Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Godspeed, Ivan

Can’t I survive a week without hearing any tragic news of people I know passing away? Seriously, it’s not even realistic anymore! It’s one thing to die from natural causes, that already hurts the people you leave behind; but being brutally murdered for some petty reasons? How do you think the loved ones who were left would feel? It’s the victim who had it easy. He or she won’t ever have to see or experience the grief and sorrow that his or her family and friends are going through because of what happened to him or her.

“Only Ivan can get away from wearing couture we would secretly love to be seen in.”

A 27-year-old colleague of mine, Ivan Joel de Guzman, was found dead in his condominium yesterday, December 1, 2008, early morning. Initially most of us, his friends, thought it was only an accident, a car accident at that. But recent reports stated there was foul play involved, that he was killed and a fire was set to cover up the murder. It was our supervisor who broke the news to me through an SMS message, and I was seriously surprised. Not him. He does not fit the type who will be lay wasted just like that. Like most of our colleagues who wrote about this tragedy, I myself am not really rubbing elbows with this guy. But still, I know him, I hung out with him, and he has my full respect. Only Ivan can get away with wearing couture we would secretly love to be seen in. He was this jolly giant whose height I envied and I think no one will contest, the most fabulous transcriptionist amongst everyone.

Whoever said that outsourcing companies are full of pretentious people, you obviously don’t know that there’s a little account named T&C exists. After reading so much concern and love for our fallen comrade, I just realized that one will never have to worry about being remembered.

What your horoscope had to say about yesterday. Found it while I was going through your Facebook to borrow some images. Yep, you were more popular and in-demand, not the good kind but you still were!

Ivan, God bless, man.
You left us totally unexpected and the manner that you did…very painful…but hey, in true fashion form, you left us rockstar-style.
The Lord must be in dire need of a good DJ to invite you in his private party up there.
I know there’s a big welcoming event wherever you are right now.
Party hard up there! You’re officially missed!

Here are some links about the tragedy:
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keem said...

Sometimes I wonder why life is unfair. Nice people like him don't deserve a violent death.

Kadz said...

The horoscope speaks volumes. He will be missed.

timeenutlatte said...

Yeah, wasn't supposed to clutter your inboxes anymore by writing but after reading his horoscope, freaky right?
No such thing as a fair life, methinks. It's how we handle it that will make it worth living.