Sunday, July 27, 2008

High School Confidential

Coffee nightouts with Biboy may probably be bad for my disposition. Nah, of course not. It’s just that, sure it brings back all the good memories, but it kinda makes me think what the hell I’ve been doing in that span of six years after graduating from high school.

Our batch was famous for notoriety. The school administration was literally jumping for joy and shouting out praises when our batch finally left the halls of our beloved den. Nevertheless, I am very proud of that batch. Sure, we were known to be troublemakers and lower batches are probably intimidated from us--but I would classify our transgressions as “organized crime.” Hahaha. Yes we wreaked havoc but with definite finesse and sophistication, and mind you, no one got totally hurt. Our teachers never dreaded teaching our batch, au contraire, they have fun trying to control us. Pointless, really.

It’s the second time this month last night that me and Biboy met up for late night coffee. And like typical high school kada get-togethers, exchange of stories doesn’t really change. Topics of our conversations are basically the same but we never get tired of hearing of it. We still laugh at that one particular instance and we still remember how we felt on that disappointing soiree. Loads of stories, actually, and my role in the kada was to document and remember everything.

Now, to my point. All this talking made me curious as to what my batch mates are now up to. So, through the wonders of 20th century technology, Friendster actually, I looked up old friends and classmates. Good thing we have our own batch account so checking up on them wasn’t really that hard. And the common denominator? 90 percent of them are “in a relationship.” You know, their primary photos are images of them with their respective significant other in their most sweetest and mushiest posing they could muster. Good, huh? Yes, of course. I am very happy that they are happy. The thing that kinda bummed me is that those kids that we made fun of back then are getting seriously “lucky.” Karma, you might say, whilst I say it’s my pihikan-ess that explains why my primary photo is a solo one. Again, not complaining; just bummed. And I found out that at least 15 of my batch mates are now settled down and got kids of their own. Now, that’s worth mentioning and definitely not something to be envious about. Haha!

Still believe that get-togethers are a mistake? Heck no! I look forward for more. And the next time, I hope the whole gang’s present. And this idea might become a reality sooner than they think. There’s another Star Wars movie that’s about to be shown next month and we have this tradition and pact that we need to honor! Yay! (--,)

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Digital Love

And I thought I wasn’t technology-dependent. After weeks of not having my daily fix of Web access, I am suffering. No more sleepless night, literally, and that’s just bad for me. By midnight I’m already in bed, to the delight of my radio as our friendship is slowly being renewed. I’m just not used to not being able to peek to the so-called window of the world.

Sure, I have 24/7 access here in the office but it’s still different when your tinkering with your own unit (that sounded dirty!) And you can only do so much when you’re in the office (right?) My guess is, I hafta wait at least a week or two before our beloved laptop gets cured. And my tita suddenly needing her laptop that I was borrowing constantly doesn’t help the situation at all. *Sigh*

See, I take it back. I ain’t really that too much technology-dependent. I, for one, don’t even know about the basics of being a techie. But I am disappointed for all those missed ideas and topics that I could’ve written about. I had this idea for the perfect article for this event that I attended last week but that’s just it…it was last week. The idea wouldn’t be so fresh now, wouldn’t it? Sucks!

I wish those technician people calls this week and gives us good news, I really do. I won’t even be able to put the appropriate accompanying music with this entry. I’ll try later when I get home. For the meantime, I better stock up with some DVDs for me to regain those sleepless nights.

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Monday, July 21, 2008

Gotta Go My Own Way

Once upon a time, I had this wish that I was born in a different country, a First World nation actually. This was way back in high school, where ideals are stupid and imagination too wild. Since then I’ve learned to accept my fate and kinda liked it anyways. But there’s one thing that I envy from individuals from foreign countries: kids moving out once they’re in the right age.

Filipinos are known for their family values. It’s that age-old quality that was instilled in us ever since our relatives discovered that we can comprehend. And sure, it’s great and all. I, myself, value family, probably, above everything else. But there’s only so much that I can take, or in my topic’s case, value.

