Monday, October 29, 2007

Forlorn Creature

When does one feel that he is longer wanted nor needed? When opportunities are passing by in front of you but you can never seem to reach it. When you are concerned about the well-being of everyone and yet they don’t trust you. When you are thrown into the graveyard for some ridiculous reason that you are the only person who can handle it. When they they tell you you're destined for greatness and yet they never really mean it. When you are transferred to some “opportunity-laden” project without even one measly heads up. When you are on your own even if your colleagues cares for you.

Oh, it’s just like vampirism. They suck you dry, every pint of your blood and worth. If they turn you into one of them, good for you; congratulations. But most of the time, they leave you to die and fend for your survival. Shrewdness, making you think that you are one of them but never really acknowledging any of your merits. Through the course of my stay, so many comrades have fallen and lots have fled to greener pastures. Will you really call them cowards? No, they’re the smart ones. They are not quitters but rather, they just sought out for cures and they probably found them.

For the whole month of October, the feeling of uneasiness never really left me. It’s like any moment; another change is going to happen in a single heartbeat. Fiends are lurking around and they are out to get you without any hesitations. They take away things that you consider precious and they leave nothing but emptiness and loneliness. I am nor scared or intimidated. But the fact that I’m not in anyone’s league right now and I’m by myself to survive in this jungle that we call work, doesn’t really help, at all. No bitterness, surprisingly. Just a lot of awkwardness and apprehension. Any moment now, the sun will shine and I’ll be dust. They half-turned me into one of them but never really sealed the deal. I’m more of a wandering zombie with no one to turn to and have but one goal in mind: survive.

Thankfully, even if I’m not in anyone’s team, some beings care. Friends are what they are. Gives you a reason to not succumb to the hunger and flee like those before me. A new month lies ahead, a better one? Grim chances. Nevertheless, it’s full of hope for a nomadic creature like myself.
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Saturday, October 27, 2007

When Timmy Blogs

If I don't go all classic me and my creative juices continues to flows smoothly, then expect updates from this account...Since I've been writing a lot these days, I've decided to make use of my Google privileges and sign in with Blogspot.

So much things to write; so little time...

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Greatest Need: An Answer to Veejei's Tag!!!

Stumped, Vanessa. Grrr…For someone who feels indifferent about most of the things and lives his life in balance, this question bites, hard! For readers, my friend and colleague, Vanessa tagged me back with this question: “What is your greatest need?”

This really left me confused the whole day. Even as I write this entry and starting the second paragraph, I still am not sure with my answer. Let me tell you why. Ever since I can remember, I always wanted everything in balance and moderation. No, I’m not a hypocrite, and believe me; I had my share of waking up in the morning after some wild night out gimik, with no memory of how I got home. What I meant was to consider the repercussions of your actions before acting upon on it. Still confusing. Again, I’m not saying to go all Yin Yang on everything and make sure everything you do is equal. Where’s the fun in that? What I’m merely insinuating is that if you’re very good at something then you have to acknowledge the fact that you are obviously bad with things. I was never impressed with my classmates who needed hauler trucks to carry their shiny medals and academic distinctions come graduation day. You’ll easily beat me with calculus and accounting but will you be able to use that in the real world? Yes, but not all the time. Reality check: the world ain’t fair! Nowadays, you’ll probably get beaten up just because you’re smart and knows how airplanes fly. Now, if you can incorporate your intelligence with everyday living and you know who Zahara, Pax, Maddox, and Shiloh are, then you, my friend, deserve the Timothy B. Relucio One-Hand Salute.

As I’ve said, my outlook in life is total indifference. Nothing is really definite in this world and most things are dispensable. Change is inevitable, and you have to keep with it. So, with that kind of thinking, do I really have the answer to my tagged-back question? Have I answered anything? No, but I probably raised a lot of eyebrows for sounding like a jerk.

351 words and I’m more confused with what I’m writing. Writing that paragraph just made me look bad, a minor epiphany of sorts. This would be easier if I was asked what my greatest want is, as wants are simpler to think about and more often than not, you won’t need it to survive. I can just say that my greatest want would be a trip to the Hampton’s with Sophia Bush with the whole family and being served Caramel Macchiato and Brazo de Mercedes. Shallow, it may seem, and it probably is. So I’ll just conclude this confusing excuse of a blog with this quote:

“What really matters is what you like and not what you are like! Books, records, films...these things matter! Call me shallow! It's the f*cking truth! And by this measure, I was having the best date of my life!!”
-Nick Hornby from High Fidelity

Companerong Nick hits it hard, right there. Amen, my brother. My friend Cy and I lived our college life following this principle. I mean, would you really enjoy a date who talks about toothpaste caps and DNA, doesn’t know the latest Rihanna hit, thinks Harry Potter is an exchange student from Holland, knows Lindsay Lohan but thinks that she’s this good little girl from that Disney movie. Even the geekiest of dweebs have culture; not your regular social butterfly, but at least they can co-exist with other bugs. In the end, it’s different strokes for different folks. No two person is the same, so are their personalities and beliefs, which I know, matters!

