Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Didi Benami

Vered Didi Benami

What does become of a broken hearted? Well, I, for one, am. Such a sad, sad day for me as my personal American Idol, DIDI Benami leaves this season. Words cannot express how depressing this is and how frustrating the season has become. DIDI is different. She ain’t just a finalist that I’m rooting for this season. I will go as far as saying that she is my favorite Idol ever. She may not be the best, but there’s just something about her that melts me every time I hear her captivating voice and that oh-so-perfect smile.

In the past seasons, whenever my favorite leaves the competition, I swore to not watch Idol anymore but ended up not missing any episodes anyway. Probably because I consider meself a true Idol fan. But not this time around. It’s oh-so-different. Countless proclamations of this season being the worst ever. And I agree with them. And the one saving grace for me, DIDI, was sent home packing. Why bother? I have no one to look forward to. At least in the past, when a good one goes home, there are still other finalists who might be less deserving but will be more than happy to piss off everybody by bringing “moments” week after week. Not this year. I do not see anyone that will blow me away the way DIDI did.

DIDI was the first Idol hopeful who I believe the judges actually considered using their save for. It’s just that to use the save this early in the competition is highly unlikely. Regardless, I feel screwed.

Thank you, DIDI Benami for auditioning and making it to American Idol. You gave me something to look forward to on Wednesdays and Thursdays in the three months that you were on air. Please continue your music career as you will always have a fan, supporter and an admirer in me. Yes, indeedy, DIDI! (—,)