Friday, February 29, 2008

February 2008

Most of the population of the known free world believes that February is the most romantic month of the year. It’s because Valentines Day falls under this month and we all know what that occasion is that for. I don’t really have a point there. I just can’t think of a good intro. I just want to summarize my February 2008 experience.

February started emotionally for everyone in the office. Most of the teams in our account got axed and we lost lots of our friends and colleagues as they were transferred to other accounts. I lost Talla as she resigned a couple of weeks back, together with many more who did not want to undergo training or just can’t stand doing calls. The first real blue moment of my corporate life.

But from all the chaos and bitterness that we’ve all gone through, people seemed to be taking it well. Not too well as there is still some bitterness in the air, but generally, they’re all right. Most of them are now finishing up their nesting periods and the first batch of those who got axed just graduated from their training and are now happily full-fledged travel agents. Very proud of them.

This month also played host to the departing of two teammates who was there in the beginning. Carl and Anna submitted their resignation letters and made it effective after a month’s time. Like I said, they’ve been there from the very beginning and losing two prominent original FTEs is a big blow to our team. Tsk tsk…so sad.

Losing teammates is one thing, but gaining new acquaintances is also worth mentioning. When the genocide happened, lots were affected but some people survived. And so, because there’re only a handful of us left, we were all seated together and the once oh-so-glorious account is just a shell of three clusters and six rows of seats. This is where my new acquaintances fall into. They were there longer than me but I never knew them as they were the news people, the serious ones. That’s where I was wrong. They are, at least what’s left of them, not that different from us. They’re okay and decent colleagues. Nice!

There was also this outing that I was invited in, which I won new friends and strengthen bonds with old ones. Probably the highlight of the month because it’s out of town, it’s overnight, I was with friends, I was with… yeah, that too, and I enjoyed it very much.

February also did something significant to me. My classic self once again made its way to the surface. Yes, I liked someone. Hmm, maybe two of them. But the point is, I once again ditched my defenses and welcomed the idea of being with someone. Then again, vulnerable me is no fun. At least I don’t think so. So I’m just keeping it steady and cool until now. No more late night binging and texting inappropriate mushy messages that you wish you didn’t do the next morning. Hah! I’m beyond that. Hahaha. But playing it safe will only get you so far. For the meantime, it’s my best course of action as I’m not sure if the damn thing is mutual.

Basically, February was bittersweet. It started out gloomy, picked up around its second week, became awesome in its third, and went steady as it concluded. And I didn’t even notice until today that this year’s a leap year and there are 29 days in February.

Of Falling and Conquests

Seriously. Why does The Tim falls for individuals he shouldn’t be falling for? Is it because The Tim loves the feeling of challenge? Or possibly because he knows it’s worth the risk?

The Tim values his friends’ opinion and listens to what they think about his prospects. But isn’t it weird that all the girls The Tim likes make his friends thinking otherwise? Do they not know The Tim that well? It’s as if The Tim will select someone not worthy of, well, basically, of The Tim. If you really know The Tim, except for his PS family, there’s only one person that really set the bar on who should The Tim be involved with. Quite unfair, really. No one, and The Tim means NO ONE will ever compare to that ONE. But, when opportunities comes knocking at The Tim’s door, isn’t The Tim entitled to answer it? Or at least know who’s on the other side?

But The Tim’s friends are not so sure that he should. They think that he needs to achieve his Everest. Well, The Tim knows he will, someday, but in the meantime, while that “someday” is still far ahead, is he not entitled to entertain other conquests?

Just a thought, really. The Tim sounds obnoxious on this one, but that’s far from his intention. The Tim just wonders why people do not agree with his choices. The Tim still doesn’t have his answer to that question. Maybe because deep inside, he really doesn’t want commitments and he pursues those he knows will never give him the satisfaction of being hitched.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Bored Man

It’s Monday and I’m so bored. Someone used the computer all morning and my cousins are doing homework. I’m busy planning the outing on Saturday and I’m kinda pressured from all of it. Yet, I’m still bored. Gone are the days when I go to the mall on Mondays and just go on food trips or watch a movie. It’s too expensive now and I just don’t feel like watching by myself.

I finished up all the good chocolates in my mom’s stash in the fridge. I wanted donuts but it’s too expensive. I want the pricey kind. I’m too lazy to drive all the way to Bonifacio High Street just to purchase overpriced sugar treats. And, they’re too expensive. Sheesh.

