Monday, October 1, 2007

Bittersweet Blog-Worthy Week [Sept. 23-29, 2007]

It started with a warm Monday, achieving-a-milestone-Wednesday, an earth-shattering Friday, and the rest of the week being, indeed, bittersweet!
Bittersweet – [adj. bit-er-sweet] - being at once bitter and sweet; especially: pleasant but including or marked by elements of suffering or regret.”
Erik called it “extremes,” but I like “bittersweet” better. When I hear that word, chocolate usually comes to mind. For me, it’s the best kind of chocolate, strong dark flavor with a hint of sweetness. I will go an extra mile and say that it may be the best kind of success or achievement. When used to describe life, though, it usually pertains to a happening that made one feel contentment and emptiness. This brings me to my week: September 23-29, 2007. I already explained that September is the most exciting month for me and lots of things usually happens during this time of year. But I never expected its last week this year to be that “exciting.”
Sunday, September 23. I was awaken by an SMS message from a friend-colleague. “Mga pare, magiging daddy na ko!” Wow! What a way to start my week. New life is coming and a close friend finds happiness in fatherhood.
Monday, September 24. I met up with my lady friends whom I rarely hang out with nowadays because of their work and busyness. Big whoop, right? Yes. For me, it is. These people are important to me so it’s a no-brainer that I am happy to be in their presence. Monday also marks that whole getting-back-in-to-that-habit thing. So, Monday matches Sunday, this week. It gets better.
Tuesday, September 25. My most respected mentor from work gave me some mentor-y advice and asked me to be a good role model for my teammates. And then, she dropped the bomb. She was pulled out from our team and transferred to another one. Tricky, but still, not that big a deal. She’s not leaving us; she’s just going upstairs. Well, at least that’s how I feel. Her replacements being two of my friends. One of them, I dare say, one of the closest in the office. So even if my teammates disagree and are showing signs of negativeness, hell, I am excited. Now, it gets really better.
Wednesday, September 26, Araneta Coliseum, 6:30 p.m. My beloved San Beda Red Lions won the NCAA Season 83 Senior’s Division Basketball Championship. Sweeter in a sense that it’s a Back-to-Back feat for the Bedan community. The game wasn’t that exciting but the end result is what matters. The trophy is not the only thing worth mentioning that day, the victory party after the game also made my personal history books. Mendiola Street was closed for the sole purpose of it being the celebration grounds. Free food; free, overflowing, refillable, all kinds of booze; good people and friends; everyone having the time of their lives; what more can you ask for? A three-peat comes to mind. But hey, that’s for next year. Let the whole Bedan community savor our back-to-back victory first. Quoting an alumni, “the first one was sweet, the second time sweeter, the third one being the ultimate coronation.” Chills. Hehehe.
Thursday, September 27. Well, I was pretty much wasted from last night’s partying and celebration so I was not fun Timmy at all. Aside from the congratulatory greetings, nothing much worth mentioning that day. Taking out Thursday, this week is turning out to be one of the best week ever. Yay! How foolishly wrong I am. If I made a bet about last week being the best week ever, I’m probably eating out of the trash by now. So, without further ado, here’s how my week ended and why it was a bittersweet one.
Friday, September 28. An indifferent start; life-changing finish. “Tsong, may scheds na. Gabi ka na.” Son of a…took me several seconds before I, literally, functioned. By this time, all reason left me. I got screwed. Curse all those who made the schedules. Over reacting? I don’t think so. Put yourselves in my shoes, being the only one transferred to the night shift, all of your teammates left behind; the reason being “iwas issue.” My school taught me values and I am not about to throw them away over some petty issues. I won’t be a hypocrite, of course that will be an advantage for me. But I am not stupid enough to hold on to that friendship. Even he, (newly-appointed supervisor) will choose career and professionalism first before us. Okay, okay. There’s another reason. I will replace the other promoted guy in the night shift as its OiC. It was never in my job description in first place to look after people. And just because the night supervisor’s rest days falls in the weekend and no one but “me” is qualified enough to look after the night team, doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m their man. Kalokohan! And frankly, I don’t like being under a new superior. I don’t question integrity and motives, and I dearly respect the given supervisor, but I won’t be as efficient as I am right now under his guidance. Leave it to me to find positive sides to every depressing situation. I’ll be with another close friend who’s in the night shift, and some teammates who I haven’t seen in months. And the best part of being a sun-fearing vampire, I won’t need to put up with two morally reprehensible (I got this from a dictionary, it sounds cool) bitches, who, made it as their ultimate goal, to bring me down and take control of the morning team. Stupid virgins, I never saw myself controlling the team, I am just there to hand out assignments, answer questions, plan events, and provide happiness. Leadership is different from control, morons. You could just see how resentful I am with what is happening in our team. I am normally a peaceful brother who prefers to retaliate quietly than verbally. But what you two wicked witches are doing brings out that side of me. I feel sorry for your pathetic attempts to take control over, even if I am now in SONA (ref. Prison Break). I’d like to see you two try going against the two new people in charge. And there’s still my team who I know won’t go down quietly (literally).
So, what a week right? Quite long, I know, and some parts are still worth writing about, but I need to get up and buy groceries. Hehehe. I have accepted my faith and will just wait for an opportunity to breakout of SONA. Erik, congratulations on being a dad and take good care of our team. To my lady friends, see you whenever. Animo San Beda! Going for a three-peat next year. To those two sorry excuse for human beings, well, go to hell.
Indeed, it was a bittersweet, blog-worthy week.

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