Friday, November 28, 2008

The Twilight Premier

I’ve never denied my adoration for the book series that is the Twilight Saga. I just never really wrote anything about it. I have this thing where I don’t write about stuffs that are important to me. Don’t ask; I don’t know either. Anyway, after months and months of waiting, and being robbed of five more days, the movie adaptation finally comes to the Philippine shores, and we were fortunate to have premier tickets, courtesy of Vanessa. Come November 25, 2008, Vanessa, Boy, Kibs, Neng, Ces, Zelle and I are about to finally have the “Twilight Experience.

We arrived at the SM Mall of Asia Premier Cinema earlier than usual (talk about excitement) and the anticipation just got stronger. Others are having butterflies in their stomachs (okay) and some got to “mingle” (hmp) with other patrons. And then, the line started to file up with this annoying British teen shouting “single file.” Well, the premier cinema is huge. In fact, it’s too gigantic that from where we’re seated, the screen barely looked like your average TV screen. No worries. Not even technical issues will dampen our excited spirits. So when the lights turned off and the trailers are shown, in Alice’s words…“It’s time.”

(--,), Ces, Neng & Kibs

Amidst the “hyperventilating” moments of my companions (fine, I did too) and the screaming of the female audiences when Edward’s on screen, there was actually a movie in there. I was surprised though that the adaptation made me feel like I was watching an indie film. To be more precise, a chick-flick indie movie, probably a first of its kind. It was expected that the gooeyness of cheesy romance are going to be prevalent throughout the movie, and in that sense, they delivered. Trust me. Twilight movie was more character-driven rather than making it this big SFX-laded Hollywood motion picture. That’s why reviews are saying that the movie sucked in the effects department, but hey, focus on the characters and not in the Bionic-Man-like motion of the vampires. And I must say, the actors and actresses who played the characters’ part did amazingly well. I had my doubts for the longest time, but they convinced me, especially the two leads, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, they are indeed Edward and Bella in the flesh (or undead).

Let me share some of my favorite scenes from the picture. My favorite of course is the baseball scene, where the Cullens together with Bella are playing baseball in an open field during a thunderstorm. The background music, Supermassive Black Hole by Muse, was the perfect score for this scene…constant repeat on my player. Another worth mentioning is the “Meet the Cullens,” which was previously leaked online, but my heart still skipped when Alice walked into the kitchen (hah!). “The Meadow” made me think and dream. The fight scene was also note-worthy. Runner up to “The Game” would be the Edward-in-sunglasses scene…I swear, one day, I will do that! Edward in his I’m-taking-an-awkward-nap rocked the theaters with guffaws and laughs. And anything that has Alice and Jasper in it (heehee).

Kibs, Neng, Ces, Zelle, Vanessa, Edward

Although they could’ve made it longer, I understand that it’s hard to fit 500 pages of literary genius into a two-hour feature length film. So my verdict, I also did not love the film but I did not hate it either. I left the theater with mixed feelings. Something’s bugging me the whole time so it kinda ruined the experience for me. But let’s not get into that. The film is still worth the wait. It stayed faithful to the book and added forgivable snippets that actually fit the story. To all Twilighters, don’t get discouraged from the negative reviews. What do they know? They’re not the ones who are raking in $70 million on its first weekend. Go watch our favorite characters come to life. I leave you with a line by Edward himself in the movie: “It’s like a human only living on tofu; it keeps you strong but it never fully satisfies.”


Kadz said...

Something’s bugging me the whole time so it kinda ruined the experience for me. I know, i know.. lol..

lam ko naman that the premier was worth it (except he Boy cguro), wehehe.. there are stull three more books, it'll be like harry potter with fangs. =)

timeenutlatte said...

Yes. You know! You know! Now, shush! (--,)

For the nth time..Steph Meyer's vampires do not have fangs. Haha! Yes, I'm really looking forward for the third and final books' movie adaptation. At least, I'll get to see more action there, and more Alice. Yay!

What the hell are you downloading or doing out there all alone? Your spellings are all terrible. Ahahaha. Could it have somethin to do with "art" films?

Kadz said...

Wahaha.. oo nga no, my spelung is all over the place. might be scorpio nights' fault! :p

timeenutlatte said...

Even the reply to the mistake. It's "spelling" not "spelung." And you get editor earnings. Sheesh. Ahahaha.

VeeJei said...

Ahahaha! Eto pa lang 'yung sinasabing typo. LOL.

Napanood ko ulit kahapon, and now, I'll be watching it again, but with my mom and bro this time. I swear I think I've already memorized every line. Pak.

timeenutlatte said...

Twilight screening count:
Ces: 3
Vanessa: 2 goin on 3
(--,): 2
Padamihan ba toh?! Hehehe.
Tomorrow's my Twilight date with Mum, which will make it three. I'd probably memorize all of Jasper's line by tomorrow. Then nagaaya pa din si Ces 8-| Ahaha!

VeeJei said...

Does online streaming count? Wahahaha! I've seen it twice online. I've seen it thrice on theaters... iba-iba experience.

The first one, syempre, excited. I think okay siya kasi marami ang nandun na nakakaalam ng Twilight... At saka maraming natili. Hahaha!

The second one, which was yesterday, ang tahimik! Hahaha! Grabe! Ako lang ata natawa dun. LOL. Siguro kasi awkward since maliit lang 'yung theater and maximum ng 40 people lang.

Kanina, kakaiba pa rin kasi hindi sila tahimik, pero hindi din naman sila masyado maingay. Hahaha! Gitna lang.

And I realized it's always the same reaction pag pasok ni Carlisle. Hahaha! Kinikilig ang mga tao. LOL.

Ano, nood tayo ulit? Hahahaha!

timeenutlatte said...

If we count online streaming, panalo na si Kads. Paulet-ulet yun lalo na sa scene with Bella leavin Charlie. Ilang Kleenex na naubos nya dun. Wahaha!

Our first screening was still the best since we're all together and we're oh-so-excited. Hehe. Second one, nung Thursday, was great because we felt so mayabang since we already know the sequences. But was surprised kasi Thursday night yun pero sold out ba naman. "White seats available, ma'am." Eh yun white seats eh apat na kanto ng theater?! Baler?! Ahahaha.

Ano, Tuesday after shift?! Ha? Ha? :))