Sunday, June 21, 2009

Intelligent Scorpio Thinker

Perfect afternoon: the sun shining brightly, people treating their fathers to malls because it’s Dad’s day, lots of things to do...and yet, I wasted three hours of my “rest day” Facebook-ing. Sheesh! Answering pointless quizzes, commenting on posts of friends, exchanging stupid nothings with online people, yes, it actually kills precious time. But the afternoon was not a total waste. I refuse to see it that way because that is three hours of precious life I will never get back! LOL!

Facebook quizzes are generally senseless but one has to admit that it’s actually fun and sometimes, it kinda makes you think. Let me share two of them quizzes I decided to take a while ago. If I had known better, I would say the explanations were taken from my own thoughts.

Timmy completed the quiz “Who is your “perfect match”?”
with the result: Intelligent Thinker.

Your perfect match is someone who is kind, creative and quiet. This person is a thinker, someone who enjoys observing and analyzing the world. This type of person is content to let you do all the talking, yet is intelligent and bright and can contribute a wealth of knowledge to any conversation. While this person might seem aloof or even shy, once you get to know them, they are incredibly interesting, full of life and their serious side will compliment your more out-going nature. The top traits they are looking for in a mate include someone who is supportive, compassionate and understands their introverted nature. While this person might be somewhat skeptical that love exists because they are not big risk-takers and they choose their friends cautiously, deep down they are ready and eager to fall in love and will fall deeply for you, forming a deep and eternal bond.

I don’t know about quiet but calm and collected, I would take. Sounds like the perfect girl for me. I guarantee that we will have loads of fun together. And yes, I know it’s only a match and matches may mean a lot of things, but hey, who knows, we might actually hit it off! Honestly, I have someone in mind!


Timmy completed the quiz “Who is your lifetime match?”
with the result:
They are born between 24th October-22nd November.

People sometimes find you cold and reserved. They don't know you well enough though because in reality you're warm and passionate with sensitivity to nature and natural beauty. But you hide your feelings. You're a natural worrier and as soon as you fall in love, you're afraid of being deserted. It's this fear that too often prevents you from committing or doing what feels right deep down: for example, leaving someone you love through fear of them abandoning you one day. But over time, you gain confidence in yourself and your relationships have a better chance of lasting. Hidden agendas don't exist with you pair, as you both expect honesty and loyalty from one another no matter how brutal it may be. You complete one another, with these people you are able to have an intellectual debate or those deep intellectual conversations which you crave. The sexual chemistry between you to will last a lifetime and you only improve with age. They respect your reserved nature as they are a big believer in privacy themselves and will allow you to naturally come out of your shell. Finally, you would have met someone who matches your stamina in and out of the bedroom...but not just in the bedroom of course. They will go the distance with you. Just listen to your heart more instead of doing the most sensible thing all the time. Listen with your heart.

Cold and reserved...two adjectives that I will put beside the brand name if ever I was being sold in boxes as products. This explanation is right on the money. People keep asking why I do not share my life with someone, well, here you go. Read it! It may not rationalize the whole thing (believe me, long story) but you get the gist of how I go about my life. Notice the commitment dilemma? Nice, nice. Call me stubborn, but I do not want to listen to what my heart says! No good will come to those who let their hearts take over! Maybe in time, God forbid! And importantly, I do not know any prospect who was born between the said dates! Damn!

One more thing. One of the questions from the second survey had this line as an answer and I am officially turning it into one of my identity psalms:

You are a free spirit who enjoys the chase
more than the prize…”

So effing true!!!

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