Saturday, March 12, 2011


When we were exiled and thrown to what most people call Ortigas, there was only one silver lining, and that is the glorious grub-filled markets of Banchetto. Going there was easy as cake served there, right?

Wrong! They are only open on Fryday nights, till the wee hours of Saturday morning. Them creature of the nights I call my friends don’t have any problem at all sampling every cholesterol-infested goodness that paradise has to offer as they are in the office every Fryday night. And they always rub it in my face every chance they got.

30 Frydays and seven months later, take that you magnificent bastards. Hah! As expected, t’was a foodgasmic experience. My buddies Ralph and Erwin will attest to that. Although, they were enjoying the non-edible eyecandy vendors more than the monster burgers and kebabs.

Even delivered food to the office just because I am the best and most outstanding friend they have, only that and for no other reason. Really. Great stuff! Banchetto, I shall return. (—,)


kk said...

i've seen that place on the news. place to be for midnight snacks.

timeenutlatte said...

I've lived it. Hah! Yes. Place to be for midnight "snacks," and my definition of "snacks" would be.... :>:>:>

kk said...

hot patrons ambling around? hehe

timeenutlatte said...

More like hot vendors selling good stuff. I kid you not! But same amount of hot patrons munching around too. Think of steaks, kebabs, crepes, cakes, desserts and hot girls = paradise, right? :>