Sunday, May 31, 2009

We’re All Free...

It’s been exactly five years since I felt this way. That’s when Ross turned around from his answering machine, opened his apartment door, and seeing Rachel outside with her uttering these very words: “I got off the plane.” I distinctly remember somewhat feeling dehydrated and soaked Kleenexes all over my room. Now before you worry, the reason behind my “hagulgol” was not a matter of life and death. It wasn’t even directly relative to me. And no one close to me died, just so we’re all clear. I just, you know, watched the final four episodes of the TV show “Prison Break.”

Series over. Season four was the final season, which gave the great show its conclusion and wrapped up all the loose ends from all those years. I don’t want to go into details on how it all went down because you should watch it to truly appreciate it or, in my case, cry like a damn little girl from all the drama. But I must say, the writers outdid themselves by serving us a spectacular finale. We got to see familiar faces and old favorites that made the show impossible to miss! My viewing experience went from total excitement from every scene to, well you know...

I still stand with my belief that the show kinda went downhill after its sophomore season and even on some parts of its final season. And it’s about time we end all of this breaking from prison! But, after giving us the conclusion, Prison Break will go down in history as one of the best shows ever. And I firmly believe that I am not the only person in this lifetime who feels that way.

Right about now, I should be writing my “May” entry and believe me, it’s gonna be a long one. But instead, I’m still sniffing ridiculously and my chest feels like someone decided to play drums inside it. Fitting will be the word I shall use to describe the ending of Prison Break! Michael, Sara, Linc and all those involved...thank you for giving four years of action-packed, drama-filled entertainment.

We’re all free...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dear You’s

Let’s thank/blame my favorite cousin, Hannah, for introducing me to the wonderful, dramatic, somewhat emo world of “Dear You’s.” It is supposed to be very therapeutic for the mind and heart. Tidbits of feelings expressed in short sentences directed to individuals concerned. Beer makes me sleepy so let’s see if this one works.

Five… four… three… two… one…

Dear You’s.

• My very first “you” is dedicated to you just because you used to be the most important person in my life. And who knows, someday you might regain that title. I’m pretty sure you will.

• Right now, “you” are the most important individual for me. Taboo? I don’t think so. I have weird taste, I know. But there’s something about you that is bringing out the fool in me.

• I missed “you.” I’m sorry I overthought things. I really thought we could be something special. But of course, I did nothing and now you are happy. I’m okay now, by the way. I really am happy that you are happy.

• So, a ghost returns. Do I turn “you” away? If you’re bringing something I want, then I certainly won’t.

• I need a new secret-keeper to replace “you.” Sure I have people in stock but what do you know? I value your opinion and your perspective. I can’t just kick it with them left.

• “You,” I am thankful for. Like I said, we’re not so much different when it comes to these things and I know you understand silly old me. You still scare me though!

• I admire “your” fighting spirit. I secretly wish I have it. Your foolishness may not be a match to my confidence but it certainly will put up a good fight. Prove to them that situations such as yours also happen in real life.

• And lastly, you know I love “you” and you’re one of my favorite persons in the world that’s why I don’t want you getting hurt. I trust that you know what you’re doing even if you’re inexperienced. I got your back s’long as you’re happy. does help!

Bien à vous (--,)

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Before I ended my March blog, I specifically said April will deliver big time. As expected, it did. It held our family’s event of the year, which I think won’t be topped by anything soon. And our office summer get-together transpired within the month that jumpstarted several epiphanies.

The days leading to the start of the month, I promised I’d record every moment worthy to be included in my monthly recaps but I should have known better than to trust myself with such responsibility. Again, I know I’m missing some events that I attended but then they must have been sucky for me to forget them! So without further adieu, I present to you the best month so far of 2009.

April 2, 2009 | Hannah’s 18th Birthday Dinner
This day makes it official…Hannah is of legal age. Scary! I was actually already comprehensive when she was born so that means Father Time’s has his eyes one me now. Intimate family dinner and the chocolate cake that night was totally awesome; all digested after several walks around the village.

April 4, 2009 | Hannah’s 18th
Said it before, saying it again…this was the Ventura’s Event of the Year. How could it not be? We were all dressed up (even Ninong) to celebrate Hannah’s debut at Dusit Hotel. Program was great, food was great, the guests were great, her friends are awesome, so I guess the only word to describe this one is…awesome!

April 6, 2009 | Family Day at Trinoma
Last month, I mentioned that it was my father’s birthday but we did not meet up or did anything to honor that day. This was the day that changes that. Trinoma kinda sucked though. It was really far and not conducive to those who lack sleep. Eat-All-You-Can at Cabalen highlights this day.

April 10, 2009 | Black Saturday Street Foods
Okay, the occasion actually fell the day before this one, Good Friday. But as our bosses are minions of the man downstairs because they do not honor Holy Week, I wasn’t able to attend the annual Siete Palabras (7 Last Words). Picked up Iya though and they served kwek-kwek (egg fritters) and fish & squid balls whilst we used fondue sticks for dinner.

April 17, 2009 | Uncle’s 50th Birthday Dinner
Who would’ve thought siomai and a barrel of KFC’s original recipe chicken will make the absolute perfect dinner combination?! These people really know how to throw a dinner party. Uncle is golden…solid!

April 18, 2009 | T&C Summer Partehy
Close to two months in the making, our so-called “outing” turns out to be a party instead. Well, we can’t really object and we were so close to not going. But gotta hand it to our superiors for making a good case. Good food, fresh drinks, bitchin music, one wild boss sums up the night.

April 19, 2009 | Uncle’s 50th Birthday Celebration
If the night before didn’t deliver much, then it’s a good thing that Uncle decided to throw a major party for the family at our clubhouse. Oh yeah, Spanish menu was served and free-flowing beer, makings of a great party. We actually made an AVP for him, which he actually enjoyed. LOL!

April 27, 2009 | Fast & Furious
It was eight years since the first film came out, it is only fitting that I watch the movie that brought all of them back together. I almost missed this one because theaters nowadays pull out movies after two weeks or so. Whew! Movie was great, not as “whoa” like the first installment but it’s worth it.

Something tells me I’m forgetting something. Damn it! What and when it could it be? If it comes up, I shall include it.

Shoutout of Happy Birthdays to: Hannah, Uncle Alex, Heidi, Lola Des, Tita Cookie, Reg, Tita Odoy, Tita Ginny, Kevs, Cyrus, Ralph, Lawrence, Ter, Jay-M and Aries.

The one event that I missed was Kevs’ Tabu Bar birthday session as it fell on the same night as Uncle’s dinner party. In the 15 years or so that we knew each other, this is actually the first time he invited me to his birthday party, so I really am sorry and disheartened that I wasn’t able to go.

May, I don’t know about May. I’m sure it will hold some crazy nights and maybe even an outing or two. But I always hated rainy season and May marks its start. The annual MeanBoys summer getaway is schedule in the first week of May but due to avoidable circumstances, it was moved to God-knows-when. Bah!

April also presented a lot of surprises. I appreciated hip-hop this month and actually preferred dancing to singing. All thanks to Hannah’s debut. But what’s really surprising? First, well it’s not really a surprise and I kinda expected it but I wouldn’t know its impact would be that epical. Secondly, now the second was a surprise. Who would have thought it was still possible? Is it good news? We’ll find out in May. (--,)