I am young--no surprise there. But if I were to ask what my short-term goal is, I’d answer, “move out” of my own house. Yeah, I can’t. First of all, for practical reasons, of course, and, who would take care of Mum and Iya? Yes, I like to say that I don’t generally care but it’s a different thing when immediate family comes into the equation. And I really can’t abandon something that’s mine. But, I fear that I might resent every moment if I don’t get out of here.

I just can’t stand being told what, when, where, how--to do everything. Like I said, I’m practically a kid but I have a pretty firm grasp on the meaning of life and how to live it. I am making mistakes, I admit that, but with mistakes, I am aware, comes consequences and I am fully prepared to face them. I am in the point of my life that I want to get my own place and rule my own little silly world. Let me go my own way.

I don’t hate Mum. Au contraire, I love her. But the caring must have limits. I just can’t live life being too careful. It’s not me. I have always kept my nose clean and I’ve never been into deep trouble. No, I’m too careful for that. I grew up telling myself to be careful with every step I make, so, doesn’t that make me ready to be me? Just hope that they accept the fact that it’s the 21st century and the good old days are just as it is, old and done.

I do apologize for the accompanying music. For the lack of better choices. (--,)

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Borrowed Heaven

Feels weird, but I’m not complaining. Right now I’m using my Tita’s laptop as ours is in a comma. Yeah, it sucks. It was last Wednesday night that I became part-caveman. While viewing some concept photos (promise) the computer suddenly loses power, turns off, and doesn’t wanna be resuscitated. Weird, really.

The IT guys at Mum’s office said it was strange because the unit should’ve given warning messages or those suspenseful beeps before losing power, but not one sign of it breaking down that moment. It’s either the battery (hopefully) or the motherboard, which makes it basically dead. *Sigh*

No, I ain’t technology-dependent, not that much anyways, but being in front of the computer beats boredom and indolence. So, it’s a good thing my tita does not use her Notebook that much and lent it to me at least until I get our fixed and healthy. I do hope it’s nothing serious. I already miss my files and my playlists and my settings there. Expect fewer entries from me in the coming days. My apologies in advance. Just really hoping that she be okay as soon as possible.

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Tuesday, July 8, 2008


My pathetic side decided that today is the day that I refurbish myself with the theaters. And so I did. Mondays usually brings out the indolence in me. I really need to be motivated to get up and actually do something besides spending hours in front of Mum’s laptop. This Monday, I did. You see, its no secret that my rest days fall on Mondays and that kinda sucks on my part. Normal people start their week on Mondays, but not me. So, I gots to make most out of my free day, which is today, Monday.

Been planning to go to the theaters for a while now--also not a secret that I feel loser-ish when the subject of movie theater experience comes up. And I have not been in cinemas since February early this year--but somehow it is only today that that became a reality. Whatever motivated my lazy self, well, I thank it. “Wanted” kicks ass, hard! Action-packed, fast-paced, oh-my-god moments…definitely freakishly worth the ticket price. Will review the movie if I have time. Besides, this entry’s about Monday.

Met up with a couple of interesting people today. Upon exiting the cinema, I bumped into Ambrosia (not her real name) with a new guy, Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome. Oh yeah. Exchange a couple of chit-chats and they’re off. Nice! Then it was Monette’s turn. I have not seen this sister from another mother of mine in months now. Complimented me by saying that I’m getting fat. Yes, that’s compliment to my ears. But, Monette being Monette went all classic and shared stories that won’t really count as happy ones: problems. Oh, at least I got to see her. And then, the piece de resistance, met up with Ong.