So, from what I’ve ranted, I mean, written from above, apparently, materials, sex, treasures, undeniably, is a part of me, but I don’t really need it, and I can survive perfectly fine without them. So what do I need most: life itself. Those situations in movies where the character thinks he’s destined for something great, sometimes I do feel the same way. I have no plans of changing the world; I just think it needs me. I need to be living in order for more Tim to go around…Hehehe!

Veejei, I hoped I did justice with my answer. Actually, I don’t think I really answered your question, but I tried…Hehehe! Good one, this one. You made me think, and it’s rare that I do. Hahaha! Now, the payback part. I’m tagging
Monette, Gurl, and Ter with this question: “In the end, who will you choose, the one you want or the one you need?” There’s a fine line between want and need, somewhere. I guess….

Monday, October 22, 2007

Tag!! Tim's It...

A friend of mine, Kads, “tagged” me, and told me to blame a colleague of ours, Kim. What is “tagging” anyway? Isn’t that a game that kids play where they run around and catch other kids, and if they do, they shout “Tag, you’re it,” and the kid that was caught becomes the “it?” Apparently, online “tagging” is something like that. When a blogger is “tagged,” he or she needs to answer the questions that that the “tagger” asked him or her. Kim explained that you a “tagged” person answers the question basically with a blog. Simple, right? Kind of fun, too. From what I understand, there’s no limit to how many writers you can tag. But of course, it’s better to tag few people to keep track of their answers. Kads tagged me and asked me this question: “At your lowest point, whom do you turn to when you think there’s no one else left around but you?”

I would have to say: Timmy! Timmy’s the person that Tim truly trusts the most in this world of ours. (I’m using third-person because it sounds cooler…Hehehe) Timmy understands Tim very well that he needs no explanation or reasoning from him; Timmy just knows how to handle Tim. The question states that’s there’s no one else around but Tim, so Tim can’t really list down names whose shoulders one could cry on, right? But for the sake of being mentioned, Bes, Cy, Hannah, and the MeanBoys; these people were the ones who were around and who helped Tim get through some low points in Tim’s life.

Most people who encounter this question answer the Lord Almighty as the one they turn to; and technically, it is the proper answer. But I was never really that religious ever since, and people might say that my faith is kind of questionable at times. I believe in God and Christianity but I don’t know why sometimes I just get over trials and obstacles, and even lowest points, without really talking to our Maker and asking for guidance. Questionable is too strong a word to describe my faith, “lost at times,” I think, is more appropriate. Lord, please don’t smite me!

Kads is right, this is a “beauty pageant question” and it deserves a “beauty pageant answer.” So the next step would be tagging 13 individuals for reasons that they are active in writing and blogging. Tim tags
Bes, Meg, Cy, Leng, Ter, Talla, Kads, Odette, Vanessa, Jamie, Carlo, Mackoie, and Kimmy with the question that I got from One Tree Hill: “Think hard...on that particular moment, when all of your dreams comes true, and you found true happiness, who do you see standing next to you?”

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Glorietta II Tragedy

October 19, 2007, around 1:30 p.m., the sound of sirens is the apparent noise in Makati. My colleagues and I just had lunch and was having our after-lunch coffee. Our conversation topic for the afternoon is all about firecrackers. Little did we know that something relative happened just a few kilometers away from where we are. Back in my workstation, a friend who came back from her lunch was hurrying to deliver very grim news: there was an explosion in Glorietta 2 and lots of people are hurt, maybe even dead. The sirens turned out to be from ambulances rushing to Makati Medical Hospital carrying injured people from the explosion. Few minutes later, news broke out online and I was really shaken from what I’ve learned. Indeed, Glorietta 2 experienced an explosion, apparently, from an LPG tank and some people definitely died. Several friends who are also online started to confirm the news and were giving bits of information that shed light to all the chaos that must be happening.

