Monday, January 2, 2012

Forgotten in 2011 Part II

Part II of Forgotten in 2011. As promised, I am going to indulge you with the insignificant but you’re going to read them anyway activities of mine for 2011. Let’s start with...

January: a good friend got married and I actually caught the bride’s garter. Cool, right? Had my mind was clear and I was actually there in my A-game. Unfortunately, someone decided to stay in my head and refuses to leave. Also, I threw a grand party to celebrate my 25th year of existence. It was fun. It was the first time I was able to bring together all my circles: high school kada, some of the boys, village kids and office all-stars. I gots to admit, it was a blast. By the way, it was in January that I tried to “grab a spoon.” I failed.

February: Month of the hearts. Not that I joined the festivities. Too busy fixing my own. I, however, found myself and the T&C All-Stars on the sands of Puerto Galera. Awesome, is what it was. Made a fool of myself by trying water sports. City boy here. Not to be used for water. As if I needed more awkwardness. But I found that I am a very responsible friend in this trip. And, hello, iPhone 4.

March: Third time’s a charm. Or so I hoped. Not even flashy confectioneries worked. I think it was in March that I finally started to see things clearly.

April: April was awesome. Busy month: Hannah’s Italian birthday; Mendiola Holy Week homecoming for me, Diana and Mary Grace and tour for Dinah; Nuvali tour for the Venturas courtesy of Uncle Petes and late dinner at Tagaytay during Good Friday; and T&C’s Highest of Fives, fifth year anniversary of our “beloved” account. The spoon-grabbing was absent this month.

May: The long-awaited, years-in-the-making April MeanBoys celebration finally happened. My best buds: Cyrus, Lawrence and Ralph’s joint birthday bash at Astoria Plaza. It was in this event that I realized that we weren’t that group of idiots who will always be there for each other. We are grownups now. Most of us needs to be home for their families and others have someone waiting for them. I was the only one left to spend the night with Cy and Aimee. Very sad, I know. And the happy couple would have preferred to be “alone.” Sorry, guys. Ha-ha. It did not end there. Merville celebrated its annual fiesta and the village kids had their after-party here at our clubhouse: good times. My adorable cousin Bea also had her ballet recital at Ateneo. Clubbing night at Seventh High for a Cosmo event courtesy of one of my favorite in-law, Pau. I was so totally cured of the infatuation. I thought.

June: Being that my friends are now living their own lives and I am totally “over” my predicament, I had to find something to keep myself sane. And that’s where I turned over to the geek side: comic books. My second half of 2011 was dedicated to reading and starting a small collection of comic books. I’ve always liked it but was never really this serious. Say what you want to say, but it really made me happy and kept my sanity intact. Oh, and Dallas Mavericks got their first NBA championship at the expense of Miami Heat.

July: Only three things comes to mind: the end of the Harry Potter films, NBA players visits Manila and Iya’s despedida. Iya finally had her U.S. application granted and by the end of this month, left for California to stay with Ninang Cathy and the family. The NBA visit semi-brought out the 2005 me. Then again, I think it’s already an annual thing. I’m gonna go through that every year but it won’t last very long.

August: Marked my five years working in my company. Half a decade, who would have thought? A milestone, I’m sure; but considered an achievement, on the fence. My dreams will never come to fruition if I stay here for another five years. Spicy Fingers became my favorite Happy Hour hangout in this month. And sadly, I missed this year’s VanessaPalooza because of typhoon Mina, who caused a lot of damage up north. With the departure of Iya, lots of changes in the household.

September: Ah, yes. September. The king of months. The one month I can always count on. Important people celebrating their birthdays. And it always delivers. Mom and I celebrated her birthday at Manila Ocean Park. She always wanted to go there so we finally did. Cool place. And of course, Bes’ annual birthday bash: the party of parties! The one event where we go all out and we go home with smiles on our faces. It was definitely a night to remember, and let’s just leave it at that. For months, I tried very hard to be all rational and to not open that door. After that awesome night, I turned the knob.

October: Look. I was in my very-hopeful-and-happy-but-utterly-naïve mode by this time. I laughed at my first quarter of 2011 self. I cannot believe I was that person. Here’s someone new who is more in my league. Challenging and complicated, yes; but someone who I’ll be able to relate to more. But after a few weeks and one special occasion, my pal failure comes a’knockin’ yet again. But what’s this? An actual MeanBoys nightout took place this month. AJ’s daughter, Ajee, celebrated her 2nd birthday and most of the boys were there. Nightout ensues after the party. I got lambasted by the boys for not being able to do anything when the opportunity presented itself. I told them there was nothing there. They did not buy it one bit. They just know me too well. Well, at least it got me thinking. Good thing Cy’s out of the country. And we certainly can’t forget, Back-to-back championships for my San Beda Red Lions, and I was there to witness the victory.

November: I think I finally accepted my fate of being alone and just decided to make the most out of it. I started not expecting from my friends, lessened my anger and resentment towards not having anyone, and just be awesome instead. I just realized, maybe Mom knew how I felt and planned this whole dine out in a new restaurant every weekend thing. It worked. I was actually enjoying her company and that abandonment feeling left me. Yes, expensive food is very therapeutic. Who says money can’t buy happiness? There was also this team bowling activity--that was fun. And just when I thought everything is going to be okay, the last day of this month proved otherwise.

December: Holiday season. Who doesn’t love Decembers? Fresh from the last day of November, that first-quarter me is back. It’s just the holidays. Then comes the team’s year-end party. I took point, so that the party will be awesome. That means, just like year, which really started it all, the vicious cycle will be repeating itself. But I’m not complaining. It’s just the holidays, right? The Party God made an appearance this month as his year-end party was a success. Also, I found love from my teammates. Suddenly, we ain’t this boring group of individuals anymore. We actually started going out, weekly, which I can honestly say one of the highlights of my year. They knew all along that my feelings never left me and I was just good at keeping it, and eventually it will return. Bastards! But it’s just the holidays. Oh, there are so many worthy moments for this month, but aside from the year-end, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, there was one particular night that made me very happy. Still, it was just the holidays. It was nothing. And let me contradict and be truthful to myself by saying, for me, it was everything. And I’m kinda carrying that feeling as of this writing. This month, Uncle Alex and family started to move in to their new mansion, so that’s where we celebrated Christmas and New Year’s Eve this year. The Holidays are so much better this year.

How many of your precious minutes did I waste? You’re welcome. Do not fret, there’s still part three, the conclusion of my year-end review. Wait for it. But don’t hold your breath for it.

It’s not just the holidays, after all... (--,)


Kimmy said...

It's not so bad naman pala eh! Lots of partying, I see. Why so loneleh?! :D

timeenutlatte said...

That is not a lot of partying, Kimmeh. I feel like I lost my party god reputation. Home on Fridays 80% of the time? Unacceptable! :P

And you really askin why the lonelehness? :))

Kimmy said...

Hahaha. Being a homebody ain't that bad. You'll realize this when you get older. ;-)

VeeJei said...

Nice year naman for you pala. I wouldn't be able to recap my 2011. Puro galit lang din. Hahahaha! But I did learn a lesson too. I'll blog tomorrow kasi your blog just made me realize something. It's been the topic of my conversations with A LOT of my friends this weekend e, might as well blog about it. LOL