Friday, January 12, 2007


Tim, you're more sinful than the average person. And the sin you're most guilty of is
In this context, Pride is defined by an exaggeration of your worth and power in an attempt to feel superior to others. Pride can lead you down the wrong path when you feel like you have to be the best at everything. This kind of compulsion to achieve can get in the way of your ability to connect respectfully and equally with others.Historically, Pride has been seen as the worst of all the deadly sins, as it is believed to lead to all other sins and to recklessly cruel behavior. In a religious context, Pride was originally cast as the human attempt at godliness. People were supposed to be humbled by their mortality: But being prideful was seen as the ultimate denial that humanity was at the mercy of God.Modern-day psychology, though, also recognizes the benefit of possessing a certain degree of Pride. In this light, Pride in this regard, is akin to self-respect. Taking Pride in a job well-done and a life well-lived is generally considered to be healthy. This view of Pride evolved, in part, due to the cultural shift in the Western world from being purely God-centered to being more focused on individual achievement and actualization. Contemporary theologians continue to debate these multifaceted opinions about Pride, its merits and pitfalls. And even today, many people feel personally conflicted about how much Pride is a good thing. This conflict is largely because modern popular thought still tends to see arrogance and boastfulness as negative components of pride. And because of this many people teeter between wanting to bolster their self-esteem through Pride while still remaining modest.Despite all of these philosophical ambiguities, though, your particularly high score on Pride indicates that you may be falling into the trap of believing (whether you recognize it or not) you're invincible and unequaled in talent. If you aren't careful, your drive to excel at all costs may ultimately be your downfall, possibly leading to mental anguish and isolation. Beware of prioritizing your achievements and talents above all else. And especially be wary of using them as a way to feel separate from, and superior to, others. Excessive pride can actually be a detriment both to your self-esteem and to your relationships. If your pride drives you to treat loved ones or subordinates poorly, this can chip away at your connections — connections you ultimately need and want, and undermine your humanity. And if your expectations of yourself are so unrealistically high that you're never pleased with yourself or others (you're only human, after all), you will likely find yourself chronically dissatisfied with life.

I recently took a test in about how sinful I am. And the paragraph above explains how a bad-ass I am..hah! I wish. So, am guilty of being too much of a jerk, and I don't disagree. If you're to survive this world, you gotta take matters into your own hands, and I don't mean involving yourself into crimnal and illegal acts, but taking your life and controlling it. I may sound like those villains in the movie, but who gets the most glory and respect? I may come off too strong or a wacko to you, but trust me on this one, I know what I am doing. Hey, I believe in the test, and I'm seriously considering lessening my evilness. hehehe.. Antidote for this sin is humbleness. And i know my place, the irony is, I am somewhat humble. Long explanation, I just am. Funny, I never thought of myself as a person with pride. More of Slothness, really. But after reading the results, well, I hafta agree.

It's how I wanna live. I am prepared for the consequences. Blame my surroundings or whatever...I don't care. Maybe if I get back my contentment and find inner happiness, I won't be that sinful anymore...

--> Getting there, this one also from January of this year

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