Friday, December 5, 2008


What I really want for Christmas…

Presenting Stoya…

Next best thing that came out of Philly since CheeseSteak.
It’s December, it’s cold, she’s better than a cup of hot cocoa.
She smokes even in the showers.
Probably the best solution to my temporary insanity.
Good god. I’m in love. Help.
Yo-Ho-ho-ho, and a bottle of eggnog!

Photo credit from Digital Playground


Kadz said...

I thought, from your "November" post, all you wanted was..... Nyahaha. Naunahan ka na ni Nehe! =P

Bring it on Tues, ok? The Pirates vid. I heard it's award-winning. Nyahah.

timeenutlatte said...

Ha-ha-ha! (sarcasm laugh) Hmp! That Egyptian dude messed with the wrong individual. Tse! Idk. For now, I'm waiting for Santa to give me Stoya. Ooh! What a Christmas it would be! =P~

I hope it'd be finished by tomorrow. Currently halfway so looks good. Hehe. Excited ka na? Yes, it is award-winning and several nominations. I think it did "big" in the box office. Yo-ho-ho! (--,)

odt said...

screw you! like K said, i thought all you wanted for christmas is--
not that you said it outright, you were, in fact, implying on everything you were saying! that nehe freak! hahahaha!
is this the pirates of johnny deep or something i don't even wanna know the title?

K said...

It's something something i don't even wanna know the title... nyahaha... it's award-winning naman, so i'll give it a try. lol.

timeenutlatte said...

No, no, my dearest O. It should be.."screw her (Stoya)! Literally!" Heeheehee. Look at her! Look at her! Man, she's like one of 'em Cullens. Pale, white, and well, always up for doing the deed. Hahaha!

Everything changed when Egypt decides to invade my properties. Heads will roll. I swear! In the end, the country of Timoria will prevail. Mwahaha!

Pirates..mmm Pirates! Yo-ho-ho! Better than Disney's Pirates Trilogy! I'll be handing out copies hopefully of Chewsday to those who want to watch this magnificent masterpiece! ;)

timeenutlatte said...

Of course, K, I always give good recommendations. Something that will tickle your fancy or fancy your tickle. Hehehe. Award-winning indeed.

Anonymous said...

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