Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I Beg You: Do Not Spoil "Deathly Hallows" For Me!!!

It's been 10 years since the first installment of the Harry Potter series were introduced to us. Now, the final book, the finale, the ground breaking revelations, the end of an era as we know it, judgment day, came. And it was last Saturday. This is not a review about the book because the fact is, I haven't read it yet. I don't even have a copy of it. Used to be, I get my copy from my Ninang in the States. But since this is the momentous one, I wanted to buy this one on my own. So why haven't I purchased my copy yet? Simple. I'm still reviewing. I'm reading books' V and VI first before taking on the the "Hallows."

So what's the purpose of this text? Simple again. Like what my suggests and ask, Please, I beg people, do not spoil the book for me. I try to stay away from Internet as much as possible. No website is safe. Every blog has its own version of reviews and comments. That's fine. I've solved that. I just stay away from websites. A fan submitted this desktop wallpaper that contains all the people who perished in the series. A fine tribute. But it almost ruined the era for me. Good thing I had good reflexes. hahaha. By far, I think Wikipedia wins the best spoiler award. As I've said, I was reviewing, so I decided to look up Horcruxes. Even the article about it contains stories about how the book ended. My gawd! Still, I turned it off before it turned messy. Websites and the Internet are easy to avoid. But what about the people themselves?! People blabbing about how good the book is, which is fine and cool; but loudly? Dude, at least wait a week before shouting around what happened in this chapter and that chapter.

Best cure for these spoilers: grab a copy of the book and go nuts!!!

Better solution that moving to China or Russia. At least there you wouldn't understand anything even if their talking about this page or that page.

Technically, we can't call them spoilers anymore since the book's already in circulation. But you know what I mean. This is legendary. People deserve to find out the ending the right way. Call me sentimental or corny, but unlike people who want to finish it as soon as they paid for it, I want to read the last pages of this history in a perfect place. Somewhere where it's serene and calm. A perfect way to end an era.


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