Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dear You’s

Let’s thank/blame my favorite cousin, Hannah, for introducing me to the wonderful, dramatic, somewhat emo world of “Dear You’s.” It is supposed to be very therapeutic for the mind and heart. Tidbits of feelings expressed in short sentences directed to individuals concerned. Beer makes me sleepy so let’s see if this one works.

Five… four… three… two… one…

Dear You’s.

• My very first “you” is dedicated to you just because you used to be the most important person in my life. And who knows, someday you might regain that title. I’m pretty sure you will.

• Right now, “you” are the most important individual for me. Taboo? I don’t think so. I have weird taste, I know. But there’s something about you that is bringing out the fool in me.

• I missed “you.” I’m sorry I overthought things. I really thought we could be something special. But of course, I did nothing and now you are happy. I’m okay now, by the way. I really am happy that you are happy.

• So, a ghost returns. Do I turn “you” away? If you’re bringing something I want, then I certainly won’t.

• I need a new secret-keeper to replace “you.” Sure I have people in stock but what do you know? I value your opinion and your perspective. I can’t just kick it with them left.

• “You,” I am thankful for. Like I said, we’re not so much different when it comes to these things and I know you understand silly old me. You still scare me though!

• I admire “your” fighting spirit. I secretly wish I have it. Your foolishness may not be a match to my confidence but it certainly will put up a good fight. Prove to them that situations such as yours also happen in real life.

• And lastly, you know I love “you” and you’re one of my favorite persons in the world that’s why I don’t want you getting hurt. I trust that you know what you’re doing even if you’re inexperienced. I got your back s’long as you’re happy. does help!

Bien à vous (--,)


bairuz said...

i think i have an idea who 'you being something special' is. At least your happy for her. =)

mrs. john mitchell said...

while reading this, "cherish" by kool and the gang is playing on my media player. damn it, i wanna cry!!! i want to make this too. :(( *wipe misty eyes*

timeenutlatte said...

You: oh, you'd know that. Cake! Harhar. These "You's" are easy when you really know me. And you're probably right about who that something special could be. I am happy for her.

You: ahee-hee-hee-hee. Not everything is dramatic naman in the world of "Dear You's." Some could be inspirational or motivational or supportive, but generally emotional. Haha. Not helping, I know. Do one. It helps. And you get to entertain your readers by makin them guess. :D But please, no crying! :((

Saudi Boy said...

ooh, i know H is there too and the secret keeper? KK? Weh?

Saudi Boy said...

ooh, i know H is there too and the secret keeper? KK? Weh?

timeenutlatte said...

Isn't it obvious. Ofcourse she's there. She's number... KK "is" the secret keeper. Hmp. I need to find replacement for KK. Do you expect me to ask for Boy's perspective? Seriously? Hehe.

tintin rejano said... who's dramatic now? wehehe...peace tim. :P

timeenutlatte said...

Never said I wasn't. Now I'm saying I'm not. ;p Madrama ba? Di naman ah. Hehehe.

AthensDLR said...

kilala ko si number three at number five... pag-iisipan ko pa iyong iba.

masaya talaga itong mga dear yous na ito. harharharhar. i should know, i do a lot of random dedications. harharhar

timeenutlatte said...

Wehehe. Sabi ko nga, given naman na most of 'em "You's."

Boils down to the same intentions, just that we have different ways of writing 'em. *wink*wink* (--,)