If I were to be asked for the 10 things, be it place, stuff, person, that I consider important or special to me, that mall, Glorietta, definitely ranks in that list. Ever since forever, I’ve been going to that mall and learning that it was desecrated and that there were casualties involved is really disturbing. I work in Makati, and something like this is really out of the ordinary. Imagine, I pass by the very spot where the tragedy transpired everyday after office. It’s the way to the terminal where I usually ride home.

More updates from local networks and news websites came as events unfolded. LPG leak was ruled out and the authorities are considering the fact that a bomb went off, which caused the mayhem. Upon reaching home, I saw videos and pictures from TV that really made it all truly disturbing. There were pictures of the escalator in Glorietta 2, well, half of it anyway; remains of the second floor; a crater from where the bomb went off; several crushed vehicles; numerous injured people; and the worst, dead bodies in stretchers. As of this writing, it is confirmed that 89 people are injured and 8 are dead. News reports say that the injured are already amounting to over a hundred victims, and the list and names are continuously growing by the hour. Imagine the number of people who must have and still are suffering from some idiot’s doing.
Innocent lives were put to risk and innocent people died pointlessly.

Let us not be fazed by incidents like this, but rather, be vigilant and take extra care when going to public places. Let’s not also be stupid and blame the government or any people concerned at first sight of tragedy. Let’s just pray for those people who suffered from this nightmare, especially for the families of the innocent people who lost their lives meaninglessly.

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"Tikim, Subo, Chibog, Lagok, Higop"

If at the sight of the first word of this advertisement makes you giggle, then you, my friend, are pretty nasty. Hahaha. I took this in front of my office in Makati and I swear, up until now, it makes me laugh in a disturbing kind of way. I mean, why would the advertising firm of a huge company like Pepsi use those words, which obviously is innuendo of several sorts? Simple, sex sells. Forget the hot girls in bikinis, beach setting, heat wave, etcetera. From this five creative yet weird words, the brand that the ad is for sticks to the market’s thoughts and never lets go. I won’t explain anymore what those five “interesting” words mean because I’m sure that the readers of this blog know what they mean, which brings me again to the fact that you, reader, is sick! Nyahahaha..Kidding of course!

Thank you, Erik, for noticing the ad, which really shows your true colors, and also, Claudine, for giggling right there and there when we just pointed out the ad. Tsk tsk. It took me about four words before I got the innuendo, which is not really an indication that I am saint. Why? Because up until now, I get kicks from just remembering it. Hahaha…

Monday, October 15, 2007

"Gossip Girl"

Good looks + Manipulation + Sex + Drugs + Alcohol + Trust Funds = The Good life…
so to speak!
When these words are mentioned, I think of the social circles that most socialites youngsters today are running inside with, and it is also the subject and story of my favorite movie: “Cruel Intentions.” With all the fall shows that premiered in September, not one has yet to reach the Philippine shores. The US Network Wars are at it again, this time, giving its viewers a Bionic woman, a practice made private which resulted in a spin-off, Neanderthals in primetime (bit stupid, really), and a whole lot more. Not included from what I mentioned is a new show that features rich, young, good-looking socialites whose lives are entwined with each other and how they manage to cope with the pressure of “being rich and famous,” all of these narrated by a certain “Gossip Girl,” also the name of the new CBS show. “Gossip Girl” is based from a series of novels by Cecily von Ziegesar that tackles the lives of socialite young adults living in New York’s Upper East Side (where I plan to move, some day…hahaha) who goes to equally prestigious academic institutions while dealing with the formula I’ve written in the start of this text.

The story revolves around two BFFs, Blair Waldorf & Serena van der Woodsen, or more commonly known to the circle as “B” & “S.” Simple, Serena is the it-girl and everyone wants to be her; Blair meanwhile is the bitch and uses manipulation and power to get everything she wants. It wouldn’t be a recipe for disaster if there aren’t any boys to make their lives more interesting. Nate Archibald is this wealthy and the oh-so-perfect blond, and the on-and-off boyfriend of Blair, who really is in love with Serena, (and the character that makes my friend grab tissues.) Chuck Bass is the antagonist of our story who no one really likes but because of his good looks and thick wallets, people just accepts him for who he really is, a rich jerk who believes that girls are “conquests,” (my favorite character…idol!) Dan and Jenny Humphrey are brother and sister who aren’t really in the same circle with the first four characters, but nevertheless, play integral roles on the story. Other characters are yet to be introduced as I have only watched its first episode and never really finished any of its novels. The lives of our characters are documented and told by a certain blogger named “Gossip Girl,” hence, the nature and the title of the story.

