Friday, December 12, 2008

Tonight, the Heavens Speaks

For as long as my memory permits me to remember, I can’t recall if I have ever experienced seeing a falling star. That changes tonight. Hmm…I’m not sure if what I saw was indeed one of ‘em rare wishing stars but it was bright, moving, and definitely falling. So, of course, only one thing comes to everyone’s mind in these kinds of situations: wish!

I wish the wish you wish to wish…

Didn’t hesitate nor think twice on what I wished. I know what I want and it was the first thought that came to mind. Ironically, what I wanted was nearby when the star fell, so it might actually strengthen the ridiculous belief. Yes, I am skeptical when it comes to these occurrences, but it wouldn’t hurt to wish right?
Turned to look, wished so hard, and smiled. Silly hopes, I know.

No worries. My wish is realistic and actually positively shallow or mababaw. It’s simple yet meaningful. And it will definitely make me the happiest. So, star, I hope you grant my inane wish. I wanna say I haven’t asked the heavens for anything, but I did, lots of times…to no avail. This time around, I’m feeling optimistic. Yeah, it made me smile. That’s rare.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

P 2,500

“Car Day” – a day in my life where I have to wake up early to bring my car to Quezon City to have it fixed or checked out.

I had always mixed emotions when it comes to “car days.” First, Quezon City is far. Why in the north? Because all the good mechanics are north people, and I have come to love and trust these toothless car laborers. Sure south people are as much knowledgeable when it comes to vehicles, but they also charge more. Much too fancy for my disposition. I don’t really look forward to car days because it usually results with me shelling out my riches (whatever that’s worth LOL) as having a car is synonymous to having your very own offspring, only prettier and sleeker. Hehehe. That makes my second reason: it’s freaking expensive for any repairs or useless pimpin’. Thirdly, I am just lazy to wake up on Monday mornings. And let’s face it; owning pre-owned automobiles, there will be more “car days” than national holidays.

My “Decepticon” of a car...

So, last Monday, I had one of ‘em “car days.” I’ve been putting off this important obligation to my car for quite some time now. And since December is just full of events and trips, my means of transportation must be in perfect running condition. We don’t want another Company Party Car Fiasco just like last year. That was really embarrassing! So, this time around I had several agendas: buy new tires to replace the balding ones, change my tire rods because they’re shaky, fix my idling screw because it’s screwing me, have it aligned as it is going to different directions when I don’t steer. Hah!

New tires: P 4,500
Tire rod joint: P 1,300
Labor: P 300
Alignment: P 400
Jonjon: P 250
Stupidity: P 2,500

Notice the stupidity? Yes, I made a booboo and it cost me P2,500! Why? I rammed my rear end to a “parked” car when I was backing. Emphasis on the “parked car.” I mean, who rams parked cars, right? Idiot! Idiot! Idiot! After a whole day of waiting while repairs are being made and grease-stained instances, I was finally done and was going to our ancestral home to have dinner. So I was backing and was waving with a stupid grin on my face to the mechanics. Then, bam! You know that classic expression where you know you committed something stupid and you know the inevitable is about to happen? I had that. Stupid. His damage: his bumper is scratched pretty obvious, some part was broken inside, and his rear side is dented. My damage: a single scratch line on top of my plates. Hah! My car’s a Decepticon! Good thing the owner was nice and not one of those car enthusiast maniacs. The car isn’t his anyways but it belongs to his brother-in-law. So, after a couple of car-related jokes and some negotiations, he settled for P2,500. And I sped off, running 40, safely, towards the sunset.

I may crack jokes about it but I really am lamenting over that P2,500. I was saving, well, actually for nothing, but I’m still saving. It’s so hard to save something for the longest time and then you lose it over sheer stupidity. Oh, anyway, what’s done is done. Maybe it’s a way of the Blessed Virgin to remind me that it’s the Feast of the Immaculate Conception and I should honor it. I did. Well, that’s another memory to add to what is already a memorable date: December 8.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Nick & Starr

One Million Dollars, Baby.
Wave the Nick & Starr Spangled Banner.

I win.
At least, the team that I was rooting for in the 13th season of the Amazing Race did.

Nick & Starr Spangler, brother and sister team, reached the finish line first and won the title of Winners of The Amazing Race 13. Their efforts and competitiveness really paid off as they crushed every team in this race by arriving and winning first place, seven out of the eleven legs. That’s one short of Marc and Rov’s feat last year. And for obvious reasons, they’re considered better because they won the race.

Countless times I have rooted for teams that may not be the best or most deserving, but still I want them to win. And they rarely do. Thirteen seasons of Amazing Race passed and only two times my team came out on top. First was season three’s Flo and Zach who, by all means, did not deserve the million dollars (at least Flo didn’t and yet she’s my favorite back then. Zach was the man! He should keep the million dollars to himself) still won and I was happy. Now, it’s Nick and Starr’s turn. And there’s no other team who deserve it more than these two siblings. Oh, and Starr is so hot it hurts!

Congratulations Nick and Starr!
See you in the Second All-Stars!

Friday, December 5, 2008


What I really want for Christmas…

Presenting Stoya…

Next best thing that came out of Philly since CheeseSteak.
It’s December, it’s cold, she’s better than a cup of hot cocoa.
She smokes even in the showers.
Probably the best solution to my temporary insanity.
Good god. I’m in love. Help.
Yo-Ho-ho-ho, and a bottle of eggnog!

Photo credit from Digital Playground

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Godspeed, Ivan

Can’t I survive a week without hearing any tragic news of people I know passing away? Seriously, it’s not even realistic anymore! It’s one thing to die from natural causes, that already hurts the people you leave behind; but being brutally murdered for some petty reasons? How do you think the loved ones who were left would feel? It’s the victim who had it easy. He or she won’t ever have to see or experience the grief and sorrow that his or her family and friends are going through because of what happened to him or her.

“Only Ivan can get away from wearing couture we would secretly love to be seen in.”

A 27-year-old colleague of mine, Ivan Joel de Guzman, was found dead in his condominium yesterday, December 1, 2008, early morning. Initially most of us, his friends, thought it was only an accident, a car accident at that. But recent reports stated there was foul play involved, that he was killed and a fire was set to cover up the murder. It was our supervisor who broke the news to me through an SMS message, and I was seriously surprised. Not him. He does not fit the type who will be lay wasted just like that. Like most of our colleagues who wrote about this tragedy, I myself am not really rubbing elbows with this guy. But still, I know him, I hung out with him, and he has my full respect. Only Ivan can get away with wearing couture we would secretly love to be seen in. He was this jolly giant whose height I envied and I think no one will contest, the most fabulous transcriptionist amongst everyone.

Whoever said that outsourcing companies are full of pretentious people, you obviously don’t know that there’s a little account named T&C exists. After reading so much concern and love for our fallen comrade, I just realized that one will never have to worry about being remembered.

What your horoscope had to say about yesterday. Found it while I was going through your Facebook to borrow some images. Yep, you were more popular and in-demand, not the good kind but you still were!

Ivan, God bless, man.
You left us totally unexpected and the manner that you did…very painful…but hey, in true fashion form, you left us rockstar-style.
The Lord must be in dire need of a good DJ to invite you in his private party up there.
I know there’s a big welcoming event wherever you are right now.
Party hard up there! You’re officially missed!

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