Wednesday, December 10, 2008

P 2,500

“Car Day” – a day in my life where I have to wake up early to bring my car to Quezon City to have it fixed or checked out.

I had always mixed emotions when it comes to “car days.” First, Quezon City is far. Why in the north? Because all the good mechanics are north people, and I have come to love and trust these toothless car laborers. Sure south people are as much knowledgeable when it comes to vehicles, but they also charge more. Much too fancy for my disposition. I don’t really look forward to car days because it usually results with me shelling out my riches (whatever that’s worth LOL) as having a car is synonymous to having your very own offspring, only prettier and sleeker. Hehehe. That makes my second reason: it’s freaking expensive for any repairs or useless pimpin’. Thirdly, I am just lazy to wake up on Monday mornings. And let’s face it; owning pre-owned automobiles, there will be more “car days” than national holidays.

My “Decepticon” of a car...

So, last Monday, I had one of ‘em “car days.” I’ve been putting off this important obligation to my car for quite some time now. And since December is just full of events and trips, my means of transportation must be in perfect running condition. We don’t want another Company Party Car Fiasco just like last year. That was really embarrassing! So, this time around I had several agendas: buy new tires to replace the balding ones, change my tire rods because they’re shaky, fix my idling screw because it’s screwing me, have it aligned as it is going to different directions when I don’t steer. Hah!

New tires: P 4,500
Tire rod joint: P 1,300
Labor: P 300
Alignment: P 400
Jonjon: P 250
Stupidity: P 2,500

Notice the stupidity? Yes, I made a booboo and it cost me P2,500! Why? I rammed my rear end to a “parked” car when I was backing. Emphasis on the “parked car.” I mean, who rams parked cars, right? Idiot! Idiot! Idiot! After a whole day of waiting while repairs are being made and grease-stained instances, I was finally done and was going to our ancestral home to have dinner. So I was backing and was waving with a stupid grin on my face to the mechanics. Then, bam! You know that classic expression where you know you committed something stupid and you know the inevitable is about to happen? I had that. Stupid. His damage: his bumper is scratched pretty obvious, some part was broken inside, and his rear side is dented. My damage: a single scratch line on top of my plates. Hah! My car’s a Decepticon! Good thing the owner was nice and not one of those car enthusiast maniacs. The car isn’t his anyways but it belongs to his brother-in-law. So, after a couple of car-related jokes and some negotiations, he settled for P2,500. And I sped off, running 40, safely, towards the sunset.

I may crack jokes about it but I really am lamenting over that P2,500. I was saving, well, actually for nothing, but I’m still saving. It’s so hard to save something for the longest time and then you lose it over sheer stupidity. Oh, anyway, what’s done is done. Maybe it’s a way of the Blessed Virgin to remind me that it’s the Feast of the Immaculate Conception and I should honor it. I did. Well, that’s another memory to add to what is already a memorable date: December 8.


keem said...

I mean, who rams parked cars, right?
LOLS!!! I'm speechless haha.

timeenutlatte said...

I..Know..Right..? Hehe. That's the whole climax of the story. Everyone that I had told it..same reaction with yours! :)) Antanga lang!

Kadz said...

Jonjon: P 250

Natawa ako dito. U were enumerating parts and stuff tapos biglang Jonjon. Lol.

What's 2,5 to not being hurt? Oks lang yan. at least its a lesson well-learned. =P

timeenutlatte said...

Hehe. Eh kasama ko kasi sya that time. Kaso he needed to go ahead as he will pick up pa my tita. So binigyan ko ng pan-taxi! Haha.

Yes, yes, I know. I woulda included that thought din sana but 2,500 is still 2,500. :P