This story is obviously considered as “chic” literature; so why am I writing and why am I so interested about it? Because I always enjoyed watching and reading about how these rich socialites think the world is so unfair to them and how they use their power and influences to ultimately get what they want, at all costs; the stuff that makes it all worth my while. Currently, the show is on its sixth episode and it was confirmed that it will be running for a full season with 22 episodes. Good thing that episodes are already available online as it has yet to graze our local networks. Viewers say it’s a cross between “Cruel Intentions” and “The O.C.,” now, wouldn’t you appreciate a story like that?

I had my share of living the good life but not to the extent of what “Gossip Girl” offers. How they run in circles is not that different from what we experience here in our local culture as don’t have Blackberry’s or blogs back in high school; but the same ingredients of control and the status quo are apparent, when you think about it. In the Philippines, family is what matters in the socialite world. I wonder, if I was hanging out with Nate and Chuck, and going out with B & S, would I be any different? I’ll probably be worst from what I am right now…Hahaha! The reason why the Lord didn’t grant me with blue eyes and chiseled features. It’s not like I’ll go after “conquests,” right?!?!

That’s what I love about freshmen, they’re so…Fresh!
–Chuck Bass

Sunday, October 14, 2007


It was while watching “Late Night w/ Conan O’ Brien” that introduced to me a new show by NBC called, “Heroes.” You see, ever since “F.R.I.E.N.D.S” ended its television dominance in 2004, NBC dropped behind to CBS, FOX and ABC who produced shows like: C.S.I., American Idol, Lost, Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives and so on. But I ain’t talking about the U.S. Network Wars; I just want to share my insights about the “savior” of NBC. Back with my viewing of “Late Night,” Conan had Greg Grunberg as his guest for that night’s show. Joking about how he is the lucky charm and “redeemer” of television shows and network ratings, having appeared in hits like “Alias,” “Lost,” and “Felicity,” and his latest, a new sci-fi show from NBC: “Heroes.” I found it funny since this guy was never really a lead character in any of those shows. So he talks about his new show where he appears as a police officer who can read other people’s thoughts. Big whoop, I say to myself. No one’s even heard of it. But since I believe in Conan, and he recommends his viewers to watch “Heroes” as it is going to be his network’s personal “hero,” I decided to look out for it.

The new show premiered and it had really, really good reception and reviews. Hey, if this network introduced the greatest sitcom ever (F.R.I.E.N.D.S) then “Heroes” must be something worth my time. Still, no one knew what that show is. The only way I could watch an updated and new seasons of shows in America is, of course, online. Good thing that I have access on what you may call, fast internet service. Having been able to watch the first ten episodes of “One Tree Hill” season four, it is inevitable that “Heroes” will be available online in a matter of days. And so, there it was, first episode of this much talked about new show. Surprise, surprise, I only watched its first five minutes and never really paid much attention to it. I never lost interest and I don’t really know why I didn’t went ahead and watched the show back then. Blame it on being lazy, slow buffering of episodes, or just too many things I wanted to do but never really accomplishing any. The irony of it all, through the course of the later part of last year to present, most of my friends and colleagues really followed the show throughout and became hooked. Like I said, I never lost interest; I just can’t find it.

Later part of this year’s month of September came the premiere of the second season of “Heroes.” I finally found time and drive to watch the show whole-heartedly. Most of them I’ve watched online and the latter part from my DVD. (Thanks, Kads)

So the verdict? Oh, my god!! It was no doubt one of the best things my eyes laid upon on, literally. I enjoyed every single episode and storyline the show had to offer. From notable characters and the powers they wield, I am praising the creators of this show. I cannot really tell the story of the show for there may be some people other like me who waited forever before watching the show. But the jist of it is, evolution is an important part of mankind. Characters discovers they have special abilities and talents like telekinesis, teleportation, tissue regeneration, stopping time, enhanced strength, and many more. One of the factors that makes it work is the randomness of people who had such gifts, and also, ordinary abilities becomes enhanced and evolve into something more magnificent. Every character has his/her own stories to tell and how they live their lives normally as possible is truly interesting to follow. One thing though, I will miss one of my favorite characters as he was killed by another favorite character of mine.

I got to admit, the last 2 episodes, including the season one finale, touched me. I mean, every scene, dialogue, acting…I seriously was in the edge of my seat. Dramas and tragedies doesn’t really affect me as much as adventure does. Call me weird, because I think it is.

