Sunday, January 25, 2009


The fun doesn’t stop for me after the Holidays and New Year as my birthday falls in January. Two presents or a really huge one, I used to get. Now, I’m just contented with major parties or dinner with friends. Yes, when people get old they change. I wouldn’t object though if you give me a belated wrapped gift. Thank you in advance. A new pair of pants would be swell.

O & T

Last year, I celebrated my 22nd birthday two ways: intimate gathering with the family and co-celebrating it with my colleagues at some seafood restaurant. I learned from my debut: my pad is provincial to my friends. Boo! But, I still say house party is the way to go. So, I gave it another shot this year. Got an okay from Odette and we set the date. Strictly office friends and colleagues, I said. That way, no one will complain that the venue’s not in NCR anymore. I counted 20 and had faith that we will all fit in our porch.

Grub... grub... grub...

January 17, 2009. Requested to go on leave so I could help out with and finish up the preparations. Stressful yet fun. I always enjoyed organizing some big event, well, not that much, I’m still tamad…I’m still better at hosting. Good thing Mum took care of every damn thing. Went to Landmark to buy the spirits. Party rule #1: Spirits either keep the party alive or kill it. Inexpensive booze, they carry. From now on, Landmark will carry all our alcoholic transactions. By 5:00 pm, we were putting the finishing touches and the South people messaged that they’re on their way.

Kads, Eunice, Met, Ronn and Ma-Anne were the first to be here. They brought cake. All of them are South residents so I asked them to coordinate with each other and I’ll just pick them up outside the village. It’s a maze before you reach our abode. Next up, a phone call that says they’re already lost could only mean one thing: the other celebrant has arrived. Odette, Veejei, Ton, Boy, Neng, and Ces completes the other major group. So, it’s time to eat. Lasagna and Buffalo Wings as entrees; Odette brought Barbecue and Siomai (props Ton) and we ordered Maki for sides. Like what Mum said, it’s been a while since we actually perfected our cooking. We used to be really good at it. Based on the praises of the chomping crowd, the grub’s a-okay!

T & O with T&C and Ex-T&Cs

Then comes the party fuel: two cases of beer, some Vodka Cruisers for the ladies and Boy, Neng gave us a bottle of Mudshaker, and I mixed my college kada’s very own recipe of Screwdriver. Add Nachos and Spicy Hotdog to the equation and the party’s going somewhere now. Gemm and Joyce sent me a message that they’ve arrive, which means added fun. They also brought cake. Brought out the TV and setup the Magic Sing and we got ourselves one hell of a party. Pictures were taken, drinks were passed around, all of them burned me with controversial questions--this event will go down in history, I thought. It did. But for a completely different reason.

Soffy was our last guest. His presence might be that intoxicating that I decided to ruin my own party. Around 1:00 am, I wasn’t sure what I was doing and moments later, I knocked myself out. Yes, I admit it was my fault that the festivities had to be cut short. Combination of stress from planning and hosting plus Screwdriver, not such a good idea. After that, the events that followed were just narrated to me the next morning. Half of the guests left, some did not want to but Iya and Uncle just had to intimidate them. The Offline Five stayed though, till the sun shined.

Happy 23rd to me! :))

My friends, I am so grateful for the effort you put just to attend our party. All-in-all, I say the party was successful. I’m sure everyone had fun and did not regret going. Let’s just say it could have been greater and epical if it weren’t for my stupidity. LOL. The other person responsible for this celebration, Odette, much appreciated everything you’ve done. Special thanks to Mum for everything, literally, everything. My next great big event would probably be in ‘11. That one, I swear, will be a huge one. And I will stay conscious! (--,)

Thanks to Veejei for most of the pictures.
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odt said...

your mum's lasagna is the best. :D
i loved the screwdriver.
happy birthday! :*

Kadz said...

Yeah, Tim, the screwdriver was okay. I wonder why it got you. Lol. Anyhoo, sa uulitin. Still officemates or not, we'll still be there to celebrate, in spirit or whatnot. Belated to the both of you. =)

timeenutlatte said...

O: Thank you. We Capricorns are still the best. (--,)
Happy Birthday to you too.

timeenutlatte said...

JR: Thanks, thanks! I'll be concocting a new drink next time around. It'll be much more powerful than my traitor Screwdriver. Mwahaha! We'll celebrate next or the following New Year in Times, in spirit or whatnot! Hehe. Thank you! (--,)

VeeJei said...

Happy Happy!!! :D

Ang layo ng bahay niyo... pero gaganti ako! Bwahahaha! >:)

timeenutlatte said...

Aba aba. Nagenjoy naman kayo ah. Di ba? Ako? Parang hindi masyado. I wonder why. Ahahaha.

Sige sige. Planuhin na yan! (--,)

VeeJei said...

Enjoy, syempre!
I only have one regret, and that is not taking more pictures while you were... umm... "resting" for a little while. LOL

my magic sing said...

Seems that you guys really had fun so much.

By the way, I'm curious about your own recipe of Screwdriver.