Sunday, April 1, 2007

It's Been a Year since I Graduated!!!

"Herald the Bedans coming..."

Today marks the First-year anniversary of me having a degree and joining the professional world. In short, it's been a year since I graduated college. Left the old school halls, the crazy professors, the chaotic Mendiola, and more importantly, left "The Den."

Watching Ron's graduation last Friday really made me think what I have been doing with my life over the past year: Nothing! Well, not really nothing, but I feel like I'm wasting my degree and education. I know I have to find something that will make use of my expertise. (Yeah, right! Expertise..haha!) Anyway, like I said while at Ron's graduation, the moment I saw the new graduating batch, grazin' St. Maurs' in our custom, unique Red Togas, taking pictures with batchmates--it hit me! One year had passed. There's already a new batch of fresh graduates that the corporate world will prioritize in hiring. Arrgghh..I keep reverting to the whole "professional world." I am writing this as a tribute to that "graduation feeling." My apologies.

This year's graduation was quite speedier that ours, last year. Looking from the stands, I was one of those kids last year. Face full of hopes and their minds, naive. Very excited to embark on new challenges the corporate world offers. True, I felt and believed that. BUT, nothing beats being in school.

This 2007 San Beda College Graduation rites was a momentous one. This marks the graduation of the first female batch of my beloved institution. OLD SCHOOL San Beda is no more. After struggling with the reality of the Bedan culture dying and perishing with the entry of these ladies, watching them march and accumulate numerous awards, you really get that sense of proudness. I may not be a part of that batch, but Ron is. The proud boyfriend I am when she went up the stage, with her parents, to receive her Academic Distinction award and other extra-curricular activity awards. Clicking here and there. How come I didn't get a single Academic award during my time is another story. And why she gathered ridiculous amount of glory and how smart she is, is for another blog! Hehehe.. Hey, I did get to go up the stage last year with Mom and Dad to receive a gold medal. A Loyalty Award. For being a pure-blooded Bedan through and through. Not a lot of students have the privilege to say that they are pure-breeds.
Pure-breeds. After the first Lionesses marched out from the Den, that word is just a mere memory of the glorious days of our school. But am I complaining? NO. Gone are the days where I raised hell on campus just because they won't allow us to sport our hair long and wear our pants tattered. My personal vendetta against the then admin are just chapters in my history books. The first female batch, hate them or love them, did my school proud.

Now, as I've said, I feel old because of the new batch of graduates. Then again, that's part of life. Sure I miss my MEAN BOYS and how we painted the school RED!! But there're a lot of things to look forward to. Especially now that Ron's gonna start her professional career.

What's important now is I make my alma mater proud!

"For San Beda, our country, and God!!!"

Go San Beda Fight!!! Go San Beda Fight!!!

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