It’s almost summer. You know that feeling when it’s almost summer? Like people are so hyped up and planning for the season, well, so am I, but still, something’s not right. Like something is missing. Doesn’t make sense, I know. But I’m feeling it. I wish I was back in school. Not only will I be ranting about final papers and projects, but I’d also be excited of summer vacation. Bah!

But still…I don’t wanna report to work tomorrow! I wanna go to the office but to just chat and exchange stories with friends and colleagues and see certain individuals. Go on one-hour coffee breaks and not stay in my station for more than 15 minutes. I don’t even want to see our data logs. Wow…this is a new level of feeling lethargic for me. Hehehe.

This could go on and on. When I’m practically doing nothing, all these dumb ideas come to mind worthy of writing. But I don’t want to. So that’s it. Anyway, I can always insert new paragraphs if I feel like it.

McDonald's Apple Pie

Because my eating habits are really messed up, and the fact that my shift schedule does nothing to improve it, I got this new vice: McDonald’s Apple Pie.
Seriously, this is bad. My funds are quickly depleted from all the apple pies I consume in a week. During lunch breaks, when I don’t feel like eating rice meals or sandwiches, I would just buy three McDonald’s Apple Pies and coffee from our vendo. And those three pies are still not enough. And they cost P22 bucks each. Sheesh!

But just like Adam & Eve, I cannot resist the apple! Hehehe. I don’t really have a “sweet tooth” but this treat really works for me. Wishing that the 90’s are back so that dessert's size is bigger and its price is cheaper.

Sunday Scribbles VII

February 24, 2008

Kenny Rogers Proposal

The title says it all. I did what every young idiot, in love, would do: write a lengthy letter and then use it as means of professing my undying love to my bestfriend. That went well. Hahaha. Awkward for almost a year. Even the kada was affected as people took sides and whatevers. Very memorable as this is the first time I acted on this “love” matter. All this happened in Kenny Rogers. Not really the setting for those professing-your-undying-love moments. Haha!

Door Closing and another One Opens

A year after the first one, here I am still haven’t moved on. I distinctly remember isolating myself from my kada to avoid anymore awkwardness and to try to restore my dignity. It worked. After six months of going all hermit on them, her, particularly, I got messages from her saying where have I been and have I forgotten people. I said no. It’s just that I needed a time off from them to not really forget but to at least get over what I did. A year after, I tried one last time to ask for that one chance. Too late. The day before I got her message, she got hitched. Classic, right? Moments like this, who you gonna call? A girl I just met a week ago and started telling her some things and she comforted me. Hence, a door closed on me but another one wanted to let me in.

December 8, 2005

Just like in that song, “For once in my life I’ve got someone who needs me,” I was committed. Yes. Me. The Timmeister officially has a girlfriend on this day. You see, I love the number eight so if I’m taking this big step in my life, it would have to be on a day that I believe is important. I started planning the proposal for weeks but I never got it straightened out until days before that date. With only hours before December 8, I just bought this 100 pieces Hello Kitty puzzle and wrote 100 things I liked about her at the back, one thing per puzzle piece. It resulted fine as she did say yes to me. Hey, I would say yes to me too. Hahaha.

First Year Anniversary at Nurture Spa, Tagaytay

It’s my first 13th month paycheck and it was just in time for our first year anniversary. I decided that we should celebrate our first year together at Nature Spa at Tagaytay. Very momentous not because we’re together, but also because the services were really relaxing and the ambience really made it all perfect. I got a pedicure. Cool!

Coffee at Starbucks West Ave.

What I consider to be the best night of my life. One of my girl kada’s decided to celebrate her debut the traditional way in this Chinese restaurant at Quezon City. So there were escorts, pledges, roses, collared tops. After all the festivities, my bestfriend needed to kill time so I asked her to have coffee because there’s a Starbucks shop in front of the resto. I treated her coffee and we just hang there and exchanged stories, at least, until her dad came to pick her up. This is the first time, I think, she said yes to me. So even if she’s just being polite and she really just wanted some caffeine in her system that night, it became the most memorable night of Tim’s life.

I was thinking, since the title says “Loved Ones,” that we are free to choose our loved ones, so I started thinking about my family and my special moments with them. Then again, people will not waste time reading this entry if the answers are not juicy enough. So, what better way to make this very interesting to readers than to relate moments with girls that were, still is, part of me.