So here I am, 4:00 a.m. in the morning writing this and waiting for the new season to buff its way to glory. And, along with my colleagues, I will also be waiting for Tuesdays from now on as it is the day that a new episode comes out. Will the second season top the first one? I hope so! Did NBC found its “savior?” Hell, yeah!

Save the cheerleader; save the world!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

For Besh...

I am sure that in the long run, after all the bitterness and feeling of betrayal subsided, I will genuinely miss one of the most important girls of my life, my bestfriend. The good thing about how I view things is that I have lots of bestfriends, which, technically, defeats the purpose of the word “best.” And so? The Meriam-Webster publishers will not crumble if I use a word out of it s context. I have multiple views on having bestfriends. There’s your guy bestfriend, your girl bestfriend, your childhood bestfriend, your school bestfriend, your officemate bestfriend, and many more. This time though, I’ll be talking about my childhood girl bestfriend. Not my "Bes," she won't be leaving anytime soon, right? Please. Hehehe. But this one's the one with the "H", and she's Bianca. I have known Bianca ever since forever. I can’t even remember our first actual meeting, it was all hazy. I am sure that it was one of those “bring-your-child-to-work-day” thing and it was then that I got to know her. Being the arrogant kid that I was, (and still am), I never really paid much attention to other kids; but there was this lil’ girl who everyone adores and everyone smiles at. Tsss…I couldn’t care less. That is until she said, “Hi.” Now, I may be a lot of things but I’m never rude. So I said “hi” back and I’m sure we got into some childish conversation over nothingness but it seemed interesting back then. That was the last time in our childhood years I remember us hanging out. Although, I did saw a picture of us together on a beach somewhere, but again, I think someone probed into my brain and took my Bianca-memories. Hehehe. Fast forward to 2002, Eastwood, Libis. It’s been forever since I saw her and yet somehow our short-term closeness never really left us. No awkwardness, whatsoever. From then on, I had my girl childhood bestbud back.

You see, most people don’t believe that persons of the opposite sex wouldn’t co-exist together as “friends only.” If people knew us, then they would agree that we proved that norm wrong. That cliché, “finishing each other sentences,” may apply to our relationship and a whole lot more. She understands me; I understand her. And that’s that. No special feelings more than friends whatsoever. We’re beyond that, we both agreed. Besides, we know so much about each other that it’s kinda weird, if you think about it. She’s my younger sister from another mother. And, she’s totally into her current beau right now. I bet they’re making plans for tying the knot anytime soon. Especially now that she left to be with him.

Which is the real intention of this story: Bianca left for the states and plans on staying there for a long time. We never even got a chance to bid each other farewells, and I’m fine with that. I am never good at farewells. I’m more of a “See-you-later” kind of guy. But all of this came with a price. Her leaving was without the blessing of her love ones. That’s where all the feelings of betrayal come in. She never even looked back. But, the mere fact that she’s happy now, doesn’t really make it okay, but it’s a start.

A four-paragraph article about our friendship isn’t even the start of our story, it’s a mere farewell tribute and an explanation that I may feel betrayed, but I’m not angry. You promised you’ll be back, and although I never believe in the word “promise,” we all will hold on to your word. It’s not goodbye, Besh, more of a “catch you later.”

PS: A blonde or red head will help with my speedy recovery...Hehehe

Monday, October 1, 2007

Bittersweet Blog-Worthy Week [Sept. 23-29, 2007]

