Sunday, January 4, 2009

Best Days

Best days usually happens when you least expect it. Hmm…that sounded like it needs rephrasing. But I actually mean it. Yesterday, January 3, 2009, well, I’m including it in my list of one of the best days ever. Given that it’s my good college buddy Arfel’s wedding and Nay-in-law Ces’ despedida, sure, two major occasions with no high expectations, really. And so the Party Gods resented that and proved me wrong.

Arfel’s and Len’s Wedding
I did not make it to the mass ceremony. Funny thing, I was awake by 6:00 am and it was set at 9:30 am. Plenty of time. Not for a slothful bastard like yours truly. It’s so early. Why not make it after lunch or dinner? But they have their reasons. And so, I made it to the Basilica of San Sebastian around 11:30 am and met up with half of the class. Yes, half of the class, some I haven’t seen since we marched down that aisle to get our diplomas. And one surprise guest, Kenneth! That blockmate of ours left for Alaska when we finished our Junior Year in college. He’s really here. And my, he hasn’t changed, probably a little richer, but still…LOL! Left for the reception at Crowne Plaza, Ortigas. Kenneth, now a “Don,” wants coffee first before we go to the actual lunch reception and who are we to refuse caffeine? So, we met up with Vincent and Paula there, and Lawrence and Teri followed, and up we went to Mr. and Mrs. Garcia’s lavish reception. Well, as expected, they did not disappoint. Only there I’ve seen 15 menus served for guests with food titles that will not fit a regular text message. Cool, super!

There were two video presentations: one, a montage that showed their younger years and how they ended up saying yes to each other in front of their family and friends. Nice! And the other, a music video that showcased snippets of the mass ceremony and their preparations per se…that thing shook my tear glands as I’ve watched it a while ago. Whew! After all the things they’ve been through, they made it! Hope it lasts.

Tasha, Dion, Cent, Paula, Teri, Law, (--,), JM

After-Wedding Party

What’s a MeanBoy Wedding without the traditional after-party? Yes, it’s rare that you can gather us all in one location and actually have time for festivities. Session, just like good old days. With Kenneth being tagged as the next big thing (haha) as Arfel is no longer the big boss as he already has mature obligations, sky is still the limit. Dion called and said he’ll be able to make an appearance, thus making it a must! Went to this seafood restaurant in Metrowalk that I keep forgetting the name and ordered not one shred of seafood. Beer, beer, sisig, nachos, and more beer. But as the night draws closer, a suggestion surfaced. Mucho’s is open and our vocal chords are itching to sing. Problem is, I can’t stay and I have to go. My other engagement, with Ces’, is also very important. So, I sang a few songs, took a couple more pictures, and bid farewell to what I consider to be my second family: Mean Boys.

(--,), Zelle, Neng, Ces, Ton, Odette, Veejei

Farewell Singing Party of Nay-in-law Ces

Me in my formal suit, necktie and vest, flew over the roads of EDSA to reach Macapagal Ave. for my third family: my teammates. I came, they saw, and I conquered. They were already having so much fun but it turned into a party when I stepped inside Music Room #3. Hehehe. It did, ask them. They found reason to start a wave of ridicules, all at my expense. And all of it, well, you guys know what it’s all about. Clue: it involves hard-hitting sappy songs. But it’s all good. I found entertainment in an Ogie classic, “Dito sa Puso Ko,” to the delight of everyone. And a silence-inducing and awkward-looks version of “Please Be Careful with my Heart,” sung by myself and Z. I saw the looks, you bastards! Hahaha! But the night is all about Nay-in-law Ces, our supervisor. I felt she went out with a bang. She only headed our team for just half a year but for me, she made the most impact with my current career.

Like I said, the night should’ve been all about her…but no, when it’s all clear, they decided to toast me alive with controversy, basing their opinions on my songs and actions. Yes, I got advices, two-cents-worths, and was lectured for my lack of action to my current situation. Hah! They say enough Chuck Bass and more myself. But, but, but…okay, they made their point. It’s going to be different this time around. Swear.

Arfel & Len: Please stay together forever. I know you two will be happy.
Mean Boys: I wish we’d have get-togethers and sessions more often. I miss you, guys.
Nay-in-law: I want to thank you for everything. I will miss you and much love!

Great day, January 3. What a way to begin the New Year! If this is how 2009 will be like, hell, I am in for one joyous, magnificent, glorious, action-packed ride! Bring it! I’m excited!

Grabbed wedding photo from Arfel’s


odt said...

swear? promise? HAHA! :P

timeenutlatte said...

Swear! I don't hand or give out promises but I swear! Hehehe. Trust me! (--,)