My proposal in Kenny Rogers and the door closing changed my life. Seriously. I used to be shy and not one bit interested in this whole world of romance. I was always happy being alone, still am. But, I never regretted anything. Not one moment. Be it a positive or a negative one.

Two important things before I conclude. I broke up with my girlfriend after a year and a half together. We just ain’t clickin’ like we used to. She got her priorities; I got mine. We co-exist better living separate lives anyway. We’re good, just so you know. And the other thing: my bestfriend is still my bestfriend. We got past all that awkwardness and my foolishness. We decided that we’re better off not being romantically involved. She has this really cool boyfriend and I’m very happy for them. Good stuff, right? Just like in the movies. Now, if only I can muster up the courage to make a move on this new “leading lady” that’s been a recurring special guest star in this show I call “my life.”

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Swing Out Sister...Breakout! In Manila

I’m a 90’s guy. I lived through the ridiculously big white polo shirts, baston jeans, white sneakers, and of course, the stupid undercut haircut. I was but a child back then but the 90’s always provided lots of good memories, good experiences, and good music.

Swing Out Sister’s going to visit Manila. Woo! If someday I become famous (than I am right now…LOL) SOS’ going on my musical influences list. For those of you who don’t know who they are, and I know there are lots of you, (I could almost hear the line: “Ah sila pala kumanta nun!”) they are the duo behind Am I The Same Girl, La La La Means I Love You, Twilight World, Surrender, Fooled By A Smile, and of course, they’re most famous hit to date: Breakout. Oh, and they’re British.

I’d probably take my Ninong to this concert. After all, he did introduce me to the duo. He used to play his cassette tape (haha) in the morning and nighttime, so it’s what I hear when I wake up and also before I head off to dreamland. The reason, also, why I know their songs by heart.

Swing Out Sister…Breakout! Philippines Tour will be held at Araneta Coliseum on April 7th, 2008.

From TicketNet, ticket prices are as follows:
Patron VIP (first 10 rows 101 & 103) (Reserved Seating) = 4935
Patron (Reserved Seating) = 4725
Lower Box (Reserved Seating) = 3675
Upper Box A (Reserved Seating) = 2625
Upper Box B (Free Seating) = 1050
Gen. Admission (Free Seating) = 525

Yes, they’re a little expensive and I’ll probably be paying for my plus one, but hey, just like most of my friends who are going to the Incubus concert, it’s always cool to see bands that you grew up listening to. Kala nyo kayo lang ah. My turn! Better start saving now. (--,)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I Missed My Cousins

I missed Hannah and Camille, my cousins. It took, like, almost a month before I got to hang out with them. Ever since my schedule changed, I never got to spend time with them anymore. And the live less than a minute away. I used to eat dinner at them nightly when I was in the morning shift, that way, I get to eat free and I can catch up with what’s happening with the younger generation nowdays. Hehehe.

Anyway, I got to see them last Saturday after I got back from Laguna with friends. I was about to enter our house when my uncle’s auto passed by and dropped off my grandma, they heard mass. They asked me if I already ate and if I haven’t; I could have sandwiches at their house. I was really famished that time and sandwiches really won’t satisfy my hunger, but as I was excited from my trip that I wanna share stories to two of my favorite cousins, I went.

What’s new? What’s new? Oh, you have a new red computer plush chair. That’s what’s new!” “OMG! No way. That’s how long we haven’t seen each other, Kuya? That chair’s been there for, like, forever,” replied Hannah. (Emphasis on her sentence as she’s from Colegio San Agustin-Makati…and you know how kids act and speak there) So that just basically says that really, we haven’t seen each other for the longest time. You see, even if she’s just 15, she’s the cousin I’m closest and most attached to, as I took care of her when she was growing up, at least until they moved here in the South. And our age gap’s not that far, seriously. So I tell her silly little things and topics such as crushes, love life, and relationships; to her delight. (FACT: she knows lots about yours truly as she’s one person that I truly trust. So if you wanna dig up dirt on me, hehehe.) As long as she can’t relate with those, it’s all good. I never had siblings and I consider her my little sister. Hands off to those with intentions.

