Wednesday, January 24, 2007

TimeePalooza 2007

To all my love ones who were present on my "debut" last January 20, 2007 at my place... Guys and Gals, thank you oh so much for being there..

Even if the present people were only a, we painted Merville red and white.. woohoo!! Hehe..

· To my family.. thanks for all the support and food you brought for that wonderful time..(kahit naubos un food..tuloy ang ligaya)

· To my extended family... Tita Ayie...for painstakingly coordinating the event and for the cake (that everyone, and I mean everyone..adored!) Ms. Alice and Ms. Amel... for celebrating it with me...

· To the Meanboys: Cyrus, Ralph, Jio, Erwin, Robin, Tito Paul and ubod ng mean na girl..kumareng Loti... much appreciated your effort in going there even if you guys are busy nowadays from work and babysitting...hehehe

· To my Nunee... even if you still have jet-lag and was really really sick... you completed that whole event.. I missed you... (chinita ka na)

· To Mom... well, for everything...

· To those who greeted my on the 19th... People, thanks for remembering... I admit it was another milestone in my behalf...

Everyone who's everyone... ang saya diba? kahit konti tayo... the most important people were there... thanks for taking time out of your hectic lives and celebrated my special day with me... I'm just a call away for any invites from you guys... be it birthdays, weddings or christenings...Hehehe I'm there....

Again... my deepest gratitude for being with me on my 21-year journey... until then... next palooza... when I'm 50 years old...Hehehe

--> My gratitude blog from January of this year

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