Saturday, July 25, 2009


Do not mistake my confidence with courage. I’m not some little sissy girl but if I can avoid physical conflicts or any conflict for that matter, I shall! I can probably talk my way out of most things, again, not involving courage; definitely attributed to confidence. So, it’s just normal that I have phobias. Never really gave it much thought and just try to get by it if need be. But for the past 50 days or so, this being terrified of sharp objects reached gigantic scales.

A visit from GREAPER2

Annual Physical Exam, what else? Some things I dread annually: that random two weeks I will be seriously sick, my birthday (reason being I age but I love the festivities), and the worst: company physical exam. I hate sharp objects, okay. It’s not the pain nor the blood; it’s the whole thought of being poked by a needle and your precious blood extracted. Gory and uncomfortable, I tell you. But, as the law applies to all or none at all, I have to comply. Every year, I get by fine. Good, right? You’d think I’d be jaded by it after all these years. Well, I thought so too. It’s different as the deadline approaches.

It was announced early last month, June, that we have to undergo the damn thing. What can I do? Simple: prolong my agony by procrastination, which is actually stupid because it prolongs my agony. So, for almost or beyond 50 days, I was terrified mentally, exhausted physically, and seriously ill-tempered. I would say that it was worse this year than the last two as I felt like it really affected me personally. It’s over though. I had accomplished it this morning. Like last year, a few seconds and my dilemma is effing over.

What do you know, two of my most dreaded annual moments happened within the month as I also had that “very sick state.” Wow. I must have really pissed off those people in-charge or someone who dictates my fate. I may be skeptic about you, destiny, but nevertheless, I’m sorry. Please do not stick sharp metal objects into me again.

P.S.: and someone important got hitched this afternoon.
Well, that’s that. Congratulations!


Kimmy said...

Potah. Kukuhanan lang ng dugo eh. ZZZ!

timeenutlatte said...

Tse! You have your flaws, I have none but one! Tsss! >:)

Kimmy said...

Fair enough :P