Thursday, October 30, 2008

Roadtrip, Anyone?

Where can one go on a full tank of gas?

- Distance from Manila to Baguio is 250 km
(I’d probably make it to Tarlac before I run out of gas)
- Distance from Manila to La Union is 259 km
(Not bad. I get to visit my relatives)
- Distance from Manila to Pagudpud is 563.15 km
(I’m better off going to Baguio)
- It will take 1:15 hours from Merville to Fairview
(I’ll visit my cousins)
- It will take 45 minutes from Merville to Bambang
(I miss my old house)
- It will take 40 minutes from Merville to Quezon City
(Now, here’s an idea)
- It will take 20 minutes from Merville to Alabang
(Still wins!)

Oh kay…forgive the ecstatic driver. I’m pretty sure that this is the first time my car felt what it’s like to have a full tank of gas. The credit goes out to my Tita who fortunately has some gas card credits left that will expire by Friday. And expensive solvents such as gasoline mustn’t go to waste, if I may so meself! Righteous!

Few months ago, I decided that for my birthday next year, I want to take a road trip. I’ll probably go to Pampanga first and stay with my relatives there, then off to Baguio for a vacation. If I have time, maybe I could go to La Union as I’ve been told I have some kins based there. Just like what Orlando Bloom’s character in Elizabethtown did. But sadly, I ain’t going anywhere. Full tank or gas light blinking dangerously, the car wouldn’t make it. Best that I could do is get the car tuned up and get all things fixed so that my road trip would be possible. Just the thought of it is exciting, right? And maybe I could take someone with me to this epic trip of mine. Or meet her somewhere ala-Kirsten Dunst in the film. Will you?

Turn on ignition. Begin your journey and do not skip ahead.


kADZ said...


AthensDLR said...

gusto ko magsoul searching next year. maybe go to baguio or something. gusto ko mapag-isa...

anyway, gusto ko mag-comment sa banner... bagay sa akin iyong pic!!!! haha

timeenutlatte said...

KK: Of's the latter! Ahahaha. You think I'm becoming soft? Fine fine. All of the people of the known free world that it's all about Z! Z! Z! Haysh! (--,)

Marie: Yeah..that was my initial plan too. Just go on a roadtrip by myself. And it's still an option, just in case, well, you know..Hahaha! You might wanna go here:
Aliw! Hehehe.