Saturday, June 6, 2009


Action-packed is the adjective I will use to describe May. I honestly believed that it would take a couple more months before April gets unseated as “the” month of 2009. Family-wise, April still holds that honor but on a personal level, May deserves the recognition. much happened in May. That I never expected in a month that is of no importance to me that much.

May’s highlight would be this life-changing opportunity and some unforgettable events were held within the span of 31 days. The month also marked finales of my favorite TV shows, which I shall include in this list just because I consider them huge deals and also, they provided momentarily excitement. Of course, I probably forgot some minor noteworthy days but the special ones will surely be written. Here you go...

May 1, 2009 | “ME” Day
I remember Kristine telling me that for me, everyday is “ME” Day! And I of course I agree because it’s true. But there are certain days that are better than this day. It was Labor Day and I decided to go ahead and avail the holiday option. Had my haircut and treated myself to Mexican lunch (amidst the swine flu scare).

May 3, 2009 | Sleeping Hitman
This day marks the first time I’ve ever watched a boxing bout. I never really appreciated boxing because I feel they’re too violent. Wrestling is different since they’re fake and scripted. Oh yeah, the fight was between Manny Pacquiao against Ricky Hatton, with Pac-Man knocking out Hitman in two rounds. Waste of time, really.

May 4, 2009 | Sbarro
Just one of them dinners after shift with Mamee and Diana. We were really hungry but we still did not finish what Sbarro had to offer. Tsk! Z’s already in the morning shift but she’s “busy” so she’s not in this one.

[Picture to follow]

May 10, 2009 | Mother’s Day
Initially, my plan was to take Mum and Iya out to lunch on some Italian restaurant. Was worried though that lots of restaurants will be full of celebrations. Good thing Mum thought that inviting my Ninong and Ninangs over for lunch is a better idea. It is. It saved me from an expensive bill and it’s always fun to have my cousins over. Happy Mother’s Day!

May 12, 2009 | Star Trek
It’s official. This day made me a Trekkie. Never really much cared for Star Trek because I felt it was too complicated as it had too many series and characters. But the latest movie, oh wow! One just has to watch it to understand. I can honestly say that Star Trek will be “the” movie of 2009. Only Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen stands a chance against the awesome Spock!

May 13, 2009 | Mangan
Yet another after shift dinner, this time though, Z is present. Starbucks Coffee after because we had coupons. Hooray for coupons.

May 13, 2009 | Kodak Easy Share C913
Okay. This is totally unexpected. Sure I wanted a new camera but I never thought of getting one. I’ve never hidden my trait of being a caveman when it comes to technology, and if my current gadget is working, why replace it? But I will never refuse a free treat! I may not know the special features or how awesome my new toy is but it takes pretty shots. Thank you to my Ninang for this magnificent gift! Woohoo!

May 15, 2009 | Special-ish
A general meeting was called by the boss to announce the latest happenings in our team. We welcomed two new additions, top performers were honored (ehem, ehem) and they announced newly promoted “Specialists” (just a fancier word for Editors). Two years and eight months and four IJAFs later, finally, overlooked no more! It would have been better though if I get to share this honor with two special individuals.

May 15, 2009 | Angels & Demons
Friday Night is Movie Night. The movie gave me a new dream job. Symbologist or physicist, you might say. I was thinking, more on the lines of being the Holy See or at least, the Camerlengo. LOL! Very cool movie. Not much historical references and some major points from the novel were left out but no one could have done it better. Action-packed and fast-paced for a controversial flick is nothing short of a miracle.

May 17, 2009 | Lola Internment and Visiting Tits’ Resting Place far but we have relatives living there and so we have obligation to visit them once in a while, especially, when one of them dies. Lola is with the Lord now and is guaranteed everlasting happiness, I’m sure. We also had the chance to visit Tits’ ashes in Our Lady of Grace Columbarium.

May 21, 2009 | New American Idol
I would not have requested for my schedule to be changed on this day had I known the conclusion of American Idol’s eighth season would be the most disappointing and shocking moment of Idol history...ever! Kris Allen pulled a major upset against the hyped and sure bet Adam Lambert. How he did that, people will never really understand. Not to take anything away from Kris, but even he was expecting and hoping for Adam to take home top honors. Do not crucify the guy. It was the voters who are to blame! Oh, well...

