Friday, December 31, 2010

Never Again, 2010

Temper. I had the worst temper for 2010. It was probably my angriest year yet. And I haven’t had the slightest idea why I was so upset. The little things, as in insignificant things ticked me off. I was even scared sometimes that I might do something regrettably wrong. Fortunately, I did not and kept myself sane. However, I might be looking at a heart attack if I don’t calm myself soon. Calming myself soon is making progress, especially in the last few weeks. But that’s a whole nuther story.

2010 kinda sucked for me. And there’s no one major reason. It just did. Why? Here why:

- First off, my favorite talkshow host, Conan O’Brien, and his show were controversially dropped by those evil networks.
- Missed Avatar in IMAX because that placed is cursed.
- My favorite short book, Vince’s Life, concluded really bad. Stupid ending!
- The Tagaytay birthday trip was generally fun, but the turnout wasn’t that commendable. Thank you, so-called friends.
- Most of my weekends were spent home being pathetic and miserable.
- Charley’s got a couple of scratches because of idiot drivers and the most useless and stupid transportation: motorcycles.
- My favorite American Idol finalist, ever, Didi Benami, barely made it to Top 10.
- One of the best TV shows ever, it’s in my Top 10 all-time favorite list, Legend of the Seeker, was axed after two seasons.
- Richard Gordon didn’t even accumulate a million votes and the people believed a golden (or should I say yellow) boy will do a better job of running the nation.
- Lost, the TV show, ended. It was the most exciting and saddest 2 hours of my TV life.
- Boston Celtics bowed to LA Lakers in 7 games. It was a worthy and exciting series.
- WORST MOMENT OF 2010 GOES TO: transferring to Ortigas. I think that move was the catalyst for my being upset 24/7.

There were, however, some moments that are worth mentioning, like:
- Lots of christenings this year. AJ’s daughter, Ajee and I was godfather twice to the babies of colleagues, Akee for Renee and Sebastian for Roi. They somehow trusted me enough. But the best baptism of the year, and possibly ever, goes to Lexi’s Christening. Mobile bars, swanky dinner, hot patrons--good freaking times!
- This year, I probably spent more time in front of the screen than any other year. Downloaded so many stuffs, mostly TV shows that I follow. I guess it kept me sane for most of 2010.
- By summer, the boys and I were able to go to Lucena, Quezon for the infamous Pahiyas Festival. It was my first native festival and my buddies and I really enjoyed our time there.
- I was featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine. Yay!
- My beloved Red Lions and Red Cubs won double championships in the 86th season of NCAA. The Lions made history with their 18-0 sweep of the tournament and the Cubs winning back-to-back titles. I have to say that the celebration was off the hook for this one.
- Like last year, there were still lots of parties and events that I graced my presence with. Can’t say that they’re much or less fun than the others because of my belief that a party is a party, whether it blows or not. Went to my first worship concert this year to support Hannah and I actually enjoyed them. And no, I did not burst into flames.
- She’s birthday and 2010 Holidays. These two are my favorite moments of the year.

I admit, not all bad. But I cannot fathom to put the year 2010 and the word Awesome in a sentence together. The conclusion of my lady best friend’s four-year relationship scared me because for a moment there, the 2005 emerged and that year wasn’t also good on me. But after several depressed sequences and emo situations, and with the help of a new disaster waiting to happen, I, for the first time, felt there’s really nothing more there. We are just really, really good friends and I am genuinely happy that we are. I find that I’d be more happier with this semi-new character in my life. Caution to self, though: seriously challenging.

For 2011: I have but one goal--try to be truly happy. Don’t care how or why, I just don’t want to be angry anymore. I’m tired of being upset with every thing that isn’t even important to me. Maybe study. I remember saying I will definitely go all serious about my career when I reach 25, so I tried to save in 2010 to further my studies and that one’s actually very possible.

Okay, this is a lengthy one. But I did have lots to say. After all, I don’t write anymore these days. So again, disappointed for 2010 and hoping to be not angry for 2011. Seven hours before the year ends, bring out your noisemakers, kids. It’s time to drink and be merry. (--,)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Jess James & Lani Pillinger | Party Girls

Jacinta “Jess” James (27) and Lani Pillinger (27) | Party Girls

Here’s our bet for the fourth and newest season of Amazing Race Asia. Well, one of our bets anyways. But let’s face it, the other team’s a pair of athletic guys screaming doucheyness all over.

