Thursday, July 16, 2009

Stranded in Merville

Wow. Actual free time write to something. And wouldn’t you know it, I have nothing interesting to share. So I’m stuck home, on a work day. Here’s why. All Parañaque service road exit points: Nichols, Bicutan, Moonwalk…flooded! And I mean ridiculously flooded. I was already in the comfort of a Besta van shuttle along West Service Road, for an hour and a half, to no avail. Even trucks are not risking it. Chickens! So I just went home. Why is it that every time I wear my light brown socks, they always get wet from water pools and flood?

I think I saw a bald monk running towards the bell tower...

Lots of people are envious of my situation as I get to rest or watch DVD the whole day. Damn straight I can. But then again, I can already feel the memo and reprimanding of the T&C council members tomorrow. We all know how sucky BPO policies on emergency leaves are. You’re already bleeding to death or your legs decapitated and you still ain’t excused, unless you call! “It is not our fault that you did not anticipate what you experienced!” I wonder. Let’s say you work in the outsourcing business, same rules and policies apply. For some reason you’re a suspect and is detained. You only get one phone call. Do you call your attorney or your company’s workforce? Obviously, your lawyer. But admit it, for a split second you were considering calling your office, right? Bah!

So I just wasted a perfectly normal working day doing nothing. Ah, yes. Exactly how absentness should be spent.

I just realized. Heaven forbid, there is a zombie attack on where I live, and there’s a massive storm like now, I’d die! We’re trapped. Like I said, all points! I’d be eaten. Tsk!

EDIT: It’s already 5:00 pm and only an hour left before my supposed shift ends and our work force is still busy! Impressive, most impressive!

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