May 21, 2009 | RoNyce
An after shift session with my new favorite couple: Ronn and Nyce. Yes, you heard it right. After almost three years, our favorite supposedly platonic couple suddenly became not-so-platonic anymore. This may come as a shock to most people, even I had an OMFG moment when it was confirmed, but we were kinda expecting this will happen...just not this soon, right? Nevertheless, we’re all rooting for you two! Hihihi!

May 22, 2009 | Renee’s Lola’s Internment and Mendiola Tour
Most of the time, Renee’s the most annoying friend we have. But I also have the utmost respect for this bozo! Amidst all the trials he is going through, he still manages to have that sunny disposition and continuously entertain/annoy everyone with his antics. That’s why it is just proper that we pay our respects to his Lola Maria. Without her, we wouldn’t have met this idiot! Hehehe. And it just so happens that the wake took place near Mendiola, one of my favorite places ever. Together with Diana, we toured Rai around the consortium and even ate at one of our hangouts during our college days. Missed my beloved school!

May 24, 2009 | Night at the Museum II: Battle of the Smithsonian
The first movie was a success, and it will stay that way. Don’t get me wrong, the sequel is still worth the ticket price and I still say you should watch it. It introduced new characters and had much more historical reference than the former. Still, I very much enjoyed my movie experience with the first one that I probably expected too much for its sequel. One good thing I got from this: I now appreciate Amy Adams. Such an awesome red-haired woman!

May 29, 2009 | Binsent’s Homecoming at Jay-J’s, Ortigas
What’s not to love about this night? I can think of one thing but I’m not letting that spoil this wonderful session with the Mean Boys. Vinchy’s officially stationed in the metro again, so he decided to round us up to celebrate. Turn out was unexpected as lots of my college friends made it on such short notice. Felt like we are really getting old as Teri’s already in the second trimester of her pregnancy. But what really surprised us that Boyds’ new girlfriend (whose name still eludes me) is also in her second trimester and a month ahead of Teri. Okay! Shocking news it was. Long story, but it still is actually. Again, what’s not to love? There were seven of us, Mean Boys, but all-in-all we were 13. Gets?

May 30, 2009 | Bowling and T.G.I.Fridays’
A month would not be a success without an event with my beloved teammates. It’s been a while since the last time we participated in any sporting event as a team and we felt that we needed to go bowling immediately, so we did, with Diana taking Kads’ spot. Had a lousy game perhaps due to my gimik the night before, thus, giving Anthony top honors. Boo! As promised, I would bring the team to T.G.I.Fridays’ to celebrate my being special, but not to pay the whole thing. We all know the similarities of pickpockets and Fridays’: they leave your wallets empty. But we did have fun and I could not think of a better way to end May.

Wow. It’s still about May, right? I feel like I’m writing about December, being lengthy and all. But I am not complaining and I am definitely thankful for it.

Shoutout of Happy Birthdays to: Johann, T.Joey, Camille G., L.Diegs, U.Mon, Nathan, T.Josette, Butch, Karen M., N.Rey, Shaila, and Lolo Angel +

Season finales were one of the main themes of this month. My favorite shows ended and people are to wait for months to know what happens for those who chose to end their seasons with cliffhangers. Supernatural, Lost, Heroes, Chuck and Gossip Girl. Prison Break had the best ending from all of them, probably the best finale since F.R.I.E.N.D.S ended five years ago. I would have included it in the list but I have already shared my two-cents worth and because it deserves a separate entry.

Okay. I just have to mention this. This was taken from the Mean Boys’ session. Like I said, there were seven of us but our total headcount were 13. Still don’t see my point? It means everyone had plus ones and I was the only single bastard in that group! A head’s up would be nice, Vince! Big deal! Yeah, I know. I should not be bitchin about it, but one can’t help but feel something when placed into those kinds of situations. Solution: might not go out with kada anytime soon! LOL! What? You think be with someone? Please!

To conclude my April entry, I was thinking twice about May. I honestly thought it wouldn’t deliver. Hell, it more than delivered! Maybe I should be discourage myself with June too. But, June holds the annual and most social party event that I am invited to. The kind of event that one needs new threads and probably another haircut: Paulooza 2009! Can’t freaking wait! Thank you, May! (--,)


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