Friday, December 31, 2010

Never Again, 2010

Temper. I had the worst temper for 2010. It was probably my angriest year yet. And I haven’t had the slightest idea why I was so upset. The little things, as in insignificant things ticked me off. I was even scared sometimes that I might do something regrettably wrong. Fortunately, I did not and kept myself sane. However, I might be looking at a heart attack if I don’t calm myself soon. Calming myself soon is making progress, especially in the last few weeks. But that’s a whole nuther story.

2010 kinda sucked for me. And there’s no one major reason. It just did. Why? Here why:

- First off, my favorite talkshow host, Conan O’Brien, and his show were controversially dropped by those evil networks.
- Missed Avatar in IMAX because that placed is cursed.
- My favorite short book, Vince’s Life, concluded really bad. Stupid ending!
- The Tagaytay birthday trip was generally fun, but the turnout wasn’t that commendable. Thank you, so-called friends.
- Most of my weekends were spent home being pathetic and miserable.
- Charley’s got a couple of scratches because of idiot drivers and the most useless and stupid transportation: motorcycles.
- My favorite American Idol finalist, ever, Didi Benami, barely made it to Top 10.
- One of the best TV shows ever, it’s in my Top 10 all-time favorite list, Legend of the Seeker, was axed after two seasons.
- Richard Gordon didn’t even accumulate a million votes and the people believed a golden (or should I say yellow) boy will do a better job of running the nation.
- Lost, the TV show, ended. It was the most exciting and saddest 2 hours of my TV life.
- Boston Celtics bowed to LA Lakers in 7 games. It was a worthy and exciting series.
- WORST MOMENT OF 2010 GOES TO: transferring to Ortigas. I think that move was the catalyst for my being upset 24/7.

There were, however, some moments that are worth mentioning, like:
- Lots of christenings this year. AJ’s daughter, Ajee and I was godfather twice to the babies of colleagues, Akee for Renee and Sebastian for Roi. They somehow trusted me enough. But the best baptism of the year, and possibly ever, goes to Lexi’s Christening. Mobile bars, swanky dinner, hot patrons--good freaking times!
- This year, I probably spent more time in front of the screen than any other year. Downloaded so many stuffs, mostly TV shows that I follow. I guess it kept me sane for most of 2010.
- By summer, the boys and I were able to go to Lucena, Quezon for the infamous Pahiyas Festival. It was my first native festival and my buddies and I really enjoyed our time there.
- I was featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine. Yay!
- My beloved Red Lions and Red Cubs won double championships in the 86th season of NCAA. The Lions made history with their 18-0 sweep of the tournament and the Cubs winning back-to-back titles. I have to say that the celebration was off the hook for this one.
- Like last year, there were still lots of parties and events that I graced my presence with. Can’t say that they’re much or less fun than the others because of my belief that a party is a party, whether it blows or not. Went to my first worship concert this year to support Hannah and I actually enjoyed them. And no, I did not burst into flames.
- She’s birthday and 2010 Holidays. These two are my favorite moments of the year.

I admit, not all bad. But I cannot fathom to put the year 2010 and the word Awesome in a sentence together. The conclusion of my lady best friend’s four-year relationship scared me because for a moment there, the 2005 emerged and that year wasn’t also good on me. But after several depressed sequences and emo situations, and with the help of a new disaster waiting to happen, I, for the first time, felt there’s really nothing more there. We are just really, really good friends and I am genuinely happy that we are. I find that I’d be more happier with this semi-new character in my life. Caution to self, though: seriously challenging.

For 2011: I have but one goal--try to be truly happy. Don’t care how or why, I just don’t want to be angry anymore. I’m tired of being upset with every thing that isn’t even important to me. Maybe study. I remember saying I will definitely go all serious about my career when I reach 25, so I tried to save in 2010 to further my studies and that one’s actually very possible.

Okay, this is a lengthy one. But I did have lots to say. After all, I don’t write anymore these days. So again, disappointed for 2010 and hoping to be not angry for 2011. Seven hours before the year ends, bring out your noisemakers, kids. It’s time to drink and be merry. (--,)