or Helen, make like the Oedipus and travel to Greenbelt, sit at the tables outside, order falafels and some Baba ghanoush, some mint tea from Morocco, and dine like Grecian gods!

A “Happy Endings…” original review

Sunday, November 4, 2007

San Beda Competes in SIFE World Cup '07

Back in my college days, I was approached by a blockmate and asked if I was interested in joining this organization that he just started. Being the nonchalant guy that I am, surprisingly, I said yes. Being in my senior year, I need to try out something different at least before leaving the halls of my beloved Den. That organization is S.I.F.E. or Students in Free Enterprise. It’s a non-profit type of organization that networks business students from around the world, to be trained as future leaders with a promise of making the world a better place to live in. Seriously! I was in over my head. I was actually a part of something, for a cause. I feel like a hero, out to save the world. Or, it was just a convenient way of meeting new people, (which “partially” turned out to be, at first). Their cause is obviously, so not me. But then again, this a good chance for someone like me to make a difference, or at least get good credentials to beef up my resume.

Of course, that was not the case. As it turns out, I actually learned something from it, and unexpectedly enjoyed the cause. Proud of being a pioneer officer of the organization, we did our best to make our school proud. Together with some juniors, namely Aika, Jikkie, Rona, Cathz, with Ryan as our president, it was an all-star roster. See, S.I.F.E. hosts a competition for all its members around the world. Different schools from six continents compete in their own respective Nationals, and ultimately, for the S.I.F.E. World Cup. Sounds sporty, but it’s really not. Students are to look for a local area that needs to be developed and improved, with the help of their school and corporate sponsors. Sound simple, but again, it’s really not. The preparation for the competition, the training for the presenters, all the paperwork needed, begging for big-shot people to sponsor our cause, sleepless nights, are just some of the things that we considered and did back then. The motivation: the one who wins the Nationals gets to compete with international schools in an “international venue.” Now wouldn’t you work hard for that? Especially after finding out that that year, the S.I.F.E. World Cup will take place in France . If that is not motivation for you, then I don’t know what is.

The first year of S.I.F.E. as an organization in San Beda, we actually cleaned out the Nationals but lost to some unknown school from the South. Our project then involves a fishing village in Talim, Rizal. Using our entrepreneurship skills, we taught the villagers simple business ideas and ventures that they can use and do for means of living. It was my first and last chance for that World Cup experience as I was graduating that year. No matter, we left the organization in good hands, as two years after; San Beda College S.I.F.E. Team did our country proud.

The article below from relates the story of SBC-SIFE 2007.

After winning the recent SIFE National Exposition, the San Beda College Students in Free Enterprise (SBC-SIFE) will represent the Philippines in the SIFE International Word Cup Exposition (visit, to be held at the Hilton Hotel in New York, USA on Oct. 9-13, 2007.

SIFE is a global organization of schools promoting student leadership and community self reliance by teaching entrepreneurship, financial literacy and independence.

The group presented their program on promoting self-reliance and community development among residents of Pagsanjan, Laguna, through the promotion of entrepreneurship and financial literacy, environmental awareness and health. The project was implemented in cooperation with the local government of Pagsanjan headed by Mayor Jeorge E.R. Ejercito Estregan.

57 SIFE member schools nationwide participated in the exposition. The elimination round was held at the San Beda College Campus on July 10, 2007. Other finalists were the Divine Word College of Calapan, Mindoro; Mindanao State University, General Santos; and the Sultan Kudarat Polytechnic College.

The San Beda College SIFE presenting team is composed of the following students: Jikkie Lee, team captain; Patricia Salang, Irish Soria, Joshua Dino and Kester Sarmiento. The team was coached by Dr. James Loreto Piscos, SIFE adviser and assisted by the following faculty members: Albert C. Oasan, Malu Jimenez and Lester Toribio as technical advisers.

The Team will be headed by SIFE Philippines CEO Dr. Bobby Galindez and former SIFE President Dr. Ramon Ricardo Roque, also representing San Beda as Chair of the Board of Trustees.

It's pretty obvious that we left SBC-SIFE in good hands considering the glory they brought not just for the Den, but for the whole country as well. Being in that organization was one of the most memorable things in Tim’s life. Exposure to the real world, to the people that needed help and saving, met lasting friends, and developed my skills. Regrets? None, as I don’t believe in regrets. But I sure would like to be in that team who stayed in Hilton and a taste of 10 days of the Western life. Hehehe.

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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Inside Timtee's Wallet...

Ah, yes. Another tag. And an easier one this time. So don’t expect deep revelations and reflections with this entry. Just a simple tag question from my ghostly friend, Kads. “What’s in your wallet?”

If you really know me, you’ll notice that it’s really, really rare that I bring bags whenever I go out. Even when I was studying, my family often wondered how I got through schooling without any notebooks and books (but that’s a different story…hehehe). Bottomline, I just don’t like carrying things. Same goes for wallets. I’m more of a money-clip type of person than those bulky wallets, which really are small purses, me thinks. I don’t remember buying any of my wallets nor my previous ones. I usually get them as presents, especially in the Holidays. Showing in the photo are the two latest money holders that I’m currently using. One is a two-year old Girbaud wallet that my Tita gave me two Christmases ago. This one holds most of my trash, I mean, stuff that I don’t really need and must be sorted and cleaned. Girbaud don’t usually leave my headboard as I’ve said, I don’t like bulky things. The other, my “Magic Wallet,” was given by a friend. This is what I really wished for from my last birthday, so I literally made “kulit” to everyone. Na-da. Good thing my friend gave me one over summer.

Inside Timtee’s wallet, you’ll find: money bills, my driver’s license, credit cards (which I never use to the delight of Mom), Chinabank ATM (this one’s really important especially on 15ths and end of the month), some back receipts and withdrawal slips (which really composes most of its contents), used prepaid load cards, notes and slips of papers with important stuff written on it that I don’t know the purpose (hehehe), a St. Benedict medal and my Guardian Archangel birthstone coin (to ward off evil elements), old I.D.s, my Oishi wallet calendar, and pictures that I consider precious treasures. Those pictures are: my graduation photos (red toga, corporate, and creative shot…hihihi), a picture of me and my bestfriend, my cuzs, kada pics, and I haven’t had the chance to have a picture of my colleagues and me developed, but there’s a place for that in my wallet, swear.

There you go. All that it needs is a wallet-sized portrait of me and a significant someone. Wanna have that honor?

Oh, I almost forgot, I wanna know the contents of Bes’s, Hannah’s, Viveca’s, and Talla’s wallets!

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