Monday, April 28, 2008

Going APE

10 damn seconds and its over. It’s that time of the year again where I turn into my most uncomfortable state: Annual Physical Exam or APE. I hate medicals--for one reason and one reason alone: complete blood count or CBC or IV or whatever it is that you medical people call that torture. It’s not about the pain because I have a high tolerance for pain. Pinch me to find out. It’s the thought of sticking something into your skin that gives me the creeps. I hate it. Whoever came up with it is really sadistic. But…I have to comply. So I did.

The APE started the first week of April and ends on its last day, which is on Wednesday. So, I have no choice but to complete it before then. The whole freaking month I was really uncomfortable because the damn thought is just playing with my mind, and yet, 10 seconds and its over. I didn’t even felt a thing. I know that, but I also know what’s happening and I don’t like it. Bah! Only two things that I am deathly afraid of in this world, and one of those are sharp and pointy objects. My skin is precious, I don’t want anyone poking or slicing it.

Now that I am finally done, I will treat myself to something for overcoming it. (Another year before I go through it again) Just like that kid who aces their quizzes so he’s treated with two-piece chicken from the nearest fast food joint. As for me, ridiculously expensive coffee and overpriced sugar-laced donuts will do, tomorrow hopefully. Whew.

Sunday Scribbles XVI

LIFE: What are you passionate about?
April 27, 2008

TV shows/Movies
Ever since I can recall, I have this special relationship with my televisions. Back when the only way to change the channels was to turn this knob and there were only 13 clicks because frankly, there were only 13 channels back then. Yes, I remember that, when cable wasn’t available in the Philippines and the only way I could watch international shows is when relatives from states send us boxes of Betamax tape recordings of movies and shows (they have great commercials there). I really am fascinated with the world of entertainment. And someday, I hope I could live through it.

Writing wasn’t really my first love in my artsy side. When I was a child, I had this talent of drawing, doodling, and painting. And it’s safe to say that I was pretty good at it, at least, for a toddler, I was. But by mid-high school, for some reason, I lost interest in drawing and began writing instead. No, I’m not aiming for a Pulitzer but I think I’m a pretty decent writer. One of my goals in life is to write a novel. One of these days, hopefully, I get the drive to start it.

Most kids would prefer to receive toys on Christmases and their birthdays, well, me too. But if I receive clothes, I am equally delighted. Yeah, even when I was a child, I am already conscious with what I wear and how I look. Before you judge, I am not that fashion-crazy, I just appreciate couture. A somewhat minor trendsetter, you can say. For some reason, I find these new stuff and things and use them, and then, lo and behold, six months to a year after, they’re what’s in. Hehe…then again, this is an expensive passion, so not so much on this one.

This is my happy solvent, and yes, it’s bad for me. I have so much caffeine in me that I’m kinda shaky already. No, I ain’t nervous, just shaky. But, I just cannot live without coffee. Back when I was still in school, I always use coffee as my topic for reports and research, and even, (my greatest achievement in HS) made a feasibility study of starting a coffee shop, which someday, I hope, becomes a reality. I’m not saying I’m a coffee expert, just a coffee enthusiast.

I love the game! It just sucks that it doesn’t love me back. Well, for those of you who know me, I’m sure you have an idea why I won’t be good at this sport. I know how to play and I’m probably going to be good at it, if, if I was blessed with the physique for it. One hard foul and you better get your stretchers ready. So, I just have to settle for watching and rooting for my favorite teams. I am really passionate about college basketball because it is where you feel the essence of the game. Two schools locked in the battle, not for endorsements or deals, but for school pride. That’s why even if I have already graduated, I am still active when it comes to supporting my beloved Red Lions, which is going for a grandslam this coming NCAA season. Yeah, Go San Beda Fight!

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Justice for the Irish

I told myself that I won’t bother wasting my time writing about this topic and yet here I am having a go at it. Every Thursday, morning till night time, I stay away from entertainment pages in the internet so that I won’t know who got eliminated from American Idol until I watch the replay in the evening. For the past few weeks, that “strategy” works but I still know who goes home courtesy of my two lovely friends, Odette & Veejei. Tsk! Last Thursday though, not once did they mention anything about Wednesday’s performance.