Jess is a tattoo artist and Lani is a model. And I’m sure they have much more achievements than what the AXN website gave us. Both are Aussies. But I’m certain they won’t pull off what Marc and Rovilson did from their season. Let’s just hope they come close, possibly the Dustin & Kandice of Asia.

Party girls. Right. Here’s hoping that the bikini bodies work and charm their way to the finish line.

PS: Been bitchin about getting a tattoo for the last month, and methinks Jess will be the solution. I wonder is she’s, well, gentle. (—,)

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Creepingly awesome. Two words that I will describe myself this very moment. I am awesome because I always deliver. I made it my mission to find this certain person in Facebook, and after months and months of determination, I finally did. Creepy because (see last sentence). But please, lay down your stones and restrain yourselves from aiming them at me. I actually have a good back story for this one.

See, this chick is a 10. It is rare to impossible to actually have a co-worker who is a 10. Don’t believe me? Come Monday, I want you to spend the whole work day observing officemates and company personnel and see if you can spot a 10. (Good luck succeeding at that!) Most 10s are untouchables. They either own the company, the daughter of the owner of the company or they are screwing the owner of the company (I don’t judge!), hence, untouchables. But let’s get back to my point. You see, Tsaktra, (not her real name. Tsaktra is too cool for us to know her real name!) is the particular 10 in this story. She is what one might call an exotic Asian delight. She literally stops traffic every time she crosses the street. One time, a friend almost caused a scene by tripping on one of the busiest avenues in the country, just because she (yeah, she’s female. what?) got distracted by Tsaktra. And the hearts of every dude in the office skips a beat every time she’s in close proximity. Best thing about this is, I feel that she may actually be touched, in a good-natured and totally appropriate way.

Let’s pretend for a moment that we are in a cheeseball movie and I introduce myself to Tsaktra and tell her that she’s a 10. Let’s also pretend that my fictional me will not crash and burn and Tsaktra actually finds me amusing and interesting, possibly cute. Awesome. Pretentiousness rules! Now let’s get back down to earth and stay a good two feet away from the doll.

Now, here’s my point: if you really, really want something and your heart is kind and pure, chances are you will not get that something that you really, really want. This is real life, kids. You don’t get to be happy. You only get to be visually satisfied. That’s what social networking sites are for. (—,)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Didi Benami

Vered Didi Benami

What does become of a broken hearted? Well, I, for one, am. Such a sad, sad day for me as my personal American Idol, DIDI Benami leaves this season. Words cannot express how depressing this is and how frustrating the season has become. DIDI is different. She ain’t just a finalist that I’m rooting for this season. I will go as far as saying that she is my favorite Idol ever. She may not be the best, but there’s just something about her that melts me every time I hear her captivating voice and that oh-so-perfect smile.

In the past seasons, whenever my favorite leaves the competition, I swore to not watch Idol anymore but ended up not missing any episodes anyway. Probably because I consider meself a true Idol fan. But not this time around. It’s oh-so-different. Countless proclamations of this season being the worst ever. And I agree with them. And the one saving grace for me, DIDI, was sent home packing. Why bother? I have no one to look forward to. At least in the past, when a good one goes home, there are still other finalists who might be less deserving but will be more than happy to piss off everybody by bringing “moments” week after week. Not this year. I do not see anyone that will blow me away the way DIDI did.

DIDI was the first Idol hopeful who I believe the judges actually considered using their save for. It’s just that to use the save this early in the competition is highly unlikely. Regardless, I feel screwed.

Thank you, DIDI Benami for auditioning and making it to American Idol. You gave me something to look forward to on Wednesdays and Thursdays in the three months that you were on air. Please continue your music career as you will always have a fan, supporter and an admirer in me. Yes, indeedy, DIDI! (—,)

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Coffee Mate - Inspired

Nescafe always delivers awesome advertisements. And I must say that this is by far my favorite. The 34-second video captures the simplicity and purity of a sophisticated couple. Those of you really know me will be thinking, “You hypocrite bastard. You do not believe in all this absurdity.” Quite true.

But, here’s my take on its message: young couple, enjoying each other’s company, not fully committed, living on their own, and no pesky kids around. Now that, for me, is the perfect way to live. Awesome!

Won’t hurt too if the girl in this one will be the same in my version: Solenn Heussaff! (—,)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Catch-22 Celebration

I hate new years. Well, I don’t hate-hate it; I just do not love the idea. See, when a new year starts, it signifies that my current age will end as well. Obviously, I do not like growing a year older. Upon reaching 18, I wanted to stop growing older. I was of legal age and let’s leave it at that. But no!