It started with a warm Monday, achieving-a-milestone-Wednesday, an earth-shattering Friday, and the rest of the week being, indeed, bittersweet!
Bittersweet – [adj. bit-er-sweet] - being at once bitter and sweet; especially: pleasant but including or marked by elements of suffering or regret.”
Erik called it “extremes,” but I like “bittersweet” better. When I hear that word, chocolate usually comes to mind. For me, it’s the best kind of chocolate, strong dark flavor with a hint of sweetness. I will go an extra mile and say that it may be the best kind of success or achievement. When used to describe life, though, it usually pertains to a happening that made one feel contentment and emptiness. This brings me to my week: September 23-29, 2007. I already explained that September is the most exciting month for me and lots of things usually happens during this time of year. But I never expected its last week this year to be that “exciting.”
Sunday, September 23. I was awaken by an SMS message from a friend-colleague. “Mga pare, magiging daddy na ko!” Wow! What a way to start my week. New life is coming and a close friend finds happiness in fatherhood.
Monday, September 24. I met up with my lady friends whom I rarely hang out with nowadays because of their work and busyness. Big whoop, right? Yes. For me, it is. These people are important to me so it’s a no-brainer that I am happy to be in their presence. Monday also marks that whole getting-back-in-to-that-habit thing. So, Monday matches Sunday, this week. It gets better.
Tuesday, September 25. My most respected mentor from work gave me some mentor-y advice and asked me to be a good role model for my teammates. And then, she dropped the bomb. She was pulled out from our team and transferred to another one. Tricky, but still, not that big a deal. She’s not leaving us; she’s just going upstairs. Well, at least that’s how I feel. Her replacements being two of my friends. One of them, I dare say, one of the closest in the office. So even if my teammates disagree and are showing signs of negativeness, hell, I am excited. Now, it gets really better.
Wednesday, September 26, Araneta Coliseum, 6:30 p.m. My beloved San Beda Red Lions won the NCAA Season 83 Senior’s Division Basketball Championship. Sweeter in a sense that it’s a Back-to-Back feat for the Bedan community. The game wasn’t that exciting but the end result is what matters. The trophy is not the only thing worth mentioning that day, the victory party after the game also made my personal history books. Mendiola Street was closed for the sole purpose of it being the celebration grounds. Free food; free, overflowing, refillable, all kinds of booze; good people and friends; everyone having the time of their lives; what more can you ask for? A three-peat comes to mind. But hey, that’s for next year. Let the whole Bedan community savor our back-to-back victory first. Quoting an alumni, “the first one was sweet, the second time sweeter, the third one being the ultimate coronation.” Chills. Hehehe.
Thursday, September 27. Well, I was pretty much wasted from last night’s partying and celebration so I was not fun Timmy at all. Aside from the congratulatory greetings, nothing much worth mentioning that day. Taking out Thursday, this week is turning out to be one of the best week ever. Yay! How foolishly wrong I am. If I made a bet about last week being the best week ever, I’m probably eating out of the trash by now. So, without further ado, here’s how my week ended and why it was a bittersweet one.
Friday, September 28. An indifferent start; life-changing finish. “Tsong, may scheds na. Gabi ka na.” Son of a…took me several seconds before I, literally, functioned. By this time, all reason left me. I got screwed. Curse all those who made the schedules. Over reacting? I don’t think so. Put yourselves in my shoes, being the only one transferred to the night shift, all of your teammates left behind; the reason being “iwas issue.” My school taught me values and I am not about to throw them away over some petty issues. I won’t be a hypocrite, of course that will be an advantage for me. But I am not stupid enough to hold on to that friendship. Even he, (newly-appointed supervisor) will choose career and professionalism first before us. Okay, okay. There’s another reason. I will replace the other promoted guy in the night shift as its OiC. It was never in my job description in first place to look after people. And just because the night supervisor’s rest days falls in the weekend and no one but “me” is qualified enough to look after the night team, doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m their man. Kalokohan! And frankly, I don’t like being under a new superior. I don’t question integrity and motives, and I dearly respect the given supervisor, but I won’t be as efficient as I am right now under his guidance. Leave it to me to find positive sides to every depressing situation. I’ll be with another close friend who’s in the night shift, and some teammates who I haven’t seen in months. And the best part of being a sun-fearing vampire, I won’t need to put up with two morally reprehensible (I got this from a dictionary, it sounds cool) bitches, who, made it as their ultimate goal, to bring me down and take control of the morning team. Stupid virgins, I never saw myself controlling the team, I am just there to hand out assignments, answer questions, plan events, and provide happiness. Leadership is different from control, morons. You could just see how resentful I am with what is happening in our team. I am normally a peaceful brother who prefers to retaliate quietly than verbally. But what you two wicked witches are doing brings out that side of me. I feel sorry for your pathetic attempts to take control over, even if I am now in SONA (ref. Prison Break). I’d like to see you two try going against the two new people in charge. And there’s still my team who I know won’t go down quietly (literally).
So, what a week right? Quite long, I know, and some parts are still worth writing about, but I need to get up and buy groceries. Hehehe. I have accepted my faith and will just wait for an opportunity to breakout of SONA. Erik, congratulations on being a dad and take good care of our team. To my lady friends, see you whenever. Animo San Beda! Going for a three-peat next year. To those two sorry excuse for human beings, well, go to hell.
Indeed, it was a bittersweet, blog-worthy week.