Sunday, July 26, 2009

Record Breaker

A couple of days ago, whilst preparing for my return to the office, I was scanning the radio and came across a catchy party tune. Cool! Must be a new Lady GaGa single. Very fitting too as she’s going to be performing here two Saturdays from now. Or maybe even Britney getting her magic back and actually coming up with a proper dance song. It was that appealing and engaging that it’s definitely going into my playlist. Imagine my surprise when the radio voiceover said it was the latest jingle of this local brand of shampoo and it was sung by a local but very popular artist.

The song Record Breaker is the latest single by Sarah Geronimo. Weird, huh? Well, like I said, I was surprised that it was OPM but not really with the one who came out with it. I may find her a little corny at times but one cannot deny the pipes of this girl. I’m impressed, really. Now, if only she keeps making this type of music and staying true to the pop persona, she might even gain the same success in the international scene.

The problem with our society is that we get too comfortable with subtleness and are easily satisfied with what works. Perfect example would be singer Kyla, dubbed as the Philippines’ R&B Princess. And yet, she keeps coming out with ballads and mediocre revivals. When she released MJ’s Human Nature as a single, I had it on continuous play for a long time. Sure, it wasn’t original but the song still falls into the R&B genre. And she was totally awesome in that song. Recently, she released another song, Back in Time, a duet with colleague Jay-R. It had what I was looking for…that R&B flavor. She really needs to keep doing this kind of songs and hopefully, not losing her R&B swagger. Methinks she’s the only one who can really pull it off.

Going back to Record Breaker, I seriously wish Sarah considers doing this kind of music from now on. Of course, she cannot drop her hosting duties in that Sunday afternoon variety show at it helps in her success but she may want to stay away from those group performances where singers are made to sing contemporaries. She’s much better than that. She needs to be true to her moniker of being the Popstar Princess. Dedicate your talents to pop, nothing wrong with it.

Watch her “Record Breaker” birthday performance in ASAP ‘09
from her official website...

...and Kyla and Jay-R’s Back in Time performance
in the 2009 MYX Music Awards:

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