Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Legend of the Seeker

One of my basis when watching fresh TV shows is the female lead. Big whoop! No surprise there. So when I was channel surfing a few nights ago, I chanced upon The View and got interested with their guest, a certain Bridget Regan. Ooh, pretty. She’s promoting her new show: Legend of the Seeker. The title says it all…it’s epical. She says it’s gonna be cool and I always believe redheads are always telling the truth. I’ve taken the liberty of borrowing some person’s copy and embedded it here to prove the redhead right!

The Legend of the Seeker is based from The Sword of Truth novels by Terry Goodkind. Never really heard of it but they’re supposed to be best-sellers. The story is fairly simple. Young woodsman helps out hot mysterious chic and they hit it off, oh, and they seek out this wizard. See? Simple! Okay, not the best summarization of a classic work of literature but why spoil all the TV goodness?

This brand-new series is being brought to us by the awesome folks from ABC studios. Spiderman director, Sam Raimi, is the executive producer for this new show that just premiered last November 1. And they went all out on this one. Shot in New Zealand where Peter Jackson and crew spent seven years to bring Middle Earth to life…methinks they reinforced the idiom: spare no expense. Based from the first 10 minutes that we’ve watched, a friend kids that these kinds of shows are always a hit, but since they’re too ambitious…two seasons tops! But I say (and hope) this show will go down in TV history as one of the most magical and grandest of its genre.

Well, I haven’t really finished the pilot episode as it is a two-hour special premiere. Hopefully, by tomorrow. But I must say I wasn’t one-bit disappointed. The Matrix-like dodging of arrows and oh-so-awesome special effects will keep your eyes glued to the screen. At least for me it does. Kinda reminds you of old epic TV shows such as Hercules: The Legendary Journeys or Xena: Warrior Princess without the terrible clay monsters. Okay, I’m sorry. It’s the ‘90s so all is forgiven.

So, in conclusion…it’s like the grandeur of Lord of the Rings…on boob tube!


jaiskizzy said...

is this related to the movie with the kid and the deadwood guy?

timeenutlatte said...

You know, I have no idea! Hehe. But I'd say..no! They're both epic adventures and all that magical stuff but they're both based from completely different books, I think! :P

Kadz said...

I have short-listed my must-sees. I'm not sure if I have room for one more. Hehe. Will wait for your full review as you havent fully watched it yet. ;)

Johann said...

idk, idk. the series premiere was a little bit crappy with a few questionable plotlines. it's promising, though. i'm looking forward to the next episode.

it reminds me of beastmaster, which i loved. beastmaster was the shit.

timeenutlatte said...

KK: And on the top of your short-list...a certain Japanese show, right? Wahehehe. Well, won't review it anymore. Besides, everyone in the team should'a finished it by tomorrow. Harhar. (--,)

odt said...

the pilot is the usual good versus evil.
the cinematography is mind blowing, to say the least.
the leads are eye-candies. haha!
it's a must-see, i dare say. :D
first two episodes and i'm definitely hooked. :D

timeenutlatte said...

told you..redheads are honest people. i might marry a redhead someday. you never know. haha! true, true. well said. cinematography..whew! and Bridget Regan, I love you! :))