I’ve been canceling meeting up with this high school buddy of mine for a couple of weeks now. Something always turns up on them days that we planned to get together. But tonight, hey, why not? Ong’s feeling Italian so its aVeneto it is. It’s our comfort resto, you know. And it was like high school all over again. Our stories don’t really change every time we have this get-togethers but that’s the whole point of meeting up with high school friends, right? Reminiscing the good old days. Back then, we used to eat dinner at a resto and just hang there until it closes--tonight’s no different. So when the waiters gave us annoyed looks, its time to convey ourselves to a setting more conducive for conversations: coffee shops. Well, I was treated me for dinner, (thanks!) it’s only proper that I shoulder the coffee. More stories of our stupidity were exchanged and I found myself laughing so hard and enjoying every moment. I wish I can come up with a transcript of our tête-à-tête because I’m sure lots of people will relate to it, with some changes of course. One of these days, I shall write about “the good old days of high school.”

Monday. I love this Monday. This Monday, I considered the profession of being an assassin. I want to learn how to curve bullets. It was sort of an expensive Monday and I didn’t even get to buy my polo and slippers yet. Next Monday, well, we’ll see what happens. And did I mention I love this Monday? (--,)

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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Think of Lia

Losing someone from resignations or transfer programs is one thing; losing them forever is a whole nuther story. Yesterday, before going to our office, I received a text message from Rosie. Very unusual since we don’t really exchange messages that much anymore unless it’s Christmas or birthdays. And what it contains left me in awe.

Hi, this is Ria. I received an email from Genn re: Lia Balacano. Genn works with Lia’s sis. Lia passed away in her sleep July 3. Her remains lie at Anthurium Room of Sanctuarium, Quezon Ave. and transferred to Bicol on Sunday morning. Please pray for Lia.”

The news came as a shock to me. Our batch was never really tight since after our orientation, we were divided into morning and night shifts and were scattered to every available LOB back then. We don’t even have a batch picture. But, we had some great times together. And Lia was one of those people who made our training days worth remembering.

Back then, all of us B-17s were assigned to Offline. Lia was the first one to be shifted to another LOB. She was moved to Specialty then Broadcast and stayed there. Majority of the Broadcast team work in the night shifts as their field requires it, so I really don’t get to see Lia that much when she was still with the company. The occasional hi’s and hello’s when I get to meet up with her in the morning when her shifts ends whilst mine starts, or vice versa. That was basically our routine for the next year or so. I never even got to say goodbye when she resigned. Last thing I heard about her before yesterday was she was in Bicol and taking care of their family business. Indeed, it came as a shock to all of us. Not only us Batch 17 people, but the whole former and remaining T&C family.

Lia Madeleine Balacano
We shall miss you.

From us, Disi-Siete: Maika, Arnee, Elgin, Rosie, Roi, Mau, Arlene, Genn, Mira, Ria Fe, Shei, Ginno, and Me, we thank you so much for all the memories. We will never forget you.

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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Na Na Hey Hey Kiss It Goodbye

Exactly what I feel like chanting since last week…“Na Na Hey Hey Kiss It Goodbye”…to VTxt. I’ve had my share of resentments in the office but nothing compares to these evil three-minute messages. Yesterday, the first day of July, marks the end of all our suffering from VTxt as their contract expired and weren’t renewed, or something like that. Wahoo! I am freaking free.

You see, sure it’s good that VTxt means job security for our vertical, but the reason why we do what we do is because we don’t wanna take calls. VTxt is like taking calls only you the calls are recorded and generated into this whole voice capturing text yadda yadda yadda. Too complicated. We get the recorded message in text format and we edit that for whoever came up with the idea. No big deal right? Sure, but try doing that while accomplishing other tasks and these pesky messages just pop out in our monitors without any warning. Like I said, it’s like taking calls, queuing and all. And since the messages are inevitable, coverage must be 24/7. I became the Saturday afternoon guy for VTxt way back in March of this year. Even wrote about it: here. Basically, it means I cannot apply leaves during Saturdays as I am the only one who looks after the whole damn thing. But not anymore! Yay!

No more short breaks, constant checks on the monitor, early lunches, and so on. Best of all, no more pointless multi-tasking. Indeed, life is kinda good.

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