Never really given it much thought. They probably just forgot about it. That is, until I opened my Multiply account and there, posted, are two blogs about who got eliminated. You know those animated shows where the cartoon character is so shocked his jaw drops and eyes pops out? Well, of course that did not happen to me, but it was very close. The finalist, the star that I am rooting for goes bye-bye. Carly Smithson’s journey ends.

Lots of times I’ve said that the contestant that I wanna win in any reality show never really comes out on top. Only once did and it never happened again. But this…this is different. I had a history of choosing finalists who doesn’t deserve to win but I still want them to anyways. Carly is the American Idol, even if she ain’t American. No one’s really in her league when it comes to singing. She’s very good, she has a personality, great character, she’s pretty ♥ and she’s Irish. (Yi, gots to love d’Irish, mate) And when you look at the remaining finalists, only David Cook’s worthy of winning the title. Archuleta? Please. I hate that boy. He can get away with anything if he just flashed his stupid grin on anyone. Jason? Yes, he may be charming, but what’s charms without talent. Syesha? I’m not about to diss you off since you did a stellar performance but I think you’re already overstaying. Brooke? I used to like you, but I never expected you’ll outlast Carly. It should’ve been Carly Smithson versus Michael Johns in the finale. The Irish versus the Aussie. But what happened? The inevitable, the nation got it wrong.

I realized now that three of the idols, from season 3 to 7, that I was rooting for, were eliminated when it was down to the Top Six. John Stevens (3), Constantine Maroulis (4), and now Carly. What the hell? Am I not allowed to love a winner? This really bites. If Mum did not watch the replay then I wouldn’t have remembered the tragedy. But, being the idol that she is, she took the elimination really, really well. She’s high in spirits and is excited about everything. The makings of a true star. Can’t wait for her album and records. I love you, Carly!!!

Boys & Girls Meme

Boys & Girls Meme by Marie

Name the first 5 girls you can think of right off the top of your head. Or you can use your top 5.
1. Shirene
2. Viveca
3. Hannah
4. Meg
5. Talla


1. How did you meet number 3?
>> 1990, when my tita gave birth to her. She’ my cuz.
2. On a scale 1-10 rate yourfriendship with number 5
>> 9 on a good month, 2.6 on most days… hehehe
3. How long have you known number 1
>> Six years, if I’m not mistaken
4. How do you know number 2?
>> Kababata. Ever since we were six.
5. What would you do if 4 told youshe loved you?
>> Alabshu too, Meggy.
6. Facts about number 1?
>> She’s a great dancer. She can give that girl in Step Up 2 a run for her money.
7. Who is 4 going out with?
>> Probably some hot surfer dude. Hehe.
8. Would you live with number 3?
>> Already, somewhat, do. She’s just 5 houses away from mine.
9. What do you like about number 1?
>> Every damn thing.
>> August when she left the country to be with…well!
11. What’s your opinion of number 3?
>> She’s all grown up!
12. What's your favorite memory with number 1?
>> April 19, 2005, Starbucks West Ave. >>
13. What would you do if number 1 and 3 were going out?
>> Whatever floats their boats.
14. Ever had a long conversation with number 5?
>> Hmm…come to think of it. Not really. But we understand each other.
15. Have you ever slept at 1's house?
>> Haven’t, but it will come. [evil laugh]
16. Do you hang out a lot with 3?
>> Of course. She’s the only one I can hang out with here in our village.
17. Who have you known the longest?
>> Number three. She’s family.
18. How often do you talk and see 1?
>> An average of three times a year, but those short moments are the best moments of my year.
19. What about 2?
>> Rarely. She already migrated in the states.

Name the first 5 boys you can think of right off the top of your head. Or you can use your top 5.

