Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Friday Club

Remember, “T.G.I.S.” that teen-oriented show about this group of friends and their escapades together? Well, I am not included in any show whatsoever (yet) but we have this sort of “barkada” thing going on. The Friday Club or TGIF is what we call ourselves. It all started with this clubbing invite that Kads got online. It basically goes like this: the girl sends out invites on this particular day, we reply with our names, and we’re in the guest list. How cool is that? No long lines and free passes, just like in the movies. So we decided to go…one Friday night.

Little did I know that it will be the start of something great. Won’t go into anymore details as Kads pretty much covered that night here. We did asked some friends of us to go with us but it seems that we two are the only ones up for those kinds of gimiks, they all said “next time.” It was a great pilot episode and one of my more memorable moments this summer.

Thus comes “next time.” The next Friday, Gimaru and Lorraine, a professional drinker, decided they wanna go binge drinking. I had to cross mountains to convince my good ol’ wingman to oblige with the binging. The makings of what would be, The Friday Club. The next night, Saturday, Gimaru and Lorraine are excited. They’ve been planning this “night out” the whole week. It turned out to be just the three of us, braving the storm, and having session on Pier One, The Fort. (It is in this event that I introduced San Mig Super Dry to them) Kads went all classic on us, so it really was a threesome event. No matter, as expected, Good times!

Third Friday, and we have officially established The Friday Club. This time, we were joined by another professional drinker (no doubt, a regular cast member), Zelle. Gimaru suggested that we try this bar that she’s frequenting, Cable Car. The place is sweet. It’s a genuine tavern-type bar and you can really feel its authenticity from its decors and furnishings. We really had a great time. We even had breakfast (party till the break of dawn, literally).

All these parties, you’d think we’re from Upper East Side or something. Fourth Friday. We’re broke. Totally bankrupt. But being the party animals that we are, we just couldn’t miss this Friday night. Next best thing, buy alcohol from the convenience store and hang outside. Lorraine aptly called us Muchos Grasas on this one. See, here in our country, people drink booze so much that they don’t really care where and when they do it. So, what better way to show nationalism than to drink in the streets and document everything. Hah! Novice Drinker, Shaila, joins as a regular cast on this episode.

Season Finale. Our show has come to an end on its fifth and final Friday night out, which was last night. Initially, our plan was to go clubbing but Gimaru ain’t up for dressing up and mingling with the high society so I suggested we go tailgating. From Wiki, tailgating is an event which is held on and around the open tailgate of a vehicle. Was thinking that we kick it old school style. Our parents used to tell us that their sessions back in the old days consist of coolers, drafts, vehicle trunk, and parks. So I did bring our cooler and was particularly excited for this one. We ended up instead at Music Match at Macapagal Boulevard. It’s a karaoke establishment where you pay for rooms and you sing your hearts out. Aside from booze, TGIF also loves to sing. And we’re (except me) pretty good at singing. At 3am, the establishment decided to rain on our parade and made us go home. Sheesh. No coffee shops are open within the area and Novice is yet again unconscious. We decided to go back to our office area to meet up with a special guest star, Soffy, as his shift ends around that time. Had another round at Chiggy’s before calling it, the season. Next week, Lorraine, Gimaru, and Shaila’s shift will change and it will be quite impossible for Friday night outs.

Sounds like a sitcom, right? It’s like “F.R.I.E.N.D.S” or probably “Cheers” as it involves drinking and having a good time. But seriously, I consider May the best month of this year so far. I went back to my gimekero roots and spent time with some very awesome people. I’m sure The Friday Club will be picked up for a sophomore season. When and how is the question.

To Kads (Wingman), Zelle (Professional Drinker/Smoker/Parent), Lorraine (Professional Drinker/ Photographer), Gimaru (Drinker/ Organizer), and Shaila (Novice Drinker), I wanna thank you for all the good times that we had. It was fun till it lasted. Good run, guys. Until the next Friday…this is your Professional Pilot/Drinker/Parent saying “Good times!”


keem said...

Saya! I was once a professional drinker too back in college. And you mentioned Pier One. I remember the one in Libis back in the day, always reminds me of something I did during my dark ages hehehe!

Kadz said...

Haha. I look maniacal in a good sot of way. B-)

Sayang naman at natapos kagad tong Friday Club. Malay mo me season two pa.

timeenutlatte said...

Keem: I know. Fun Fun Fun! Ah, Libis. I miss that place. We frequent that place when I was in high school. All the establishments tho' that we used to go to are now closed. Hehe. Reminiscing the "dark ages"..sigh..those were the days!!

timeenutlatte said...

Kads: And I quote Kurin, "may dalawang klase lang ng lalake: May mga lalakeng manyakis at may mga lalakeng manyakis." Nuff said!

Okay na din. You can attest to this: naghihirap na tayo! Gapang na as in. Nyahaha.

No worries..I'm sure we'll be picked up for another season. And by that time, you hafta be there as a regular. Harhar (--,)

Brandie said...

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