Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Forgotten in 2011 Part III

Part III of Forgotten in 2011: Conclusion. 2011 went by so fast I hardly even noticed it happening. Like I said, it’s a good year but I don’t think it will have its own volume in my history books. If there’s one thing that I’m taking away from last year, it’s I grew up in 2011.

Along with turning 25 is the inevitable quarter-life crisis. I anticipated it, and prepared myself for it. And it happened. I questioned my purpose of existence, I felt the abandonment of my friends, I’m not in the state that I know I should be and I was constantly alone. All these symptoms I’ve experienced, and in able for me to cope with all the stress, I had to grow up. So I did.

Maybe because I believed 25 is old, so I started acting my age, dressing my age and dealing with situations in a mature manner. I understood things better. And by doing so, I was somewhat successful in my 2011 resolution. I did not find happiness but I did lessen my anger. Maybe I did not completely eliminate all my resentments but I’m getting there.

But loneliness, that’s something I should work on for this new year. You know, I actually know the solution for this one. It’s so easy. If only it were up to me. But alas, I can only hope and wish that things actually go my way this year. But not too much. I may be all smiles but getting disappointed is never fun.

Might as well write it and ask for it: please, please, please let me get what I want this year.

While I’m in my right state of mind, here are some things I want to do in 2012. I’ma be healthy, by eating right and lessening things that ain’t good for me. I want to enroll in a gym actually. It’s just, I’m not yet that convinced to shell out that much. Maybe second half of the year. Here’s what I should do for 2012. I need to let my guard down and start living. Lessen my rationalizing and calculating everything. It’s not sexy. Haha!

Seriously, I’m ending it here. To finally conclude, here are the 10 hashtags to describe 2011: #ABANDONMENT, #ALONE, #BELONGINGNESS, #CLARITY, #COMICS, #FALLING, #FASHION, #MATURED, #RESPONSIBLE, #WAIVERING. (--,)


Kimmy said...

"If only it were up to me." --> It is up to you! Enough with the lonelehness already. It's not sexeh LOL! Easier said than done (and I know it's a cliche) but you don't need other people (or things) to make you happy. It should come from within. :) Hugs!

timeenutlatte said...

Yes, Kimberly. I totally agree with the no more lonelehness. I just hadta put into writing my feelings last year. It's a review after all. Haha. Gots to be sexeh! :))

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