Thursday, June 11, 2009

If You Seek A You!!!

If I ever get to be an old person, I mean just like those old guys who smell funny and have loads of stories, I think I’d be the totally grumpy kind. My mother says I got my petulant trait from my Lola Tits and probably from Uncle. I get irritable easily that little petty things tend to annoy me so much. Ever since forever, I distinctly remember being ill-tempered for no apparent reason. I’m not impatient. At least, not anymore. I used to be really intolerant of whatever situation I am in. But I got over that. Then again, impatience is very much different from annoyance.

For the last three weeks, my irritableness just reached gigantic proportions. “With great power comes great responsibilities!” F*You, Spiderman’s Uncle! I do not have great power, just added responsibilities. When they finally gave me the opportunity that was rightfully mine for the longest time, they think they can do anything they want as they have me on leash. Hah! Apparently, they can!

You see, I am very much grateful for believing in me but that doesn’t mean I will be happy with whatever it is you people deem necessary and good for me. This is about my schedule, yes! Bumping me up for a later shift and actually moving me to weekdays, what the hell were they thinking? Are they even making their noggins work? For 25 days I’ve been ranting and hating thinking about it, trying to accept it to no avail. It’s becoming a problem actually. Small and feeble instances will tick me off even if I understand that I shouldn’t be reacting that way. I fear it might put strains to whatever relationships I may have with those who care.

I believe that...
...their decision-making sucks big time!
...the weather’s making everything worse.
...people need to ask me out on weekends as boredom is depressing!
...commuting was invented by the devil to make people suffer!
...people are generally bad individuals because they are not good!

Stop being a bitch, Tim! There are far more major problems people are facing everyday than your pathetic feelings towards your schedule!” “Well, fuck you! First of all, I do not give a damn about other people’s problems as I have my own dilemmas to tend to. Secondly, I just seriously don’t care.”

SON OF AN EFFING BITCH!!! If I could, I would seriously shout nasty words at the top of the tallest building in the city. If it’s possible, I would gladly throw and break freaking dishes as they say it is actually therapeutic. I just know these things will help big time. Do I need anger management? No. I am still in control. But do I need to take it easy? Definitely. All these resentment: not good for the health! I swear, my rage will do me no good!


tintin rejano said...

tumataas ang blood pressure mo...lalalalalala... :P

Kimmy said...

Mag apply ka na kasi sa amin. ;p

timeenutlatte said...

Kristine: Yeah, yeah! Naninikip na nga dibdib ko minsan eh! One of this days...hehehe! Talagang me "lalalalala" pa eh! :|

Kimberly: Can't. They just promoted me!

VeeJei said...

You know, I totally get your annoyance over your sched, kahit hindi naman nabago sched ko. Hehe! If I remember, I have a blog entry just like that when I used to have Fri-Sat restdays.

IDK but there's really something about Mondays that is really irritating, di ba? And I must agree, dapat kasama ka namin every Saturday, mehn.

VeeJei said...

Hmm... I'm afraid I'm going to have a blog with this nature as well.

At ngayon ko lang na-realize ang ibig sabihin ng title ng blog mo. Hahahaha!