Sunday, March 1, 2009


Most of my friends hate February. I honestly believe they don’t. It’s the idea of this month and what it symbolizes for that they heavily resent. I do not share their sentiments. Februaries are ordinary for me ever since. It’s the shortest month so I hardly notice it passing by. Birthdays of people I know, families and friends, fall under the love month but these people do not really buy the concept of partying, so, another forgettable factor. And since I purposely inserted “love month” in the last sentence, let’s go there.

February always relates to love. Valentines is celebrated worldwide on the 14th of Februaries. This year, like any other year, I enjoyed Valentines, by myself. I could’ve gone bitter like what my supposedly event’s theme, but I can’t (that story is for another time). Valentines is about as exciting to me as babies uttering gibberish words; exciting to lots but utterly pointless. Okay, seems like there’s a hint of bitterness in that statement. Maybe there is, but isn’t it better if people profess their undying love everyday, not just one lavish present-filled day? But no, I respect those who celebrate hearts’ day. If that’s what rocks their boat, by all means. Nine months later, well…LOL!

February 6, 2009 | Dinner with Maika and Arnee
My two office batchmates, Maika and Arnee, my first friends from work, we finally got together after a year or so. I seriously missed these two. They’re better off with their current careers now anyways. (We didn’t took pictures that night so I used an old one. Come to think of it, this is the only picture of us three together. Tsk tsk...)

Two prominent MeanBoys made their presence felt through a night of binging, singing at Makati and jam sessions at Ralph’s suicide-inducing condo.

Dinner with our original mentor, Aurora. Yes, she’s no Ru anymore. She’s finally a lady. LOL! My, my, how Mamita have changed.

Yes. Our good friend and most-trusted teammate, Renèè, finally is present for a session. Hence, Renèè Appreciation Night. He is greatly appreciated, or so he thinks. LOL!

February was as cool as January for yours truly. It brought out the best and worst in me. It was not as social though. I could’ve attended several festivals and fairs but I feel like I’ve reached a different level of slothfulness. I’ve only been to three major events. Most fun and excitement happened personally and are not accounted for. It’s all good though. I wouldn’t have it any other way. March, now March has always been interesting for me. I used to not look forward to this month as this is the last month before they school year ends, which translates to periodical and final exams, final everything, start of the Lenten Season…but I’ve managed to survive every time. Couple of important people celebrates their birthdays this month so I’m expecting to be tired from too much partying…woohoo!!! We’ll see what it brings for ‘lil ‘ol me. (--,)


Keem said...

Wish I had as much fun as you had in Feb.

timeenutlatte said...

I did not have "that" much fun but t'was okay. Kasi naman. Even before February're thinking negatively na agad. Whatever happened to the whole thinking ahead positively? Eh if you're bringing yourself down from the start pa lang, chances are you're headed down. You shoulda gave it a chance. Hehe. Anyhoo it's over. Summer na! :'D

Kadz said...

me point si tim, ah. i have not been directly practicing that Secret thing. hehe. good to know feb was a good month for you,

timeenutlatte said...

Tsk tsk...and you are the "Secret" believers. Never even read it, not one snippet. I just got everything from your kwentos. Hehe. I think Feb naman was a good month for everyone. Like I said, t'was short. Almost didn't notice it. (--,)

AthensDLR said...

Weird, ang onti ng events mo =|

timeenutlatte said...

Tinamad ako eh. Lahat nga ng rest days ko I just stayed home, as in. But I enjoyed the month din naman. Okay na din. :)

odt said...

i love, love february. :-)
but at the same time, i loathe it. :-(

the month was short, but fun though. right?

summer na nga!!! woot woot!

tin rejano said...

but i like feb...birthmonth ko yun eh...hehehe :)