Sunday, April 5, 2009


This year just keeps getting better. January started it all, February looked good as well, March is, well, the awesomeness that is the end of the first quarter of 2009 continues. Oh, yeah! March was that awesome that I actually forgot some of the events that I attended. Seriously! So, forgive me if I did not include your party because I can’t recall I was there. LOL!

March kicked off summer season for yours truly. The family’s Zambales’ trip was one for the books. It is also in March that one of our closest friends departed to sandier pastures. There was one event worth mentioning though that I did not go to because I was invited at the last minute. Tsss.

March 4, 2009 | Krocodile Grill with Nay, Zelle, and Neng
Okay, I’m not sure if I got the date right but I know this fell on the first week of March and it was my first event this month. I also know that we have pictures from this night but Z hasn’t uploaded them yet. Catch up on what’s happening with each other. Will probably turn into a monthly thing. Thank you, Z, for the pasalubong.

March 8, 2009 | You Changed My Life
What? I enjoyed the first one, I certainly enjoyed this one too. Some days, you just hafta be nationalistic. LOL.

March 12, 2009 | Kads’ Despedids @ Yoo-Hoo
One last session with our not-so-famous friend and colleague, with his new hairdo, Kads. He’ll be gone for a year or two. Or so he says. We each have our own bets and theory on how long before we see him. I say we’re spending the coming Christmas with him. LOL! Farewell, Wingman!

March 12, 2009 | Wrestlemania VII @ Van Square Garden
Right after saying goodbye to Kads that night, I was off to one of the most awaited MeanBoys event of the year: Van’s Birthday. Although, this year, the turnout was disappointing. Probably because the invites were sent the day before and as you know, we ain’t in college anymore. [Sighs] We also celebrated Boyds’ birthday that night. The night was full of steaks, pasta, roasts, beer and Johnny Walker was out best buddy all throughout. Van has not posted the rest of the pics yet. BOO!

March 15, 2009 | Tita Gee’s Birthday @ Via Mare, Serendra
Happy Birthday to her and thanks for a lovely dinner. It marked the start of the awesome celebrations her family had and are having. Wicked!

March 17, 2009 | Dad’s Birthday
Okay, aside from Dad’s birthday, nothing special happened on this day. We didn’t even see each other. I just feel like I had to mention it. Image was from my birthday. Happy Birthday, Father!

March 21-22, 2009 | Venturas of Matutum @ Tammy’s Zambales
This is an annual thing for the Venturas It started way back in the old days with our lolos and lolas taking my titos and titas at Sual, Pangasinan. ([Sighs] because the older folks have great stories about those trips but I wasn’t able to experience them anymore as they stopped going there mid-1980s) Anyway, I think Tammy’s will be the new Sual for our generation. The service was totally excellent and definitely worth it. I, not being much of an outdoor person, had a blast. And…as I observed after…it really brought the family together. Hopefully, my generation, my cousins would be as close-knitted as our parents are before us.

March 28, 2009 | Hannah’s Graduation Reception
@ John & Yoko
, Greenbelt 5
Milestone for one of my favorite persons, great food, hot patrons, family…a no-brainer successful equation. Hannah graduated from high school and is off to this college in Katipunan. But before going all serious for the future, Japanese food, being her favorite, must be served. I had yet to make a food review of the resto, but I will. Earth Hour was also that night and I bumped into Anne Kartis. Yum!

March 31, 2009 | Baconator Night @ SM Mall of Asia
To cap off the month, my dreams of experiencing Wendy’s Baconators came true. Pay day and I finally agreed to Odette and Vanessa that I will accompany them to sample Haagen-Dazs’s hyped fondue. Together with Neng, we headed to SM Mall of Asia for it to become a reality, but for some reason, we ended up splitting one Baconator into three and settled for Ice Monster after. Har!

Goodbyes and milestones were the main themes of the month that was; birthdays as well and the annual family outing…awesome! Totally awesome! I really had a hard time documenting them because as much as March being eventful for me, my slothness level equaled my activities. Not much pictures, really. March delivered, and the last days of March were special as preparations for the “Ventura Event of the Year” were underway. Special because it paved the way to the start of the second quarter of the year, a month that is occasion-stricken, a month that’ll leave me poor for at least two months or so, a month that I had always enjoyed…April. (--,)


AthensDLR said...

Finally, napost niya rin! Haha.

Natawa ako about the sandier pastures at not-so-famous colleague.

bairuz said...

famous and infamous. Lol! Bat taba ko jan? Weheh.

timeenutlatte said...

Well, he did wrote about seeing Imohtep during one cab ride. Hehe. Hindi na nga ako nakapagblog about that eh. Tsk tsk tsk. Pathetic. :P

timeenutlatte said...

Eh mataba ka naman talaga eh. Akala ko ba goal mo yun? Bat ka nagrereklamo? Wahaha! And your short didn't help the look. :)))

kadz said...

lol.. Dats d first i saw how fat i'v become since havng short hair. Buti n lng me gym d2. Weheh. Bka pagbalik, ko... Nyahaha.

VeeJei said...

Baconator! Yum! =p~
I will try that this week.. pramis!