Monday, January 12, 2009

The Year of the Bovine Kind

Last year, I said to myself and I truly believed that 2008 would just be a continuation of 2007…plain boring and uneventful. Yeah, I still have leftovers from my meal that is that statement. A little late for my New Year blog, I know. But I had to really think about how I lived my life when the rodents took over. Two thumbs up for dear old Mickey and Jerry for making 2008 a hell of a ride. There were forgettable moments but the ones that stuck to me are really worth remembering.

This year, is the year of the bovine kind. Herds are in and people will flock in groups. Okay, I made that up but it sounded factual anyways. 2009 started, for me, hanging out with friends and colleagues. Maybe that’s why I believe this year, friends and circles will be vital to everyday existence. My life might revolve around them, and I ain’t complaining. Bring it!

2008 posed a new dilemma, one that is exciting and raises one interest. Sure, lots have changed since 2005, and that impasse is still ongoing, but I predict that the results will not really be that different three years ago. Boo! But what can I do? (Lots, you fool!) I just can’t stay away from my Chuck Bass-like attitude, minus the billion-dollar factor. Everything and everyone has an expiration date. Some, expires even before I get to call them mine. That’s me!

According to my 2008 self, I made “moving out and having my own place” as my top priority last year. LOL. Last year me, you amuse us! This time, I’d be aiming for a more feasible goal: gain weight. “Oh, the boy thinks it’s his end of the world because he doesn’t have the same problem as everyone else!” Well, frankly, I do. It is not my fault that I ain’t chums with my metabolism. She’s not a sloth like I am. So this year, gots to eat, eat, eat and beef up.

Let me summarize 2008 with 10 of the most relative random words that are connected to moi: PARTY, FRIENDS, FAMILY, TRAVEL, TWILIGHT, DEATH, GOODBYE, EVENT, COMEDY, and POSSIBLE LOVE. Totally relative yet random words.

Outlook or wish for the year ahead:
I just hope this year trumps out the last! (--,)


keem said...

This time, I’d be aiming for a more feasible goal: gain weight.

Mukhang glutton ang magiging capital sin mo this year. =p

timeenutlatte said...

Hehe. Never thought of it that way. Anyway it's for a good cause, namely, for me. >:) So, I should base my resolutions on the capital sins every year. Okie, mental note! (--.)

Kadz said...

makes me think the appeton thingy didnt work. didnt see any result. wehehe. while everybody the world over is on diet, we're mulling over gaining weight. i'd like to gain some pounds somewhere.. wehehe.

AthensDLR said...

isama ninyo na ako diyan tim and kadz!

hindi ko na talaga alam ang gagawin ko para mag-gain ng weight. habang nagpapakamatay sa pagdadiet ang mga kasama ko, ako naman hindi tumitigil sa pagkain.

sana mag-gain na tayo ng weight.

maka-100lbs lang ako, masaya na ako... saan ko ba pupulutin iyong 10lbs na idadagdag ko?

timeenutlatte said...

Obviously, it didn't. :'( Hehehe. Or maybe it would if I had taken it religiously and continued. But like I said, everything has an expiration date, and I just lost interest. :P Yes, every lunch, all our friends talk about is diet..except us guys. Ton, You and I should eat this new Wendy's Baconator in front of Boy and the girls. :))
Here's to gainin weight and bein chubby this 2009! (--,)

timeenutlatte said...

Sure..along with Met. At least I'm over 100. 105, I think. Let's meet halfway, around 95, and we may be able to fight amongst each other. Boxing! Super featherweight! :)) Match na match tayo! Hahaha.
Yes, yes. I believe we'll accomplish this Herculean task that is adding pounds! :D

jaiskizzy said...

kaya nyo yan. ako tagal ko napako sa 120lbs. ngayon 135 na weight ko. ayos.

timeenutlatte said...

15 pounds. Congrats, tsong! Umabot lan ako 120 eh masaya na koh! :-P

AthensDLR said...

bumili ako ng skinny jeans kanina. ang saya-saya ko kasi hindi magkasya sa akin iyong 25. akala ko dahil tumaba ako, pero apparently, maliliit lang daw talaga iyong sizes nila =|

VeeJei said...

Pwede ba transfer ng fat? LOL
Lipat ko na lang taba ko sa 'yo. Hahahahaha!