As I’ve said, I wanted to share stories about what’s new with me and a certain “someone,” but I never did got to tell. Apparently, she has this serious crush at school and she talked about him nonstop. I never got a chance to tell mine and besides, her eyes were gleaming with every story that I let her do all the talking. To the dismay of her parents and our grandma. Priceless. “Iha, you’re too young to be thinking about crushes and topless guys.” LOL. Good thing I wasn’t into crushes and relationships when I was high school, but that’s a whole different story. Serious as this is, I’m with the adults on this one. I’m cool with her having a crush and maybe turning it to something even better. Boyfriends and girlfriends are part of every teenager’s life and who am I to disagree. I just hope she doesn’t take it too seriously. I’ve been there and I don’t trust boys in high school, even in college. She has her whole future ahead of her. She’s probably going to Boston U or UCLA when she graduates next year and I wanna see to it that that pushes through. She’ll meet better looking dudes there anyways. Hehehe.

Oh, about Camille. Well, she’s younger and she just eats so nothing new really. But I missed her nonetheless. She’s still not in the “plan,” though.

Now, my apologies for the lengthy entry, it’s just that it’s been a while since I thought of a topic that isn’t work-related or depressing. Bottomline is: I missed them and I’ll make it a point to at least catch up once a week. Sundays, probably and hopefully. And…I’ll just share to her my “situation” one of these days. I’ll let her have her moment. She deserves it.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Doña Jovita Getaway

Very good weekend, if I say so myself. I got to go out of town with friends and colleagues. Yet again, I was invited to another event of another team, which is fine as these people I consider my friends. I’m particularly excited with this one as it’s not your typical dinner out or drinking sessions. It involves road trip, packing stuff, overnight, and swimming.

Our venue was Doña Jovita Garden Resort, situated in Calamba, Laguna (thanks to Keem). It was one of those resort-for-rent types but with lots more to offer. The place is huge and nice. Tons of things to do and plenty of available public pools. Of course, escapades like this is never complete and successful without videoke machines. Arnee, Zelle, and Shai, you gals are the best.

We stayed in this cozy cottage that’s good for 10. Cottages are meant for sleeping, but not for us. People talked about stuff, some, personal (Hehehe), until the sun rose Sunday morning. Funny thing is, everyone’s sober and yet we are surprisingly very honest with our answers and stories. Tsk tsk. Oh, some individuals would kill for the information discussed and questions answered that session. Hehehe. Let’s leave that as it is.

Then it’s time to swim. Initially, I didn’t plan to, but I brought swim gear anyway. Just in case. I’m still sick and no good comes out of swimming in the cold weather. But seeing people enjoying splashing around, what the hell. Very weird, I thought, as my colds were temporarily cured after the swim. Zelle and Arnee even checked up on me if I’m feverish or what, but no. I feel perfectly healthy.

We went up to this hill-like grotto with a big statue of the Blessed Mary situated around middle of the formation. Still psyched from the recently concluded Amazing Race, I hiked and was successful. Just don’t count the panting and seeing spots and doubles after reaching the grotto. It was worth it though, seeing the view and getting to admire it.

Time flies when you’re having fun. Like lots of us observed, no one really wants to leave nor go. People just don’t want to believe that it’s already 5:00 PM and it’s time to checkout. Probably because no one wants to go back to reality of work the next day or because the experience rejuvenates one’s soul, thus, they want to extend. But I know the reason. Even if I’m not their teammate and I’ve just met most of them, the relationships they formed and togetherness they’re so used to are just really overwhelming that you can’t help to feel that way. Of course, not to take away from my true family, but we each have our own definition and sense of relationships. Point is, we’re a team and we’ll always be one.
I admit that I’m no nature person. I won’t survive in the country for more than two weeks. I’ll get sick, trust me. I can’t survive away from the city, that’s a known fact. But, whenever I comeback from out of town trips, there’s something in me that wants to stay and for the experience to continue, especially if I’m among individuals that I care for.

Next stop: an outing with my family-slash-team. We’ve never done it before, at least, not together as a team. I know we’ll have a good time and I’m already excited.
To: Arnee, Zelle, Gemm, Shai, Marie, Sam, Iris, Enzo, Jake, Nathaniel, and of course, Keem…thanks very much! Until the next “kembang,” I’ll be waiting. Hahaha.

For pictures of this adventure: "Doña Jovita, Condensed Milk, Kembang..."

