Saturday, September 4, 2010

Jess James & Lani Pillinger | Party Girls

Jacinta “Jess” James (27) and Lani Pillinger (27) | Party Girls

Here’s our bet for the fourth and newest season of Amazing Race Asia. Well, one of our bets anyways. But let’s face it, the other team’s a pair of athletic guys screaming doucheyness all over.

Jess is a tattoo artist and Lani is a model. And I’m sure they have much more achievements than what the AXN website gave us. Both are Aussies. But I’m certain they won’t pull off what Marc and Rovilson did from their season. Let’s just hope they come close, possibly the Dustin & Kandice of Asia.

Party girls. Right. Here’s hoping that the bikini bodies work and charm their way to the finish line.

PS: Been bitchin about getting a tattoo for the last month, and methinks Jess will be the solution. I wonder is she’s, well, gentle. (—,)

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