Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Top Ten Summer Moments of 2005

Here…as promised…are my Top Ten Summer Moments of 2005..mapa-nega or posi…they’re all memorable!! So, with no further adoOo:

10. Last day of Junior Year in School..Erwin's Bday celebration at Tapika..started y'know what!! [March 18, 2005]
9. Driving Lessons at Sucat..oh yeah!! [last week of March]
8. Certain realizations of certain personal stuff!! [all thru out summer]
7. March Twenty sumthn conversation wid a Friend..intense eh!! [March 20-sumthn]
6. Movie dates with my Friends..all of the summer movies rocks!! [all thruout summer]
5. End of the Summer everyday gimmicks with a friend!! [last 2 weeks of May and first 2 weeks of June]
4. StarWars Episode III:Revenge of the Sith movie screening/reunion with my HighSchool Kada..we were complete!! [May 20]
3. Equitable PCI Bank OJT experience..[April 18-May 28]
2. Breakfast Supersize guesting with my bestbud their segment Atomic Bam..i look good on TV!! [April 29]
1. StarBucks West Ave..nuff said!! [April 19]

You see...Summer of 2005 was the best ever...t'was a very interesting season with lots of new experiences...I just don't see any season this year that’ll top it. Maybe Christmas…but I don't think so...unless...well, Santa brings me better present this year!!

--> Original post: June, 2005

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