1. Cyrus
2. Biboy Chris
3. Kads
4. Biboy Mario
5. Bino


1. How did you meet number 3?
>> When I was called for feedback. Thought she was a girl.
2. On a scale 1-10 rate yourfriendship with number 5
>> 10. If I get to write my book, he’s one of the characters in it.
3. How long have you known number 1
>> First year college, so that’s 2002, six years.
4. How do you know number 2?
>> Closest friend in high school. Yeah, we were kinda geeky back then.
5. What would you do if 4 told youshe loved you?
>> Knew it. Boboy bading! Haha.
6. Facts about number 1?
>> He’s my more rugged and provincial version. He’s my better clone who’ve gone wrong.
7. Who is 4 going out with?
>> His supervisor. (Idol!) Oh, and so is #1, with his manager! ;’)
8. Would you live with number 3?
>> Sure, we’d be like Joey and Chandler. He’s my wingman!
9. What do you like about number 1?
>> Views and outlook in life. And it’s like having another Tim >>
>> When I drove Mum to The Fort, we met. He works there now. That’s October of last year.
11. What’s your opinion of number 3?
>> He’s my sidekick. Too bad he wasn’t blessed with looks and coolness like me! >:)
12. What's your favorite memory with number 1?
>> Aha, when we appeared on TV as guests in this morning show, “Breakfast.” Good times, pare! The hosts loved us.
13. What would you do if number 1 and 3 were going out?
>> I won’t be surprised. Nyaha!
14. Ever had a long conversation with number 5?
>> Always. When it comes to deep conversations and matters of the heart, 4 & 5 are my go-to-guys!
15. Have you ever slept at 1's house?
>> No, even though we had lots of sessions there. Not even close to passing out. Hah!
16. Do you hang out a lot with 3?
>> 8 1/2 hours, 4 days a week
17. Who have you known the longest?
>> Number three. He’s from high school.
18. How often do you talk and see 1?
>> Friday night gimiks and reunions. But, he’s up there now. New lifestyle and buddies and all. Once every three months, tops.
19. What about 2?
>> Five to six times a year? I dunno. Lost track. This guy’s really hard to find or invite to gimiks and events.

I miss my buddies and friends. So I’m tagging any of those five chics and five guys that are in my list.

Monday, April 21, 2008


I never asked you to believe me; I asked you to trust me.”
I am literally in love with this show. For some reason, I seem to be updating myself in the world of Hollywood TV shows. Just a few weeks ago, I started and finished Sarah Connor Chronicles and I can’t wait for its sophomore season. Again, while channel surfing, I came across an ad of this new show that Crime/Suspense will premier today, April 21. It starts off ala-“Alias,” which I thought was just another “spy show” with nothing new to offer. Well, this new “spy show” found its way to my Top 10 all-time fave TV shows. Show is called “Chuck.”

Chuck (Zachary Levi) is a nerd. He is a computer wiz kid who lives with his very supportive hot sister, Ellie (Sarah Lancaster). He got kicked out of Stanford University because his then roommate, Bryce Larkin, snitched on him and told the administrators that he found some test papers under his bed. Fast forward to 2007, Larkin is now a CIA spy turned rogue and is on the run from some G-units after stealing the Intersect, a vast collection of all the spy secrets, intel, data, etc. that the U.S. has. He was shot down by Major John Casey (Adam Baldwin) of the NSA but he managed to send the Intersect to Chuck via email before he perished. When Chuck received and opened the email, the entire Intersect is downloaded into his brain subliminally through images. Seeing how important the role of Chuck is, the CIA and NSA dispatched two of its agents to protect him, John Casey and the gorgeous Sarah Walker (Yvonne Strahovski). And since he pretty much knows everything by way of subliminal flashes whenever he sees a bad guy or instance, he now helps the government foil terrorist attacks and prevents assassinations with, of course, the help of the two. To keep him safe, Casey gets a job at Buy More (where Chuck works as a supervisor) and Sarah pretends to be Chuck’s girlfriend, which makes for an interesting plot.

