Thursday, December 31, 2009

It was Fine, 2009

After a four-month hiatus, maybe I should write a short tribute to 2009. After all, it did bring lots of great things for me. The thing is nothing really comes to mind when I try to think of one. Was 2009 that awesome that I forgot how it passed by?

To sum it all up, 2009 was a very eventful year. Totally eventful as I’ve been into numerous events that made me more awesome than I already am. I promise to do a year-end review before I go back to my normal self after the Holidays and maybe the top 10 awesomest events and parties I’ve been to.

Wasn’t even able to write that much and I blame it all to my busyness as a Mayan Party God. LOL! That’s why I’m thankful for my Tumblr account. I kinda gave updates about me the last two months through pictures and one-liners.

Five memorable words about 2009: PARTY. CAREER. WEDDINGS. DEATHS. MOVIES. (--,)

PS: I just realized that my 2009 goal was to gain weight. Idiot! Setting goals that are not achievable. LOL!