Saturday, February 16, 2008

I'm Sick

I’m sick. Literally. This is the first sickness that got me this year. I’m not used to feeling under the weather. I may not look that healthy, but trust me, my antibodies are doing their jobs very well. I only get sick around two to three times, tops, a year. Except last year where I was diagnosed with different illnesses and I needed to undergo oral surgery. But other than that, I’m Superman.

I don’t like being sick. It makes me weak. Even my friends notice when I am sick. I’m not the usual giddy jerk that they’re so used to encounter daily. Serious me! Yuck! All those late night sleeping and not eating right finally caught up with me. I wanna blame my shift but then again, I’m loving it much. I’m the boss of me. Still, freedom versus health; that’s a tough one.

Any other reasons? No, I think the health abuse says it all. It’s not just illness, though. There’s another reason why I’m feeling down. When will you ever learn, Tim? Seriously, when? Then again, do you really ever learn if it’s inevitable? Question should be: “Do you even want to learn?” It’s just that, it’s very rare I open doors. I just did. No one’s out there. I thought there was. Wrong house though. Sorry.

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Friday, February 15, 2008

Third? BOO!! BOO!! BOO!!

Well, I ain’t booin’ the majestic country, just their representatives in the recently concluded Amazing Race Asia 2. So what if they’re disabled, they have proven to the world that they got what it takes to win something that big and prestigious. But still, I don’t give a damn. (Feel my anger yet?)

From the very first leg of the race, it was Marc and Rovilson, (Team Philippines) who made everyone eat dirt. Just like what the host said when they were awarded the 3rd place spot, no one in the race can match the caliber of those two. It all came down to one single road block, a test of memory, and the hopes of bringing home the gold to our native soil vanished as the other teams completed their task ahead. Sucks big time.

In a season laden with hot people and good looking individuals, I have nothing against those two winners, it’s as simple as I don’t like them winning because I want my team to win. Gets? I’ll probably be happier if the sisters from Malaysia won. At least they’re in league with the Pinoys. But, of course, it’s just a game. And more often than not, the team or individual that you’re rooting for never seems to bring home the bacon. Well, at least, for me, never did. From all the reality shows that I’ve watched, I can think of only one instance that the team I rooted for won the game. That’s Flo and Zach by the way from the Amazing Race Season 3. My other picks and bet, well, they didn’t suck, but they didn’t win either.
Marc and Rovilson DESERVED that title. If you base it from their merits and attitude, I’m sure you cannot deny the fact that they should be the team proclaimed the winners of the Amazing Race Asia 2. Aaaarrrggg! Seriously, I hate it! Damn!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Talkin' Talk is Not Just Talk

Happy Birthday to my fone. Hahaha. I finally thought of something to write about. My ideas shared the Writer’s Guild strike that plagued America and one of the “supposed” causes for the genocide that transpired in the office. Anyway, I think I’m still experiencing writer’s block syndrome, and I know what’s causing it. (Bleh!) So this’ll just be a short entry. I just wanna greet my phone.

My phone’s three years old. Along with Charley, my Corona, she’s one of those important things my Lola Tits (+) left me before she passed away. That’s why this phone’s my favorite. It’s not high-tech and she’s not capable of those fancy features that the people nowadays go gaga about. I love this phone because she’s complete. It has all the basics needs plus more. FM Radio (a must), Music Player, cool camera (as I can’t pronounce the whole techie term for those pixels thing), Bluetooth technology, Infrared, and expandable memory. See? Complete! And it’s handy too. I’m so used to this phone that I really missed it when I bought my Moto Razr.

But now, I’m using it more than I use my Moto. Don’t ask! Hehehe. Let’s just say that the network in my 6230 fone is Sun. Nuff said! We’ve been through a lot and I guess I could say that my Nokia 6230 is one of my prized possessions. She may not be the hottest, but she’s definitely worth keeping. Hoping that your battery wouldn’t suddenly explode and that we share more years together.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Sunday Scribbles V

February 10, 2008

City of Paris, France

Cliché, I know. And so? Lots of people wants to visit the City of Lights, the City of Romance. I want to visit it for its culture and heritage. And I want to experience sitting in one of those cafes, listening to French music, looking at busy people, and hopefully, experiencing it with someone special. Naks. Hehehe. Just like that film “Before Sunset.” Lots hated that movie, while I bought the original DVD. Even if it was just 2 hours of pure conversation between two people, they have shown Paris in all its majesty. Oh, and the fashion thing, definitely worth seeing.