What I loved about this series is its light take on the world of espionage. Its creators compare it to “Alias” fused with “The Office.” Chuck is the guy people root for. Maybe you cannot relate to him but you certainly will fall in love with his character. The “relationship” between Sarah and Chuck, which tends to compromise their cover, is what really got me hooked on this program. There’s no way a nerd can get a hot babe like Sarah, no way. But the creators of the show made it look possible and the chemistry between Levi and Strahovski is just plain perfect. It’s the ideal combination of comedy and action with a hint of romance. *Sigh*

There I got it out. I had a hard time writing this one. I don’t know, I just am feeling the show that much. I don’t wanna hype people up but I am recommending it. I’ve already finished the whole first season and being tortured from the wait of its second, probably around fall. Until then, “We’ll always have Omaha!”

Sunday Scribbles XV

Things you never understand about the opposite sex.
April 20, 2008

Change us guys to suit your wants and needs
Seriously, it is a known fact that you cannot change a person if the person doesn’t want to change. A guy may improve but will never change just because his girlfriend wants him to be more studious or act more mature. Hey, why are you together anyway if you hate his ways in the first place? When you said yes to him, I’m sure you have a pretty good idea on what you’re getting into. If you cannot accept us for who we are, then run the end credits on this one.

Going to the lavatory in packs
Well, I’m okay with this one and I guess it’s one of those age-old questions, I’m just curious why. Maybe because the gals need help during touch ups or can’t wait to share opinions about your dates? Curious, curious, curious.

It’s the 21st century, Maria Clara is dead
Conservatism! Give me a freaking break. Girls act like they’re all goody-goody when in fact they always go for the bad guy type. We all like the sense of adventure and the thrill of liberation, why do girls need to be all pretentious when a boy asks him out? We ain’t idiots, but we get bored easily. We know you want to, why fight it? I personally think highly of those who initiate and show motives (in a non-disgusting way).

Complements are not “bola”
I have this reputation of being “bolero” or one who says complements even if he doesn’t mean to. I never denied that I was, but then again, I know my boundaries. I wouldn’t have approached nor talked to you if I wasn’t interested. Chances are, while we’re talking and I dropped phrases like, “you’re really cute when you do that” or “you’re the perfect combination of beauty and brains,” I mean it.

Rebound is never an answer
Hmm, I think it’s safe to say that this one goes out to both sexes. After break up, I personally say that “rebound” is never an answer to one’s sorrows. You’re just fooling yourself if you start a new relationship after just getting out of one. You’re also ruining that chance of a possible great romance with your rebound but in the right time, not after you dumped or just got dumped. No, no, no.

I love girls; and I hope they love me too. Hehehe. Like the title of that book, “Men Are From Mars; Women Are From Venus,” the two classification of human beings are totally different from one another. It’s impossible to categorize or compare them to each other. It’s just not in their nature; they just need to learn to co-exist. So there, I’m single. Hahaha. Just plugging.

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Monday, April 14, 2008

"Playing with Yourself"

All right. Here it goes. I’m putting on my rant helmet and feeding my pet, Peeve. And this time, it’s about--drum rolls please--PlayStation Portable. [Applause]. Before I get mutilated by the geeks out there, hear me out, my four-eyed friends.

Cutscene: Party in a bar. Everyone’s having a good time. Even the designated wallflower is getting some. Booze are flowing, grub everywhere. One of those nights that you might regret the morning after. And then, there’s that “guy.” Sitting on his table, with annoyance etched throughout his face, elbows on the table, ridiculously engrossed in his portable game box that the 21st century people call PSP.

Cutscene: Graduation-slash-birthday party reception. Also serves as a family reunion. You know, family. People you see once, if you’re lucky, twice a year. Usually on the holidays. And there’s that guy again. Brooding on his table and his eyes glued to the LCD monitor of sleek and handheld videogame. If your sister ain’t hot, I wouldn’t have kept looking in your direction.

Now, to defend myself before you playas out there release the wrath of whoever that demi-god character you’re trying to defeat on me. I want one. A PSP unit. Yeah, seriously. Alto, I’d appreciate more if you’d give me a Wii, but PSP would be gravy. I’m trying to lash out on those people who plays them at inappropriate places and situations. I mean, you’re in a party and reception; lots of people to exchange stories with, lots of fishes to hook up with, and…you’re out there “playing with yourself.”