The other reason why I feel miserable on Januaries is because in the recent years, I was never able to decide on what to do for my birthday. When I was younger, bringing loot bags to school makes you an elementary god. Swimming parties and theme parks makes a kid say, “This is the best birthday ever!” Lunch and dinner with the family is a safe bet to celebrate my birthday, but then again, I have been doing that since I’ve started this whole birthday celebration thing. Not to take anything away from them because I am eternally grateful for all the parties and events held in my honor. But it has come to a point where I want to do something unique and different for my birthday.

For the coming weekend, I planned on going up to Baguio but then I realized I won’t have anyone to go up with. I’m still contemplating on whether I should travel by myself. It might actually do some good for me. Or, one of my uncles just offered a certificate for an overnight stay in one of the best resorts here in the country. But I still want to go with people in my age group. Maybe I should do something extreme to make this a memorable one.

What I really want to do though is simple. It’s so simple that it will sound really pitiful. What would really make me happy is a simple date. I just want to spend my birth day eating, hanging out and doing ordinary stuff with someone awesome. But, that’s wishful thinking. I have no one to go out with.

I swear... This will be the last year I will feel this way before and on my birthday. Next year, I’ve been in this world for a quarter of a century. That needs some serious celebrating. I will throw one of the biggest parties that I guarantee people I invite will bow down to the Party God! That is, if I do not have someone to share my birthday with someone, well, awesome! (--,)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Personal Top Ten Songs of 2009

In 2008, I finally succumbed to party tunes and welcomed urban music. That kinda continued to 2009 but my selection consists mostly of pop tunes. They’re mostly singles from chicks, but, who cares? I said personal. I enjoy pop music.

Glee also played a big part on my music last year but since it did not release any original songs, they don’t make the cut!

10. Miley Cyrus - Party In The U.S.A.
The first Miley Cyrus song that is actually good. Listened to it just before the year ended so it still counts, right?

09. Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling
This might be the number one song of the year, so obviously, it’ll show in everyone’s charts. Didn’t really “feel” it that much though.

08. LMFAO feat ‘Lil Jon – Shots
Shots shots shots shots shots... shots shots shots shots shots... shots shots shots shots shots... Everybody!

07. Pussycat Dolls feat A.R. Rahman - Jai Ho
India’s best soundtrack song of 2008 gets a pop makeover from the Pussycat Dolls. This track spawned much love for the Indian culture.

06. Taylor Swift – You Belong With Me
How can you not include Taylor Swift? Seriously, she’s the breakthrough artist of 2009 and you just can’t help but relate to the message of the song.

05. The Fray – You Found Me
The only manly song in my list and might be the soundtrack of my year, if that makes sense.

04. Ke$ha - Tik Tok
Ke$ha will go places in 2010. Trust me. People who brush their teeth with a bottle of Jack always succeed in life. And she’s hot.

03. Keri Hilson feat Kanye West, Ne-Yo – Knock You Down
Might be the most underrated song of 2009. Wait, it does feature Kanye so, snubness accepted! But I still really loved this song.

02. Cobra Starship feat Leighton Meester - Good Girls Go Bad
Blair Waldorf, the Queen Bee herself, sings in this track! Is that not reason enough? And keytarist Victoria Adams also appears in my hottest people in 2009.

01. Paradiso Girls feat Eve, Lil Jon - Patron Tequila
Aria Crescendo. This is a girl that I can totally see myself enjoying with. Oh, right, about the song. It encourages girls to drink tequila and somewhat awesome advertisement for Patron. Why is it number one? Aria Crescendo and it’s about alcohol! Put ya drinks up!ΓΌ

Music for 2010: Mash-ups and Remixes. And more from Glee!

Up Next: Top Ten Movies of 2009 (--,)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Don’t Stop Being Awesome

I never did!

Happy New Year! Now that my obligatory greeting’s out of the way, I can go about my business of welcoming 2010 with my first hurrah. the word I was looking for last night/year when I felt like I had to write something just before the year ends. Indeed, 2009 was an awesome year and not just because I’m awesome, but like I said, there were lots to be thankful for from the year that just passed.

For 2010, I don’t know. Maybe I’ll just take 2010 one day at a time. I will not set any goals since I don’t accomplish them anyways. The Mayan Party God saw light in 2009, and he shall still rule in 2010.

Don’t stop believing... another thing I am not capable, I’m afraid, of not doing! (--,)