Monday, September 17, 2007

"Ode to the September Borns..."

SEpTeMBeR! September is my favorite month out of the 12 that we go through every year. It marks the start of the "-BER" months which translates to Holidays is just around the corner. Christmas carols are played throughout National radio and people (I believe) becomes extra-nicer to other people. It is when I am at my busiest and I am happiest. Busy in a sense that its events here and there almost everyday. This is because my September calendar is literally packed with birthday celebrants and noteworthy occasions. Get this, in all of the 30 days of this glorious month, I'm only missing the 3rd, 11th, 24th, 25th, 28th and 29th dates without any reason to celebrate! Talk about blacking out (like in Bingo)! Imagine the cost of presents and parties that I, and people I know, goes through every September. But as always, it's always worth every single centavo. I don't know, but September-borns are people that becomes special in my life. My Mom and best galfriend was born in the same month, and they're both Virgoes. Which is irrelevant but those two are very important to me. So without further ado, here are them September borns and when they were brought into this world:

September 1:

my former batchmate at work who I enjoyed lunches with and intellectual conversations! miss you Rose Dak! hahaha...

September 2:

Lolo Teban:
my deceased grandfather who I can never really recall but I hear he's really strict and speaks good Spanish. Ay caramba!

September 4:

Ranz: my cuz and the 2nd oldest male in my generation, in mother's side!

September 5:

Carl: most respected senior editor of OFFLINE! (probably shouldn't write senior) haha..

September 6:

one of my 2 granmas who took care of me and bought me everything and I mean everything while growing up! its been almost 2 years since her death, one that I will never forget!

Leng: the mama of my HS kada (kiddin)! conscience of our group and one of the those real friends that is surely for keeps! Congrats're graduating next month!

September 7:

Lola Reggie: youngest of my grandmas in my Mom's side!

Chester: my bestfriend in grade school..never really knew what happened to this guy!

Bes and JM's 2nd year Anniversary: it's been two years guys! stay strong!!!

September 8:

Jairus: my tito who is 4 years younger than me which complicates everything, who is currently enjoying college life! hahaha..

Tita Baby: one of Mom's bestfriends when they were working together! She was my "hip" tita!

Peyky: Nunee's cousin... =)

September 9:

Biboy's ex-beau. I really liked them together, but she's wonderful in her own right!

Ira: one of Nunee's bestfriend in high school..hope we won't drift away even if we're not "in-laws" anymore..hehehe

Tita Ellie: wife of Uncle Petes and mother to Pocholo and Pierre..

Tam: soon to be Mom's Vietnamese inaanak on his wedding... one of the best engineers from Mom's office..

September 10:

a younger cousin who's Tita Wella's unica hija who resides in Cagayan...

Tita Amel: Ma'am Alice's sister who is always present at family events...

September 12:

Mom: well, the woman who made me possible! hahaha B-)

September 13:

Ms. Eloi:
Mom's colleague whom I positively adore because of her parking slot! :D

September 14:

Bisente's life of his love, err.. love of his life..whatever! hey Pau!

Baby Nicole: my first inaanak outside of the family! i'm gonna make it up to you and your mom, swear!

September 15:

Kuya Artson:
one of the few closest older cousin in my Dad's side...we're gonna beat you on Wednesday! mwahahaha!

September 16:

Bisente: a boring Mean Boy whose hirits and jokes never fails. Mr. Murillo, I'll be seeing you next week! wehehehe...

Honee: one of my closest teammate in the office! my lunch buddy! and a "Batch 8"! see you next week!

Gemma: OiC, DC, or whatever you are in ET..never really close until you Spark-ed me about that unwanted editor! Keep up the good work..hahaha

September 17:
Lola Des: Iya's sister and my 2nd eldest grandma in mom's side! Best baker in the family!! =P~

September 18:

Shirene (Bes): my bestfriend! Happy Birthday Bes! (--,) gettin old, doll! you'll be working soon..hoping it'll be close to moi! see you soon! B-)

September 19:

better known as Karen from the younger batch of ABE! pretty girl! naks!

September 20:

Tita Leda:
former colleague of Mom and one of the original R&D girls...

September 21:

Tita Wella:
"Kampana ng Cagayan" very outspoken tita!

September 22:

another cuz of Nunee who they say looks like me..very handsome individual! honestly! dont take my word for it..hahaha

Daizie: another one of those "Batch 8" glamorous people..hmp! Hey, Daze! whats up?!

September 23:

Tita Norie:
yet again, a former colleague of Mom and an original "R&D" girl..

Tita Teyette: Viveca's mom..

September 26:

Patty: another close teammate from the office and my lunch and break buddy! still, another "Batch 8" individual..grrr! "Opportunity" seems to really like you girl!

September 27:

Colo: my rowdy cousin who's in the States already and forgot how to speak Tagalog! Smarts and wits + Colo = Dangerous combination! B-)

Ire: a blockmate from college..

Prof. Neil: my Financial and Legal Management professor who also became our adviser

September 30:

Claudine: my ate in the office who looks after and take cares of me! Together with Tito Erik and the rest of the gang...I'm gonna see you on our dinner! hahaha..regards to Justin!

And there you have it. People I care for and people who makes September my favorite month of the year! To those who were born in another month, hey, you guys are still important, and I look at you guys equally with these people. Especially if you invite me to your parties! (--,) It's just that there's no other month like September in my calendar!

Hoping that all of you enjoys the rest of the year! Until September 2008, Cheers!

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