Do not condemn me to Hades. I did not break my “mustn’t care about anyone else or what they’re doin’.” I just wanna help. Instead of sitting there trying to reach the next level or completing your mission, the girl in the blue dress at the bar’s checking you out.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Swing Out Sister Experience

It exceeded my expectations. Swing Out Sister Live in Manila did. Finally, I got to see and hear my greatest musical influence live and in person. And I was right in worshiping them. Very grateful to Carl for sharing this experience with me. He also loves S.O.S. and knows their songs by heart.

So we went there early hoping to get good seats for we only have Upper B tickets--it paid off. We got center seats and a very good look of the band and their performance. I was disappointed, at first, with the turnout. The show starts at 8:00 and you can’t really call the audience a “crowd.” Yeah, I know they’re not really icons nowadays and the tickets are really expensive, but I wouldn’t miss this opportunity. Well, when the lights dimmed and the music started playing, the “crowd” emerged.

Corinne went on stage and started off with “Surrender.” A classic and I was freakingly thrilled. I was used to hearing her on my cassette tapes and CDs that I can’t believe I’m watching her in person, and she sounds great too. Corinne was nice. She spoke little Tagalog basics to which the audience cheered every time she uttered one. One minor setback though, I didn’t do my homework. Most of the songs in their repertoire were taken from their latest album, “A Beautiful Mess,” thus, I don’t know them. Although, after hearing these fresh tracks, I liked it. One of these days, I’ll familiarize myself with them.

All in all, it was a great experience. My favorite performance was when they did “You On My Mind.” Oh, my god. The people were up on their feet and were all singing along. It gave me goosebumps. Carl taped that particular performance: here. It’s sad though that they didn’t sing lots of their songs that made them who they are. “Fooled By A Smile,” “La La La Means I Love You,” “Precious Words,” and (I swear, this really depressed me when they chose not to sing this) “Waiting Game.” *Sigh* No worries though, it was still definitely worth it. Started at 9:40 and ended at midnight. That’s two hours and more of pure S.O.S. experience. And for their last song, of course, none other than “Breakout.” Well, people did broke out off their seats and partied hard! Yeah!

I hope that that wouldn’t be the first and last time I get to witness their brilliance. From the moment I found out that they were staging a concert here in Manila, I already envisioned myself in the audience and I knew that I won’t miss it. Really happy that I didn’t.

For evidences that I was there, click here:
Swing Out Sister…Breakout!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Playboy Philippines...Tsss

I buy it for the articles and interviews.” Do not kid yourself. Such a lame and old line. No one will believe you anyway. A better statement would be, “Why bother?”

Last April 2, at Sofitel Hotel in Pasay City, “Playboy Philippines” was launched. Yes, you heard it right, the Playboy magazine franchise is coming to the Philippines. Don’t you watch the news? Something this big should be “the news.” I said “should be.” Why? Simple, after finding out their plans for their issues, well, prepare to be disappointed. Its editor-in-chief, Laygo Dolor, confirmed that there will be no nudity inside its pages and it won’t be much different from the current men’s mags out in circulation (FHM, Maxim, Uno…) Again, why bother?

First, the Church. The Church will smite those who would wear skin-bearing clothes during masses, let alone, a magazine that shows no-clothes at all. You hear “Playboy,” you think girls in all their glory. It’s a brand that changed cultures all over the world. Well, we’re one of the countries who weren’t moved by its sensation. We’re that boring, I mean, conservative! Sure, we got homegrown ladies posing for the international edition, (wahoo!) but the last time I heard, she’s a Catholic school teacher nowadays. Okay. Nuff said.

Do not get me wrong. I do not support exploitation of women. I swear! I have my female family members and lady friends and I have nothing but respect for all of them. I just don’t get the idea of wasting lots of pesos from buying the brand and franchise when all they’re gonna publish is just another “lifestyle” mag with almost-naked chics holding iPods and lying at lush condos. Just another case of mediocrity without even trying.

Former Miss Earth 2004, Priscilla Meirelles graces the cover of the first issue. Something to look forward to, I guess.