City of Milan, Italy
(Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and Trevi Fountain, Rome)

With its rich tradition and sumptuous food, I shall never miss visiting Italy. One of those places-to-go-before-I-die thing. Again, for the historical background and the classical sense of feeling that you get when you walk past those places that witnessed the renaissance era. Oh, and all the authentic pizzas and pastas you can eat. Drool! Art, art, art!

City of Dublin, Ireland

If my life goes according to plan, I will probably retire here. There’s something about living in Irish soil that I find really harmonious and relaxing. Possibly the lush green sceneries or its kinda angsty environment, I like it! Havin’ beer with the Irish, oh yeah!


Remember England? They ruled the world before the Americans? Why would anyone want to miss a splendid country such as the United Kingdom? I might even meet the Queen. I’ll go here for the fish and chips, the mystery, the royal feeling, and to learn more about the longest rulers of the world!

Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico

I have always wanted to be an archaeologist, and I find the Palenque dig very interesting. The Maya is one of the largest and oldest civilizations known to date. Just recently, they were mentioned in the film “National Treasure II: Book of Secrets,” which is of course fictional, but still, you can’t remove the fact that they were a big part of how the world, as we know, came to be. Cool, right!?

From my choices, it shows that I’m a big history buff. I just love history. But never dwell on the past. Hehehe. Anyway, my sole purpose for visiting these locations is for the experience and admiration of their culture and environment. This is one thing I would like to do in the future, or sooner: to travel. Hoping that it comes true. A lil’ tricky, this topic, Keem. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it.

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Friday, February 8, 2008

Of Classicness and Being a Fool

Lemme continue to relate this foolishness that I am feeling. The past few days were so-so. I ain’t irritable no more. At least, today I wasn’t. I have told a few trusted friends and the grins and smiles in their faces makes them look stupid (haha) but even more so, it makes me feel animated.

As I’ve said, this one’s different--for the following reasons:

- Being the idiot that I am, I usually use humor as means of communicating with people. Now, it’s like I’m suddenly Mr. Serious and I hate it. I hate planning every move I make for I might commit something that’ll affect impressions. BOO!

- I’m quiet. Seriously, I am. Please believe me. I really am. No, I swear! It’s almost like I’m timid. Oh hell! (No one ever believes me)

- I’m feeling it. Kinda feeling distant from my friends. But not really. I’m past that. Bros over hoes! Hehehe.

- And, since just like Sitti’s new song, “Ever Changing Moods,” well, my mood changes like I’m a sissy little girl. Tuesday I was irritated; Yesterday I was so-so; this afternoon I’m kinda back to my old self. Made some people laugh and went all classic around sunset.

I started this entry last night but stopped for Michael Scofield’s 30-sec escape. Obviously, the tone of the entry changed as I’m feeling different now. Lesson learned: finish blog before watching people escape from prison. But seriously, I still am feeling enamored (thesaurus as I don’t want to write that four-letter word). Slowly, I’m regaining my classicness. (Yes, I love the word “classic”) I figured, Classic Timee must reign. Last time around, putting my best foot forward did get me somewhere, but in the long run, them feet get tired and looked for comfort.

I learned lots and lots from the last two years that crafted my personality to date. And it always worked well for me. But since this is a different thing, being too crafty, I thought, may backfire. Then again, I’m better off acting like a fool than feeling like one after another “No.”

I don’t know if any of these made sense. I’m voting no. I can’t write right. Damn! One wish though. This may be the second of many more entries with the tag “feelings” below. Bear with a yearning young boy. Aryt?

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Of Feeling Kiligs and Badtripness

I feel irritable. Probably because of what happened over the past week. Or maybe because it’s February (bleh!). Perhaps it’s the freaky weather. Possibly my lack of nourishments as my schedule kicks my appetite away. I really don’t know.

By the way, I’m irritable when I like someone.

Which maybe the reason behind my exasperation for even the smallest things. I should be happy. But somehow, I always get involved with people who I shouldn’t be getting involved with. Whether they’re older, taken, not worth it, or just plain weird; you name it. Double sheesh!

But the feeling’s not all huffy. It’s been half a year since my break up and I haven’t touched any topics involving relationships or love itself. I’ve been through my share of crushes and linkages and love teams but I never took them seriously. I just enjoyed the publicity (until it went too far a couple of weeks ago…Hehehe)! This one’s different; I can feel it.

