Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Havianas Cartunistas

Back when I was still unemployed, I often think of what I'm gonna buy with my very first paycheck. Espresso machine: this is what I was really aiming for. Then again, now that I am working, all I can afford with my earnings are those 3-in-1 coffee drinks. And I can get those for free from Mom. Next best thing: apparel--second on my "Things-I'm-Going-To-Buy-When-I-Earn." This is where flipflops comes into picture. Even before this whole "Havaianas hype" hits the Philippines, I already knew what Havaianas are. Famous Hollywood people are already into it, some, wearing it to Red Carpet affairs. Curiosity prevails over me. I have had to get me one of them slippers. Reality bites: Havianas doesn't come cheap, to some extent, really over-priced. Then again, sometimes you can get away with little indulgence.

13 paychecks later--I bought my first-ever earning investment: Havianas Cartunistas. Trust me, I would've bought it sooner, it's just that I have this whole "procrastination-when-buying-something" thing. That's a whole nuther' story. Hehehe. Anyhoo, come Summertime, buying beach footwear would be necessary. I asked a friend what she thinks will suit me. Since I can't wear them new metallic ones (for girls), I should go for the Brazil designs. I did have a hard time buying my pair though. There were no stocks of the one I chose. I've been to all "All Flip Flops" stores to no avail. So last Monday, decided to check out the newly opened "Serendra" at Fort Bonifacio. Found out that there's an "All Flip Flops" boutique there. Their store was huge with lots of designs and colors. I was torn. Sat there and tried a few. Orange or brown?! In the end, I found chemistry between the brown Havaianas Cartunistas and my feet.

Cutscene: Cashier. "Cash or charge?!" Still, they're expensive. "Why not just buy ordinary slippers?" "Do you really need to spend a fortune on a pair of slippers?" For me: NO! But that's not the point I'm making. I'm saying that this is indulgence for me. Yes, I'm stingy, but once in a while I want to invest on something I want, something I aim for.
So, no judgments please. I'm happy with my purchase. I wear it to bed at nightime when it's sleeping time. Hahaha. Really, it's nice...

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