Maybe us Pinoys aren’t really that “mature” enough for a publication like “Playboy,” and I kinda believe it to be so. Still, why bother? Hefner agreed to this? Tsk tsk…

Photo credit: Mukamo Phils

Thursday, April 3, 2008

So Going...Swing Out Sister Edition

I’ve got my tickets, I’m ready to go, and I’m excited. Swing Out Sister…Breakout Live in Manila, April 7, 2008 at the Big Dome, Araneta Coliseum. (Details here) I’m going with a friend of mine, Carl, who I’m still convincing to bring his camera so that we could have evidence and proof and of course, records that we were there. There’s not much hype surrounding this concert so there’s really no pressure with sold out tickets. And they’re kinda expensive so we opted to just be contented with Upper Box B and make a mental note to bring binoculars.

Hopefully, my ticket purchaser, Odette, sets her concert priorities straight and decides to come with us. The more the merrier. Yeah, I know, they’re no Incubus or Maroon 5, but I’d choose this 90’s duo over these bands in a heartbeat. The last few weeks, I’m psyching myself for the event by bringing out my The Best of Swing Out Sister CD and re-downloading them to my office PC. Yep, it’s gonna be cool. I’m gonna enjoy it.

Everything’s ready, hmm, except, I still don’t have anything to wear for the concert. Oh!

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

In the future, my son will lead mankind in a war against Skynet. A computer system programmed to destroy the world. It has sent machines back through time. Some to kill him; one to protect him. Today we fight to stop Skynet from ever being created. To change our future. To change his fate. The war to save man kind begins now.”

I remember the first time I watched “The Terminator,” as always, it was my Ninong who introduced me to this very cool movie about killer robots and judgment days. Back then, computer graphic imagery (CGI) wasn’t really that advanced but the special effects on the first movie were superbly done that people bought the whole concept of man versus machine. It was tagged as one of the best sci-fi movies ever and had a cult following. Its sequel, “Terminator 2: Judgment Day,” also made waves and also was a critical success. The latest installment, “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines,” came out four years ago and earned big worldwide. And now, after the success of the Terminator franchise, comes “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.”

Basically it follows the events between Judgment Day and Rise of the Machines. How Sarah is preparing his son John to become the hero that will lead mankind to salvation. Both of them fugitives for blowing up Cyberdyne building from “Judgment Day”, they are now on the run from the authorities and moves from town to town. They are aided by a reprogrammed Terminator sent from the future to protect them and help them survive. For those who don’t get it, watching the films will help. Anyway, I just saw commercials and trailers of it last week in cable and was a bit surprised that they actually created a show off the films. My initial reaction would be to check it out, so I did. I am now totally addicted.

The show stars Lena Headey (300) as Sarah Connor. While she may not be Linda Hamilton, she gave justice to her role. Heroes’ Thomas Dekker plays the role of the would-be messiah, John Connor, and succeeds as a teenager struggling to fulfill his destiny. Probably, the role that calls for the biggest shoes to fill goes to Summer Glau (Serenity), who plays Cameron Phillips, a hot female Terminator who is sent by the future John to protect and assist his past self and Sarah. Big shoes in the sense that when you think Terminator, you think Arnold Schwarzenegger; and no one plays the part better than the original scary robot. The show also stars Richard T. Jones as FBI Agent James Ellison who is in pursuit of the truth behind the so-called killer robots and soldiers from the future. Stellar cast, if you ask me. And did I mention Summer, the Terminator chick’s hot?

With most of the TV programs that I follow on season breaks, I am really psyched that I discovered TTSCC. Due to the Writers’ Strike that lasted for several months, almost all American shows were never completed and the last episode that was filmed served as their season finale, (Heroes, Prison Break, and One Tree Hill). Lost and Gossip Girl will be back at the end of the month. So I’m really thankful that I have this new show to get my by. Unfortunately, even the Terminators didn’t succeed in its mission to restore order in the Hollywood writers’ world as only nine episodes of the series were completed. As of writing, I am actually down to the last episode and will have to wait for the last quarter of this year for its sophomore season.

Based on its ratings, it was a commercial success and future seasons are guaranteed. Hey, I’m excited. “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” is probably the only sci-fi TV show that got me hooked. It’s that intense. I want to be a robot!