The last time I felt this eager and at the same time irritable, I knew I liked someone. Eager meaning? Simple. Now, I’m actually looking forward for something. It’s been months since my celfone’s been busy from incoming SMS’. I’m not the usual village idiot that I am. And, I’m smiling to myself. Irritable because? I ain’t sure if the feeling is mutual. If I’m misreading the signals. If the person's free. And if this is just another way to tell Timee, “You’re the perfect friend; stay that way!”


“Like” is such a strong word for me. If you really know me, you’d know how I think and why I don’t usually declare that four-letter word. So I guess I must really have a thing for this individual. For the meantime, I’m still looking forward for everyday and for anything that involves…her! ♥

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Several Other Wings Submerges

Chopping, chopping, chopping, and look-y look-y what I chopped:

The video/file had lots of interesting and intense words but this one felt like being slapped with a newspaper! So me chooses this one!

(.--) (--.) (.--) (--.)

Yet again, another elimination day for the reality show that is my account. Two days after the second purge, we lost several teams, yet again. (What else is new?)

Our “supposed to be” life saver, Voice Text, wasn’t totally eliminated, they’re left two agents. Wow, a shocker! Leo’s safe though and he’ll be returning to Offline.

Real Time Captioning or Voice Writing also got the boot, which means Kibi, originally one of us, was a casualty. I thought that I was the only Batch 17 left in the “show” but thankfully, they retained Uncle Roi. (Although, you can’t really call it gratefulness when they demote you back after assigning you supervisory responsibilities) Whoop!

Customer Care: two casualties. We hardly knew ye.

[Breathe! Breathe! You need to sit for this one]

And for the biggest shocker of them all: our QA team was totally eradicated. This was really disturbing. Over and over again we’ve said that we’re expecting this. But removing quality assurance in an account is just total loco! I’m only close with one QA, that’s you Keem, but still, you can’t dismiss the fact that that’s QA you’re axing! Whew. (Salutations to the QA Supervisor for choosing to go down with her team rather than stay behind!)

The two former supervisors of ET/GT, who were supposed to be squeezed into the remaining teams, got their pink slips too. (Now’s a good time for a glass of water)

And finally, the most stable team, we believe it to be, will be going bye-bye next week. Broadcast, consists of NPR and ABC, will just finish this one job and they might go straight to their General Assembly, which is scheduled sometime next week! Are you kidding me? They’re supposed to be the Boston Celtics of T&C!

What happens to my team now? They say we’re intact. They say we’re the only team generating income for the account. They assured us that we’re not going anywhere. They say that we’re the best of the best. Then again, that’s what they said to the QA team.

Lots have already happened and I still have one more work day, tomorrow.
Good thing I’m looking forward to this one big session for us victims. Hoping that everyone might join!

Nuff said!

Friday, February 1, 2008

American InDOLence

In reference to my buddy’s blog, “When Boredom Strikes,” I want to reiterate. Actually, I just can’t think of anything to write about. My ideas are on a break. Tsk tsk. Back to my bored friend. Apparently, indolence is contagious, as we were both feeling lethargic the whole freaking day. I was so tempted to be late this afternoon even if I was already at the office two hours early. I just wanted to sit there at our lobby and just sit. Literally, just sit. But the dude’s got to make a living. If I wasn’t tagged as the not-so-model employee, I’d be all classic me and do nothing. But no, more and more work are coming in.

My friend thinks there’s a reason behind our sluggishness; it’s just that he can’t quite put his finger on it. I agree, but I don’t want to touch nor find out what it is. You may go ahead, buddy. Tell me so I could ward it off. I didn’t even logged in to our office messenger because I don’t want my share of indolence to be disturbed. Good thing our seats aren’t comfortable as I would’ve set up a date with Sandman this afternoon.


Bye! Don’t even know how to end this. Suddenly, it occurred to me, it's the last day of January. Whoa, next thing you know it's summer time. The solution to boredom! Woohoo.

Oh, the highlight of my day is this line: “May pork ba ang Quezo de Bola?” LOL! Uttered none other by my bored partner. Hahaha. You made our day, man!

And, yes, there’s an “and,”…me gots another reason to look forward on end shifts. Bleh!